How To Share Your Great Work With The Lighting And Scenic

How To Share Your Great Work With The Lighting And Scenic
How To Share
Your Great Work
With The Lighting
And Scenic
A Rosco Initiative
Share Your Work Through Rosco Tutorials
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- Community of Jesus
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Architectural Lighting
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Rosco sends tutorials through electronic direct mail to carefully maintained worldwide data bases. We track
how many readers open the mail and, presumably, read it. In 2012, that number exceeded 20,000.
Share Your Work On
The Rosco Blog
From May 15, 2012: Creating Three-Dimensional
Foliage Scenery
From Dec. 19, 2011: Creating A Winter Wonderland
When a customer uses a Rosco product to achieve a unique vision, it can be useful to share it with his community. For example, when a theatrical
lighting designer creates a remarkably lit stage picture, it’s useful for the theatrical lighting community to see how it was done … and it often brings
attention and acclaim to the designer. Or if an architectural lighting firm uses a Rosco
product to create a unique “look” in a space, that would certainly be worth sharing
with the community and perhaps potential clients.
Rosco offers three possibilities to allow you to share your work. The first is through
a series of tutorials distributed regularly through our worldwide data bases. The secA new Spectrum blog is posted approximately every
ond is through stories published in our blog (Spectrum) and the third is by listing the
three weeks. In 2012 we tracked “page views” and there were
work in Rosco’s Color Resource Gallery.
a nearly incredible 99,000 page views of Spectrum.
Keep in mind that whether Rosco sends the material directly to its
of Rosco’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to
data bases or offers it on its web site at Spectrum, you may be sure
allow creative people to achieve their vision. And those
that several thousand professionals around the world will see it and
“creative people”, our customers, are theatrical lighting and
read it.
If you’d like to have your work more widely seen through Rosco’s
facilities, here is what you need to supply:
set people, and architectural lighting designers.
And often, students in those disciplines.
1. At least two digital photographs. The photos should show two scenes in a play or two views of the lighting installation in a
building or the before-and-after in a still photography lighting set-up. Rosco will credit the photographer, but that is the only payment we can offer.
Please be sure you have the right to use the photo before you send it to Rosco.
2. The story behind the work. What the designer or creator was trying to accomplish … and how he or she did it. If appropriate,
a step-by-step narrative of the accomplishment.
3. The other team members. Creative people, particularly in the visual or theatrical arts, rarely work alone. Please include the
names of all the relevant people and programs.
Sharing your work, or encouraging your students to do that, is a good idea for everyone: for the creator, for the community in which he or she
works, and for the program or mentor or client who sponsored the work. We hope to hear from you soon.
Simply send the photos and accompanying text to: [email protected]
If you have questions or need clarifications, please call Tyrell Foster at
1-800-767-2669, ext 211 ([email protected])
Share Your Work Through
Rosco’s Color Resource Gallery
The easiest way to share your lighting work is to send it to Rosco for the Color Resource Gallery.
The Gallery is a searchable, indexed archive of stage lighting, showing how people are using color in various applications.
For information about the Color Resource Gallery, please go to the Spectrum blog post:
You’ll get some swag for submitting your work to the Color
Resource Gallery. For details of how to submit, please go to
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