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Operator’s Manual
Read these instructions carefully and make sure
you understand them before using the 50.
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Your 50 Handheld saw has been shipped from the factory
thoroughly inspected. The durable travel case contains the
50 saw, a blade shaft cover, a blade shaft wrench, an owner’s
manual, a part list, a warranty card, and a joint protector sample pack.
NOTE: No diamond cutting blade or skid plate is included
with the saw. Purchase the appropriate Husqvarna Excel
Series 5 inch blade from your local Husqvarna Construction Product dealer.
Table of contents ………………………….. 2
Unpacking .................................................. 2
Transporting ............................................... 2
Introduction, personal safety ...................... 3
Registration of the product ………………… 4
General safety message ............................ 4
Safety warnings ......................................... 5
Excel series blades ................................... 6
Blade and skid plate installation ................ 6
What is what? ............................................ 7
Operating instructions ...............................
Generators and extension cords ...............
ProEdge blade installation ........................
Using the ProEdge series blades .............
Maintenance …………………………….....
Maximizing the Soff-Cut system .......…....
Sawing contraction joints …………....……
Troubleshooting ........................................
Technical specifications ............................
Conformity certificates ..............................
Warranty ...................................................
The 50 handheld saw weights approximately 9.0 pounds (4.1
kilograms) when ready to use . Use safe handling practices
when using the saw. Immediately clean the blade guard housing after each and every use to prevent concrete dust buildup.
Always remove the diamond blade when transporting the saw.
Fold the guide arm back and unscrew the handle from the
housing prior to storing in the carrying case.
Travel case
The 50 Handheld is intended primarily for finish cuts, scoring and decorative applications, and is
designed for ease of use and convenience. It is not intended for metal or wood cutting. Much like the entire
line of Husqvarna Soff-Cut saws, the handheld saw works in conjunction with the Husqvarna Excel Series
diamond blades and patented skid plates to allow for Ultra Early Entry cutting, which minimizes chipping
and spalling while getting the job done the same day. The patented Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry dry cutting
system controls random cracking of concrete through the early timing of the saw cutting usually within one
to two hours after the finishing process is complete. The low dust blade guard system with integrated dust
extraction port allows the saw to cut dry and it controls the debris for little or no clean up when used with a
vacuum system.
Common sense:
The focus of this manual is HOW to operate and service the equipment safely.
It is not possible to cover every conceivable situation you can face when using this equipment. Therefore use this
product only in a manner described in this manual. Operation or handling the machine in any other manner can
lead to serious injury or death.
If a situation is not described in this manual it should be considered dangerous - and not be done.
If you are unfamiliar with this product make sure that you carefully understand how it functions and practice all
operations and handling before putting the machine to use. Familiarize yourself in the presence of an experienced
operator. Avoid all situations that are beyond your capability.
If you still feel uncertain about the operating procedures after reading these instructions DO NOT operate the
machine until you have consulted an experienced operator.
If you have further questions you can contact the closest Husqvarna Construction Products location by writing or
calling, see information below. You can also find the closest location by searching the internet at;
www.husqvarnacp.com . Husqvarna Construction Products will willingly be of service and provide you with advice
as well as help you to use your product both efficiently and safely.
Additional manuals are available at NO CHARGE and can also be obtained on the internet site.
Toll Free no: 800 776 3328 (USA & Canada)
Husqvarna Construction Products Phone no: 951 272 2330
Telefax no:
951 272 2338
265 Radio Road
Corona, California 92879
Internet Site: www.husqvarnacp.com
When working and operating the saw the following
approved personal safety items should be used:
Please register your new 50 Handheld with Husqvarna Construction Products by mailing
in the registration card that came with the machine or you can register on the internet site
Registration will allow us to contact in case of any critical updates or recalls on this machine.
Warranty registration has also been found to be helpful in tracing stolen equipment.
Record the following information for your records:
PURCHASE DATE: ________________
MODEL No: ________________
SERIAL No: __________________
ENGINE MODEL: _____________ ENGINE TYPE: ______________ ENGINE CODE: ________________
The 50 Handheld serial number as well as the engine model number, engine type and code are critical in order to
obtain the correct service parts.
In this manual a Safety Alert Symbol
followed by the signal words WARNING and CAUTION are used to
identify safety information about hazards which can result in death, serious injury and/or property damage.
