SKF Microlog Analyzer AX Advanced data collector/FFT analyzer

SKF Microlog Analyzer AX Advanced data collector/FFT analyzer
SKF Microlog
Analyzer AX
Advanced data collector/FFT analyzer
The SKF Microlog Analyzer AX is the most
advanced large screen analyzer offered
by SKF today. The AX’s features allow
you to capture a wide range of vibration
data quickly.
The analyzer provides the flexibility to
support the applications that are most
important to your company’s specific
predictive maintenance program.
Key features
• Simultaneous triaxial or 4-channel
measurements for fast data collection
• 806 MHz Xscale processor means faster
real time rate and display updates
• Rugged, dust /water-proof IP65 design for reliability in industrial environments
• Rechargeable lithium battery supports
8 hours of continuous data collection
• Large 6.4" VGA color display for easy
viewing and analysis in any light
Combines with SKF @ptitude
software for in-depth analysis
and reporting
SKF Microlog AX connects seamlessly with SKF
@ptitude Analyst 4.1 software for single users
and can be networked facility-wide using SKF
@ptitude Monitoring Suite. The addition of
SKF @ptitude Decision Support allows communication with your facility’s CMMS or EAM
system and automates reliability maintenance
decision making by identifying probable faults
and prescribing appropriate action.
SKF Microlog AX is a full-featured, 4-channel, high performance
route and off-route portable data collector / FFT analyzer.
Application modules to customize
SKF Microlog AX
The SKF Microlog AX has a modular design to
allow users to select application modules to
suit their individual requirements.
• AX-M model – 4-channel off-route /
2-channel or simultaneous triaxial route
Analysis and 2-channel Balancing modules
are already installed. The AX-M is upgradable
to the AX-S or AX-F.
• AX-S model – All the features of the
AX-M with the Bump Test and Data Recorder
modules added.
• AX-F model – Further enhances capability
by adding Run up Coast down (RuCd),
Frequency Response Function (FRF) and
Check to Conformance modules.
All modules can also be ordered separately.
SKF Microlog Analyzer AX
The AX takes the difficulty out of
performing condition monitoring by
analyzing vibration signal and process
variables using 4-channel off-route
measurements and one or two plane
static or dynamic couple balancing
applications over a range of 10 CPM
(0,16 Hz) to 4,800,000 CPM (80 kHz).
Bearing assessments are carried out
using the industry proven SKF
Acceleration Enveloping (gE) technology.
The AX utilizes the latest advances in
analog and digital electronics, including
digital signal processing (DSP) and high
resolution Sigma-Delta A/D converters,
to provide both speed and accuracy in
the data collection process.
Powerful software to complete
your analysis system
SKF @ptitude Analyst provides fast,
efficient and reliable storage, analysis
and retrieval of complex machine data
and makes the information accessible
throughout your organization.
• Easy to learn and use for novice or experienced users
• Inter-connectivity with other
software programs and systems
• Preference options let SKF @ptitude Analyst work the way you work
SKF Microlog AX provides fast data collection
and analysis. The large screen facilitates viewing
in any light.
SKF @ptitude Analyst is part of the SKF
@ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data
from a wide range of SKF portable and
on-line acquisition devices.
Bump Test module
A bump or rap test is an impact test
carried out to excite the machine
and measure its natural frequencies.
This helps to determine if resonance
is responsible for high noise or
vibration levels or if there is a potential
machinery problem.
Recorder module
Signals from sensors connected to the
AX are digitally recorded and stored as
standard WAV files. These files can be
sent via email or transferred directly
to SKF @ptitude Analyst for postprocessing. Using the storage capacity
of SD cards allows a user to record
many hours of continuous raw data.
Frequency Response Function
The FRF module establishes properties
of mechanical structures (mass, stiffness
and damping) by performing modal
analysis using a calibrated hammer.
Measurements can be exported
to calculate and animate the mode
shapes. The module also measures
the transfer function (ratio) between
two transducers while a machine
is running. Measurements can be
exported to calculate and animate the
Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS).
Run up Coast down module
This module analyzes data from
machines where noise or vibration
levels are changing with speed, time or
load (applications that cause transient
phenomena) to establish the critical /
resonant speeds of a machine. The
module simultaneously acquires a noise
or a vibration signal plus a tachometer
signal and stores the data as a time
waveform (a WAV file) for further analysis.
