User’ manual
Condensing wall hung system boiler
G.C.N : 47-116-51 (24 kW)
G.C.N : 47-116-52 (30 kW)
G.C.N : 47-116-53 (38 kW)
HE 38
The code of practice for the installation,
commissioning & servicing of central heating systems
user’ manual
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing an ARISTON boiler.
We guarantee that your boiler is a reliable and
technically sound product.
This manual provides detailed instructions and
recommendations for proper installation,
use and maintenance.
Remember to keep this manual in a safe place
for future reference i.e. by the gas meter.
Your local MTS Servicing Centre is at your
complete disposal for all requirements.
The appliance is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase.
Aristons only obligation under the guarantee will be to repair or replace the faulty appliacnce at Aristons discretion. This will be carried out
where the fault arises from within defects in the appliance, caused either
by material or workmanship of the manufacturer.
This guarantee does not protect malfunction or damage arising from
incorrect installation, commissioning or maintenance procedures as laid
out in the installation and servicing manual, inefficient flue system, poor
or incorrect electricicty, wrong gas supply or pressure, tampering by
inexperienced persons and any other cause not directly due to manufacture.
MTS (GB) Limited cannot accept responsibility for any cost arising from
repair or maintenance carried out by any third party.
The installation and first ignition of the boiler must be
performed by qualified personnel in compliance with current
national regulations regarding installation, and in conformity
with any requirements established by local authorities and
public health organisations.
After the boiler has been installed, the installer must ensure
that the end user receives the declaration of conformity and
the operating manual, and should provide all necessary
information as to how the boiler and the safety devices should
be handled.
This appliance is designed to produce hot water for domestic use.
It should be connected to a heating system and a distribution
network for domestic hot water, both of which must be compatible
with its performance and power levels.
The use of the appliance for purposes other than those specified is
strictly forbidden. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for
any damage caused by improper, incorrect and unreasonable use
of the appliance or by the failure to comply with the instructions
given in this manual.
Installation, maintenance and all other interventions must be carried
out in full conformity with the governing legal regulations and the
instructions provided by the manufacturer. Incorrect installation
can harm persons, animals and possessions; the manufacturing
company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused as
a result.
In the event of any maintenance or other structural work in the
immediate vicinity of the ducts or flue gas exhaust devices and
their accessories, switch the appliance off by switching the external
bipolar switch to the “OFF” position and shutting off the gas valve.
When the work has been completed, ask a qualified technician to
check the efficiency of the ducting and the devices.
If the boiler should be out of use for a prolonged period, it is
recommended that the electrical power supply be disconnected
and that the external gas cock be closed. If low temperatures are
expected, the boiler and system pipe work should be drained in
order to prevent frost damage.
Turn the boiler off and turn the external switch “OFF” to clean the
exterior parts of the appliance.
Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to use the
appliance without supervision.
CE labelling
The CE mark guarantees that the appliance conforms to the following directives:
- 90/396/CEE
relating to gas appliances
- 2004/108/CEE
relating to electromagnetic compatibility
- 92/42/CEE
relating to energy efficiency
- 2006/95/CEE
relating to electrical safety
Service under the guarantee does not affect the expiry date of the guarantee. The guarantee on parts and appliances which are exchanged
ends when the guarantee on the original appliance expires.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
You must have your boiler serviced at the end of the first year to validate
your guarantee for the second year.
Safety regulations
Key to symbols:
Failure to comply with this warning implies the risk of
personal injury, in some circumstances even fatal
Failure to comply with this warning implies the risk of
damage, in some circumstances even serious, to property,
plants or animals.
Do not perform operations which involve opening the appliance.
Electrocution from live components.
Personal injury caused by burns due to overheated components,
or wounds caused by sharp edges or protrusions.
Do not perform operations which involve removing the appliance from its installation space .
Electrocution from live components.
Flooding caused by water leaking from disconnected piping.
Explosions, fires or intoxication caused by gas leaking from disconnected piping.
Do not damage the power supply cable.
Electrocution from live uninsulated wires.
Do not leave anything on top of the appliance.
Personal injury caused by an object falling off the appliance as a
result of vibrations.
Damage to the appliance or items underneath it caused by the
object falling off as a result of vibrations.
Do not climb onto the appliance.