These signal words mean:
WARNING indicates a hazard which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
CAUTION indicates a hazard which, if not avoided, might result in minor or moderate injury.
NOTICE indicates a message not related to personal injury.
Under no circumstances may the design of the machine be modified without the permission of the manufacturer. Always use genuine accessories. Unauthorized modifications and/or accessories can result in
serious personal injury or the death of the operator or others. Your warranty may not cover damage or
liability caused by the use of unauthorized accessories or replacement parts.
Running an engine in a confined or badly ventilated area
can result in injury or death due
to asphyxiation or carbon
monoxide poisoning.
Use of this product can expose
you to materials known to the
State of California to cause
cancer and/or birth defects or
other reproductive harm.
During the normal use of this
machine, operator may be
exposed to a noise level equal
to or higher than 85 dB(A). Use
hearing protection.
Failure to comply with the following warnings could
result in serious bodily injury or death!
• Do not leave saw unattended while the electric motor is
• Do not alter the saw. Any alteration or modification is misuse and may result in a dangerous condition.
• Read and understand instructions before operating saw.
• All safety guards must be in place before starting saw.
• Always wear safety approved hearing, eye, head and
respiratory protection.
• Wear boots with non-slip soles to provide proper footing.
Steel-toed safety boots are recommended.
• Wear rubber work gloves to avoid contact with wet concrete which can cause serious skin irritation.
• Avoid accidental starting. Be sure switch is “OFF” before plugging in. Do not use saw if switch does not turn it “ON” or “OFF”.
• Disconnect the plug from the power source before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing the saw.
• Know how to stop the saw quickly in case of emergency.
• Do not use damaged equipment, blades, guards or personal protection equipment. Do not disable safety equipment or kill switches.
• Keep all parts of your body away from blade and other
moving parts. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry which can be caught in moving parts. Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair.
• Use only Husqvarna Construction Products replacement parts. Use of unauthorized parts may create a danger.
• Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, metal conduit, ductwork, or rebar.
• Do not use the saw as vehicle for transporting personnel or equipment.
• Remove all wrenches from the saw before starting.
• Stay alert. Maintain awareness of saw operation. Use common sense. Do not operate saw when tired or after consumption of any substance that would impair physical function or rational judgment.
• When using an extension cord outdoors, be sure it is marked with suffix W-A (for UL), or W (for CSA) to indicate that is
acceptable for outdoor use.
• Do not over reach. Keep proper footing and balance.
• Examine cutting blades before each use. Do not use any
blades that has cracks, nicks, or flaws. Tri-arbor hole should
be undamaged. Use only dry cut, steel core, tri-arbor
diamond blades made for cutting uncured concrete.
• Never operate the saw in any application or job where you are not trained or supervised.
• Keep visitors, children and animals out of the work area.
• Husqvarna Excel Series diamond blades is designed to only cut green concrete. Cutting any other material may result in blade failure or a dangerous condition.
• Keep all body parts and foreign material away from the
electric motor while running.
• Avoid dangerous environments. Do not use the saw in damp or wet locations. Do not expose saw to rain. Keep work area well lit and clean.
• Do not operate saw in areas with flammable liquids, gases, dust or other explosive atmospheres.
• Do not operate the saw in areas of combustible material or fumes. Sparks may occur from the saw that could cause a fire or explosion.
• Do not abuse the cord. Never carry the saw by the cord or jerk the cord from an outlet. Keep cord away from heat, oil sharp edges, or moving parts.
• Inspect blade flanges for damage, excessive wear and
cleanliness before mounting the blade. The blade should fit snugly on clean, undamaged, tri-arbor shaft.
• Use only Husqvarna Excel, ProEdge Series blades, or blades marked with a maximum operating speed greater than11,000 rpm.
• Never operate the saw without the blade guard assembly securely in place including blade cover and skid plate
installed in working order. A damaged blade guard assembly must be replaced to protect the operator.
• Avoid getting in direct line with the blade or contacting the blade while it is rotating.
• Double insulated tools are equipped with a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug will fit in a
polarized outlet only one way. Do not change the plug.
The Excel Series of diamond blades have been designed specifically for the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry dry cutting system of
green concrete. These specialty blades are designed to increase speed and life while cutting a wide range of aggregates.
