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Potterton Promax FSB 30 HE
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The code of practice for the installation,
commissioning & servicing of central
heating systems.
User Operating Guide
and Serial Number
1.0 Operating the Boiler
Integral Timer
Operating the Boiler
1. Hinge down the facia cover (Fig. 1).
2. Turn on the main gas and electricity supplies to the
boiler. The Mains On light ( ) will illuminate green
(Figs. 1 & 2).
Facia Cover
3. Set the central heating control knob to the required
setting (Fig. 1). (The optimum boiler setting depends
upon type of system, external controls and your
requirements. Your installer will be able to advise you on
this matter.)
4. When the system control(s) call for heat the fan will
start to run and after a short period the ignition spark will
commence. Sparking will continue until the flame is
established then stop automatically. Check that both the
Mains ON light ( ) and Boiler ON light ( ) are
illuminated green (Figs. 1 & 2).
5. The boiler can be switched off by turning all external
controls or the optional integral timer Heating and Hot
Water settings to OFF.
To shut down the Boiler
1. Turn off the electricity supply to the boiler at the
system isolation switch and turn off all external controls.
2. Your installer should have demonstrated how to shut
down the boiler - if not he will be able to advise you.
Frost Protection
1. The boiler has integral frost protection. It is
recommended that the installer fits a suitable device to
also protect the system if required. The boiler must be
turned ON at the system isolation switch for frost
Fig. 1
Central Heating
Control Knob
(No OFF Position)
Turn the Central Heating Control Knob clockwise
to increase or anticlockwise to decrease the
boiler flow temperature.
Reset Button
The Reset Button should extingush the
Flame Failure Light and restore normal
Mains On
(Green Light)
This indicates that there is electricity to the Boiler.
Burner On
(Green Light)
This indicates that the Burner has fired up
and is heating your system.
Flame Failure
(Red Light)
If Flame Failure Light is ON press the Reset
Button. If Flame Failure occurs persistently
consult your Installer or Service Engineer.
Fig. 2
Key to Controls
In Operation
1. The Promax FSB 30 HE is a high efficiency “condensing
boiler”. In common with other condensing boilers its
exceptional efficiency means the flue gases are cooled to
such an extent that a plume of water vapour is often
visible at the outside flue terminal. The amount produced
depends on system design, product use and outside air
temperature but it is not harmful to the individual or the
working of the boiler in any way.
2. The boiler incorporates a condensate pump which
may operate at any time, for up to 30 seconds, even
when the boiler is not running.
In the Event of a Gas Leak
1. If a gas leak occurs or is suspected, turn off the gas
supply at the meter control.
2. Do not operate electric light or power switches, either
off or on and ventilate the property.
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3. Contact your gas supplier.
2.0 Safety Devices
LED Fault Indication Label
Operation of Safety Devices
1. Your Promax FSB 30 HE is fitted with safety devices
which shut down the appliance if:
a) the system or boiler overheats.
b) the condensate drain is blocked.
c) there is no gas to the boiler.
Integral Timer
2. The Flame Failure light (
) will be either flashing or
permanently illuminated and the boiler will need resetting
(Fig. 3).
Facia Cover
NOTE: In the case of persistent Flame Failure, shut
down the boiler (see Section 1.2) and consult your
Installer as an appliance or system fault is indicated.
1. Allow the boiler to cool if hot.
2. Hinge down the facia cover.
3. Press the Reset Button (Fig. 3).
4. If the boiler will not reset see the LED Fault Indication
Label on the inside of the facia cover.
5. Further fault finding is described in Section 5.1 ‘Check
Fig. 3
Flame Failure*
Reset Button
*Flame Failure - Red Light
If the Flame Failure Light is ON press
the Reset Button. If Flame Failure occurs
persistently consult your Installer
© Baxi Heating UK Limited 2008
5mm Min
5mm Min
3.0 Installation & General Operation
15mm Min
(25mm if under
non removable
Installation & General Operation
Installation of the boiler should only be carried out
by a CORGI Registered Installer or other
Competent Person
1. Any modification that may interfere with the
normal operation of the boiler without express
written permission from the manufacturer or his agent
could invalidate the boiler warranty. In GB this could
also infringe the Gas Safety (Installation and Use)
2. Do not interfere with any sealed components on
this boiler, or operate it without the casing panels
correctly fitted.
3. Take note of any warning labels on your boiler.
4. Your boiler should have the following minimum
clearances for Safety and Maintenance
(Figs. 4 & 5):Top
Fig. 4
- 15mm
- 5mm
- 5mm (In Operation)
- 500mm (For Servicing)
* It is recommended that any worktop is removable
for servicing access.
5. If your boiler is installed in a compartment, do not
use it for storage purposes.
6. Flammable materials must not be stored in close
proximity to your boiler.
At least
7. Avoid skin contact when your boiler is in operation,
as some surfaces may get hot e.g. pipework.
8. Ensure that the flue terminal, outside the house,
does not become damaged or obstructed, particularly
by foliage.
9. It is important that the condensate drain system is
not blocked, modified or damaged in any way as this
would affect the operation of your boiler. Your
installer should have insulated any part of the
condensate drain that is fitted externally.
500mm Min
For Servicing
10. A condensate disposal pipe runs from your boiler
carrying fluid to a drain. This pipe is plastic and should
not be subjected to sources of heat and must also be
protected against potential damage.
Cleaning the Outercase
The painted panels should be wiped with a damp cloth
and then dried completely. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE
5mm Min
Fig. 5
In Operation
© Baxi Heating UK Limited 2008
4.0 Legislation
Installation, Commissioning, Service & Repair
1. This appliance must be install in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions and the regulations in force.
