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User Instructions
American DJ
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Los Angeles Ca. 90058
Thank you for purchasing the Copter-Sphere™ by American DJ®. Every
Copter-Sphere™ has been thoroughly tested and has been shipped
in perfect operating condition. Carefully check the shipping carton for
damage that may have occurred during shipping. If the carton appears
to be damaged, carefully inspect your unit for any damage and be sure
all equipment necessary to operate the system has arrived intact. In the
event damage has been found or parts are missing, please contact our
toll free customer support number for further instructions. Please do not
return the unit to your dealer without first contacting customer support.
Customer Support:
American DJ® provides a toll free customer support line, to provide set
up help and to answer any question should you encounter problems
during your set up or initial operation. You may also visit us on the web
at for any comments or suggestions. For service
related issue please contact American DJ®. Service Hours are Monday
through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
(800) 322-6337
(323) 582-2610
not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
Warning! To prevent or reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do
Caution! There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit. Do not
attempt any repairs yourself, doing so will void your manufactures warranty. In the unlikely event your unit may require service please contact
your nearest American DJ dealer.
PLEASE do not discard the shipping carton in the trash. Please
recycle when ever possible.
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Safety Issues: This unit may blow a fuse if the maximum allotted load
of 4 amps is reached. If the fuse needs replacement, always replace
the fuse with same exact type that was remove, unless otherwise
instructed by an authorized American DJ® service technician. Use of a
different type fuse from that which is recommended may cause fire or
electric shock and will void the manufactures warranty.
General Instructions
Power Supply
Keep the outside of this device dry at all times. Do not spill water or
other liquids into or on to your unit. To prevent fire or shock hazard,
do not expose this product to rain or moisture.
Be sure to save the packing carton in the event you may have to
return the unit for service.
This unit is designed for interior use only. Do not use this unit out
doors. Use of product outdoors will void the warranty.
Be sure that the local power outlet match that of the required voltage for your unit.
Do not attempt to operate this unit if the power cord has been
frayed or broken.
Always route your power cord out of the way of foot traffic.
Do not attempt to remove or break off the ground prong from the
electrical cord. This prong is used to reduce the risk of electrical
shock and fire in the rare case of an internal short.
Disconnect the unit’s main power when left unused for long periods
of time.
Always be sure to mount this unit in an area that will allow proper
ventilation. Allow about 6” (15cm) between this device and a wall.
Never block the ventilation holes.
Do not attempt to operate this unit, if it becomes damaged in any
Never operate this unit when it’s cover is removed.
This unit is for adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children.
Please carefully read and understand the instructions in this manual
thoroughly before attempting to operate this unit. These instructions
contain important safety information regarding the use and maintenance of this unit. Please keep this manual with the unit, for future reference.
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Power Supply: Before plugging your unit in, be sure the source voltage in your area matches the required voltage for your American DJ®
Copter-Sphere™ before attempting operation.
Vibrantly Multi Colored Beams.
8 RPM Motor.
Easy Lamp Replacement.
Light Weight, Compact Case Design.
Built-In Mounting Plate.
Bright ZB-64514 120v/300w Lamp
Low Power Consumption (about 2 amps).
Thank you for purchasing the American DJ® Copter-Sphere.™ To optimize the performance of this product, please read these operating
instructions carefully to familiarize yourself with the basic operations
of this unit. This unit is a modern version of the classic helicopter. The
Copter-Sphere™ is a multicolored rotating centerpiece effect. This unit
spins at 8 RPM and emits bright and vibrant colorful beams of light. This
unit is designed for mobile DJ’s, bands, roller rinks or any arena that
requires a compact light.
General Operation:
Halogen Lamp Warning
Simplicity! Just plug this light in, and watch it go. This fixture is
designed to operate as a stand alone unit. It has been tested and the
lamp has been installed at the factory there is no assembly necessary.
The Copter-Sphere™ is ready to be plugged in, out of the box. There
is no power switch, after plugging the unit the unit will slowly light up
and rotate in a single direction. If there is no lamp output check the
fuse and bulb. If the fuse and bulb are good, please return the unit
for servicing.
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This fixture is fitted with halogen lamps which are highly susceptible to
damage if improperly handled. Never touch lamp with your bare fingers
as the oil from your hands will shorten lamp life. Also, never move the
fixture until the lamps have had ample time to cool. Remember, lamps
are not covered under warranty conditions.
Fuse & Lamp Replacement
Caution: Always replace with the exact same type lamp and fuse,
unless otherwise specified by an authorized American DJ ® technician.
Replace with anything other than the specified part can damage your
unit and will void your manufactures warranty.
Warning: If after you have replaced the lamp or fuse and you
continue to blow either one, STOP using the unit. Contact customer
support for further instructions, you may have to return the unit for
servicing. Continuing to use the unit may cause serious damage.
Fuse Replacement: Disconnect the unit’s main power supply. Insert
a standard flat head screw driver in to the fuse holder housing. Turn
the screwdriver in counter-clockwise direction to remove the fuse
holder. Remove the old fuse and discard it, replace the fuse with the
same type. Insert the fuse holder back into it’s housing and turn in
clockwise direction to lock the holder in place.
Warranty Registration
Lamp Replacement: Caution! Never open the unit when in use.
