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Table of Contents
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Introduction ............................................................. 2
Getting to know your MicroKey .............................. 3
• System Requirements ................................. 3
• Package Contents ....................................... 3
• Product Specifications ................................. 4
Set-Up .................................................................... 5
• USB Installation .......................................... 5
• Special Features ........................................ 6
• OS Installation ............................................. 7
• Disconnecting .............................................. 8
Software Installation ............................................... 9
• Cryptainer ...................................................
• Second Copy .............................................. 12
Technical Support ................................................. 15
• Frequently Asked Questions ....................... 15
• Troubleshooting
• Contact Information .................................... 17
• RMA Policy ................................................. 17
• Warranty ..................................................... 18
........................................ 16
1. Introduction
Thank you for the purchase of your new USB MicroKey. Please take a few
moments to read this manual and familiarize yourself with the MicroKey and
all of the software programs that come with it.
The MicroKey is a tiny USB 2.0 disk drive, housed inside a protective
aluminum shell. It was engineered to be simple, small and fast, and it’s
unique design sets a new standard for mobile storage. The MicroKey stores
its data on tiny 1” Hard Drive, with up to 8GB of data storage. It connects to
any computer using a standard USB 2.0 port. This combination offers extra
storage capacity and ultra fast downloads in a small, simple device.
But portable storage should also be durable and secure, so the MicroKey
was designed to offer maximum protection from the outside world. The
Microdrive electronics are protected inside a crush-proof aluminum shell,
and Cryptainer® encryption software protects your files from unauthorized
This package includes the following items:
Apricorn USB MicroKey: A USB 2.0 Removable hard drive; up to 8GB of storage, protected inside
a tiny, crush-proof Aluminum shell. The MicroKey comes with a soft
carrying case and USB extension cable
Encryption software for your MicroKey files. Use this program to protect
files and personal information with a 128-bit encryption key.
Second Copy:
Backup software for your MicroKey. Use this program to backup
important laptop or desktop files onto your MicroKey.
Pg 2 Getting to know your MicroKey
A. System Requirements
Hardware and Software requreiments:
- Pentium CPU­ (recommended)
- 128MBs RAM (recommended)
- USB Port (MicroKey supports USB 2.0, but
will work on USB 1.1 ports at slower speeds
- CD ROM drive
Operating systems supported:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Mac OS 9.x (supports USB 1.1 mode only)
Mac OS X 10.x
B. Package Contents
Cryptainer backup software
Second Copy backup software
USB extension cable
Soft carrying case
Pg C. Product Specifications
Data Transfer Rates:
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Device; up to 480Mbps
Power Supply:
Bus power only (+5V from standard USB
connector, no external power cable required)
Bus Interface:
USB 2.0 (Mass storage class device )
Disk Interface:
IDE (UDMA mode 2)
Buffer Size:
Average Seek Time:
Sustained IDE data rate:
up to 9.4MB/sec
2 piece Aluminum alloy
Shock - non operating:
2000G (half sine wave, 1ms)
Shock - operating:
200G (half sine wave, 2ms)
75g (approx 2.5oz)
87mm x 50mm x 14mm
Random vibration - operating:
0.67G (5-500Hz, RMS)
Random vibration - storage:
3.01G (5-500Hz RMS)
Max temp - operating:
0 to 70 C
Max temp - storage:
-40 to 70 C
Max humidity:
8% - 90% (non condensing)
FCC, CE & Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified.
This product has been verified to comply with the FCC
rules for radiated and conducted emission, Part 15,
Subpart B, for class B equipment.
The MicroKey USB controller has been tested by the
USB-IF, and is approved as a USB 2.0 “High Speed
Certified” device
Pg 3.Set-Up
A. USB Installation
The MicroKey uses a standard USB “type A” connector, and can
connect to any USB1.1 or USB 2.0 port on your computer.
1) Locate a USB port on your Laptop or Desktop computer.
2) Insert the MicroKey into the USB port.
3) Wait a few moments for the OS
to install device drivers.
fig 1) USB port installation
4) The LED on the MicroKey will come on once the drivers are installed and the Microdrive is connected to your computer.
