Specifications | AGFA M4F Printer User Manual

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03/17/10 Revision 5.0
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Table of Contents
Purpose: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Scope: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Major Project Milestones:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Dock door and hallway access-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
System Dimensions and Weight Crated:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
System Dimensions and Weight Uncrated:----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Forklift Requirements: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Foot print with connections:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Site Requirements
Compressed Air Supply:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
RIP Software and PC Platform: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
Power Requirements: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
Buck Boost Transformer wiring: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10,11
Site Readiness Checklist:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
Customer Responsibilities: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
General Information: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
Head Wipes Required: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
Environmental Requirements: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14
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The purpose of this document is to assist the local service representative, who is responsible for
configuring and installing the :Anapurna. This document will help to ensure the site will be ready and the
customer is informed of their responsibilities. Please go through all the information provided in this
document thoroughly with the customer. Have the customer sign the :Anapurna System Site Check List.
You should write down any notes on the Note page of the Site Check List that may be necessary for a
successful installation. Make a copy for the customer to keep on site, and one for you.
This document specifies the site requirements for the :Anapurna System and the preparations needed
before the installation. It will be the intent of this document to inform the customer of what the
requirements are for the :Anapurna System and inform them of their responsibilities. Together this will
help in producing a successful installation.
The customer is responsible for the preparation of the site to fulfill the requirements of the :Anapurna
System as outlined in this document.
4 Major Project Elements
Dock & building access
Compressed Air Supply
PC Platform & RIP Software
AC Power Requirements
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Dock & building access
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
System Dimensions and Weights
Dimensions Uncrated
H = 63 Inches (1600 mm)
Dimensions Crated
H = 71 Inches
(1800 mm)
Crated: 3087 lbs (1400 Kg)
W = 141 Inches (3570 mm)
D = 57 Inches (1450 mm)
W = 153 Inches
D = 61 Inches
Uncrated:2165 lbs (980 Kg)
Accessory Box
(192 cm)
(3800 mm)
(1550 mm)
47 “
(119 cm)
52 “
(133 cm)
595 lbs
(270 Kg)
Shipping and Delivery
No Truck Height Loading Dock: Due to the width of the Anapurna M4F (153 inches) it is important that
the freight vehicle delivering the crated engine have a lift gate. This will allow the forklift to pull the crate
length-wise to the lift gate and together with the forklift supporting one end, the crate can be lowered to
the ground.
With Truck Height Loading Dock: The load dock area must have enough vertical height and space for
the forklift to be able to lift the printer off the pallet.
Forklift Requirements
4409 lbs or 2000 Kg or higher capacity to lift the printer crate.
The forklift blades should be at least 60 inches or 1500 mm in length.
The distance between the fork lift blades should be 41 inches or 1050 mm apart.
Floor Strength and Flatness
The floor must be level with a maximum incline or waviness of +/- 1.3 cm across the footprint. Never
install the printer on carpet.
Doors and Hallway Access
The customer must provide free access through doors and hallways from the entrance to the Anapurna
location so that the printer can be rolled to its position. It will be the customer’s responsibility to have the
system moved to the location of where the Anapurna will be installed. An AGFA Service representative
will be present to assist with moving the equipment. Once on its wheels the printer can be rolled to
position, make sure to provide ramps as necessary to clear any thresholds.
Minimum Door Way Width:
58 (Inches) or 147.3 (CM) Uncrated **
62 (Inches) or 157.5 (CM) Crated
** Roll to Roll brackets come preinstalled, they can be removed
to reduce the door way width requirement to 43.3 inches or
Minimum Door Way Height:
7.0 (feet) or 213 (CM) Uncrated
7.0 (feet) or 213 (CM) Crated
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Dock & building access
Foot Print and Working Area:
Power and Air Connection Points:
The power/air connection points are indicated in the diagram above with the letters A, B, and C
A – The power cable entry point lower chassis – near the rear left leveling foot.
B – Electrical terminal block location inside the printer, where the power cable connects.
