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AOS 2055A
Instructions for use (5 – 18)
Instructions d’utilisation (19 – 32)
Instrucciones para el uso (33 – 46)
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Instructions for use
Important safety instructions
• Prior to using the appliance, read through the in­
structions for complete use and retain in a safe place
for later reference.
• WARNING – Only use the appliance indoors and within
the specified technical data. Improper use can be hazardous for the health and lead to critical injury.
• Connect the unit only to alternating current with voltage according to the rating label.
• Children cannot recognize the hazards associated with the usage of electrical appliances. For this reason,
always supervise children when they are near the humidifier (image 1).
• Never use the appliance if there is any damage to the
appliance or cable (2), after malfunction, after the appliance has been dropped (3) or damaged in any
other way.
• Repairs of electrical appliances are only to be made by
qualified service engineers (4). Improper repair work
can cause considerable danger to the user.
• Place the humidifier on a dry, level surface (5).
• Do not place the appliance next to heating vent.
• Place appliance where it is not easily knocked over (6).
• Always unplug when not in use.
• Only operate the humidifier when it is completely assembled.
• ALWAYS unplug before removing/filling/emptying the
water tank, before cleaning/maintaining, assembling/
dismantling of individual parts and before moving the
• Do not run power cords under carpets, and do not co­
ver with throw rugs. Arrange cord so that it will not be
tripped over.
• Never pull the plug from the outlet by the cable or with
wet hands (7).
• Do not use the appliance where combustible gases or
vapors are present.
• Do not expose the appliance to rain, or use near water,
in a bathroom, laundry area or other damp location.
• This unit must be used in its upright position.
• Do not allow foreign objects to enter ventilation or
ex­haust opening as this may cause electric shock or
damage to the appliance. Do not block air outlets or
intakes (8).
• This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider
than the other). To reduce risk of shock, this plug is
intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the
plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it
still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT
attempt to alter this safety feature.
• A loose fit between the plug and the AC outlet (receptacle) may cause overheating and a distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to replace
loose or worn receptacles.
• Do not sit, stand or place any heavy objects on the
• Do not submerge the main body in water or other
• Disconnect power supply before servicing.
• Persons who are not familiar with the instructions for use, as well as children and persons under the influence of medication, alcohol, or drugs are not permitted to operate the appliance, or are only per­
mitted to operate it under supervision.
• The use of water additives, such as ethereal/essential
oils, fragrances, eucalyptus, water conditioners etc.,
damages the tank material and as a consequence the
whole unit. Any use of such additives in the tank will
void the manufacturer’s warranty. Please read chapter
«use of fragrances».
en Foreword
Congratulations on purchasing the AIR-O-SWISS 2055A
Air Washer!
Did you know that excessively dry indoor air
• dries out mucus membranes and causes chapped lips
and stinging eyes?
• promotes infections and diseases of the respiratory
• leads to weariness, tiredness and poor concentration?
• is a burden on pets and house plants?
• promotes the formation of dust and increases the elec­
trostatic charge of textiles made from synthetic fibers,
carpets and synthetic floors?
• damages furnishings made from wood, especially par­
quet floors?
• makes musical instruments go out of tune?
The indoor climate is generally pleasant when the relative
humidity is between 40 and 60%. Air humidification is es­
pecially sensible in winter, but does not replace the regular
airing of living spaces.
How it works
Your appliance
• washes and humidifies the air without using filter mats
• works quietly in two operation modes
• is manufactured from high-quality, long-life components.
• has a large cleansing capacity through pre-ionization.
The individual dust particles are ionized (charged) and
stick to the humidifier discs.
Special humidifying discs rotate in a water bath inside the
unit; this cleanses the air passing over them of impurities
in a natural way – in the same way that air is washed by
the rain in nature. 10
The air humidification takes place according to the selfregulating principle of cold evaporation. The appliance
therefore generates ideal air humidity, without the need for
additional control units.
A specially tuned anti-microbial protection system (Ionic
Silver Stick®) prevents the formation of microbes in the
water of the base unit. No chemical additives are required
to keep the water clean.
• Remove the appliance carefully from the packaging
(10 – 12). Place your hands underneath the product
to pull it out of the box. The top part of the unit is only
placed on the base; it is NOT attached.
• Remove the plastic bag from the unit (13).
• Remove all cardboard pieces from the disc pack (14).
• Check the details of the electrical supply on the rating
plate (15).
• Use the original packaging to store the appliance if you
do not use it throughout the year.
Description of the appliance
Air inlet
Control panel
Air outlet
Putting into operation
The best location for your appliance is:
• On the floor, or on a level, dry surface in the room.
• Pay proper attention to easy accessibility and sufficient
space for servicing and cleaning the unit.
• Read the section «Filling the tank» on how to fill the
water tank (16 – 20).
