LT25, LT30, LT35 The fast LT projectors

LT25, LT30, LT35 The fast LT projectors
The fast LT projectors
LT25, LT30, LT35
3 Ye
Small, light, fast – and with so
many high-tech features.
Unique in their class: auto focus
ensures a perfect image in only
1 sec.
Automatic vertical
Keystone Correction
Automatic input signal
Preset wall colour correction
Brilliant! Up to 3,000 ANSI
Power contrast: 1,500:1/1,600:1
Weighs in at only 2 kg
emium Se
Unbelievable speed.
LT25, LT30 and LT35 – smaller, faster, more automation:
But even lighter and more intelligent... Is this your idea of the ideal projector? Your wish is NEC's new LT
projectors' command! Not only are these three innovations convenient and portable, they are also enormously
flexible and respond to your needs completely automatically. It's never been easier to adjust a projector.
More useful, automatically controlled high-tech features. More
comfort and less effort. And all at a conspicuously lower price.
NEC's new LTs completely redefine the concept of value for money.
There's hardly any alternative: purchase an LT25, LT30 or LT35 and
watch your business profit!
Everything under control from
anywhere in the room at the touch
of an LT remote control button.
The new DLP™ LT projectors – the LT25,
LT30 and LT35 – give you three opportunities to select a top-quality device with excellent functionality. All three are top performers in terms of brilliance and contrast,
and their low weight makes them easy to
transport. And because they react to numerous setting changes in the twinkling of
an eye, the new LTs are perfect for your individual requirements.
The perfect image in only
1 second.
The auto focus function
requires only an instant
to optimise the image
after it is projected.
Your new LT's reaction
time is just as fast and dynamic when
you change its position and throwing distance within a range of 1.4 and 5.5 meters. Just turn it on! The auto focus is
activated immediately, and you see crystal-clear images in only 1 second – with
no testing or other adjustments.
Automatic vertical Keystone
Even wall colour correction is
conveniently preset.
Even when you need to change projection angles, resulting in changes in image geometry, our three LTs are especially
quick. We preset this function at time of
manufacture. This makes sure your LT
recognises the projection angle right
out of the box so that it makes all necessary adjustments and enables ideally
balanced, right-angled projection.
The LT25, LT30 and LT35 are not only
happy adapting your images to walls of
different colours, e.g. if you first project
onto a white
surface, then
a green one.
Our projectors make it
simple for
you to activate and select this
function as
well. You
need only select the colour of the projection surface by pressing a button on the
menu, and presto, the LT automatically
adjusts the image colours to the background.
Auto start with immediate input
signal recognition.
The quick-start function makes your LT
ready to go virtually immediately. Whether your pictures come from a DVD player,
PC or any other input: your projector
adapts in almost no time. Thanks to auto
start, the LT25, LT30 and LT35 are all capable of instantaneous input signal identification. You don't have to press any
buttons or make any settings yourself.
Save time with the fast Power-Off
The first impression? New and chic:
the round, flowing LT form.
When you're done, the LT25,
30 and 35 have additional
new highlights: they
shut down very fast
thanks to the QuickPower-Off function – even
faster than your PC! In addition, you
Anybody with a major role in a
presentation has earned safe transport:
the LT soft case ensures this.
can also use the convenient Off-Timer
function that automatically turns your
LT off at the desired time.
Here... there... everywhere: you'll
love the LTs' extremely mobile
projection capabilities.
You've certainly realized by now that due
to their low weight and great new features, the new LTs are especially apt for
mobile and flexible projection. Go ahead:
move from one room to another! The LTs
move right with you and love nothing
better than adapting to new presentation
environments in a split second. And of
course, you're the winner – because you
profit not only from their efficiency and
unlimited capabilities, but also because
of the time you save.
High light intensity and contrast as
well as enormous resolution – and
light as a feather.
NEC's three light, super-fast specialists
give you an unrivalled weight-to-brightness ratio. The LT35 only
weighs 2 kg and projects with up to
3,000 ANSI Lumens,
making it the frontrunner in its weight
category. The LT25 and
LT30 are just as light
and project with 2,200
and 2,600 ANSI Lumens
respectively. All three use
the advanced DLP TM display
technology and gleam with an
optimal resolution of 1,024 x 768 (XGA).
And this with razor-sharp contrast:
The LT30 and LT35 achieve a contrast
of 1,600:1; the LT25 achieves 1,500:1.
Highly versatile due to an impressive array of high-tech functions.
As soon as one of the three LTs starts
making presentations at your company,
you will profit from an abundance of
helpful functions.
The new projectors have PC Control and
can be directly controlled via RS-232C.
They also all have Eco Mode, which you
can turn on to save energy and increase
lamp life.
Useful high-tech functions, in view and
at your fingertips: the control panel
couldn't be more clearly arranged.
And if you run an international business,
your LT will enjoy working anywhere
thanks to the easily operable OSD in
20 languages.
Finally, we'd like to say
something about security.
Your LT gives you the best
cards because it has an
electronic keyboard lock
and password-protected menu. An apparatus for a Kensington lock ensures your
projector's physical protection as well.
Always available due to service and
You're planning on the faithful company
of your LT at meetings with customers?
It's going to be a major player in your
company's IT department? Whatever you
need it for – it will always be ready to
go. Our service package with 3-year
warranty and customer-friendly service
is responsible.
Outstanding technology
automatically included.
Technical Specifications
Native Resolution
Image Diagonal
Projection factor
- Eco Mode
Contrast Ratio
- Horizontal
- Vertical
Video Signals
Component Signals
Computer Input
Video Input
S-Video Input
Audio Input
PC Control (RS-232)
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Fan Noise
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Optional Accessories
Technological Innovation
1 x 1.78 cm (0.69’’) DMD ±/12° Chip (DDR)-DLP™ Technology
1,024 x 768 (XGA)
F= 2.4–2.6, f= 25.7–30.8 mm
200 W AC (170 W Eco Mode)
200 W AC (170 W Eco Mode)
220 W AC (170 W Eco Mode)
0.762–7.62 m (30-300’’)
2,200 ANSI Lumens
2,600 ANSI Lumens
3,000 ANSI Lumens
1,900 ANSI Lumens
2,200 ANSI Lumens
2,300 ANSI Lumens
15–100 kHz (RGB: 24 kHz–100 kHz)
50–85 Hz
1 x 1 W mono
Yes, high definition compatible
Mini D-SUB, 15-pin
Phono jack
DIN 4-pin (Hoseiden Connection)
1 stereo mini jack
Mini DIN, 8-pin
100–120/200–240V AC/50–60 Hz
260 W max./Stand-by mode 8 W
260 W max./Stand-by mode 8 W
280 W max./Stand-by mode 8 W
33 dB (Eco Mode)
260 x 89 x 208.5 mm (without lens and feet)
2.0 kg
Replacement lamp, YUV cable (ADP-CV1 adapter), SCART-RGB adapter, ceiling mount
Automatic focus, automatic digital Keystone Correction (± 16°), OSD in 20 languages,
Quick-Power-Off function, Off-Timer function, wall colour correction, Eco Mode, Plug&Play
Small, light, fast, fully automatic...
and extremely convenient, flexible
and agile. The three new LTs will
brighten your day!
Please note our terms and conditions
of our guarantee at
Technical modifications excepted.
Printed in Germany.
Status: September 2005
Your dealer will be happy to show
you these three new winners. Contact him for advice on your specific
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