Choose the correct specification of diamond blade for your area as follows:
Red Excel Series 3000
Hard aggregate, medium abrasive sand
Yellow Excel Series 5000
Medium hard to soft aggregate, abrasive sand
(Red Blade also available in 0.225” (5.72mm) widths)
Step 3
Install a new skid plate (G) by sliding the front into the angled
slot of the lower blade guard (H) and firmly against the depth
stop washer (I). Push the rear of the skid plate up into the
threaded stud at the rear of the lower guard and screw on the
skid stop washer (J). Hand tighten only.
Disconnect the unit from the power source before
making any adjustments or changing blade and skid
Step 1
Remove the blade cover (A) by turning the two metal knobs
counter-clockwise. While holding the spindle lock button (B),
remove the blade bolt (C) by turning it counter-clockwise using
a 1/2” wrench. Remove the blade flange (D). Inspect the blade
(E) for any damage.
Step 4
Raise the lower guard and check that the blade does not contact the skid plate. When replacing a worn blade, thoroughly
clean the concrete from the blade guard (upper and lower
guard) and blade cover before installing the new blade.
A new skid plate is included with every new blade. Make sure
to remove and discard the old skid plate and replace it with a
new skid plate every time the blade is replaced.
Do not use any blade that has cracks, nicks, flaws or
a damaged arbor. Make sure the blade is marked with
a maximum operating speed greater than 11,000 rpm.
Use only dry cutting concrete diamond blades.
The patented skid plate is the most important part of the
Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry system. If it is bent, twisted or
damaged, spalling and raveling of a cut may result. Store
skid plates carefully and install them properly. Install a
new skid plate with each new blade. Never re-use skid
Step 2
Match the blade tri-arbor (E) to the blade shaft arbor (F) and
install the blade firmly against the rear flange (F). Insure the
blade is installed on the tri-arbor correctly. Match the female triarbor of the blade flange with the tri-arbor blade shaft and install the blade bolt turning clockwise. Be sure the outer flange
is fully seated and firmly holding the diamond blade in position.
Model number and serial
What is what?
Depth indicator label
Handle mount
Depth adjust thumb screw
Depth adjust arm
Blade guide notches
Depth stop washer and bolt
Hub clamp bolt
Spindle lock button
Rear wheel
On-Off paddle switch
Dust extraction port
Lower guard
The saw is factory set to full depth-of-cut, typically 1” (25.4
mm) with a brand new blade. If a shallower depth of cut is
desired, such as for architectural scoring and decorative application, adjust blade depth by turning the depth adjust thumb
screw (D) approximately one full turn counter-clockwise. Slide
the depth adjust arm (E) to the desired depth using the depth
indicator label (B). Tighten the depth adjust thumb screw (D)
by hand to lock the depth arm in place. Rotate the front guide
(A) down to the forward position.
ON-OFF paddle
Line up the saw with the cut line using the “S” notch (F) on the
lower guard (N) and the triangle pointer at the rear of the lower
blade guard. Make sure the skid plate lies flat on the concrete
with the rear wheel (J). Flip the lock-off button and simultaneously squeeze the paddle switch (L) to turn “ON” the saw
NOTE: Pressure must be maintained continuously on the
paddle switch to keep electric motor running.
Rotate the saw down slowly to plunge and lower the blade in
the concrete. Push the saw forward to cut, keeping the front
guide wheel on the cut line. Do not force the saw; let the diamond blade to work.
Front guide wheel
Experience is very important when running the 50 Handheld
saw. A skilled worker is highly recommended. Always do an
inspection of the saw before using it. Insure all guards are
secure, undamaged, and properly installed and that the spring
loaded lower blade guard swings open and closes freely without binding.
Do not operate the saw unless all guards, safety
equipment and the engine kill switch are in place and
When approaching a wall, raise the front guide and use the “S”
notch and the triangle guide at the rear of the blade guard to
cut the last few inches.
At the end of the cut, rotate the saw up to raise the blade out
of the cut, without lifting the skid plate off the concrete. The
skid plate must remain flat on the concrete until the blade is
completely out of the concrete. NOTE: Do not release the
paddle switch or switch off the saw while the blade is in
the concrete; doing so will cause the saw cut to ravel and
spall. Do not walk on the joints or transport equipment
across the joints until the concrete fully hardens.