• Place the water tank on the lower part (20).
• Connect the power cable to the outlet and switch the
appliance on using the On/Off switch.
• The unit will reach full humidity output about 10 – 15 minutes after you switch it on.
• Ensure that the cable is not trapped (9). Do not switch
on the unit if the cable is defective (2).
1 disc pack with
16 humidifying discs
Water tank
Water tank cap
Rotary lock
Ionic Silver Stick® (ISS)
Fragrance container and rotary lock opener
for humidifying discs
Water base
en Filling the tank
Always unplug the unit before removing the water tank. Do
not operate the appliance when the water tank is empty!
Only fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap wa­
ter. Use water additives at your own risk. We do
no accept any liability for possible reductions in
performance or damage.
Do not put the water tank under pressure, e.g. by filling with
carbonated mineral water. Do not add any essential oils or
fragrances to the water; the plastic material might become
discolored and damaged. Close cap tightly (19) to prevent
water from leaking out of the tank.
• Remove the water tank (16).
• Ensure that there are no foreign objects in the water
• Remove the water tank cap from the tank (17). Fill the
tank with fresh, cold tap water (18). Fully close the
water tank cap to prevent the water tank from leaking
(19). Place the water tank on the water base (20).
• After filling the water tank, most of the water will
empty into the base. The water tank may be filled a
second time (base will not overflow).
• Connect the cable to the outlet and switch the ap-
pliance on.
• The red empty indicator light may stay illuminated for
some seconds until the base is filled with water.
The unit is fitted with an automatic cut-off switch. As soon
as the water tank is empty, the unit switches off automa­
tically; the empty indicator illuminates (also see section
«Operating 2055A»).
Use of fragrances
The base contains a special fragrance container (21). A
cotton ball soaked with fragrance can be placed in this
container. Place fragrances only in the container provided!
Do not pour fragrances in fragrance container directly! Use
with cotton ball only. Water additives (e.g. essential oils, fra­
grances, water conditioners) must NOT be used in the tank
or anywhere else in the appliance! Even a small amount
can damage the plastic or cause cracks. The material is
not suitable for the use of additives. One drop is enough
to damage the water tank and therefore render the unit
unusable. Appliances that are damaged by additives are
excluded from the warranty. The fragrance container is also
used as a tool for opening the rotary locks of the humi­
difying discs. To learn more about removing the discs, refer
to section «Cleaning the humidifying discs».
Operating 2055A
D) Night mode
If you turn the rotary switch to position D, the appliance
works in night mode and is especially quiet.
E) Operating light and Automatic Shut-Off
«Tank empty»
The green light (LED) (E) illuminates when the appliance
is switched on. The water level is easy to see thanks to
the transparent water tank. The red LED light on the ap­
pliance also shows when the unit should be refilled with
water. If the water level falls below the minimum level, the
appliance automatically switches off. The red symbol (E)
appears on the display. When water is added, the red LED
changes to green and the appliance continues operating.
Warning: When lifting the upper part off the housing, the
appliance also switches off. In this case, the red light E
will also appear on the display. Only when the upper part
is replaced on the base does the red LED (E) disappear and
the appliance resumes operation.
A) Rotary switch
Connect the appliance to an outlet and turn rotary switch
A from position B (off) to position C or D as required. Posi­
tion D is especially quiet (night mode). Position C (normal
mode) achieves maximum humidity output. The disc rota­
tion speed remains constant with both mode selections.
The fan rotation speed increases with level II (C).
B) Switching on/off
If the rotary switch is in position B, the appliance is swit­
ched off.
C) Normal mode
If you select position C, then normal mode is set, and the
appliance reaches maximum humidity output.
en Water quality maintenance
The Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) uses the anti-microbial effect
of silver to prevent the growth of microbes in the water
base. It begins to function as soon as it comes into contact
with water, even if the unit is switched off. The Ionic Silver
Stick should be changed every year. Look at picture 22 for
the position of the ISS in the base part of the unit. Do not
touch the water in the base during operation! Switch off the
unit first. Contact your local retailer or check our website for reorder information.
Lifecycle indicator
Your appliance comes with a lifecycle indicator on the back
of the upper part for changing the Ionic Silver Stick®. To
remind yourself of when you put the ISS into operation,
please cross the current month on the indicator and write
the current year on the line provided (23).
Switch the appliance off and remove the power
plug from the outlet before you clean the appli­
ance (24).
• Regular cleaning is a pre-condition for hygienic,
trouble-free operation.
• The appliance can be unassembled for cleaning in a
few moves.
• Never submerge the entire unit in water (26).
• Empty and rinse the base once a week (27).
• The unit must be completely emptied and cleaned if
it has been filled with water for longer than a week
without being used.
