CML 720 – Measuring light curtain with selectable plug outlet

CML 720 – Measuring light curtain with selectable plug outlet
CML 720 –
Measuring light curtain
with selectable plug outlet
for minimal dead zones
How a simple idea inspires an entire
product group.
Optional plug outlets minimize the dead zone.
In the past, light curtains were hardly an extreme driver of innovation. Both the
design as well as the fastening method were virtually set in place and one had
come to terms with their shortcomings, such as the dead zones that arose
during cascading. Not the developers at Leuze electronic, who have equipped
the new CML 720 measuring light curtain with an innovation that is as simple as
it is intelligent. Optional plug outlets to the rear facilitate cascade mounting with
a dead zone of just 23 mm between beams. As a result of this, and due to the
fast response time of 30 µs per beam, these curtains make possible gapless
object tracing on a transport system.
only 23 mm
at a beam distance of 10 mm
The most important advantages
at a glance.
Measurement field length
Maximum measurement field
length of nearly 3 m for measurement on large objects.
Standard profile for
simple and permanent mounting.
Short cycle times
Response time of 30 µs
per beam for the reliable
detection of even fast
Robust metal housing
Also for use in rough
industrial environments.
Large operating range
Operating range of up to
6 m for larger performance
M12 connector for
fast installation.
Fieldbus or IO-Link
The connections for
direct configuration
via the control.
Operational control
Large, easy-to-read
display with robust
membrane keyboard.
Groundbreaking down to the smallest detail.
CML 720
Measurement range
Measurement field
Beam distance
Response time / beam
Bar graph display for fast alignment
Configuration of the interfaces
Configuration of the switching outputs
Status display of the beam states and inputs/outputs
0.3 – 6 m
150 – 2,960 mm
5 / 10 / 20 / 40 mm
30 µs
18 – 30 V DC
2-line display + LED
IO-Link, CANopen
Analog current and voltage
4 / 2 inputs/outputs, configurable
M12 connector
Your success is already included with
these functions.
Beam stream
Serial output of each individual beam. The data are
Any number of light curtains with different numbers of beams
available via the CANopen fieldbus interface or via
can be cascaded without mutually interfering with one
another. The light curtains can be configured as master / slave.
Suppression of beams that are not included in the evaluation.
Hole recognition
Integrated evaluation logic for detecting holes in a web and
Web function
for signaling via the switching output.
Center or edge control of a web via switching outputs;
alternatively, a warning message can be output if nominal
value limits are exceeded.
By means of this signal preprocessing, it is possible to only
evaluate measurement data if a minimum object size was
reached. It is also possible to specify that, within a web,
In order to read the beam states with one 16-bit or 32-bit
only holes with a minimum size are output.
word virtually "all at once", it is possible to assign the beams
to up to 32 groups. Each group is then represented as 1 bit.
Beam functions
In parallel beam operation, each light beam is detected
Hold function
directly by the mutually opposing receiver. In diagonal beam
This function can be used to hold the measurement value for
operation, each light beam is detected alternately by both the
a specified time until retrieved by the superior control.
directly opposing receiver as well as by the receiver directly
adjacent to it. In cross-beam operation, each light beam is
alternately detected by both the directly opposing receiver as
well as by the two receivers adjacent to it.
The connection
makes the difference.
Who says that the control unit of a light curtain always needs to be arranged axially? With our new, optional cable outlets at
the side or rear, entirely new mounting and – above all – cascading options are opened.
Axial connection
With large display for convenient configuration.
Optional rear connection
Optional swivel mount
Extremely short length for cascading with minimal dead zone.
Flexible, 240° swivel mounting for simple and reliable
alignment and installation.
Connect directly to the PROFINET world
via the IO-Link master module.
With an IO-Link master module, the light curtains can be connected directly and without detours to your PROFINET fieldbus
system, thereby also integrating the advantages of fast and simple IO-Link communication in industrial Ethernet.
Sample integration of a CML 720
in PROFINET via ET 200
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