Position the power cord clear of the intended saw cut. Do
not wrap the cord around your arm or wrist. Check for proper
specification of blade and that the skid plate operates properly.
Check that the blade and skid plate are in good condition.
Make sure the work site is clean, well lit and hazard free.
Do not leave the saw unattended while the engine
is running! Always secure the saw from movement
while unattended.
Husqvarna Soff-Cut recommends the use of a vacuum
system when using the 50 Handheld saw. The integrated
dust extraction port (M) is designed for easy attachment of
standard 1 1/2 (38 mm) vacuum hose. The vacuum system
allows the saw to function at its peak efficiency, making for a
high quality saw joint with the additional benefit of little or no
cleanup required (of the saw and/ or saw joints) and marked
reduction in breathable airborne dust.
Before each use, carefully inspect the 50 Handheld
for any damage to any of its parts and components.
Under no circumstance should the 50 Handheld or
any of its attachments be operated if you find damage or are suspicious that something appears to be
If an extension cord is necessary, a cord of adequate size conductors that is capable of carrying the current necessary for your
tool must be used. Replace damaged or worn out cords immediately. Refer to the chart for the correct size to use. If in doubt,
use the next heavier gauge. An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in loss of power and overheating.
When using a generator, Husqvarna Soff-Cut recommends a generator with minimum rating of 2800 Watts and a 20 Amps circuit
Cord Length in Feet (Meter)
Minimum Gauge
Note: The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord.
The ProEdge Line of beveled diamond blades is especially designed for architectural scoring to replace labor-intensive hand
tooling. These specialty blades are ideal for residential and commercial applications to chase standard joints for a beveled look.
Chasing cuts using the ProEdge blades would begin the next day or later after the concrete is placed and control joints have
been made. Choose the correct specification of ProEdge blade to suit your particular needs
ProEdge V-Blade
XL5-V21-X50 3/8” (9.53mm) wide bevel blade for existing 0.100” (2.54mm) wide saw cut
XL5-V23-X50 5/8” (15.88mm) wide bevel blade for existing 0.100” (2.54mm) wide saw cut
XL5-V25-X50 5/8” (15.88mm) wide bevel blade for existing 0.250” (6.35mm) wide saw cut
ProEdge Radius Blade
XL5-R250-X50 5/8” (15.88mm) wide bevel blade for existing 0.100” (2.54mm) wide saw cut
XL6-R500-X50 3/4” (19.1mm) wide bevel blade for existing 0.100” (2.54mm) wide saw cut
Choose the correct specification of ProEdge Blade based on the width of the pre-existing control joint as follow:
Step 2
Set the depth adjust arm firmly against the depth stop bolt and
tighten the depth adjust thumb screw to set the depth. Remove
the guide wheel and reinstall with the shoulder against the
guide arm (See illustration: Guide wheel installation).
Follow the instructions for installing a Excel series blade and
skid plate when installing a ProEdge blade.
The ProEdge blade requires its own unique skid plate to
function properly.
Step 1
Adjust bevel depth of cut by loosening the depth adjust arm.
Pull up on the lower guard until the proper amount of blade
protrudes below the skid plate. (See figure below for proper
Step 3
Line up the saw by pushing down on the saw lower the blade
into the existing cut. Use the “V” notch on the front of the
lower guard to fine tune alignment. Flip the lock-off button and
squeeze the paddle switch to turn “ON” the saw. Allow the
blade to reach maximum speed the rotate the saw down to
plunge the blade into the concrete until the depth adjust arm
bottoms down against the depth stop bolt.
Step 4
Push the saw forward to cut, keeping the guide wheel on the
cut line. Maintain an even cutting speed for best results.
Check all guards for damage and proper function daily especially the spring loaded lower and upper blade guard. Blade
guards and cover should be secure to the saw and not damaged.
Clean the blade housing of any excess concrete build up after
each use. Keep all openings and slot on the saw clean and
open so air flows freely through the motor compartment to insure proper cooling.
Diamond blade
Inspect diamond blades daily for damage, cracks, secure fit
to the arbor, loss of segments, warping or overheating. If any
blade shows any of these problems, discard the blade and
never use.
Check guarding, diamond blade,
skid plate, and controls.
