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10.1’’ Connected Android™ tablet
The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is a tablet who’s choice you’ll be proud of. You’ll have in your hands
the best of the highly desirable AndroidTM technology with a large, high-resolution 10.1’’ screen, a
weight of 480 g, and a thinness of just 12 mm. Beyond containing your window into the Internet and
your HD multimedia, your device is completely customizable with a world of apps to make it your
personal tablet.
Unique design to serve the latest technology
With a slim and light design, you will have the jewel that everybody wants. Thanks to its patented
technology with overmoulded stainless steel structure the ARCHOS 101 internet tablet weighs only
16.9 oz – 480 g and is 0.47” – 12 mm 10 mm thin.
Connected Android™ device
This “must have” connected device has a smooth user interface, 3D graphics accelerator and WiFi
connectivity (Android 2.2 and Adobe® Flash 10 support)**.
The perfect size for full and intuitive web surfing
Enjoy the real Internet. Pages in full width, Adobe Flash™ 10 support, accelerometer and high-speed
WiFi-n connection. Everything you want for an uncompromised web experience.
Everything to replace your PC
Ultra-powerfull processor, webcam, email & chat applications, comfortable keyboard. Once you start
using it, you will no longer think about powering on your PC.
Your world of applications
Match your ARCHOS to your personality and style by downloading the apps that matter to you
(instant messaging, 3D games, newspapers, video chatting…).
Hi-definition multimedia at your fingertips
All your multimedia in HD quality either on your ARCHOS or on your TV thanks to the HDMI
video output.
Unique design to hold the latest technology
The nice big 10,1’’ diagonal screen sits within a
very slim and light design. With more people
looking toward this new trend in Internet tablets,
ARCHOS has carefully matched the power of the
AndroidTM platform to a seductive design that will
have heads turning. Whether you’re looking at
your ARCHOS in landscape or portrait mode, your
pictures will look bright and crystal clear on the
high-resolution 1024 x 600 pixel screen. It doesn’t
matter if you have it in your hands or if it’s
standing on a table with the built-in leg stand,
using the ARCHOS is easy and intuitive. With the
adjustable leg stand, you will always have the
best position to tap out your emails, view a movie
or enjoy the photo frame application.
Connected Android™ device
Android™ is the application framework developed by Google™ for connected mobile devices,
coming with a full pack of connected apps such as a web browser and email application. The 5 home
screens of the Android user interface allow an advanced personalization: icons can be placed, moved
or erased with just a flick of a finger. Thanks to the home screen widgets, users can instantly access
their favorite applications.
ARCHOS products also feature a graphical accelerator (3D OpenGL ES 2.0) to augment the Android™
3D capabilities such as live wallpapers, transition effects and 3D games.
The perfect size for full and intuitive web surfing
The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet takes advantage of its
powerful 1Ghz processor, the high speed WiFi-n
technology, and the beauty of a 10,1’’ high-resolution
screen to offer you a fast and really enjoyable web
browsing experience. This tablet doesn’t compromise
when it comes to the web. You’ll be able to view the
entire Internet thanks to Android’s support of Adobe
FlashTM 10 content**. And because of its grand-sized
screen, you can view full web pages in either horizontal
or vertical orientation: the page will flip into place as you
rotate the ARCHOS in your hands.
Everything to replace your PC
With a built-in webcam (to stay in touch with
your friends and family thanks to live video chat),
an ultra-powerfull processor, WiFi connectivity,
and multiple connections (USB Host/Slave, Micro
SDHC, HDMI output…), the ARCHOS 101 internet
tablet has everything your PC has. It’s very easy to
connect an external keyboard or a mouse
(ARCHOS external wireless keyboard with touch
pad sold separately). For Email, you be delighted
to finally have the choice between a full-sized onscreen keyboard and an external one. Emails can
now be lines and lines long. And with the
possibility of having multiple e-mail accounts on
one device, you can switch between your
professional and personal life in the blink of an
Want to be connected anywhere? Just plug your mobile phone equipped with 3.5 G & Bluetooth™
technology, simply pair it up to your ARCHOS 101 internet tablet via Bluetooth™ or even via USB
cable. This will give you easy access to Internet directly on your device anytime and anywhere.
There’s no need to pay an extra fee when you already have a data service plan*.
The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet has Samba and UPnP protocols: this means that you play your
movies, videos, and photos on your ARCHOS, but these files are really located on your computer in
another room. You don’t need to store everything on your ARCHOS to enjoy viewing it on your
ARCHOS ! Your files fly through the air over WiFi.
