7.71 lbs. (3.5K g)
P roduct Size
9.25” x 9.25” x 7.5” (235 x 235 x 190mm
700 A C ranking Amps
F unctions
12V DC Output
with 15A overload protection
High Intensity LE D
USB - 5VD C , 2.1 A
AT D-5900 Manual
Lithium Iron
12V /1A C harger
Ac cess ories
C igarette s ocket, C harger, I nstruction Manual
1. Features
Used to s tart 12V vehicles without the us e of other vehicles
or AC power s upplies.
Revers e connec tion alarm, s hort circuit alarm, low voltage
alarm and over-temperature alarm.
12V DC cigarette power outlet with overload protection
provides power for appliances desi gned to plug into vehicles
12V power s ource.
High intensity LE D emergency light can be used for
emergency repairs or other emergency situations.
Li-Fe (Lithium-Iron) B attery with more powerful performance
needs no attention other than charging.
12V/1A adaptor with automatic overcharge protection
5V, 2.1A USB, provides power for sm all electrical appliances
(MP 3 player, etc. )
LE D s hows the internal battery s tatus
High s trength Polypropylene housing
3. Pro-Lithium Jumpstart Features:
Before using the jumpstart, read and follow the instructions
carefully. Also pay close attention to the cautionary
statements on the vehicles battery and any other equipment
you be using.
As a safety measure, there is NO VOLTAGE present at the
clamp ends. The ATD-5900 automatically detects when it is
hooked up correctly to a battery, then and only then will it
deliver the voltage to the clamps.
Do not smoke, use matches, use a cigarette lighter, or allow a
spark or flame near the battery.
Do not allow metal to come in contact with the battery poles.
It may spark or short-circuit the battery and cause an
Remove any and ALL jewelry and watches when working
with a Li-Fe battery.
Stop using the jumpstart when you hear the alarm or when
indicating LED (6) is on. The reason may be from:
1) The voltage is less than 8V - Charge the jumpstart to prevent
battery failure.
2) The temperature is higher than 140ÛF (60ÛC) - Cool the
jumpstart to at least 104ÛF (40ÛC).
3) The jumpstart is connected backwards, incorrectly connected
or short connected. Correctly connect the clamps.
1. Emergency LED light Switch
2. Emergency LED light
3. 12V output
4. Full charge LED
5. 50% capacity LED
6. Charge/Low voltage alarm/Over-temp indicator
7. Clamp correct connection indicator
8. Reverse connection indicator
9. Incorrect connection indicator
10. USB 5V DC output outlet
11. Test/USB output Switch
12. Charger input outlet
Ensure that you are using this on a 12 VOLT SYSTEM ONLY,
otherwise the battery could explode. Please strictly follow
the following steps; otherwise, it could cause damage to the
jumpstart, the vehicle or personal injury or death
1. Turn the vehicle ignition and subsidiary equipment off.
2. DO NOT touch the red positive (+) clamp against the black
negative (-) clamp.
3. Ensure the area is well ventilated.
4. Connect the red positive (+) clamp to the battery positive (+)
terminal first. Be sure that the clamp does not contact any
moving parts or fuel lines.
5. Connect the black negative (-) clamp to a suitable ground on
the vehicle chassis.
6. If there is a reverse connection between positive and negative
poles, the jumpstart emits an audible alarm the red LED (8)
will be on, indicating the reverse connection. Please adjust
the positive and negative polarity.
7. If connected incorrectly to a vehicle that uses a 24v system,
the jumpstart emits an audible alarm the red LED (9) will be
on, indicating the incorrect connection; this jumpstart will not
work in this situation. Only use on vehicles with a 12v
8. If connected incorrectly to a vehicle that has a 6v system, it
won’t send out any alarm information. Attempting to start your
6v system with this jumpstart will cause damage to the
jumpstart and the vehicle. Only use on vehicles with a 12v
9. With the correct connection, LED (7) will be on, now you can
start the car. If the battery (internal and external) voltage is
less than 8v, it will shut off automatically.
10. Do not try to start the vehicle for more than 5 seconds at a
11. If the engine does not start properly, wait at least 3 minutes
before attempting to restart.
12. After the vehicles engine starts, disconnect the black (-) clamp
first, and then disconnect the red (+) clamp. Re-wrap the
cables after each use.
13. After use, always recharge the jumpstarts battery fully.
14. Frequently test the battery’s voltage and recharge it when (5)
or (6) LED is on.
15. Low temperature start performance of the Li-Fe battery will be
affected at temperatures lower than -10ÛC (14ÛF) After a few
attempts to start, the battery should warm up and produce
more cranking amps. While this isn’t the case with typical
Sealed Lead Acid batteries, this is normal for Li-Fe batteries.
5. Charging using the AC adaptor
1. Use only the charger included with your jumpstart to recharge
this jumpstart. Non-standard products will shorten the life of
the battery and void the warranty.
2. Charge your jumpstart battery for 8 hours before using for the
first time.
3. After using, press the test/USB switch button (11), check the
battery voltage by Indicating LED’s (4), (5) & (6), if the
indicating LED (5) or (6) are on, it means the battery must be
4. Recharge the jumpstart battery after each use if possible, and
thereafter, at least every 6-12 months.
How to charge:
1. Plug the charger into 110V AC power outlet
2. Plug the connector into the socket (12) located in side of the
jumpstart. The charging indicating LED light (6) indicated the
jumpstart is charging.
3. Depending on the use of the jumpstart, charging time is
approximately 6-8 hours.
4. LED indicator (4) indicated a full charge.
5. Disconnect the charger.
6. In order to achieve maximum battery life, it is recommended
to use your jumpstart often, so that the capacity of the battery
is protected and its life expectancy will be extended.
1. Open the cover of cigarette lighter socket, on the front of the
jumpstart (3)
2. Plug the jack plug of 12v electrical appliances into the
cigarette lighter socket.
The maximum power of the cigarette lighter is 150W. If the power
of your appliance is more than 150W, the socket output will shut
down automatically, and will recover in 30 seconds.
1. Push the test/USB switch button (12) one time to turn on the
USB (10) outlet. Push again to switch it off. (If the battery is
less than 10V, the USB output will turn off automatically.)
2. Push the light switch button (1) one time to turn on the LED
work light. Push again to turn it off.
1. Always inspect the power station before use to ensure the
cables are in perfect condition and the clamps are clean and
free from corrosion
2. Keep your jumpstart clean by wiping with a dry cloth. DO NOT
use solvents as a cleaning agent.
3. Keep your jumpstart at HIGH or FULL CHARGE status at all
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