Skid plate
Inspect the skid plate daily for damage, excessive wear in the
blade slot, burrs on the concrete side, and twisting. Replace
the skid plate with each new blade. Never re-use skid plates or
spalling and ravelling may result.
Saw controls
Inspect all controls for proper function daily. Check the ON/
OFF paddle switch for proper operation. Insure that the
lower guard swings open and closes freely.
Clean blade housing assembly and saw.
Clean dust and debris from ventilation openings.
Do not modify the saw! Use only Husqvarna Construction Products replacement parts. Use of unauthorized
parts may create a danger or damage the engine.
“ The timing of concrete operations - especially finishing and jointing - is critical”, states a quote from the foreword of
the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 302.1 R-96. It goes on to say that “Failure to address this issue can contribute to undesirable characteristics in the wearing surface as cracking...” (It mentions other problems).
The patented Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry system has revolutionized the method used to control random cracking. While SoffCut is being specified more today than ever, sometimes the ultra early-entry spec is not always followed on the job site. In
order for the Soff-Cut system and an experienced Husqvarna contractor to do a satisfactory job, four components must exist
to meet the “specification”:
1. A Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry dry up-cut saw
2. A Husqvarna Excel Series dry-cutting diamond blade
3. A Husqvarna anti-ravel skid plate installed with every new diamond blade
4. An operator skilled in using the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry cutting system.
Without this, joints can not be cut clearly enough to control random cracking before it starts, which is what the building owner
is paying for.
The ACI Spec 302.1R-96 says it best:
“Early-entry dry-cut saws use diamond-impregnated blades and a skid plate that helps prevent spalling. Timely changing of skid plates is necessary to effectively control spalling. It is best to change skid plates in accordance with manufacturer’s
recommendations...The goal of saw-cutting is to create a weakened plane as soon as the joint can be cut...The timing of the
early-entry process allows joints to be in place prior to development of significant tensile stress in the concrete...”
The Portland Cement Association (PCA) engineering bulletin, Concrete Floors on the ground, also states:
“Proper jointing can eliminate unsightly random cracks. Aspects of joining that lead to a good job are choosing the
correct type of joint for each location, establishing a good joint pattern and layout, and installing the joint at the correct time...
Timing of joint sawing is critical...Lightweight, high-speed, early-cut saws have been developed to permit the joint sawing
very soon after floor finishing, sometimes within 0 to 2 hours...if the cut is sawn within a few hours after the final finishing,
random cracking can be controlled...”
Husqvarna has the only Ultra Early Entry dry-cutting system (Soff-Cut) which controls random cracking through the early timing of the cut. With the patented Soff-Cut method, control joints are usually cut within 0 to 2 hours after the finishing process.
Joint cutting should begin as soon as the concrete will support the weight of the saw and the operator at each joint location
and before final set. If the joints are not being cut within this time frame then the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry method is not being followed and building owners are not getting what they are paying for or the finished product that they expect.
We hope this information is beneficial to building owners, general contractors, concrete finishers, saw operators and the
entire industry. For additional information, contact Husqvarna Construction Products at (951) 272-2330 or (800) 776-3328, or
see our website www.husqvarnacp.com.
As concrete hydrates or cures and begins to set, it develops internal stresses which may cause random cracks. Random
cracks cast doubt on the quality and workmanship of the concrete. Contraction joints are cut in concrete to relieve these
stresses before they seek their own relief in the form of random crack. The Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry system controls random
cracking through the early timing of a saw cut at predetermined locations to create weakened planes in the concrete that
subsequently crack at the bottom of the cut to relieve stress. Husqvarna sawed contraction joints should be a minimum of
1/8th the concrete depth and a minimum of 1” (25mm) deep. Contraction joints should be sawn as soon as the concrete will
support the weight of the saw and the operator without marking or damaging the concrete. There are many possibilities for
joint layout. Joint layout should be provided, the saw contractor should submit a detailed joint layout for approval prior to cutting. Several factors affect joint spacing including:
• Concrete thickness
• Type, amount and location of reinforcement
• Shrinkage potential of concrete-cement (type, quantity), aggregate (size, quantity, quality), water to cement ratio,
admixtures, concrete temperature
• Base friction
• Slab restraints
• Layout of foundations, racks, pits, equipment pad, trenches, etc.
• Environmental factors - temperature, wind, humidity
• Methods and quality of concrete curing.
