Knobs, Switches, Jacks, Etc.

Knobs, Switches, Jacks, Etc.
Knobs, Switches, Jacks, Etc.
LEVEL-This is the overall level of the
affected signal. Adjust this for the
correct sound level between off (all the
way left) and on (all the way right).
This is generally in the middle, but
may be left or right from there
depending on the pickups you use.
Tone – Controls the overall tone of the
pedal. Try starting with this control
SCREAM - This controls how much
overdrive you get. All the way to the
left there is no gain. All the way to the
right is about twice the gain of a typical
overdrive pedal. With both this and
the fuzz control all the way to the left
you have no gain, and can hear just
the tone change the pedal causes.
Try starting with this control centered.
IN - This is the input to the pedal. This
jack dis-connects power, so unplug when
not in use.
OUT - This is the output of the pedal.
Plug this either into your amp or into any
other effects you want after this effect.
Status LED (Red/Green) - When the
effect is off, the LED is Green. When
the effect is on, the LED is RED.
When the battery is going dead, the
light will blink.
DC Power Jack - This allows you to
power your pedal from a DC power
supply. This has the same pin-out as the
standard pedal supplies, tip is ground, and
sleeve is 9V. Make sure you use a filtered
supply—this is especially important on
high gain overdrive and distortion pedals,
since they tend to amplify the noise of the
power supply.
Skid Plate The skid plate helps keep
your pedal in place. Since many people
put their pedals on a pedal board, we ship
the skid plate unattached so you can put
Velcro on the pedal base without having
to remove it. If you want to use the skid
plate, it attaches in just a few seconds.
I seek to continually improve the design of my
pedals. In order to accomplish this, I need to
know what you think of my pedals, whether
positive or negative. After you have had some
time to use the pedal, please either send me
an e-mail, or leave feedback at any of the
various online music forums.
Bypass - Kick the switch to change from
effect on to effect off.
Cusack Music * 494 Lincoln Ave, Suite 10 * Holland, MI 49423 *
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