AudioSource AudioSource In-Ceiling Speaker System Speaker User Manual

6.5” 2-Way In-Ceiling Dual Mono Speaker
Congratulations on your purchase of the
AudioSource AC6CD In-Ceiling Speaker System.
This product is designed to reproduce both channels of the audio portion of your home entertainment environment as a mono signal with accuracy
and detail that will satisfy the most discriminating
Please read this Installation Manual to ensure the
proper installation and performance of your AC6CD
Preparing for your Installation
Gather the necessary tools for your installation.
You will need the following tools:
1) A Keyhole or Drywall Saw
2) A Phillips Screwdriver
3) Masking Tape
4) A Pencil
5) A Bubble or Laser Level
6) A Tape Measure
7) A Stud Finder (recommended)
8) Your AC6CD speaker
Existing Construction
In most modern buildings the ceiling joists are positioned
on 16” centers, providing a space between the joists of
approximately 143/8”. The AC6CD speaker requires a
mounting hole 7“ in diameter. Additionally, you should
allow an extra 3/4” clearance in all directions behind the
ceiling surface to allow room for the doglegs that retain
the frame to the ceiling surface to swing into position.
Use a stud finder to locate the joists behind the ceiling
surface. Also, you should now check for obstructions like
cross bracing in front of and behind the desired speaker
Plan your speaker placement carefully. Make certain
that electrical, plumbing and any other services will not
interfere within the ceiling where you plan to place your
speakers. The AC6CD speaker can be mounted in the
walls or in the ceiling, but are typically used in ceilings.
The speaker should be located so that it provides even
coverage at your listening position. Caution should be
taken not to place the speaker less than 1 foot from a
bounding surface, such as a wall or corner to prevent
uneven reflections of the audio signal. (See Fig. 1)
Figure 1
of sound into the otherwise large and resonant cavity of
the uninsulated ceiling.
After selection of the mounting location, mark the hole to
be cut out. A template is provided in the speaker box.
Locate and align the template, then mark with pencil on
the ceiling surface. If you are unsure whether there are
obstructions behind the ceiling surface where the
speaker is to be mounted cut a small hole in the center
of your marked mounting location. Holding your drywall
saw at a 45 degree angle (see Fig. 2) cut a square hole
that you can use to locate any obstructions, should they
It is now time to connect the speaker wire to the AC6CD.
Your speaker wire is usually coded to identify each
conductor as either positive or negative. This can be by
color coding, or one conductor may have a printed
marking or at least a rib along one edge that you will not
find on the other. Identify which type of polarity coding
that your wire is using. You must carefully observe that
the positive terminal of the speaker output on your
amplifier is connected to the positive terminal of the
AC6CD speaker. Likewise, the negative terminal of the
amplifier’s speaker output should be connected to the
negative terminal of the AC6CD speaker.
Figure 2
The 45 degree wedge shape of the removed surfacing
material will make replacement, if necessary, a much
easier task and yield a better finish when patching the
Once it has been determined that there are no obstructions cut the hole to mount the speaker using the drywall
saw at a 90 degree angle to the ceiling surface. Cover
the raw edges of the wallboard with masking tape
(see Fig. 3). This will prevent the back pressure of the
speaker from blowing loose gypsum dust out and on to
the painted ceiling surface after installation. Do not allow
the tape to extend more than 1/4” beyond the edge of
the hole into the room. The frame of the AC6CD will cover
and hide the tape.
(+) Amp
(-) Amp (R)
(-) Amp
6.5” Two Way
Dual Mono In-Ceilling
(L) (+) Amp
Masking T.ape
Next make sure that the doglegs are positioned inside
the frame of the speaker.
Figure 3
Next you will want to run your speaker wire to your
speaker locations. A UL rated CL3 speaker wire is
recommended when running wire inside your walls. For
proper wire gauge see page four.
If you are uncomfortable with running the speaker wire
yourself in existing construction, it is recommended that
you retain a qualified custom home installation specialist
or electrician.
With the grill removed, place the speaker in the ceiling
opening. Make sure that the speaker wire is not hanging
against the speaker where it can vibrate and rattle as the
speaker reproduces your music.
Installing the Speakers
Installation Tip! To further enhance the performance of
your AC6CD speaker, the ceiling joist cavity where you
plan to place your speaker can be stuffed with a
generous quantity of fiberglass insulation. If uninsulated,
stuff the area in front of and behind the speaker opening
with 6” thick insulation to a depth of approximately 2 feet
beginning 1 foot in front of and 1 foot behind the
speaker opening. If the insulation is foil or paper backed,
face the backing away from the AC6CD speaker. The
addition of this insulation will help to prevent the
unwanted transfer
6.5” Two Way
Dual Mono In-Ceilling
When running your speaker wire you should avoid
having the speaker wire run parallel to the 110V power
lines to avoid picking up hum and interference from the
power service. If the speaker wire needs to cross a
110V power line at a right angle this is acceptable and
should not create a problem.
