Argus Camera DC-3185 Digital Camera User Manual

Argus DC-3185
Digital Camera Quick Start Guide
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Getting to know your Argus DC -3185 Digital Camera
Argus DC -3185 Digital Camera Quick Start Guide
Thank you for selecting the Argus DC-3185 Digital Camera! It is our goal to
make your digital imaging experience the best that we can. If you ever get
stuck, have a question or simply need some advice about using your new
Argus DC-3185 digital camera please feel free to visit our live technicians
at or call us
at 1-224-836-3400 (choose option 4).
Using your new Argus DC-3185 Digital Camera
is as easy as 1,2,3!
1. The icon with the line through it indicates the flash is off.
2. The icon with the ‘A’ next to it indicates the flash is in auto mode
which will adjust the light for the exposure automatically.
3. The icon by itself indicates the flash will fire on every picture.
Getting Started with your new Argus DC-3185 Digital Camera
Remove the plastic protective covering from the LCD on the back of
the camera.
Open the battery door on the bottom of the camera and insert three AAA
alkaline batteries – we recommend photo grade AAA batteries or other
brand-name long life batteries for best performance.
a. Please use high grade Alkaline, Photo Grade Alkaline or rechargeable
Alkaline batteries for your camera’s best performance.
b. Please do not leave batteries in your camera for an extended time
without use as they may cause damage to the camera.
c. We recommend that you store images only on your removable memory
(SD/MMC) card, however your new DC-3185 includes a small amount of
built-in memory that will store approximately eight images. If you decide
to save any images directly to the camera, please transfer photos saved
to the cameras internal memory onto your computer before replacing
the batteries to avoid losing photos.
d. Photos saved to an SD/MMC card are secure and will not be lost if the
batteries are drained or removed.
Turn the camera on by pressing the “ON/OFF” button for approximately
three seconds. The camera will shut off automatically after 60
seconds, however you can also shut it off by pressing and holding the
“ON/OFF” button for approximately three seconds when the camera is on.
Frame your subject using either the optical or LCD viewfinder. The Argus
DC3185 is a fixed focus camera with a focus range of 3 feet to infinity. Make
sure the subject is within this focus range and there is enough light.
a. The flash is set to auto by default. To change the flash setting press the
Flash/Down button. The flash range is between 3 feet and 5 feet.
b. Once the subject is framed and the lighting condition is set, press the
shutter button on the top of the camera. Please hold the camera steady
for approximately three seconds to ensure the best exposure.
c. To review the image, press the “Preview” button.
d. To return to the capture mode, press the “Preview” button again.
Other Important Features of your new Argus DC-3185
Digital Camera
Internal Memory: Your camera is equipped with 16MB of built in storage
that is designed as starter memory only and can hold a few images (up to 8).
We strongly recommend that you purchase and use a SD/MMC memory card
(electronic film!) to store your images. The Argus DC-3185 can operate with
SD cards ranging from 16MB up to as much as 512MB which will hold
hundreds of images.
*Note: If when inserting an SD or MMC card, a format icon may appear, this means your
memory card needs to be formatted in order to work with this camera. Please press the shutter
button to format the SD card.
Self-Timer: Be in the picture with your friends! The Argus DC-3185
has a built-in 10 second self timer which can be accessed by pressing the
menu button “M” once, press “M” a second time to scroll over to the self
timer icon, and then press the shutter button down to confirm. The camera
resets to the self-timer off position once it has
been used.
Rapid Fire and 3 photos taken in succession: Your new Argus
DC-3185 camera lets you capture 3 images in quick succession. To enter
the Rapid Fire mode, press the M/On/Off button four times until you see the
Rapid Fire icon (backwards E). Press the shutter button and the camera
will capture 3 quick rapid fire images.
Changing Image Resolution: Your Argus DC-3185 camera can
capture images in 3.2MP, 2MP and VGA modes! This is very important
for storage and usage considerations. If you want to take lots of images
on a very small SD card (32 or 64MB) then you may want to use VGA or
2MP resolution. These images will be fine for use on the computer
screen or in emails but will not be great for printing. If you plan to print
the images with the best possible quality, then consider using
3.2MP resolution.
To change the resolution, turn the camera on, select “M/On/off” and then
select “Preview”. A little box will appear on the LCD with stars in it. You can
change the resolution / number of stars by scrolling up or down with the UP
or DOWN keys. To confirm, press “Preview.”
= 3.2 Million Pixel resolution
= 2 Million Pixel resolution
= VGA (or 307K) resolution
Deleting Pictures from Internal Memory:
a. Press the “Preview” button when the camera is on. Next select the
image you want to delete by scrolling with the UP or Down arrows.
When you are on the image that you want to delete, select the
Menu “M” button twice. You will see a “DEL LAST” icon, and you will
be given a chance to change your mind or to delete the image. If you
still want to delete the image, scroll to the “Y” mark using the UP or
Down arrows and then press the shutter button to delete.
Deleting All Pictures:
b. Press the “Preview” button when the camera is on. Next press the
menu button one time and you will see a “DEL ALL” icon along with
“Y” or “N” or scroll to the “Y” using the up or down arrow and
then use the shutter button to confirm.
Frequency: Your Argus DC-3185 camera can be used anywhere in the
world! However since artificial lighting frequencies vary in different
regions, you may want to set the correct frequency for the region to
avoid lines in your images during indoor shooting. You can change the
frequency by turning the camera on, press menu "M" button, press
preview button to enter the sub menu, then press menu button again
three times until you see a 50/60 on the LCD. Use the down arrow to
scroll to 50 for Europe and Asia or 60 for the Americas and rest of world.