Personal injury caused by the appliance falling.
Damage to the appliance or any objects underneath it caused by
the appliance falling away from its installation space.
Do not climb onto chairs, stools, ladders or unstable supports
to clean the appliance.
Personal injury caused by falling from a height or cuts (step ladders
shutting accidentally).
Do not attempt to clean the appliance without first switching it
off and turning the external switch to the OFF position.
Electrocution from live components.
Do not use insecticides, solvents or aggressive detergents to
clean the appliance.
Damage to plastic and painted parts.
Do not use the appliance for any use other than normal domestic use.
Damage to the appliance caused by operation overload.
Damage caused to objects treated inappropriately.
Do not allow children or inexperienced individuals to operate
the appliance.
Damage to the appliance caused by improper use.If you detect a
smell of burning or smoke coming from the appliance, disconnect it from the electricity supply, turn off the main gas valve,
open all windows and call for assistance.
Personal injury caused by burns, smoke inhalation, intoxication.
If there is a strong smell of gas, turn off the main gas valve,
open all windows and call for assistance.
Explosions, fires or intoxication.
user’ manual
Auto Function
The AUTO function serves to optimise boiler performance, while maintaining an optimum radiator temperature and maximum
user comfort. It ensures the building stays at the ideal temperature, whilst saving energy.
The principle is that the water temperature at the boiler outlet is automatically adjusted, depending on the interior ambient
Control Panel
Ignition procedure
Press the ON/OFF button on the control panel to switch on the boiler.
The display shows:
Legend :
1. Display
2. Reset button
3. Red indicator locking light
4. Orange indicator Comfort fonction
5. Pressure gauge
6. Heating temperature regulation knob
7. button _
8. Menu/Ok button (Programming key)
9. Esc button
10. button +
11. Domestic Hot Water adjustment knob
12. Time clock
13. ON/OFF button
14. Blue indicator burner ON
15. Yellow indicator Auto fonction
16. Auto button (To active Thermoregulation)
17. Comfort button
The first figure indicates the operating mode:
0 - Stand -by,
C - Central heating request
- Heating post-circulation
d - Domestic hot water request
H - Hot water post-circulation
- Circulation pump anti-freeze protection enabled
- burner anti-freeze protection enabled
The second and third figures indicate:
- the flow temperature when no heating requests have been made
- the flow temperature in central heating mode
- the temperature of the hot water in domestic hot water mode
- the flow temperature in anti-freeze mode.
Initial operating procedures
If the boiler is installed inside the apartment, make sure that
all provisions relating to the air inlet and room ventilation (in
compliance with current legislation) are respected.
Check the water pressure on the display regularly and make sure
that the figure is between 0.6 and1.5 bar when the system is cold.
If the pressure is just under the minimum value the display will
request a filling procedure.
Re-establish the correct pressure by filling loop.
If the pressure drops very frequently, there may be a water leak at
some point in the system. If this is the case a plumber should be
user’ manual
Winter or summer function
Turn the heating button 6 to select the desired operating mode
(winter or summer). In winter mode every heating is shown on the
display by the heating temperature.
Summer mode is set by putting the button 6 in
position (heating off ).
Adjusting the heating
It is possible to set the temperature of the heating water by
adjusting the knob 6. By placing the indicator somewhere between
min. and max. a temperature may be obtained which varies from
about 20°C to about 45°C (low temperature) and about 35°C to
about 82°C (high temperature).
Domestic hot water temperature adjustement
It is possible to set the temperature of the domestic hot water by
adjusting the knob 11 a temperature may be obtained which varies from about 36°C to about 60°C.
The value set previously will flash on the display.
user’ manual
COMFORT function
To activate the comfort mode it is necessary to press the comfort
button 17, this will be indicatd by a yellow light 4. The comfort
mode has priority over any other heating request.
There are two settings for the comfort mode (they can be adjusted
in the parameters menu):
1. As soon as DHW is drawn, the secondary heat exchanger is kept
warm for 30 mins.
2. As soon as DHW is drawn, the secondary heat exchanger is kept
warm permanently.
This function may be enabled by pressing the COMFORT button.
Switching off the heating
To switch off the heating mode turn the button 6 in the position
. The boiler switches in sanitary mode only and indicating the
set temperature.
