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54Mbps Wireless
Network PCI Adapter
Installing Your 54Mbps Wireless Network PCI Adapter
Utility installation
Before insert PCMCIA Adapter into the PCMCIA slot of your computer, please install the Utility
Program first.
1. Make sure that the card is not inserted in PCI slot
2. Turn on the PC and insert the installation Cd-Rom
3. Lunch the installation utility in the D:\Driver directory
All the captured images of installation mentioned in this user’s manual were based
on Windows XP operating system. For installation on other Windows OS, e.g.
Windows 98 SE, all the procedures remains the same.
Follow the installation procedure:
InstallShield Wizard
starts. Click “Next” to
Click “Next” to install
the program files in the
default folder.
Select the second
option, and click
“Finish” to complete the
Please make sure TURN OFF your computer and remove the power cord from your PC. Open
the computer case and then please insert the Wireless PCI Adapter into the empty PCI slot of
your computer system. Once the Wireless PCI Adapter is installed, place the computer case
back. Turn ON your computer and continue with Installation setup.
Driver installation
Select the second option
and click “Next” to
Click “Continue
Anyway” to continue
Click “Finish” to
complete new hardware
After successful installation, a utility program icon will appear on your desktop screen. To
launch the utility, simply double-click the icon.
If the predefined manager of the Wireless networks is that one embedded in Windows disable
it in order to use the management tool supplied with the product.
A02-WP-54G_G2(November2003) V1.0
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