Check to Conformance module
The conformance check functionality
transforms the AX into a tool for
everyday inspection and maintenance
routines. An automated assessment
compares vibration levels with
established limits and a pass or fail
indication is displayed to check that
the product complies with predefined
quality indicators or required standards.
FFT resolution: 100 – 25,600 lines
Signal input: Accelerometer, velocity, displacement (from hand-held or installed transducers),
AC/DC sensors, pressure sensors, temperature
sensors, tachometer and manual entry
Time block length: 256 – 65,536 samples
Measurement parameters: Acceleration,
velocity, displacement, gE, temperature, phase,
voltage, user specified
Measurement types: Overall, spectrum, time
waveform, phase, orbits, shaft center line
Input channels:
• CH1: 6-pin Fischer CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4
(labeled R) (ICP™/AC /DC input), strobe out
• CH2: 6-pin Fischer CH2 & CH3 (ICP™/AC /DC
input), +5 V tacho out
• USB HOST/ CH R/: 7-pin Fischer R (ICP™ /
AC/DC input), USB HOST, audio out
• USB DEV / TRIG / PWR: 7-pin Fischer USB
DEV, charger, ext trigger aux, +5 V tacho out
Input signal range: ±25 V Maximum
Signal: RMS / Peak / Pk-Pk / True Peak / True
Transducer check: Bias Voltage Integrity (o/c
and s/c detection)
Auto range: Yes
Dynamic range: >90 dB
Frequency range: DC to 80 kHz
Bearing condition: gE
gE filters: 5 Hz – 100 Hz, 50 Hz – 1 kHz,
500 Hz – 10 kHz, 5 kHz – 40 kHz
Averaging: RMS, Time, Peak Hold
Alarms: Overall and Spectrum (Peak and RMS
Size: 220 x 220 x 71 mm
Weight: 1.54 Kg
Display: 6.4" TFT VGA, Backlit Color LCD, (640 x
480 resolution, 18 bit color)
Sealing: EN60529 IP65 (Dust- and waterproof)
Drop test: 1.2 m (4 ft) – To MIL STD-810F (with
stand retracted)
Temperature ratings:
• Operating temperature: –10 to +60 °C
(+14 to +140 °F)
• Storage temperature: –20 to +60 °C
(–4 to +140 °F)
• Humidity: 10 to 90 % RH, non-condensing at
0 to +50 °C (+32 to +122 °F)
Vibration: MIL STD-810 transportation
Certification: • CE rated
• CSA Class I, Div 2 Groups A, B, C & D ,
temperature Code [email protected]=50C
• USB 1.1 (rear panel and docking station)
• Microlog protocol & Microsoft® ActiveSync®
User indicators: Blue, Green, Amber and Red
Battery: Li-Ion 6600 mA hr with integral gas
gauging (8 hrs continuous operation minimum)
Battery recharge: Internally via docking station
or external charger
Operating system: Microsoft® Windows®
Embedded CE 6.0
Processor: Marvell 806 MHz PXA320
DSP: Freescale DSP56311
Internal RAM:
• 128 MB NAND Flash
SD card: Can support up to 4 GB
Host software
The SKF Microlog AX series requires SKF
@ptitude Analyst version 4.1 or later and USB
SKF Microlog Analyzer AX – Advanced data collector/FFT analyzer
Ordering information
SKF Microlog AX-F model Data
Collector/FFT Analyzer
The AX-F [CMXA 80-F-K-SL] standard kit
• CMXA 80-F-SL unit, programmed for 4channel off-route measurements, 2-channel
or simultaneous triaxial route and one or two
plane static or dynamic couple balancing application, Bump Test, Data Recorder, RuCd, FRF
and Check to Conformance modules.