Your world of applications
Your ARCHOS 101 internet tablet will be your unique
product to reflect your personality and style. Transform
your ARCHOS into a real game console. With the 3D
open GL technology and the accelerometer, you’ll
discover a gaming experience like none other. In
addition, you can add social networking, newspapers,
weather forecasts, instant messaging, video chatting…
you decide the applications that make it your
personalized tablet. From practical applications to fun &
exiting 3D games, you can choose from hundreds of apps
available on AppsLib in order to personalize your device
to your tastes and expectations.
Hi-definition multimedia at your fingertips
In the ARCHOS tradition of employing the
very latest technologies, this device offers
the ultimate multimedia experience in HD
quality. Don’t worry about what music,
video, or photo formats it will play, it plays
them all. Via the HDMI connection, enjoy
the AndroidTM interface on your TV screen.
You will discover a new way to play games
on TV, your device becomes your gamepad.
In addition, whether you are sharing your
photos and videos on the sofa with your
friends or to a room full of people on a TV,
you can show high definition images that
are so crisp, an individual pixel will be
impossible to see! There’s a full-sized USB
connector on the side of the device to let
you transfer all your multimedia content
allowing you to create your own slideshows
with theme music and transition effects.
PN and UPC codes
ARCHOS 101 internet tablet 8GB EU/US
ARCHOS 101 internet tablet 8GB China
ARCHOS 101 internet tablet 16GB EU/US
ARCHOS 101 internet tablet 16GB China
Archos 101 Internet Tablet Technical Specifications
Product capacity
• Internal: 8 & 16 GB**** flash memory
• External: Micro SD Slot (SDHC compatible)
Display characteristics
High resolution touch screen, 1024x600 pixels (WXVGA), 10.1'' TFT LCD
Application Framework
Android 2.2 Froyo7
• Cortex A8 at 1 GHz with DSP
• Accelerator: 3D OpenGL ES 2.0
Video Playback1
• MPEG-42 HD (up to 720p, 30 fps@6Mbps)
• MPEG-42 (ASP@L5 AVI, up to DVD resolution, 30 fps@8Mbps)
• H.264 HD (HP@L3.1 up to 720p, 30 fps@5Mbps)
• WMV9/VC1 (AP up to 720p 30 fps@10Mbps)
• M-JPEG (Motion JPEG Video) in VGA resolution
With optional plug-in (downloadable on
• Cinema: MPEG-2 (up to DVD resolution MP/D1, 30 fps@10 Mbps)
With the above codecs, the device can play video files with the following extensions: AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPG, PS, TS, VOB, FLV, RM, RMVB, ASF, 3GP
Audio Playback1
• WMA, WMA-Pro 5.1
• AAC, AAC+ 5.13
• OGG Vorbis
With optional software plug-ins (downloadable on
• AC3 5.1
Photo viewer4
Support subtitles files with .srt, .ssa, .smi, .sub extensions
• Yes
Pre-installed applications
• Aldiko, Ebuddy, Wikipedia, Avecomics, HubKap, Deezer, Mewbox, Raging Thunderlite (a 3D car demo game), WordNewspaper, Touiteur, Fring
USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
Full size USB host: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
Micro SD (SDHC compatible)
HDMI output5 (Mini HDMI / HDMI cable sold separately)
Communication protocols
• WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
• Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
Built-in speaker
Built-in leg stand
Built-in Microphone
Front VGA camera
Power source
• Lithium Polymer battery
• Power adapter/charger
Battery life
• Playback time6: up to 36 hours
• Playback time6: up to 7 hours
• Surfing6: up to 10 hours
• Automatically downloads latest firmware updates when the WiFi connection is activated
• Can also be downloaded at and updated via USB mass storage
Dimensions & weight
• 270 x 150 x 12 mm
• 480 grams
Minimum system requirements
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, 7 or higher
USB 2.0 interface
Package includes
ARCHOS 101 internet tablet, Standard USB cable, Quick Start Guide (QSG), legal and safety notice, power charger.
* Maximum resolution = 1280 x 720 pixels
** Only available on Android™ 2.2 Froyo
*** The function of relaying your internet connection may not be authorized by your mobile phone operator or may require a special data plan option. Please refer to your contract.
**** 1 GB= 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity is less.
1/ Certain bitrates, resolutions, and/or file variations may not be compatible.
2/ MPEG-4 ASP@L5 AVI (MPEG-4: ISO standard by Moving Picture Experts Group; AVI: audio/video file container by Microsoft) without GMC and Quarter pixel.
3/ Does not read AAC protected files.
4/ Certain resolutions and file sizes may not be compatible.
5/ External video output disabled for MacrovisionR-protected contents.
6/ Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. Test run with low backlight.
7/ Available November 12th
Archos 101 Internet Tablet Further Information
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