5) Optional Extension Cable
fig 2) USB extension cable
Use the optional extension cable if the USB ports
are located at the back of your desktop computer
(or if you just need extra space to work). Connect
the USB extension cable to the USB port, then
connect the MicroKey to the extension cable.
Pg B. Special Features
Swivel Head Connector
The MicroKey also has a special
“swivel head” built into the USB
connector, which can flex up to
90 degrees in either direction.
If space between USB ports is
tight, rotate the swivel head so
you can connect the MicroKey
without removing other USB
Soft Carrying Case
fig 3) USB swivel connector
When not in use, store the MicroKey in it’s soft carrying case. Your
MicroKey has an extremely strong aluminum alloy shell, but the soft
carrying case will provide added protection from dust, moisture and
Pg C. Windows 2000 / Windows XP Installation
Once installed correctly in the USB port, Windows will automatically
detect the MicroKey and initialize the drive. The MicroKey operates as
a standard “Mass Storage Class” USB device, and uses device drivers
already included in the operating system. When properly installed, the
installation is completely automatic and no additional device driver files
are required. This process should only take a few seconds. When
finished, You will see a new drive listed in Windows “My Computer”.
You can also confirm the proper installation of the device by checking
in Windows “Device Manger.” When properly installed, you will see
“Apricorn MicroKey USB device” listed as a new disk drive (see fig 4).
fig 4) Windows Device Manager
D. Mac OS 9.X and 10.x Installation
Once installed correctly in the USB port, the Mac OS will automatically
detect the MicroKey and mount the drive. The Mac OS also uses “Mass
Storage Class” device drivers already included in the operating system,
and the installation is completely automatic. Once the installation is
complete, a new drive should appear on your Mac Desktop.
Pg E. Disconnecting the MicroKey
Windows 2000 and XP
1. Locate the system tray on your Windows Desktop (the system tray is the
part of the taskbar that displays the date and time).
2. Click on the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon
in the system tray.
3. Follow the instructions to remove the device from your computer.
fig 5) Safely Remove Hardware Icon
NOTE: To protect against unexpected data loss, Windows checks that
all files on the disk are closed before allowing the USB device to be
removed. If you receive an error message that says “The device cannot
be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.” Close all
Windows and Programs that are using files on the MicroKey, then repeat
the procedure.
1. Dismount the Drive by dragging the Drive icon into the trash can.
2. Wait a few seconds. Once the LED has turned off, you can safely remove
the MicroKey drive.
Pg 4.Software
The MicroKey includes 2 additional programs on the support CD-ROM:
Cryptainer is a file-encryption program that is useful for protecting personal data. Use this software to protect sensitive files or personal information stored on your MicroKey.
Second Copy is a backup program that makes compressed images of
important files and saves them to a removable disk. Use this software if you
want to use your MicroKey as a backup media for important laptop or desktop files.
This section briefly describes the installation and use of these programs with the
MicroKey. If you have additional questions about this software, both programs have
built-in help files with additional information.
A. Cryptainer Encryption Software
Cryptainer is a powerful but easy to use encryption program that creates
an encrypted virtual drive on your MicroKey. It provides password
protection and hides any file or folder with automatic file encryption. Its
powerful encryption ensures that only you can access your data.
Apricorn’s Cryptainer utilizes your choice of Blowfish 448-bit or AES
256-bit encryption algorithms. The version of cryptainer on the MicroKey
CD-ROM has a 1GB limit to the size of the volume. Upgraded versions
of Cryptainer offer larger volumes.
Cryptainer creates a volume (vault) on your MicroKey that can only
be accessed with a password. Files inside this volume are stored in
encrypted form. Once mounted, the Cryptainer drive will appear like
any other drive (C: or D:) on your computer, and works the same way
as a normal disk drive. You can drag and drop any file or folder into the
Cryptainer Vault; and the data inside the Cryptainer vault is automatically
Cryptainer vaults can only be viewed, accessed, browsed or modified
by the user who has the key to open it. At all other times, the files
are invisible! Unless it is mounted using Cryptainer (and unlocked with
your password) the data in the vault is not visible under Windows or
Pg DOS. Cryptainer runs on most 32-bit versions of MS Windows (95/98/
ME/2000/XP/2003 Server) as a special Windows device driver operating
on an implementation of the Blowfish algorithm in Cipher Block Chaining
(CBC) mode with a block size of 64 bytes and conforms to international
standards (please see the Cryptainer help file for more information).