Press the “Preview” button to exit the menu.
When Photo Impression has launched you will see an image-editing tray
on your screen. On the lower left corner, select the “From Folder”
button. The menu will change, and an option button “Browse” will
appear; click that button and move the scroll bar up until you see My
Computer. Select My Computer and you should see a Removable Disk.
Within Removable Disk, you see will a folder called “DCIM” and inside
is another folder
called “100Image”. Select this folder and click on OK.
A sub menu will appear on top of your imaging software desktop
providing options for downloading – select one image or all images and
click download.
The images will be transferred to the Photo Impression Album and
display at the bottom of your work space as icons.
Double click on the image you wish to view or edit and then let your
creativity begin.
The following are some additional tips about how best to use your Argus
DC-3185 camera:
If using the flash feature, the optimal range for exposure is to have your
subject less than five feet away.
Do not try to do extreme close ups with the Argus DC-3185 – the
camera is optimized for a range of 3 feet to infinity, without flash.
The Argus DC-3185 is best used for viewing images on the PC,
printing 3” x 5” pictures, emailing images for including small images in
presentations, greeting cards and calendars.
Advanced Features and Settings
Using the Argus DC-3185 as a Web camera
Your new Argus DC-3185 camera can also double as a plug-and-play device
allowing you to participate in live video conferences over the web. To use
the camera for Web Video:
Install the camera drivers on the enclosed disk.
Turn the camera on, select menu “Menu/ON/OFF”, select “Preview” and
then select “Menu/ON/OFF” again to enter the sub menu. Click
“Menu/ON/OFF” twice until you see “USB” displayed on the LCD and
then using the down arrow, scroll until you see a web camera icon
displayed on the LCD and click Preview to exit and confirm.
Now plug the enclosed USB cable to the camera and then into a USB
port on your computer (it is best not to use a USB port replicator).
On your computer, select “My Computer” and you will see the Argus
3185 camera displayed as a drive. Double click on the icon and the
camera will become active.
Installing the Camera Drivers and Photo Editing Software
2. Using the Argus DC-3185 to record short video clips
You must install camera drivers before your new digital camera can talk to the
PC. Drivers are the equivalent of instructions for the PC on how to talk to
the camera.
Your new Argus DC-3185 camera can also double as a neat little PC video
camera, which is great for taking short videos for use on your PC. To use the
camera for PC Video:
Open your CD door, and insert the included CD (Argus DC-3185 Digital
Camera CD).
Close the CD door and the CD should start Auto Install.
a. If Auto install does not begin in 45 seconds, go to Start / My
Computer and click on the DC-3185 CD drive. When the folder
opens, click on Setup.
The Argus Install menu will appear on your screen, scroll down to the
button that indicates “Install Camera Drivers”, and click on the button.
Follow the setup steps to install.
Should you want to install the fun and helpful accompanying free Editing
Software from ArcSoft, scroll to the Photo Impression button, click on the
button and follow the setup steps to install the programs.
Transferring Your Images to Your PC
You must use an editing program to view, manipulate and share your
digital images. The Argus DC-3185 includes an easy-to-use but
very powerful application from ArcSoft® called Photo Impression.®
However, you can use any editing program to download the images
from your new Argus DC-3185. Simply look for the Argus Camera
name under Digital Cameras and Scanners in the application.
Using ArcSoft’s Photo Impression to Transfer and Edit your images
First, ensure your camera is in Mass Storage Device Mode (default when
camera is shipped and will remain so unless you use the camera as a web
camera). To ensure that the camera is MS mode, turn the camera on,
press the menu “M” button, press the “Preview” button, then press the
“M” button twice. You should see an icon with USB plus a little hard
drive icon on your LCD. This will indicate MS mode. If the LCD displays
a little web camera, use the down arrow to scroll to the hard drive icon
to enter Mass Storage Mode.
Be sure you have installed the Photo Impression application before
you proceed.
Locate and launch the Photo Impression software icon on your desktop
and launch the program.
Make sure you have first installed the enclosed software.
To enter the Video Clip mode, turn the camera on, pressing
“Menu/ON/OFF” button 3 times displays the video camera icon. Press the
shutter button to select. Then you will see the flash icon with the letters
"AVI" on the bottom left of the LCD. You are now ready to
capture short video clips. The short video clips will last approximately 1
minute, then stop automatically, if you want to make another short video
clip, you need to repeat the above operation. Please remember, video
clips require a lot of storage even for short clips, so if you plan to take
extended video clips, please ensure that you have a large size SD card
To take videos, simply use the shutter button to turn the video camera
on and off.
After the camera has powered on, press “Menu/ON/OFF” and then
press “Preview” to enter a sub-menu. Then, by pressing “Menu/ON/OFF”,
you can switch to different sub-menus. When entering into a sub-menu,
use “UP” or “DOWN” to make changes. At last, press “Preview” to
validate your choice and exit.
We hope you enjoy your new Argus DC-3185 Digital Camera for
many years to come. If you should have any questions or require further
assistance on how to use the Argus DC-3185 camera please visit us at and select support. We offer free telephone
support, live on-line chats, frequently asked questions and answers and
overnight email responses.
Also, please visit us at for other fun digital imaging
products and news and updates on coming products from Argus Camera.
Thank You for Selecting Argus Digital Cameras!
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