Owner`s manual | Aqua Flo Therma-Flo EHT Water Pump User Manual

The spa bath you have selected is one of the finest available! One of the many
qualities that made this spa bath the best - is the use of Aqua-Flo’s Therma-Flo
pump with Enviro-Heat Technology. The Therma-Flo EHT pump was designed
with you, the user, in mind…to provide you with the highest performance at a
much lower operating cost, as compared to any other pump in its class. The
Therma-Flo EHT pump does not utilize traditional power hungry heaters to
heat-up or maintain the temperature of water in your spa bath; rather, it recovers
the heat generated during the transition of electrical energy to mechanical
energy. Through this innovative method, the Therma-Flo EHT pump does not
use additional energy to heat up the water, making this the most energy efficient
and environmentally friendly pump available. By making this intelligent purchase
decision, you will save money and you have helped the environment.
More About Aqua-Flo…
Aqua-Flo is the leading supplier of pumps to the Leisure Water Industry, serving
the portable spa, jetted bath and swimming pool industries since 1971.
Headquartered in Chino, California, U.S.A., Aqua-Flo has manufactured and sold
millions of pumps worldwide from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our
skilled and experienced associates utilize the best computer design and
simulation softwares for original product development. We, at Aqua-Flo, pride
ourselves on our high quality, reliable & innovative products; while providing
unparalleled customer service. We are committed to provide you with the most
pleasant and hassle free experience - guaranteed.
IMPORTANT: This pump is intended for spa bath use ONLY,
and is not suitable for any other application.
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Therma-Flo Series Pumps
Find a suitable indoors mounting location where the pump is close to
the spa bath, as safely as possible, but remains inaccessible to the
person in the spa bath.
a. The pump’s suction port (inlet) must be lower than the normal
operating bath water level to ensure proper pump priming, but
higher than the spa bath suction to ensure correct draining.
When emptied, the water must drain back into the spa bath as
required by Health Department Regulations.
b. The discharge port (outlet) should be lower than the water level
and the plumbing should be horizontal or rise slightly to
prevent airlocks. Airlocks will prevent the pump from properly
To Bath’s Jet
To Bath’s Suction
This pump is intended for permanent installation only and must not be
used in portable service application. The mounting surface must be
constructed from durable material and supported securely in a
horizontal position.
A clearance of at least 7.5 cm (3”) on all sides (top, sides, front, and
back) is required for ease of installation and air circulation. Enclosures
must be adequately ventilated to promote free flow of air and prevent
Provision for securing the plumbing leading to the pump must be
considered to avoid undue stress to the pump’s connections.
The pump requires 220-240 Volts A.C., 10 amperes minimum, 50 Hz,
single-phase power supply supplied through a Residual Current Device
(RCD) with a rated tripping current not exceeding 30 mA.
Above are the minimum requirements required for installing this pump.
Additional requirements, standards, and codes, mandated by government
agencies on specific areas where the pump will be installed, must be followed.
(may cause serious injuries or death)
The power supply must be turned off during the installation process.
This pump is wired for 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, and Single Phase power supply
only. The power supply should be supplied through a Residual Current
Device (RCD) with a rated tripping current not exceeding 30 mA.
No part of the pump is to be located above the spa bath during use. Parts
incorporating electrical components, except remote control devices, must be
located or fixed so that they cannot fall into the spa bath.
Pump and other parts containing energized or live parts, except parts
supplied with safety extra low voltage not exceeding 12 V, must be
INACCESSIBLE to a person in the spa bath.
Pump must be mounted on top of a horizontal and solid surface; fixed
securely using screws or bolts through the 4 mounting holes located on the
The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons
without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
(may cause property damage)
This pump is intended for Spa Bath use ONLY, and is not suitable for any
other application.
The pump is NOT self-priming; therefore, the water fill-level of the spa bath
must be equal or higher than the pumps suction port (inlet).
DO NOT run the pump without water. This may damage pump and its
DO NOT open or service the pump. There are no “user serviceable” parts or
assemblies inside. This pump contains dielectric oil used to cool down the
motor. The amount of oil contained herein was precisely measured for
optimum performance. Opening or altering the pump will void the warranty.
This pump is a Type Y Attachment. If the supply cord needs to be replaced,
please contact your local authorized dealer.