Installing Cryptainer
1. Insert the Cryptainer/Second Copy CD into your CD-ROM drive.
2. Setup screen will pop up. Click the “Install Cryptainer” button (see fig 6).
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.
fig 6) CD-ROM Main Installer
4. After completing the installation, you can immediately run Cryptainer by
Pg 10
checking the box in the Setup Window (fig 7). If you choose not to run
Cryptainer immediately, you can always click the Start button and go
to Programs >> Cryptainer >> Cryptainer, or by double-clicking the
Cryptainer Icon on your desktop.
fig 7) Cryptainer install
5. To learn more about how to use Cryptainer, look for the built in help
file. From the Cryptainer Main Menu Bar, click on Help >> Help Topics
(see fig 8).
Pg 11
fig 8) Cryptainer help file
B. Second Copy 2000 Backup Software
Second Copy 2000 lets you back up your important data files from your
computer’s hard drive to the MicroKey (or any other location you select).
Once you create an archive, Second Copy 2000 updates your backup
archive automatically so that your backups are always current.
Once installed, Second Copy can be configured to run in the background
and copy files at predefined intervals. Second Copy can be set to run
automatically whenever you start you computer, but you can also change
this behavior on the options dialog (please see the Second Copy help
file for additional information on using this program).
Installing Second Copy 2000
1. Insert the Cryptainer/Second Copy CD into your CD-ROM drive.
2. The Setup screen will pop up. Click the “Install Second Copy” button
(see fig 6, pg 10).
Pg 12
fig 9) Second Copy 2000 installer
3. Click “next” and follow the on screen instructions to install the program.
(see fig 9).
4. Upon completion of installation, you can immediately run Second Copy
by checking the box in the Setup Window (see fig 10). If you choose not
to run Second Copy immediately, you can always click the Start button
and go to Programs >> Second Copy 2000 >> Second Copy 2000.
fig 10) Second Copy installation complete
Pg 13
5. To learn more about how to use Second Copy, Look for the built-in Help
file. From the Second Copy Main Menu Bar, click on Help >> Help
Topics. (see fig 11).
fig 11) Second Copy installation complete
Pg 14
5. Troubleshooting & FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: “Where are the device drivers on the CD-ROM?”
A: The MicroKey is designed to operate as a USB “Mass Storage Class”
device, and it uses generic device drivers already installed as part of the
Operating System. When installed properly, NO ADDITIONAL DEVICE
Q: “What’s the difference between USB and USB 2.0?”
A: USB 2.0 is much faster. Older USB 1.1 devices transfer data at about
12 Megabits/sec. Newer USB 2.0 devices can transfer data at up to 480
Megabits/sec. Although USB 2.0 devices are faster, they are still backwards-compatible with the older USB ports. High Speed USB 2.0 devices can be safely connected to USB 1.1 ports, but they will only transfer
data at the slower 12-Megabits rate.
Q: “What if I forget my Cryptainer password?”
A: This version of Cryptainer does not have a password retrieval system.
Apricorn Tech Support does not have any way to recover the password.
Removing the Microdrive from the MicroKey will not unlock the files, and
will void the warranty!
Q: “Why am I unable to save a file larger then 4GB on to my MicroKey?”
A: The MicroKey comes formatted using the FAT32 file system, which
cannot handle files larger than 4GB. In Windows 2000 or Windows XP,
it is possible to reformat the drive using the NTFS file system. Although
the NTFS file system supports larger file sizes, you may not be able to
share files with computers running Windows 98 (Windows 98 cannot
read the NTFS file system).
WARNING: Reformatting the Disk to an NTFS file system will erase all
files on the MicroKey, so remember to backup or move any important
files on the MicroKey before you try to reformat.
Pg 15
Troubleshooting Common Errors
Error: Solution: MicroKey is not detected by the system when connected to
through a USB hub.