Generally, contraction joint patterns should divide slabs into approximate square panels per the recommended spacing
Concrete thickness, in. (mm)
Maximum spacing, ft. (m)
3.5 (90)
8 (2.4)
4, 4.5 (100, 114)
10 (3.0)
5, 5.5 (125, 140)
12 (3.6)
6 (150) or greater
15 (4.5)
At all intersecting cross cuts, install Husqvarna joint protectors at each joint to prevent joint damage. Install an additional joint
protector where the right wheel will cross the joint to prevent concrete damage.
- Check to see if the diamond blade is worn out, glazed, warped or damaged.
- Insure the slab is clean with no debris that could raise the skid plate or saw while cutting.
- Check to see if the spring loaded lower guard/skid plate swings open freely without binding.
- Use Husqvarna joint protectors at all cut intersections.
- Clean excess concrete debris from the blade guard
- Check skid plate for excessive wear or gap around the
diamond blade.
- Check bottom of skid plate for metal burrs or irregularities.
- Hold down depth stop bolt while rotating the saw/blade out
of the cut.
- Insure skid plate is not twisted or bent.
- Do not stop the electric motor while the blade is in the cut.
- Insure the skid plate is held flat and firmly against the
concrete while cutting.
- Do not twist or move the saw sideways while cutting.
- Check that the electric motor is running smoothly and
- Check that the power cord is properly plugged into a
polarized outlet.
- Check belt and belt idler for proper tension.
- Check that the power supply is sufficient to run 120V~60Hz, 12A equipments.
- Insure the diamond blade is properly mounted and secured with clean flanges.
- Insure that the diamond blade is the correct specification for your area.
- Check the power cord for damage or cuts.
- Check that the extension cord is the proper wire size.
Weight and Dimensions 50
Weight – dry Operating weight
9 lbs
9.5 lbs
4.1 kg
4.3 kg
22 inch
10 inch
9.5 inch
559 mm
254 mm
241 mm
Material cut
Blade type
Blade rotation
Blade shaft speed
Cutting depth
Cutting distance from wall
Green concrete only
5.0 inch (127 mm) dry cut diamond blade with tri-arbor
Counter clockwise, upcutting
11,000 rpm
3/4 to 1 inch (19 to 25 mm) depending on amount of blade wear
less than 1.0 inch
less than 25 mm
Motor Specification:
12 Amp, 11,000 RPM, 120V Electric Motor
CALIFORNIA AIR RESOURCES BOARD (CARB): CARB standards do not apply to this machine.
For more information see the website http://www.arb.ca.gov
HusqvarnA Equipment Warranty
New 50 Handheld sold by Husqvarna Construction Products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects
in normal service for a period of six (6) months for labor and up to one (1) year on parts from date of purchase by
the original consumer purchaser or date of introduction into rental company fleet.
Our obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to the replacement or repair at Husqvarna Construction Products, or at a service facility designated by us, of such part or parts if inspection shall disclose it to have been defective. This warranty does not apply to defects caused by damage, unreasonable use, faulty repairs made by others (or
defects caused by failure to provide reasonable maintenance, while in the possession of the consumer). Further, the
warranty is void if the product, or any of its components, are altered or modified by the consumer purchaser, or if the
product is used in an inappropriate manner not recommended by the manufacturer.
The use of any other blade except Husqvarna Construction Products blades and skid plates will void the warranty
and could cause internal damage to the motor.
In no event shall Husqvarna Construction Products be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages
from the sale or use of the product. This disclaimer applies both during and after the term of this warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and other possible rights, which may vary from state to state. Some
states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or
exclusion may not apply to you. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts so the
above limitation may not apply to you.
Warranty On Engine
Husqvarna Construction Products does not perform warranty repairs or reimburse for warranty repairs on engines.
Engine warranties are provided by the engine manufacturer.
To obtain warranty repair: Take your engine along with your proof of purchase to any general purpose dealer or distributor nearest you.
If you are unable to obtain warranty service or are dissatisfied with the warranty service you received, contact the
owner of the dealership involved. Normally, this should resolve your problem. For further assistance, call our parts
and service department at 1-800-776-3328 or 1-951-272-2330.
There is a three (3) months warranty from date of purchase on all replacement parts.
Copyright 2009 HUSQVARNA construction products
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