Always disconnect the main power and allow the fixture ample time
to cool before attempting to replace the lamp. Lamp replacement has
been made simple by incorporating a split dome that is retained by
thumb screws. Again, please remember to always replace with the
exact same type lamp.
1. Be sure to follow the proper procedures when handling halogen
lamps. Never touch the new lamp with your bare fingers.
2. Locate the lamp cover assembly on the top of the unit and remove
the two thumb screws on that secure the lamp cover to the unit.
Remove the lamp cover to expose the lamp socket assembly.
3. Carefully pull up the upper half of the dome to expose the lamp.
4. Remove and replace the lamp.
5. Reassemble in reverse order.
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The Copter-Sphere™ carries a 90 day limited warranty. Please fill out
the enclosed warranty card to validate your purchase. All returned
service items whether under warranty or not, must be freight pre-paid
and accompany a return authorization (R.A.) number. If the unit is
under warranty you must provide a copy of your proof of purchase
invoice. Please contact American DJ® customer support for a R.A.
Fixture Cleaning:
Trouble Shooting
Due to fog residue, smoke, and dust cleaning the internal and external
lenses should be carried out periodically to optimize light output.
1. Use normal glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the
outside casing.
2. Clean the external optics with glass cleaner and a soft
cloth every 20 days.
4. Clean the internal optics with glass cleaner and a soft cloth
every 30-60 days.
5. Always be sure to dry all parts completely before plugging
the unit back in.
Cleaning frequency depends on the environment in which the fixture
operates (I.e. smoke, fog residue, dust, dew). In heavy use we recommend cleaning on a monthly basis. Periodic cleaning will ensure
longevity, and crisp beam output.
Trouble Shooting:
Listed below are a few common problems and solutions you should try
before contacting customer support.
Unit rotates but has no light output from the unit;
1. Be sure you have connected your unit into a matching wall outlet.
2. Remove the lamp cover and be sure the lamp is seated in its
socket properly. Occasionally lamps become loose during shipping
be sure the lamp is push in to its socket all the way.
3. Be sure the lamp is good.
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Unit does not rotate and lamp does not turn on;
1. Be sure you have connected your unit into a matching wall outlet.
2. Be sure the external fuse has not blown. The fuse is located on the
side panel of the unit.
3. Be sure the unit is properly seated in the power outlet and the
outlet has power.
ZB-64514 120v 300w
Multi-colored Lenses
8 r.p.m.
4 lbs.
8” x 8” x 8”
Technical Specifications:
Model: Copter-Sphere™
A. American DJ® hereby warrants, to the original purchaser, American DJ® products to be
free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the
date of purchase. This warranty shall be valid only if the product is purchased within the
United States of America, including possessions and territories. It is the owner’s responsibility to establish the date and place of purchase by acceptable evidence, at the time service
is sought.
B. For warranty service, send the product only to the American DJ® factory. All shipping
charges must be pre-paid. If the requested repairs or service (including parts replacement)
are within the terms of this warranty, American DJ® will pay return shipping charges only
to a designated point within the United States. If the entire instrument is sent, it must be
shipped in its original package. No accessories should be shipped with the product. If any
accessories are shipped with the product, American DJ® shall have no liability whatsoever
for loss of or damage to any such accessories, nor for the safe return thereof.
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©American DJ Supply
American DJ World Headquarters:
4295 Charter Street Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA
Tel: 323-582-2650 / Fax: 323-582-2610
Web: / E-mail:
Please Note: Specifications and improvements in the design
of this unit and this manual are subject to change without any
prior written notice.
Working Position:
Duty Cycle:
C. This warranty is void if the serial number has been altered or removed; if the product
is modified in any manner which American DJ® concludes, after inspection, affects the reliability of the product; if the product has been repaired or serviced by anyone other than the
American DJ® factory unless prior written authorization was issued to purchaser by American DJ®; if the product is damaged because not properly maintained as set forth in the
instruction manual.
D. This is not a service contract, and this warranty does not include maintenance, cleaning
or periodic check-up. During the period specified above, American DJ® will replace defective
parts at its expense, and will absorb all expenses for warranty service and repair labor by
reason of defects in material or workmanship. The sole responsibility of American DJ® under
this warranty shall be limited to the repair of the product, or replacement thereof, including
parts, at the sole discretion of American DJ®. All products covered by this warranty were
manufactured after January 1, 1990, and bear identifying marks to that effect.
E. American DJ® reserves the right to make changes in design and/or improvements upon
its products without any obligation to include these changes in any products theretofore
F. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is given or made with respect to any accessory supplied with products described above. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable
law, all implied warranties made by American DJ® in connection with this product, including
warranties of merchantability or fitness, are limited in duration to the warranty period set forth
above. And no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, shall apply to this product after said period has expired. The consumer’s and
or Dealer’s sole remedy shall be such repair or replacement as is expressly provided above;
and under no circumstances shall American DJ® be liable for any loss or damage, direct or
consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this product.
G. This warranty is the only written warranty applicable to American DJ® Products and
supersedes all prior warranties and written descriptions of warranty terms and conditions
heretofore published.
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H. Lamps are not covered under this or any other warranty either written or implied.
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