Although the MicroKey is designed to operate as a bus-powered device, the MicroKey cannot initialize on non-powered
or low-powered USB hubs. Check that the hub has proper
power or try connecting through a fully powered USB hub.
Error: Solution: The LED is on, but the MicroKey is not detected by the OS.
The mass storage device drivers are not installed correctly
or there is a resource conflict in the system. Use the Windows Add New Hardware Wizard to detect the drive, or,
if the drive has already been installed, use the Windows
Update Device Driver Wizard. Be sure that there are no
resource conflicts in the Windows Device Manager before
installing the drive.
The MicroKey appears to be correctly installed in Windows
device-manager, but files take a very long time to copy.
Check that the Operating System supports USB 2.0 , and
that USB host controllers have the correct device drivers
installed. When installed correctly, USB 2.0 ports should
be listed as “USB Enhanced Host Controller” in Windows
Device manager. Verify you have the newest device drivers
installed by running the “Update Device Driver Wizard” and
checking for driver updates on the Windows Update Web
Solution: Error:
Solution: “High Speed Device connected to Low Speed port”
The MicroKey is connected to an older USB port which cannot do “Hi-Speed” data transfers. The MicroKey will work
fine on a USB 1.1 port, it will just operate at a much slower speed (see the FAQ). Try to loctate a USB 2.0 port on
your computer. If no USB 2.0 ports are available, you can
purchase an add-on PCI card (for Desktops) or CardBus
Adapter (for Laptops) to enable faster transfers.
Pg 16
5. Technical Support
A. Contact Information
Apricorn provides the following helpful support resources:
Software help files and FAQs sections of the User’s Guide.
Web site:
Telephone: 1-800-458-5448.
Apricorn’s Technical Support Specialists are available from 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time from Monday to Friday.
B. RMA Policy
Apricorn does not accept packages without a valid RMA (Return Merchandise
Authorization) tracking number. Do not return your MicroKey to us without
first contacting Apricorn Technical Support! If you need to return or replace
any hardware, Apricorn requires that you perform the following steps:
1. Contact the Apricorn technical support department via telephone or email with your part number and a description of the problem(s) you are
2. If our technical support department finds cause for a return, they will
issue an RMA number. Please write this number down.
3. Fill out an RMA authorization form and include it inside your package.
The RMA form is available on-line at
4. Please send the prepaid package to the following address, make sure
to add in the RMA# into the address, or written on the exterior of the
Apricorn Returns
Attn RMA#: __________
12191 Kirkham Road
Poway, CA 92064
The purchaser shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the
returned product until it is received by Apricorn. Purchaser should
consider obtaining insurance with respect to shipping the product.
Pg 17
Warranty Conditions
One-Year Warranty:
Apricorn offers a 1-year warranty on all MicroKey products against defects
in materials and workmanship under normal use. The warranty period is
effective from the date of purchase, either directly from Apricorn or from an
authorized reseller.
Disclaimer and terms of the warranties:
The warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase
and must be verified with your sales receipt or invoice
displaying the date of product purchase.
Apricorn will, at no additional charge, repair or replace
defective parts with new parts or serviceable used parts that
are equivalent to new in performance. All exchanged parts
and products replaced under this warranty will become the
property of Apricorn.
This warranty does not extend to any product not purchased
directly from Apricorn or to any product that has been
damaged or rendered defective: 1. As a result of accident,
misuse, Neglect, abuse or failure and/or inability to follow the
written instructions provided in this user guide: 2. By the use of
parts not manufactured or sold by Apricorn; 3. By modification
of the product; or 4. As a result of service, alteration or repair
by anyone other than Apricorn and shall be void. This warranty
does not cover normal wear and tear.
No other warranty, either express or implied, including any
warranty or merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose, has been or will be made by or on behalf of Apricorn
or by operation of law with respect to the product or its
installation, use, operation, replacement or repair.
Apricorn shall not be liable by virtue of this warranty, or
otherwise, for any incidental, special or consequential damage
including any loss of data resulting from the use or operation
of the product, whether or not Apricorn was apprised of the
possibility of such damages.
Pg 18
Pg 19
MicroKey User Guide v2.0
12191 Kirkham Road
Poway, CA, U.S.A. 92064
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