NOTE: The distance between point A and B or power cable length inside the printer is
approximately 9 feet. Note: Add enough cable; wall outlet or electrical drop plus the 9 feet.
C – Air line connection, outside rear right. A 6 mm OD tube is provided with the printer.
* Floor space required for standard tables shown above is: 16.4 feet/5m for Depth 18 feet/5.5 m for width.
* The optional extension tables need a floor space of: 16.4 feet/5 m for depth and 28 feet /8.6m for width
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Compressed Air Supply
Engine Air Connection:
An adapter (shown below) is needed to connect the air hose from the air
regulator to the printer. This should be purchased locally.
Engine Air Volume:
3 - 5 HP, min 60 - 80 gallons or better tank. The compressor
regulator should be set between 105 - 110 PSI for trip OFF and
to 85 PSI to trip ON.
Air from the compressor, going to the Anapurna must be
regulated to 80 PSI. The Air regulator must be supplied by
the customer and located near the engine.
.28 CFM (2 gallons/per minute usage rate)
Compressor Air Quality:
Air Filters are required to eliminate moisture (No Water/No Oil)
Engine Air Pressure:
Air - Water – Oil filtration must be purchased seperately
Sample Adapter for the 6 mm air line to the printer. The 6 mm air line
comes with the printer, approximate length is 1 meter.
Compressor, 60 G 5HP
Compressor Single Stage Compressor, Motor Running HP 5, Free Air
CFM @ 90 PSI 16.0, @ Max Pressure 14.2, Volts 208-230, Phase 3, Amp
Draw 13.4-13.2/6.6, Tank 60 Gal, Tank Type Vertical, FNPT Outlet 3/4 In,
Maximum Pressure 140 PSI, Duty Cycle 80/20, Pump Type Cast Iron,
Pump Oil Capacity 17 Oz, Splash Lubrication, Torxter Not Required,
Thermal Protection, Stationary, For Shop or Maintenance Facility General
Air Tool Operation, Length 23 In, Width 31 In, Height 71 Inches
Source: www.grainger.com
item # 4ME98
Compressor, 3 HP
High Performance Cast Iron Air Compressor, Motor Running Power 3.0
HP, Free Air Flow @ Maximum Pressure 10.3 CFM, Free Air Flow @ 90
psi 11.3 CFM, Maximum Pressure 135 PSI, Phase Single, Voltage Rating
230 Volts, Current Rating 14.7 Amps, Tank Capacity 60 Gallons, Tank
Type Vertical, Height 66 Inches, Length 20 Inches, Width 23 Inches, NPT
Outlet (F) 1/2 Inches, 60 Hz
Source: www.grainger.com
item # 4YW09
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RIP Software and PC Platform
Wasatch RIP
The Wasatch SoftRip is provided for raster image processing of images. Install the Wasatch
SoftRIP on a PC, which meets the following platform specifications.
Minimum Recommended System requirements for Anapurna M4F
CPU Type: Core 2 Duo, 3.06 GHz or faster
4 Gigabytes Ram
Two Physical hard drives, 120 - 160 gigs size, 10K RPMs, one for the OS, one for the Rip
Windows XP, or Server OS, Windows 7, (Vista is not supported)
2 NETWORK CARDS, The RIP Computer requires two network cards, one for the
connection between the RIP and the printer. The second network card is needed for the
connection between the customer’s network and the RIP computer. A crossover cable is
supplied with the unit and is used to connect the Anapurna directly to the RIP computer. The
Anapurna cannot be connected directly to the customer’s network and will not
function as a network printer.
MULTIPLE HARD DRIVES, by purchasing a PC with 2 physical hard-drives this will speed
up the processing of large image files and improve the reliability of the printer.
CPU SPEED, The faster the CPU, the faster the software will process your files. Purchase
the fastest available computer you can. More RAM will also help speed up the processing; it
is the speed of the CPU that directly affects how fast SoftRIP runs. If you are processing
large files over 500 MB in size, it is also important to have a minimum of 4 GB of memory.