Recommended cleaning intervals
The recommended cleaning intervals depend on the air and
water quality, as well as operating times. A thin film of lime
scale on the discs actually increases the humidity output!
• once to twice a year: upper part of housing and fan
• every 2 weeks: water tank and base
• every 4 weeks: humidifying discs
Cleaning the upper part of the housing
Remove the upper part of the unit (29) and wipe out tho­
roughly once to twice a year with a damp cleaning cloth
Cleaning the fan
The cover can be removed from the upper part of the unit
(31). Under this cover is the fan (32), which can be cleaned
with a damp cleaning cloth as required.
en Cleaning the water tank and base
(every 2 weeks)
• Lift the water tank out of the unit, open the water tank
cap and clean the tank (33 – 35).
• Lift the upper part of the unit off the base and remove
the Ionic Silver Stick® (36).
• Use AIR-O-SWISS EZCal custom cleaning and descaling
agent only to remove deposits from the water base re­
gularly (37). There is a sample of EZCal included in the
packaging of your humidifier. Instructions for using are
on the packet. Rotate the disc assembly a few times by
hand (37) to clean the mineral deposits on the humi­
difying discs. Only use 1 packet for 32 oz of water. Do
not change the ratio. Do NOT run the unit when using
EZCal. This can cause damage to the product and voids
the warranty. Thoroughly rinse the base with potable
water after using EZCal and make sure no EZCal resi­
dues remain in the base.
• Empty the water base (38), remove the disc assembly
(39) and rinse (40).
• Remove deposits from the base using a plastic or
wooden brush (41).
Cleaning the humidifying discs
(every 4 weeks)
A thin film of lime scale on the discs actually increases
the humidity output! To clean, unscrew the individual humi­
difying discs from each other. Rotary locks (toothed wheels)
can be easily removed using the multifunctional fragrance
container (42).
Next, the discs can be washed individually (43 – 44). For
best results use EZCal custom cleaning agent for AIR-OSWISS products. Refer to section «Cleaning the water tank
and base» for more information of how to use EZCal.
• The toothed wheel can only be assembled in one position.
After cleaning, reassemble the appliance in the reverse se­
quence. Note: rotary locks have two rest positions. Warning:
Do not overtighten!
30 min
140°F / 60°C
en Storing the appliance for extended periods
Clean the appliance as described earlier and allow to dry
thoroughly. Preferably store the appliance in its original box,
in a dry place away from high temperatures.
Legal notice
The humidifier is cUL-listed.
Subject to technical change. The instructions for use are
protected by copyright © PLASTON AG.
Contact your local retailer or check our website www. for re-order information.
Technical specifications
Electrical voltage
Power consumption
Humidity output up to
Suitable for rooms up to
Weight (empty)
Operating noise level
120 V / 60 Hz
29 W
3 gallons / 24h
600 sq ft / 55 m2
14.2 x 14.2 x 14.2 in
36 x 36 x 36 cm
13 lbs / 5.9 kg
< 25 dB(A)
Ionic Silver Stick®
Customer Service
Customer Service (USA) 1-800-336-0326
Trouble shooting
Possible cause
What to do
Appliance does not work
Power plug not inserted
Connect power plug to the outlet
Turn rotary switch to position ON
No water in the water tank Fill with water
Brushing noise
Disc assembly is not correctly inserted in the water base.
Insert the disc assembly correctly
Discs warped Replace discs
No humidification No water in the water base
Fill the water tank
General Humidifier Questions
Q. Why isn’t there enough moisture in my room?
A. How often do you run the unit? If the unit is only run at
night, then during the day the moisture level will drop if
moisture is not constantly added to the air.
A. Do you leave your door open or closed when the
unit is running?
a. By leaving the door open, this allows moisture to leave
the room and go into other areas of the house. If you
would like the moisture to stay within one specific
room you should consider closing the door while the
unit is running.
b. Wood, leather, carpet, curtains, and other types of fa­
bric soak up a lot of moisture, thus not leaving enough
moisture for the air. If the window is left open, then
this allows moisture to escape the room. Another fac­
tor is a lot of times the unit is placed next to a heating
device. The idea is that the air blowing into the room
will quickly place moisture around the room. Unfortu­
nately, this concept does not work because the hot air
coming out of a vent will soak up most of the moisture,
and none of the air within the room will receive any.
Q. How much moisture do I need in my room?
A. Suggested humidity levels are between 40 – 60%.
Q. What are the effects of too little or too much
A. Dry air can cause dry skin, static electricity, out of tune
musical instruments, increased levels of dust (dry air
causes dust to rise), damage to wooden objects (dry
out and eventually cracks appear), discomfort, sick ness, and dries out nasal membranes.
Over-humidifying the air can cause mold and wallpaper
to peel.
Q. Why do I need a humidifier when I can just open
my window?
