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User Guide
Sport Bluetooth Headset
Table of Contents
Thank You
Safety guidelines
Introducing the HB420S
What your headset can do
Charging your headset
Turning your headset on and off
Pairing it with your phone
Thank you
Thank you for purchasing the Hisense HB420S Stereo
Bluetooth® Headset. We hope you enjoy it! This
instruction manual will get you started and ready to
make the most of your headset.
The HB420S is a Bluetooth stereo headset, designed to
use with mobile phone, PC with Bluetooth transmitter,
PDA or other audio devices equipped with Bluetooth
Wearing your HB420S headset
The HB420S support the following profiles
How to
Answer a call
End a call
Make a call
Reject a call*
Activate voice dialing*
Redial last number*
Adjust sound and volume
Microphone mute
A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
HSP: Headset Profile
HFP: Hands free Profile
Note – the use of the AVRCP profile that allows you to
control the audio device from the headset buttons, is
subject to the support of the audio device in this profile
How to play music in stereo
What the lights and Sounds mean
Taking care of your headset
Use of this headset with both ears covered while driving
is not permitted in certain states.
Headsets are capable of delivering sounds at loud
volumes and high pitched tones. Exposure to such
sounds can result in permanent hearing loss damage.
The volume level may vary based on conditions such
as the phone you are using, its reception and volume
settings, and the environment. Please read the safety
guidelines below prior to using this headset.
Safety Guidelines
1.Prior to using this product follow these steps:
Before putting on the headset, turn the volume
control to its lowest level, Put the headset on,
and then slowly adjust the volume control to a
comfortable level.
2.During the use of this product:
Keep the volume at the lowest level possible and
avoid using the headset in noisy environments
where you may be inclined to turn up the volume;
If increased volume is necessary, adjust the volume
control slowly; and if you experience any discomfort
or ringing in your ears, immediately discontinue use
and consult a physician.
With continued use at high volume, your ears may
become accustomed to the sound level, which may
result in permanent damage to your hearing without
any noticeable discomfort.
Using the headset while operating a motor vehicle,
motorcycle, watercraft or bicycle may be dangerous,
and is illegal in some jurisdictions. Check your
local laws. Use caution while using your headset
when you are engaging in any activity that requires
your full attention. While engaging in any such
activity, removing the headset from your ear area
or turning off your headset will keep you from being
distracted, so as to avoid accident or injury.
3.Keep out of reach of children:
The plastic bags the product and its parts are
wrapped in are not toys for children. The bags
themselves or the many small parts they contain
may cause choking if ingested. Never try to
dismantle the product yourself. None of the internal
components can be replaced or repaired by users.
Only authorized dealers or service centers may open
the product. If any parts of your product require
maintenance for any reason, including normal wear
and tear or breakage, contact your dealer.
Avoid exposing the product to rain or other liquids.
Dispose of the product according to local standards
and regulations.
Do not use the Headset in environments where there is a
danger of ignition of flammable gases.
Introducing the HB420S
What your headset can do
1. 3 way control button
Your Hisense HB420S lets you do all this (dependent on
your phone supporting the function):
• Next track ( )
• pause music ( I)/ Mute
• Previous track ( )
2. 3 way control button
• volume down (-)
• Multi-Function Button (MFB) (ON/OFF
, Answer/
end/reject a call, voice dial, redail)
• Volume up (+)
Answer calls
End calls
Reject calls*
Voice dialing*
Last Number redialing*
Call waiting*
Put Call on Hold*
3. Indicator lights
* Phone dependent
4. Charging socket
5. Microphone
In addition you can use the HB420S headset for listening
to music. When doing so you will be able to enjoy the
following futures:
6. Ear Phones
Pause music
Pause music and answer call*
Fast Forward*
Jump to next track
Jump to previous track
*Device depended
Turning Your Headset On and Off
Up to 7 hours talk time/ listening to music: up to 6.5
Standby time up to 140 hours
To turn your headset on, Press and hold the MFB for 3-5
seconds. Release the button when the blue indicator lights
show four quick blinks together with an indication tone.