WASATCH, Wasatch SoftRIP can process more than one file at a time and takes
advantage of multiple CPUs for this purpose. For every additional processor in your
computer, it is recommended to purchase the maximum amount of RAM for your CPU. It is
important to use multi-gigabyte disk drives on computers that are intended for use in high
resolution printing, especially if you plan to keep the Ripped files available in the Wasatch
Print Queue.
Buying a robust PC platform will provide a quick payback
in faster output speeds and greater reliability!
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AC Power Requirements
Power Requirements for the Anapurna M4F:
The following electrical requirements must be provided to your electrician.
Single phase, 208 Y (Wye) power
40 Amp, 60Hz, dedicated circuit with ground, no neutral
The electrician must provide the proper power cord and plug/receptacles (See Note 3)
Buck boost transformer wiring diagram is on page 10
1. The printer operating voltage range is: 230 – 240 VAC, we need to increase the 208
Voltage to this range for the UV lamps to properly cure the ink. A Buck/Boost
transformer will be required to increase the 208 volts to this range. See pages 9,
10, and 11 for transformer data, configuration, and a sample transformer.
2. To minimize voltage loss the buck boost transformers should always be located
near the printer.
3. The length of the power cord should be 9 Feet plus the distance to the outlet or
power drop. The plug/receptacle should be a twist lock design in accordance with
local electrical codes. Agfa Service will need to be able to disconnect power when
If your electrician has any questions please contact AGFA at 1 800 879 2432
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
AC Power Requirements
The Buck/Boost Transformer
The Anapurna M4F UV Printers requires power in the 230 – 240 VAC range for the UV lamps to
properly cure the ink. At 208 Volts the customer will have curing problems and the lamps will fail
Buck/Boost Transformer and Specifications:
KVA Rating: 1.5
Primary Volts: 120/240
Secondary Volts: 16/32
Sola Hevi Duty Catalog #: HS20F1.5A
Sola Hevi Duty Website is: www.solaheviduty.com
Another source for the 1.5 KVA Buck/Boost transformers is Grainger.com, search for Item #
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
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Wilmington MA 01887
AC Power Requirements
Wiring Diagram to Boost Voltage (+32) for Single Phase Power:
Input Voltage = 208 V
Output Voltage = 236 V
This diagram illustrates how to connect a 1.5
KVA, 16/32 Volt buck boost transformer.
This wiring configuration boosts the line
voltage from 208 to 236 Volts.
Diagrams such as this one is provided by
the Buck Boost transformer manufacturer. It
is normally found on the data sheet that
ships with each transformer.
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
AC Power Requirements
Sample Buck/Boost Transformer:
This photo is showing a sample Buck Boost Transformer from Sola Hevi-Duty, it is a 1.5 KVA version,
catalog # HS20F1.5A and it weights approximately 38 pounds or 17.2 Kgs.
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
Site Readiness Check List
Information to Check
Lateral fork movement capability. Proper lifting rating? (Pg.4)
Length of forks should be 60 inches (152.4cm) minimum
Loading Dock
If the customer does not have a loading dock, then the freight truck
delivering the Anapurna will need a lift gate to lower the crate to the ground
along with the forklift
Compressed Air
3 - 5 HP, 60 - 80 gallon or better Capacity Compressor?
24/7 operation if required. The compressors regulator should be set to 105 110 PSI for trip OFF and to 85 PSI to trip ON. See (pg . 6) Engine air
volume is .28 CFM
Air filtration for moisture and particles?
Air regulator for the engine?
Range 35% to 75% RH (non-condensing) Ideal 40% ?
Not to exceed 126º F or 52 ºC
Range 68° F to 80° F (20 – 26.6° C) Ideal 72° F (22° C) ?
Room air exchange should be 10 times per hour ? page 14
RIP Computer
Specs Met?
Refer to page 7 for details. Windows Vista operating system can not be
Line voltage for
208 Y (Wye), Single Phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amp
40 amp breaker circuit?
Dedicated Circuit?
A Buck/Boost transformer maybe required to bring the voltage up to 230 240 VAC Range. See page 9.