Next, one at a time, turn
each of the four screws
that operate the doglegs
counter clockwise a few
turns until you feel the
dogleg is loose from its
resting position. Now
turn the screw clockwise
until you feel the dogleg
Removing the AC6CD Speaker
Tighten all four of the mounting screws in the same
manner until the speaker is properly aligned and held
tight to the wall surface. Caution: Do not over tighten!
Should it ever become necessary to remove the AC6CD
speaker from the ceiling, simply remove the grill and turn
the four mounting screws counter-clockwise until you
feel the doglegs lock out of position in their resting
flange. The speaker should easily come out of the wall
for service or replacement.
Painting the Speaker
A paint shields is included in each AC6CD speaker
package. Place the paint shield inside the frame to
protect the speaker. You can now safely paint the
speaker’s frame to match your wall surface if you desire.
Recommended Speaker Wire Gauges
The resistance of the speaker wire in your installation
can cause your speakers to perform at less than their
optimum quality level. Excess resistance caused by
using an undersized speaker wire can result in loss of
detail and definition in the bass region of your audio
program, as well as, a loss of dynamic range. Over
extremely long wire runs you may even experience a
loss of high frequency amplitude in the audio signal.
When painting the grill caution should be taken to
ensure that paint does not clog or congest the perforated
openings in the grill. This would prevent proper operation
of the grill by restricting the airflow from the individual
drivers in the speaker.
AC6CD Operation
The AC6CD speaker is designed for use where the user
desires to have sound available in an area but does not
need stereo imaging. This may be because of limited
space, such as a bathroom or dressing area, or a long
hallway where even distribution of sound is desired but
stereo imaging is impractical.
To prevent this effect in your installation we have
recommended speaker wire gauges that should not
exceed 0.5 ohms resistance over the recommended
length of wire run.
For the AC6CD speakers we suggest the following
minimum speaker wire gauge be used:
50’ or less - 16 Gauge 4-Cond. CL3
50’ - 150’ - 12 Gauge 4-Cond. CL3
150’ - 200’ - 10 Gauge 4-Cond. CL3
(+) Amp
(-) Amp
6.5” Two Way
Dual Mono In-Ceilling
Figure 4
The AC6CD uses a dual voice coil woofer and dual tweeters. The speaker has separate terminals to allow each
channel of a stereo amplifier to be connected to the one
The AC6CD can also be operated by a single channel from
an amplifier and used just like any conventional in-ceiling
or in-wall speaker. In this configuration you should wire
the speaker terminals in parallel (fig. 4).
AC6CD Specifications
Dual Voice Coil Woofer
Frequency Response
Power Capacity
Outer Dimension
Cut Out Dimension
Mounting depth
6.5” Poly Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround
Dual 19mm Ferro-Fluid cooled tweeters
45Hz to 20kHz +/- 2.5dB
8 ohm
88 dB
100 Watts Peak Power
9” (229mm) diameter
7 13/16” (198mm) diameter
2.9” (73mm)
Two Year Limited Warranty
AudioSource, a division of Peak Audio Group, warrants this product against defects in materials
and workmanship for a limited period of time. For a period of two (2) years from date of original
purchase, we will repair or replace the product, at our option, without charge for parts. Customer
must pay for all labor charges associated with the removal and re-installation of speakers for the
limited period and all parts and labor charges after the limited warranty period expires. The
limited warranty period for factory refurbished products expires after ninety (90) days from date
of original purchase. This limited warranty applies only to purchases from authorized
AudioSource Retailers or Distributors. This limited warranty is extended only to the original
purchaser and is valid only to consumers in the United States.
Consumers are required to provide a copy of the original sales invoice from an authorized
AudioSource Retailer or Distributor when making a claim against this limited warranty. This
limited warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship that occur
during normal use. It does not cover failures resulting from accident, fire, flood, misuse, abuse,
neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, modification, service by
anyone other than AudioSource, or damage that is attributable to Acts of God. It does not cover
costs of transportation to AudioSource or damage in transit. The customer should return their
defective product, freight prepaid and insured, to AudioSource only after receiving a Return
Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not extend the term of this
warranty. Should a product prove to be defective in workmanship or material, the consumer’s
sole remedies will be repair or replacement as provided under the terms of this warranty. If the
defective product is discontinued AudioSource may replace the product with an equivalent or
superior product at its option. Any cost of re-installation or repair of wall or ceiling surface is the
sole responsibility of the customer and that cost shall not be the responsibility of AudioSource.
Under no circumstances shall AudioSource be liable for loss or damage, direct, consequential
or incidental, arising out of the use of or inability to use the product. There are no express
warranties other than described above.
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