Transducer Display and Monitor

Transducer Display and Monitor
A i r Ve l o c i t y
Transducer Display
and Monitor
The TSI Transducer Display & Monitor provides a
scaleable digital display for transducers with current
or voltage outputs. The monitor’s variable time constant controls the response time of the display. High
and low alarms can indicate readings outside of a
user-defined range. These alarms can be audible,
visual and/or remote via relay contacts. The
Transducer Display & Monitor also provides 500 mA
of unregulated 12 VDC power to operate your transducer. The microprocessor-based design provides
flexibility through menu-driven, field selectable
options including signal input, full scale reading,
time constant and alarm levels.
Field Selectable Options
• Signal input (0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC,
1-5 VDC, 2-10 VDC, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA)
• Full scale reading (0.1000 to 99990)
• Zero adjust (0.1000 to 99.99)
• Span adjust (0.1 to 1.9)
• Low alarm (0 to full scale)
• High alarm (0 to full scale)
• Audible alarm/mute
• Time constant (1 to 20 seconds)
• Visual alarm latched or unlatched
• Relays latched or unlatched
Model 8495
The Transducer Display & Monitor Model 8495 is an
ideal accessory for TSI’s Air Velocity Transducers, providing flexibility in outputs while also powering the
transducer. The adjustable full scale reading allows you
to scale the display to fit your application. For example,
if mounting the transducer in a duct, you can select a
full scale reading that includes a multiplication factor to
convert to units of volumetric flow rate or even mass
flow rate. The span adjustment can be used as a density
correction factor, allowing you to correct the readings
for changes in temperature or pressure. When using an
air velocity transducer in a fluctuating flow, increasing
the variable time constant will provide a more stable
display of velocity or flow. If monitoring velocity or
flow in a critical process application, using the high and
low alarms will indicate readings outside of an acceptable range.
When using the TRANSDUCER DISPLAY & MONITOR with the
TSI CERTIFIER® Air Velocity Calibrator, the unit will display
actual air velocity. Entering a density correction factor
automatically converts the velocity to standard conditions.
This allows the user to read air velocity directly from the
Transducer Display & Monitor instead of reading pressure
and then calculating velocity.
TSI instruments are backed by more than 38 years of experience in air flow measurement technology. It’s this type of
experience and innovation that provides you with accurate
and reliable instruments. Along with TSI’s expertise, each
instrument is backed by a two year limited
warranty and a great service policy. In addition to fast service,
calibrations are NIST* traceable and a free certificate of calibration is included.
Model 8495
Full Scale Value
0.1000 to 1.0000
1.000 to 10.000
10.00 to 100.00
100.0 to 1000.0
1000 to 10000
10010 to 99990
Time Constant
Transducer Connections
Output Power
Signal Input Ranges
Temperature Stability
Temperature Range
Input Impedance
Input Power
Power Consumption
±.25% of reading ±1 digit of resolution
1 to 20 seconds in 1 second intervals
Detachable terminal strip
5 digit LED
12 VDC unregulated, supplies 500 mA
minimum with TSI-supplied AC Adapter
0-5VDC, 1-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 2-10VDC,
0-20mA, or 4-20mA
0.0014%/°F (0.003%/°C)
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Greater than 500KΩ for 0-5 V input,
greater than 1MΩ for 0-10 V input, 250Ω
for current input
11-30 VDC or 18-28 VAC, requires 500
mA maximum
19VA maximum
ABS plastic
8.0 in. × 6.2 in. × 2.5 in.
(20.3 cm × 15.8 cm × 6.5 cm)
* National Institute of Standards and Technology.
1 ±.02% of reading/°C = .01% of reading/°F away from 25°C.
2 ±.025% of full scale = effect of EMI per IEC801-3.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Specifications in parentheses ( ) indicate metric equivalents.
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