CUB5 Totaliser & Rate Meter Technical Product data sheet

CUB5 Totaliser & Rate Meter Technical Product data sheet
CUB5 Totaliser & Rate Meter
Technical Product data sheet
CUB5 Totaliser & Rate Meter
This versatile multi function counter and rate meter
can display rate or total or when fitted with a relay
card provide rate switch or counter set point. The
counter continues to record the total when the rate
display is selected. The counter scale factor range is
0.00001 to 99.999999 and the rate meter can display
 8 Digit totaliser
0.1 to 99999.9 for the selected input frequency.
The counter and rate meter can both display up to
 5 Digit rate meter
five decimal points. The housing is made from high
 High speed count
impact polymer that when installed in a panel seals
 IP65 (Nema 4X)
the instrument to IP65 (NEMA 4X). Connections to
 Non volatile memory
the meter are via screwed terminal on the rear.
Selectable pulse inputs ensure no erroneous pulses
 9-24V dc operation
are recorded by “noisy” switch contacts. An optional
 Clear 11.7mm LCD
rear mounted power supply converts the instrument
 Programmable decimal point
into a mains powered unit and will supply up to
 Pulse input
50 mA for the sensor.
 Input filter
 0 - 60°C
 Competitively priced
 Wall mounting option
 Optional relay card
Order code
 Optional red/green backlight
Ideal for
 Continuous monitoring
 Test rigs
 Consumption metering
Mains PSU
Relay Card
Backlit Option
 Flow switch
Coldharbour Business Park, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4JW
Phone (44) 01935 812790 Fax (44) 01935 812890 Web [email protected]
CUB5 Totaliser & Rate Meter
The drawings below show the CUB5 with its attached mains power supply and the wall
mounted enclosure. The panel cut out is 68.5 X 33.5 mm, the minimum vertical and
horizontal pitches are 55 & 75mm the panel thickness must be between 1.3 & 5mm.
Wall mounting centres 108 x 50 mm x M4 screw
LCD 8 digit total 6 digits for
rate with “R” enunciator
5 programmable decimal
points for both totaliser and
rate indicator
Signal inputs
Universal pulse frequency
input compatible with reed
switch, Hall Effect detector,
Voltage pulse. Maximum
input frequency 50 to
20Khz depending on
sensor type minimum
9 - 24 V dc
IP66 (NEMA 4X) High
impact glass polymer.
-35°C to +80°C. max
K Factor range 0.0001 - 99.9999
0.239 kg
Programming is via a link on rear connectors
General description
This versatile counter rate meter can be
programmed for one of eight different
count modes and/or rate indication with an
optional relay card for a total or rate set
point. There are two separate count
inputs that can be programmed with
differing scale factors and the display
being the sum, difference, bi-directional
etc of these counts.
The rate function can be disabled, viewed
at the touch of the front panel or remote
button or automatically periodically
displayed as the unit cycles through all of
the programmed functions.
The optional relay card may be configured
as either a rate or count function and be
set to either latch, automatically reset or
reset itself after a pre-set time. The user
input can be set to accept an external
input to control some of these functions. If
the backlit CUB5 is used the colour of the
backlight can be made to change as the
set point is reached to offer an immediate
visual warning.
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