Floor area
Floor should be concrete, flat and stable? No Carpet Allowed
156 lbs/ft² (70 kg/m²) Per foot load on the floor.
Work Space: 500 cm x 550 cm (16.4 feet x 18.1 feet)
Ceiling Height
Check for clearance (uncrated). No less than 7 foot or 213 cm high. (Pg.4)
Check doorways for clearance (height, width)
Check path from loading dock to installation location
Is there room for the removal and replacement of parts for servicing? (Pg. 5)
Can all engine doors open fully?
Head Wipes
Customer informed of proper heads wipes required? (Pg 14)
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
Customer Responsibilities
The following information has been explained to the customer during the site
preparation visit.
The Customer and his operator(s) are responsible to be skilled in:
Knowledge of PC’s and Networking environment
Knowledge of Windows and Windows Applications
Knowledge in RIP software
Knowledge of wide format Inkjet applications
The Customer is Responsible to provide:
Compressed air with the specifications as outlined in this document on page 6.
Electrical service and a power cord to the printer and a twist lock plug and
matching receptacle, as outlined in this document see page 8.
Proper environmental conditions, room ventilation, temperature, humidity, and
a clean dust free area for the printer as outlined in this document page 14.
Suitable RIP computer and RIP software with the specifications as outlined in
this document, page 7.
Adequate space for the Agfa Anapurna, as described in this document, page 5
Transportation of the shipping crates to the installation location in the building.
Recommend Customer Supplies:
Denatured Alcohol
Spray bottles for Alcohol
Head Wipes see bottom of page 14
Funnels for loading ink
Grease gun for printer bearing lubrication see photo Æ
Customer Signature
AGFA Service Representative Signature
Indicate your compliance with the terms noted above in an e-mail to:
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
Global Services North America
Wilmington MA 01887
General Information
Environmental Requirements
Room Operating Temperature:
Range 68° F to 83° F (20 - 28° C) Ideal 72° F (22° C)
(Room air temperature should not to exceed 126º F or 52 ºC)
Room Air Exchange:
Range 35% to 75% RH (non-condensing) Ideal 40%
10 times per hour.
The room must be clean and dust free so that no contamination can adversely affect the print heads and print quality.
Manual Load or Roll feed
Rigid materials loaded by hand, or roll to roll material
Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi (4 Pass) and 720 x 1440 dpi (8 Pass)
Manual unload or Roll feed
Material exits on the table or can be automatically rolled up.
Internally regulated to control ink flow and pneumatics
A ring blower is used to generate vacuum for the feed table.
Room air exchange is required, 10 times per hour.
Software RIP
Wasatch RIP Includes dongle, software and installation key.
Konica Minolta 512 Nozzles, 14 pl
Ink Curing
Two UV curing lamps
UV curable: Anapurna inks, four ink tanks (K, C, M, Y)
Media Width: up to 160 cm (63 inch) Printable width: up to 158 cm
(62 inch) [Borderless 152 cm (60 inch)] Maximum Roll media weight: 50 kg
or 110lbs Minimum thickness = 1mm and maximum thickness = 45 mm
Printing Speed
4 Pass Bi directional
4 Pass Uni directional
8 Pass Bi directional
8 Pass Uni directional
Engine AC Voltage
Single phase power 208 Y, 60HZ, with a 230 – 240 Voltage range is
required with ground no neutral, 40 Amp dedicated circuit. Buck/Boost
transformer may be needed the 208 Y power to the 230 – 240 Volts range.
Head Wipes
13.8 m²/hr (149 ft2/hr)
8.1 m²/hr (87 ft2/hr)
7.5 m²/hr (81 ft2/hr)
4.0 m²/hr (43 ft2/hr)
Do not use cotton, poly or silk material on print heads, Agfa recommends:
Harmony Business Supplies (www.harmonycr.com)
Phone Number: 800- 899-1 255
Product Code: CT 604
Pre Cut 4” x 4”, Hydrosorb 1 Wipes, 1200/Bag
Approximately $30.00
Questions? Contact 800-879-2432 and ask for an Anapurna Specialist
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