Axis enables effective education.

Axis enables effective education.
Axis enables effective education.
Stellenbosch University secures its campuses with IP video surveillance.
Stellenbosch University
Stellenbosch, Western
Cape, South Africa
Industry segment:
Safety and security
Axis partners:
Virtual Technical
Consultants, Milestone
Situated in the heart of the scenic Western Cape Winelands, Stellenbosch University is home to more than
24,000 students and 800 lecturers. From its humble
beginnings in the 17th century, it has burgeoned to
become recognized as one of the top 4 research universities in South Africa. As numbers swell, the safety and
security of students, visitors and faculty becomes more
challenging to administer without an effective surveillance system.
A university that is able to provide a secure environment
in which to obtain an education is one that promotes
learning without the anxiety associated with crime and
delinquency. Stellenbosch University has experienced a
decline in security-related incidents and an overall boost
to the safety of campus occupants since the installation
of the Axis surveillance solution. General behavior also
tends to show a marked improvement when monitoring is
in place.
Stellenbosch University, after carefully looking at and
considering various solutions, turned to Axis partner,
Virtual Technical Consultants (VTC), to provide a dependable surveillance solution. An IP surveillance system was
chosen because of its future proof technology and the
fact that it would require less maintenance than an
analogue system. VTC supplied and commissioned an
array of Axis network cameras carefully chosen to provide maximum monitoring capability for each and every
“The HDTV image quality provides the University with sharp, faultless footage that can be used
for a variety of purposes.“
Hendrik Le Roux, IT Manager responsible for card and monitor systems at Stellenbosch University.
Longevity, a deciding factor
When it came to making a final decision with regard to
the product that would spearhead the Stellenbosch
University surveillance solution, a little camera installed
eleven years ago could not be ignored.
AXIS 200, bearing the illustrious title of the world’s first
network camera, was launched by Axis in 1996. The
revolutionary design enabled access to the cameras images from any web browser, from anywhere in the
world. Although the initial purpose of the AXIS 200 focused exclusively on monitoring, many other application possibilities soon became apparent.
VTC, an integrator with extensive knowledge of Axis
products and the installation of specialized IP camera
solutions, was able to offer Stellenbosch University a
surveillance system with not only an economical total
cost of ownership but, moreover, outstanding image
quality and cutting-edge capabilities.
Potent performance
The HDTV video quality of the AXIS P3344-VE Fixed
Dome Network Camera and the AXIS P1344 Network
Camera allow Stellenbosch University security personnel
to obtain high quality images of incidents or activities at
various locations such as the business school, the hostels,
campus laboratories and the medical school.
“The AXIS 200 is still fully functional and the image
quality is good,” remarks Hendrik Le Roux, IT Manager
responsible for card and monitor systems at Stellenbosch University, “we could not disregard the economic
sense of installing a product that is capable of this type
of endurance.”
The discreet, tamper-resistant AXIS P3301 Fixed Dome
Network Camera, specially designed for exposed indoor
environments such as universities, banks and airports is
perfectly suited for the surveillance of the interior of
the University.
Innovation meets tradition
An expanding solution
As the country’s second oldest town, Stellenbosch has
played an important and extensive role in the development of South Africa’s educational history. Recognized
as the divisional center for education in the mid-1800s,
Stellenbosch’s heritage is steeped in scholastic pursuits.
After a steady improvement in the town’s educational
offerings and an increased demand for more advanced
teaching, Parliament voted £3000 towards the cost of a
suitable College building to house the expanding Arts
Department. The foundation stone of this new building
was laid by the Administrator, Sir George Cumin Strachan, on December 22, 1880. Additional magnanimous
bequeaths and donations, as well as the consent of Her
Majesty Queen Victoria to change the College’s name,
paved the way toward an institution that has produced
many distinguished alumni.
“The Stellenbosch University security solution is continuously evolving. As we identify new threats to the
site, whether internal or external, we are immediately
able to take preventative action, be it in the form of
additional network cameras or alternative deployment.
The flexibility of an Axis system, in terms of expansion,
allows us to make changes with very little inconvenience,” remarks Marius Pistorius, Director of VTC.
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