• CD-ROM, user manuals, utilities, asset information page and literature
• USB/power splitter cable [CMAC 5019]*
• USB/A to B cable [CMAC 5082]
• SD slot/dock conector cover [CMAC 5083]
• Docking station [CMAC 5068]*
• Battery pack [CMAC 5070]*
• Cable, power cord, UL 110, US [CMVA 3351]*
• Power adapter/battery charger [CMAC 5022]
• Two (2) accelerometer, low profile, Non-NI
Certified [CMSS 2200]*
• Two (2) cable, sensor, coiled [CMAC 5209]*
• Two (2) magnetic base accelerometer, medium
duty, 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) diameter
[CMSS 908-MD]*
• Hard service carrying case [CMAC 5069]*
• Soft case [CMAC 5071]*
• Two (2) hand straps [CMAC 5072]*
• Shoulder strap [CMAC 5073]*
• Two (2) screen protectors [CMAC 5074]*
• Fischer connector dust covers [CMAC 5075]*
• 1 GB SD Card [CMAC 5077]
* also available as separate accessory
SKF Microlog AX-S model: 4-channel off-route /
2-channel route or simultaneous triaxial route,
Balancing, Bump Test and Recorder modules.
SKF Microlog AX-M model: 4-channel off-route/
2-channel route or simultaneous triaxial route
and Balancing modules.
Field Upgrades to AX Series
Battery and power supply
• AX series Bump Test field upgrade
• AX series Data Recorder field upgrade
• AX series Run up Coast down field upgrade
• AX series Frequency Response Function (FRF) field
upgrade [CMXA 80-FRF-SL]
• AX series Check to Conformance field upgrade
• AX-M to AX-S series field upgrade
• AX-M to AX-F series field upgrade
• AX-S to AX-F series field upgrade
• Battery charger with universal power supply
[CMAC 5076]
Optional Accessories
A number of accessories are available to complement the AX series.
• Laser Tachometer Kit [CMAC 5030-K]
• Microlog Phase Reference Holder
[CMSS 6156]
• Microlog Field Balancing Kit (with Optical Sensor)
[CMCP 850-01]
• Microlog Field Balancing Kit (with Laser Sensor)
[CMCP 850-02]
• Microlog Field Balancing Kit (with Laser Sensor)
[CMCP 850-03]
• AC / DC Current Clamp [CMAC 5208]
• Infrared Temperature Gun [CMAC 4200-SL]
• Optical Phase Reference Kit [CMSS 6155X-K-CE]
• Laser Phase Reference Kit [CMSS 6195AX-K-CE]
• Modal Hammer Kit with accelerometer to measure
masses of 210 grams and above
[CMAC 5056-GXHK-1]
• Modal Hammer Kit with accelerometer to measure
masses of 56 grams and above
[CMAC 5057-GXHK-2]
• Modal Hammer Kit only [CMAC 5058]
• Triax Accelerometer Kit [CMAC 4370-K]
• Accelerometer, small footprint, integrated 2 meter
cable, supplied with magnetic mount [CMSS 2111]
• Accelerometer, high frequency [CMSS 2114]
• Accelerometer, CSA rated [CMSS 797-CA]
• BNC tachometer input (1 meter) [CMAC 5211]
• Ch X Signal input extension cable (5 meter)
[CMAC 5026]
• Ch X Signal input extension cable (10 meter)
[CMAC 5037]
• Tachometer (5030-K) extension cable (5 meter)
[CMAC 5043]
• Tachometer (5030-K) extension cable (10 meter)
[CMAC 5044]
• Cable convertor, 2-pin Mil/BNC [CMAC 3715]
• Triaxial accelerometer cable for use with triax
accelerometer kit CMAC 4370-K [CMAC 5009]
• Audio headphone cable [CMAC 5078]
International Accessories
NOTE: The North American cord sets will be shipped
with all new units.
International power cord accessories, two (2) cord
sets will be provided, the standard North American power cord and the requested International
power cord.
Power cord, Australia [CMAC 4222-AU]
Power cord, Switzerland [CMAC 4222-CH]
Power cord, Denmark [CMAC 4222-DK]
Power cord, European [CMAC 4222-EUR]
Power cord, Israel [CMAC 4222-IL]
Power cord, Italy [CMAC 4222-IT]
Power cord, Japan [CMAC 4222-JP]
Power cord, United Kingdom [CMAC 4222-UK]
Product Support Plans
For additional information on SKF Reliability Systems products, contact:
SKF Reliability Systems
5271 Viewridge Court • San Diego, California 92123 USA
Telephone: +1 858-496-3400 • Fax: +1 858-496-3531
Web Site:
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