1. Be sure that the requirements under Mounting Preparation section have been
2. The pump is provided with barrel unions to connect the pump’s Suction port
(inlet) and Discharge port (outlet) to the plumbing. The plumbing must be routed
or oriented in a way that when the pump is installed, the port connections are not
subjected to undue stress.
1. Fill the spa bath with water to the normal operating bath water level.
2. Open all the valves within the plumbing system.
(may cause property damage)
DO NOT run the pump without water. If pump fails to prime within 30
seconds, turn it off. Check if there is an airlock, clogged plumbing, or closed
1. Turn the power supply “ON”.
2. If the pump has an air switch, depress the air button switch to turn the pump
“ON” or “OFF”.
3. Check plumbing system for leaks.
Fill the spa bath with water to the normal operating bath water level.
Depress the air button switch to turn the pump “ON”.
Depress again, to turn it “OFF”.
Be sure to drain the water from the spa bath after each use.
This pump does not require periodic cleaning or maintenance to perform
properly. It was designed and built to be trouble free. If, for some reason, the
pump leaks or fails to perform after completing the troubleshooting procedure
below, please contact your local Authorized Dealer for assistance. If it is still
under warranty, we will replace it free.
There is a possibility that under certain conditions, the Therma-Flo EHT front
discharge pump may experience issues with air locking. In order to allow the user
to easily eliminate the air lock, these pumps are equipped with an Auto Bleed
Valve to release air.
Follow these steps to activate the Auto Bleed Valve:
Drain the pump.
Remove the threaded cap with seal and the ball supplied on the pump.
Drill a small (approximately 2 mm) hole inside the cavity through the
pilot hole in the pump housing.
Replace the ball and cap with seal.
Connect one end of a small tube to the valve cap and the other end to
an appropriate drain.
Refill the pump.
Once completed, trapped air should be automatically released during filling.
See diagram on next page.
Pump Does Not Run
Power cord not plugged in
Power supply is OFF
Air switch is OFF
Residential Current Device
(RCD) tripped
Pump Still Does Not Run,
Even After Performing #1
Motor over heats
Air tube disconnected
Air tube damage/leaks
Air tube kinked
Pump Runs But Low or No
Water Pressure on Jets
Air button damaged
Air switch damaged
Closed valves
Low water level in spa bath
Airlock in the plumbing
Clogged or blocked
Plug in power cord
Turn power supply ON
and/or replace fuse
Depress the air button
Unplug power cord, reset
RCD, check power in
receptacle and plug in
power cord
Let the motor cool down
Connect tube to air switch
and air button nipples,
Replace tube
Remove kink and properly
route the tube
Replace air button
Replace air switch
Open valves
Fill spa bath up to the
normal bath water level
Bleed air from plumbing
Open air-venturi control
valve to release air trapped
in plumbing
The original retail purchaser only, that the products they manufacture are free
from defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of five years (pump
seals warranty for 30 days) from date of purchase. If within the first two years,
any such products shall prove defective, it shall be repaired or replaced at
AQUA-FLO’s option as follows:
The original retail purchaser shall first contact the installing dealer, as soon as
possible after discovery of the defect, but in no event later than expiration date of
this warranty. Or upon notification,
Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 2526, Chino, CA 91708
Will advise the consumer of the address to which the defective item may be
shipped, together with the model number, serial number and date of purchase of
item claimed to be defective. The consumer must pay for all shipping charges.
If within the years three through five any such product shall prove defective, the
original retail purchaser shall be entitled to purchase replacement equipment or
components at the following percentage off the current published list price:
Third year
Fourth year
Fifth year
1) This warranty shall not apply to failures resulting from negligence, abuse,
misuse, misapplication, improper installation, alteration or modification, chemical
corrosion, or improper maintenance.
2) Any items manufactured by other companies and used by AQUA-FLO in its
products may carry warranties by the original manufacturers.
3) AQUA-FLO is not liable for incidental or consequential damages, loss of
time, inconvenience, incidental expenses, labor or material charges in
connection with removal or replacement of the equipment.
AQUA-FLO is not responsible for any implied warranties or representations by
others and the foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all warranties
provided herein.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights
which vary from state to state.
P.O. Box 2526 / Chino, CA USA 91708
Shipping: 5651 Schaefer Ave. / Chino, CA USA 91710
FAX: 909/627-5660 * TEL: 909/591-7453 * www.aqua-flo.com
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