Weight 103 grams
Bluetooth specification (see glossary) version 2.1
Rechargeable battery with charging option from AC
power supply or PC via USB cable
Operating range up to 10 meters (approx. 33 feet)
A2DP, AVCRP, Headset and Handsfree Bluetooth
Charging your Headset
Make sure that your Hisense HB420S headset is fully
charged for 3 hours before first use.
Use the AC adaptor to charge from a power socket, or
charge directly from your PC with the USB cable provided.
Connect your headset to the AC adaptor or USB cable.
When the indicator lights are solid red, your headset is
charging. When the lights turn off the headset is fully charged.
To turn off your headset, press and hold the MFB for 3-5
seconds. Release when the red indicator lights show four
quick blinks together with an indication tone
Pairing it with Your Phone or Other Device
Before you use your Hisense HB420S, you need to pair
it with your mobile phone or other audio device with
Bluetooth transmitter.
put your headset into pairing mode
1. make sure that your Bluetooth headset is turned off
2. press and Hold The MFB for 5-7 seconds till the blue
and red indication lights flash alternatively, meaning
that the headset has entered into pairing mode;
3.Activate Bluetooth function of the mobile phone or
the device to search for Bluetooth devices (please
refer to the phone/device manual);
4.Set your Bluetooth phone to ‘discover’ the Hisense
Follow your phone’s instruction guide. This usually
involves going to a ‘setup,’ ‘connect’ or ‘Bluetooth’
menu on your phone and selecting the option to ‘discover’ or ‘add’ a Bluetooth device. * (See example
from a typical mobile phone).
Wearing Your HB420S Headset
Your HB420S is designed to be comfortably worn with
the neckband behind your head. The microphone is
integrated in the right side.
When wearing the headset, to prevent damaging the
headset avoid pulling one side, always use both hand to
wear or take off the headset
How to…
5.Your phone will find the Hisense HB420S
Your phone will then asks if you want to pair with it.
Accept by pressing ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ on the phone and
confirm with the passkey or PIN = 0000 (4 zeros).
Your phone will confirm when pairing is complete.
In case of unsuccessful pairing, repeat steps 1 to 5
Answer a Call
press the 3 way MFB (see fig. in page 6) on your
headset to answer a call.
End a Call
press the 3 way MFB
to end an active call.
Make a Call
When you make a call from your mobile phone, the call
will (subject to phone settings) automatically transfer to
your headset. If your phone does not allow this feature,
press and hold for 2 seconds on the Hisense HB420S’s 3
way MFB to transfer the call to the headset.
Reject a Call*
Press the MFB for approximately 2 seconds when the
phone rings to reject an incoming call. Depending on your
phone settings, the person who called you will either be
forwarded to your voice mail or hear a busy signal.
Activate voice dialing*
Press the MFB for 2 seconds. Whit for the beep and
then announce the name you wish to call.
For best results, record the voice-dialing tag through your
headset. Please consult your phone’s user manual for
more information about using this feature.
Redial last number*
Press the MFB twice when the headset is on and not used.
Adjust sound and volume
During conversation or music listening, push the 3 way
button towards the volume up (+) or volume down (-) to
adjust the volume.
Microphone Mute
This lets you mute the microphone so the other side will
not hear you.
Press the MFB
to mute the microphone.
Press the MFB
to reactivate the microphone.
F unctions marked with * are dependent on your phone
supporting these features.
Check your phone’s user manual for further information.
How to Play Music in Stereo
Your HB420 headset realizes its full potential when
connected via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth stereo device.
The buttons on the right-hand side of your HB420 are
used for playing music in stereo. They work when the
device you have connected to supports the Bluetooth
remote control (AVRCP) profile. (See Glossary, page 18)
start play
Start the music using the controllers on your music device
Press the 3-way button ( I) (see fig. in page 6) – press
again to resume playing.
Use the controllers on the music device
Answer a call when playing music*
Press the MFB to pause the music and the call will
be connected. The music will resume after the call has
ended (depending on the device supporting this feature).