Stand by
To switch off the boiler press the ON/OFF 13.
Switch off the boiler completely by switching the external electrical switch to the OFF position; the display will switch off.
Close the gas tap.
user’ manual
Appliance shut-off conditions
The boiler is protected from malfunctions by means of internal
checks performed by the electronic P.C.B., which stops the boiler
from operating if necessary. In the event of the boiler being shut off
in this manner, a code appears on the control panel display which
refers to the type of shut-off and the reason behind it.
Two types of shut-off may occur:
Safety shut-off
This type of error is “volatile”, which means
that the boiler starts up again automatically
as soon as the problem which caused the
shut-off is removed. The display will flash
”Err” and the error code.
In fact, as soon as the cause of the shut-off disappears, the boiler
starts up again and continues to operate normally.
While the boiler is shut off for safety reasons, it is possible to attempt
to restore normal operation by switching the appliance off and on
again using the ON/OFF button on the control panel.
If the boiler still indicates a safety shut-off, switch it off. Make sure
the external electric switch is in the OFF position, close the gas tap
and contact a qualified technician.
Safety shut-off due to insufficient water pressure
If the water pressure inside the heating circuit is insufficient, the
boiler will perform a safety shut-off. (See table).
To re-pressurise the boiler, it will be necessary to connect
the silver flexible hose supplied to the two isolating points
underneath the boiler, once the hose is connected, open up both
of the black quarter turn handles, once the pressure reads 1.5 bar
on the display, close both handles and disconnect the hose .
If the pressure drops very frequently, there may be a water leak
at some point in the system. If this is the case please contact your
installer and ask them to check it.
Operation shutdown
This type of error is “non volatile”, which means that it is not
removed automatically. The display will flash Err and the error
code and the red led lights up “3”
In this case the boiler does not restart automatically, but it may
be reset by pressing the
button. If the problem manifests
itself again after several attempts to reset the appliance, contact a
qualified technician.
Operation shutdown error table
1 01
5 01
No flame detection
1 03
1 04
1 05
Insufficient circulation
1 06
1 07
3 05
P.C.B error
3 06
P.C.B error
3 07
P.C.B error
Anti-frost Device.
The anti-frost function acts on the central heating flow temperature probe,
independently from other settings, when the electrical supply is turned
If the primary circuit temperature falls below 8°C the pump will run for 2
After the two minutes of circulation (fixed) the boiler will check the following:
a) if the central heating flow temperature is > 8°C, the pump stops;
b) if the central heating flow temperature is between 4 and 8°C, the pump
will run for another two minutes;
c) if the central heating flow temperature is < 4°C, the burner will fire
(heating position) at minimum power until the temperature reaches
33°C, the burner will go off and the pump will continue to run for two
The anti-frost device activates only when (with the boiler operating correctly):
- the system pressure is correct,
- the boiler is electrically powered,
- there is a supply of gas.
user’ manual
Auto button - Temperature adjustment activation
The AUTO function enables boiler operation to be adapted to
environmental conditions and to the type of system it is installed
Comfortable temperature is reached inside the room in the quickest
way possible, without wasting money, energy or efficiency, while
substantially reducing the amount of wear experienced by the
Your installer will advise you on the devices connectable to
the boiler and will program it according to the system.
In normal boilers the water temperature inside the heating elements
is usually set to a high value (70-80°C), thereby ensuring effective
heating during the few really cold winter days. It then becomes
excessive on less cold days (of which there are many) more typical
of the autumn and winter seasons. This leads to excessive room
heating after the thermostat has been switched off, resulting in
energy waste and uncomfortable conditions inside the room.
The AUTO function “takes control” of the boiler and selects the best
operating regime based on environmental conditions, external
devices connected to the boiler and the performance required. It
constantly decides at which power level to operate based on the
environmental conditions and the room temperature required.
Change of gas type
Our boilers are designed to function either with Natural Gas (methane) or L.P.G. gas. If you need to change from one gas to the other,
one of our Authorised Service Centres must be contacted to convert the appliance.
Schedule an annual maintenance check-up for the boiler with a
competent person.
Correct maintenance always results in savings in the cost of
running the system.
Failure to arrange an annual service for the appliance will invalidate
the second year of the manufacturers guarantee.
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