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Power Ready Notebook Cases
Instruction Manual
TravelPower Case is compatible with the majority of contemporary notebook computers. Selecting the correct
voltage and notebook tip is essential to ensure proper operation. The Compatibilty Guide will help you determine
what choices are appropriate for your notebook computer.
NOTE: Before purchase and use, please review the “Compatibility Guide” to determine if your notebook is supported
and to determine proper voltage settings.
• Charge and power your notebook, PDA and mobile phone simultaneously.
• Any single air, auto or AC power source charges all devices.
• Rugged case with specially designed pockets.
NOTE: Charging a mobile phone or PDA requires USB Charging Cables which are sold separately. Other brands of
USB charging cables will work with APC’s TravelPower Adapter.
Do not return product to the place of purchase under any circumstances. Consult troubleshooting to solve common
problems.If you are still having trouble, make sure you have the date of purchase, model number and serial number
from back of adapter before calling APC Customer Support.
The standard warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase. APC will replace the original with an APC factory
qualified unit. APC will ship a replacement once the defective unit is received or will cross-ship a replacement upon
the provision of a valid credit card. APC pays ground freight transportation to return product to the customer.
11 - 16 VDC, 10 A or 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.25 A
15 - 20 VDC, 5 VDC. See rear of Adapter for individual amperage.
Charging Time
Typical charging time for notebook computers is less than one hour.
Charging times vary depending on state of device and power availability.
Adapter Weight: 2.20 lbs.
Operating temperature: 0-40 deg. C
Directions For Use
1. Place TravelPower Adapter in case as shown to utilize all the potential of TravelPower.
USB charger
cables route
pockets and
thru elastic
loops for
to your
The Multi-port USB socket provides two USB ports for
charging two mobile devices at one time.
Velcro TM strip on mesh pocket
holds charger cables in their
proper place.
Flat mesh pouch stores the USB Multi-plug
socket and the extra USB Charger cables.
Cord pocket allows easy access to power
for charging all your mobile devices.
2. Turn the voltage select knob on the TravelPower Adapter, to set the appropriate voltage for the notebook
computer being charged (See Compatibility Guide).
Use a screw
driver or a
small coin to
set voltage.
After selecting the correct tip,
push firmly into place.
Power Ready Notebook Cases
3. Attach correct notebook power adapter tip to TravelPower Adapter output cord and connect to notebook computer.
Do not turn voltage dial while powering equipment. Unit will turn off if this occurs. Unplug adapter from power
source. Turn the voltage select knob to the appropriate voltage setting. Wait 10 seconds and then reconnect to
power source.
Caution:The UL listing investigation only covers the use of this product in landbased vehicles. It does not imply
or cover the use on an aircraft.
Attention: The TravelPower Adapter may become hot to the touch. Allow it to cool before handling. The Adapter
may automatically shut off if powering larger laptops and/or if used for extended periods in warm temperatures.
If this occurs, unplug the adapter from the power source and reconnect to power after the adapter has cooled.
For optimum charging under these circumstances, use the adapter outside of the TravelPower Case.
Note: USB cables made by other manufacturers will work with APC’s TravelPower Adapter.
4. To Charge a mobile phone and / or PDA, connect the USB splitter cable (included) to the USB port on the
Adapter. Connect appropriate USB charging cable(s) (sold separately) from phone and / or PDA to USB splitter
cable ports. Connect to power source using appropriate plug adapter (air, auto or building).
The green LED indicates your TravelPower
Adapter is connected to power.
Charge your mobile devices using USB Chargers
(sold separately). Connect to the TravelPower
Adapter directly or thru the Multi-port USB socket.
USB Chargers
USB socket
Cause Solution
Green LED does not light;computer
is operating on battery.
The adapter voltage dial was
not properly set.
using the Compatibility Guide;
set the correct voltage.
Unplug adapter from power source;
determine correct voltage setting
Green LED does not light when
plugged intothe vehicle.
The fuse in the
cigarette lighter plug is blown.
Unscrew the cigarette lighter plug tip
and replace with an appropriate fuse.
Green LED turned off; computer is
operatingon battery.
Adapter protected the
computer from a voltage spike.
Unplug adapter from power souce
and check the voltage dial setting.
Wait 10 seconds before connecting
to power.
Green LED turned off; computer is
operating on battery and adapter
is warm to the touch.
Adapter voltage dial was turned
while the adapter was in use.
Unplug adapter from power source.
Reconnect after cooling. It may
be necessary to use the adapter
outside of the TravelPower Case
to prevent overheating, or to change
the power management properties of
your laptop to a lower power mode.
The computer requires more power
than the adapter could provide.
Green LED is flashing; computer is
operating on battery.
The adapter voltage dial was not
set correctly.
The power source has a lower than
normal voltage.
Unplug from power souce and change
the power properties of your computer
to low power mode.
Unplug from power source.
Determine correct voltage setting
using the Compatibility Guide;
set the correct voltage.
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