A. The moisture level within the outside air is not high
enough to humidify a room. The colder the air the less
moisture it is capable to hold, and the more the air is
heated up the percentage of relative humidity is lower.
Relative humidity means the amount of water vapor in
the air, compared to the amount the air could hold if it
was totally saturated. The difference is higher between
outside and inside temperatures; more humidification
is needed because of the dry air in the room.
2055A FAQ’s
Q.Where should I place my humidifier?
A. The unit should be free-standing and not close to a
wall, window, door, or thermal bridge so that air may
circulate around the unit.
Q. Red LED light is illuminated – what does it mean?
A. The red LED light on the appliance shows you when
the unit should be refilled with water. If the water level
falls below the minimum level, the appliance automa-
tically switches off. The red light appears on the dis­
play. When water is added, the red LED changes to
green and the appliance continues operating.
Please note: When lifting the upper part off the housing,
the appliance also switches off. In this case, the red
LED will also appear on the display. Only when the
upper part is replaced on the base does the red LED (E) disappear and the appliance resumes operation.
Q. If there is no water left in my water tank, for how
many hours will the water in base last?
A. An exact answer cannot be given for this as there are
many factors that depend on how long the water will
last for. It all depends on the size of the room, if it is
very dry, among other things to know how quickly wa­
ter will evaporate into the air. If you notice that there is
no water left in the water tank, it is always a good idea
to refill the tank to have extra water available. Q. I fill the water tank, and when I place it back on
the unit all of the water goes into the base. Why is
A. Water is needed in the base of the unit for the removal
of particles from the air, and for the humidification of
the air. The first time the tank is filled up and placed
on the unit, all of the water will go into the base of the
unit. The water tank acts as a reserve, and may be
filled up a second time to have extra water available.
Q.Is it ok to put my humidifying discs in the dishwasher?
A. The manufacturer of this appliance does NOT recom­
mend it. The plates can only be placed in a dishwasher
where the temperature is no greater than 131°F / 55ºC.
If the temperature is any hotter than this, the plates will
melt. Place the plates in a sink filled with warm water
and white vinegar or EZCal and either let them soak or
spin the plates in this solution. Or, add white vinegar
or EZCal to the water in the base of the unit and let the
unit run for an hour to clean the plates.
It is good to have calcium deposits built up on the
plates as it will capture more particles from the air and
add more moisture to the air.
Q.Humidity level is not changing or does not reach
the desired humidity level
A. If the water tank needs refilling more than once per
day, the unit is working properly and the climatic con­
dition in the room has an influence on the humidity.
Reasons for low humidity level:
• air circulation is very high (air is fully exchanged se­
veral times per day – the humidifier needs to starts its
work from scratch)
• insulation of home (see air circulation)
• open space with high ceilings (not only the footage of
the room counts but also the height) – high-rise buil­
dings require more humidification.
• open windows – works similar to air circulation (if it is very cold outside don’t open the window more than
2 times per day for 3 minutes)
• big difference between outside temperature and inside temperature – the colder the air the less moisture it
is capable to hold and the more the air is heated up
the lower is the percentage of relative humidity (=
the amount of water vapor in the air, compared to the
amount the air could hold if it was totally saturated)
• position of the unit – if it is placed close to a door, win­
dow or air vent. This increases the air circulation.
Q. Can this unit be used all year round?
A. Yes, the unit can be used all year round. The unit pro­
duces relative humidity which means that the air will
only take as much moisture as it can hold. The unit
will not over-humidify the air.
For troubleshooting, see chapter «Troubleshooting».
Q.What is the Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) and how long is
it good for?
A. The Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) uses the anti-microbial
effect of silver to prevent the growth of microbes in the
water base. It begins to function as soon as it comes
into contact with water, even if the unit is switched off.
The Ionic Silver Stick should be changed every year.
Q.Placement of the Ionic Silver Stick
A. Please see picture 22 for instructions.
Q.Replacement reminder
A. In each ISS box and on all the new products there is
an ISS lifecycle indicator. Check the box of the month
when starting to use the ISS and write the year on the
line indicated. Exchange it after one year.
Q. What is EZ Cal?
A. There is a sample packet of EZCal included in the
packaging of your humidifier. EZCal is used for cleaning
and descaling any of the AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers and
cleans mineral build-up. EZCal is the only recommen-
ded cleaning and descaling solution. Do NOT use any
other cleaning solutions since it can damage the pro­
duct. Any use of cleaning solutions apart from EZCal
will void the warranty. Instructions for using are on the
packet. Only use 1 packet for 32oz of water. Do not
change the ratio. It can also be used for other humi­
difier brands. Thorougly rinse the base with potable
water and make sure no EZCal residues remain in the
base! EZCal is available at selected retail stores and
Please check our website
for further information.
AIR-O-SWISS is a registered trademark of PLASTON Group, Switzerland
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