Skip one track forward
Press the Next track ( ( button - Continue pressing to
skip several tracks forward.
Skip one track back
Press the previous track ( ) button - Continue pressing
to skip several tracks backward.
In some mobile phones, while playing music, the music
will transmit to the speaker of mobile phone.
In order to send the music to the headset you have
to choose “transmit the sound through Bluetooth” in
the “setting” of music play interface, and then choose
“HB420” in the device list.
What the Lights and Tones Mean
What you see
What does this
mean about your
headsets is
to charger
Solid red
Red led turns off
is not
to charger
Red and blue light
blink alternately
Blue light blinks
twice every 2
Standby mode
(paired, but not
connected with the
Bluetooth device)
Blue light blinks
twice every 4
Standby mode
(connected with the
Bluetooth device)
Blue light blinks 3
times every second.
Blue light blinks
once every 2
Blue led turns to red
Low battery
What you hear
What does this mean
about your headset
During a conversation 2
tones every 5 seconds
Microphone is muted
Short tone every 20
Low battery
I hear crackling noises
Bluetooth is a radio technology, which means it is
sensitive to objects between the headset and the
connected device. It is designed for the headset and the
connected device to be used within 10 meters (33 feet) of
each other, with no major objects in the way (walls, etc.).
I have problems streaming in stereo from another device
(PC, MP3-player etc.)
Make sure the other device supports Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2
and that the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
is active, or it will not work. Please consult the other
device’s manual for how to pair to a headset.
I can hear stereo but the music control buttons do not work
The connected device must support the Bluetooth profile
for remote control, AVRCP, to make the music control
buttons work. Try to re-connect.
I cannot use reject call, redial or voice dialing
These features are dependent on the ability of your
phone to support a hands-free profile. Please consult
your phone’s manual for details.
I cannot hear anything in the headset
Increase the volume in the headset.
Will it be possible to listen to radio on my phone with
the HB420?
Being able to listen to radio via Bluetooth depends on your
phone. Most of the mobile phones currently on the market
require a corded headset that uses the cord as an antenna.
Ensure that the headset is paired to a device that is
Taking Care of Your Headset
Make sure your phone is connected to the headset by
checking the phone’s menu or by pressing the MFB.
I have pairing problems
You may have deleted the pairing connection in your
mobile phone. Follow the pairing instructions in page 9.
Always store the Hisense HB420S with the power off
and safely protected.
Avoid storage at extreme temperatures (above
45°C/113°F – including direct sunlight – or below
-10°C/14°F). This can shorten battery life and may
affect operation. High temperatures may also
degrade performance.
Do not expose the Hisense HB420S to rain or other
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the
Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Hisense
is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are
those of their respective owners.
1.Bluetooth is a radio technology that
connects devices, such as mobile phones and
headsets, without wires or cords over a short
distance (approx. 30 feet). Get more information at
2.Bluetooth profiles are the different ways that
Bluetooth devices communicate with other devices.
Bluetooth phones support either the headset profile,
the hands-free profile or both. In order to support
a certain profile, a phone manufacturer must
implement certain mandatory features within the
phone’s software.
3.Pairing creates a unique and encrypted link between
two Bluetooth devices and lets them communicate
with each other. Bluetooth devices will not work if
the devices have not been paired successfuly.
4.Passkey or PIN is a code that you enter on your
mobile phone to pair it with your Hisense HB420S.
This makes your phone and the Hisense HB420S
recognize each other and automatically work
5.Standby Mode is when the Hisense HB420S is
passively waiting for a call. When you ‘end’ a call on
your mobile phone, the headset goes into standby
6.A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is a
Bluetooth profile that enables stereo sound. Both
the headset and the device it connects to must
support A2DP in order to hear A2DP sound in the
7.AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) is a
Bluetooth profile that enables remote control of the
device that the headset is connected to. Both the
headset and the device it connects to must support
AVRCP in order for AVRCP to work.
Dispose of the product according to local standards and
regulations or local laws.
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