Rosco Flexbond Manual

Rosco Flexbond Manual
Rosco Flexbond Manual
SUGGESTED USE: Use FlexBond to adhere fabrics to fabrics, fabrics to wood, foam to wood or
fabric and many other combinations of materials common in scene shops. Rosco FlexBond
provides an excellent coating over Ethafoamâ„¢ that allows this notoriously difficult foam to be
painted with ease. With its super adhesion, Rosco FlexBond can be used to laminate blocks of
foam together. It can be thinned with water, tinted with universal tints or Rosco paints, or used as
an additive to give other coatings like plaster or clay added flexibility.
APPLICATION: Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dirt and dust. When
applying FlexBond to vinyls or plastics, clean your surface with denatured alcohol to remove any
excess plasticiser that might interfere with proper bonding.
COMPATIBILITY: FlexBond is compatible with all water based coatings and is easily painted or
tinted. Tint FlexBond using Supersaturated Roscopaint, Universal Tints, or simple latex paint. Add
Flexbond to other water based coatings as an additive to increase flexibility and adhesion.
MIXING: Stir before using. Do not shake as bubbles may develop.
DILUTION: Use FlexBond undiluted on most non-porous and porous surfaces. FlexBond may be
diluted with water if desired. Thinner mixtures will flow and level more than an undiluted
application and will dry to a thinner coating.
COLOR: Clear, matte finish.
COVERAGE: Approximately 250 sq. ft. per gallon
FILM THICKNESS: Undiluted 1 mil dry film.
DRY TIME: Varies with application. Sets in 30-45 minutes. Hard in 1-2 hours. Full cure within 7
CLEAN-UP: Soap and water.
SHELF LIFE: Minimum 24 months.
PACKAGING: 1 Gallon Jugs and 5 Gallon Pails.
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