Read the instructions fully before installing or using the
2. In GB, this must be carried out by a competent person
as stated in the Gas Safety (Installation & Use)
3. Definition of competence: A person who works for a
CORGI registered company and holding current
certificates in the relevant ACS modules, is deemed
4. IN IE (Eire), this must be carried out by a competent
person as stated in I.S. 813 “Domestic Gas Installations”.
Lifting - This product should be lifted and handled by two
people. Stooping should be avoided and protective
equipment worn where necessary. Carrying & lifting
equipment should be used as required, e.g. when installing
in a loft space.
Gas Installer
CARD SERIAL NO. 999999999
All CORGI registered installers carry a CORGI
identification card (see Fig. 6) and have a registration
number. You can check your installer is registered by
telephoning 0870 4012300 or writing to:-
Newtown Heating
1 Elmwood,
Chineham Business Park,
Crockford Lane,
Basingstoke. RG24 8WG.
31 DECEMBER 2010
To confirm validity of this card please contact
CORGI on 0870
401 2300
or check online at
Fig. 6
CORGI Registration Card
The boiler meets the requirements of Statutory
Instrument “The Boiler (Efficiency) Regulations 1993 No
3083” and is deemed to meet the requirements of
Directive 92/42/EEC on the energy efficiency
requirements for new hot water boilers fired with liquid
or gaseous fuels:Type test for purpose of Regulation 5 certified by:
Notified Body 0087.
Product/Production certified by:
Notified Body 0086.
Ref: 86-BL-647
For GB/IE only.
Benchmark Commissioning Checklist
1. Please ensure that your installer hands you the boiler
Installation & Service Instructions with the “Benchmark
Commissioning Checklist sections completed. The
details in the Checklist will be required in the event of
any warranty work. Keep the instructions in a safe place
and ensure that the Service Interval Record at the back
is completed at each service visit.
© Baxi Heating UK Limited 2008
5.0 Fault Finding
Check List
In the unlikely event you have a problem with your boiler
please check the following.
1. Is the electricity supply to your boiler switched on ?
If so the Green ‘Mains On’ ( ) light will be lit.
2. Is the Red flame failure light ( ) lit?
Yes - Reset as described in section 2.2.
No - Continue below
3. Is the gas supply turned on?
4. Is the programmer or timer switch set to On? Refer to
the instruction booklet supplied with these items for
correct setting and operation.
5. Is the temperature control on the boiler set high
6. Are all system controls such as room and cylinder
thermostats set high enough?
7. Are the thermostatic radiator valves set high enough?
Contact your Installer
If you have followed the steps in this simple checklist but
your boiler still does not operate contact your installer.
Any repairs to the boiler will usually be the responsibility
of the Installer during the warranty period.
Installer Help-line
Should your installer need assistance he/she can contact
our trade support help-line for diagnostic and remedy
© Baxi Heating UK Limited 2008
Please complete the boxes below
6.0 Warranty & Service
Serial Number
Standard Warranty Term & Conditions
12 Months Free Warranty - register today
To receive your 12 months free warranty please complete the form supplied
with the boiler or simply call heateam, the service of Baxi Heating UK Ltd on
08706 000 653.
Our promise to you
If you experience a fault with your new boiler, we aim to provide a safe and
high quality repair service supported by our dedicated national network of
highly skilled engineers. If your installer can’t resolve the problem for you, we
will do everything we can to get an engineer out to you as quickly as possible.
Nothing in this warranty will affect your statutory consumer rights.
Date of Installation
Installer Details (name, address and contact number(s))
What you need to do if you experience a problem with your heating system
or the operation of the boiler
You should always contact your installer first, because the fault may not be
related to the boiler. If your installer confirms that the fault is within the boiler
it self and he/she can’t repair it, our friendly customer service team is on hand
to help. Simply call our service division heateam on 0844 871 1560 to book an
engineer visit or for any general advice that you may need. Our contact centre
is open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, weekends and Bank Holidays 8.30am 2pm, excluding Christmas Day and New Years Day.
When calling heateam it would be helpful if you could have the following
information to hand:1
boiler serial number (see opposite).
boiler make and model number.
Your installer name and address details.
Proof of purchase (if you do not have the boiler serial number).
What this warranty covers
Free of charge repair or replacement of components found to be faulty from
Free of charge replacement of the complete unit provided always that the
failure is related to a manufacturing fault that cannot be repaired or is
uneconomic to repair.
The warranty runs for 12 months from the date your product is installed.
Information Label
What this warranty does not cover
Repairs to boilers which haven’t been installed and commissioned properly,
and as set out in the installation instructions (this includes the need to flush the
system effectively and add a suitable corrosion inhibitor).
Any damage caused by hard water scale deposits and/or aggressive water
resulting from corrosion.
Any other defects or failures, either in the connected heating system or
outside of the boiler itself.
Faults caused by inadequate supply of electricity, gas or water to the property.
Installations within commercial settings for which this boiler was not designed.
All descriptions and illustrations provided in this leaflet have been carefully
prepared but we reserve the right to make changes and improvements in
our products which may affect the accuracy of the information contained in
this leaflet. All goods are sold subject to our standard Conditions of Sale
which are available on request.
A Tr a din g D i v i s i on of B a x i Heat i ng U K Lt d ( 3879156)
A divis io n of B a x i Gro u p
Brooks House, Coventry Road, Warwick. CV34 4LL
After Sales Service 0844 871 1560 Technical Enquiries 0844 871 1555
Reimbursement of any third party repair or replacement costs that we haven’t
been told about or agreed with you in advance.
Compensation for consequential losses (e.g. loss of earnings, business losses,
stress and inconvenience) arising from a production breakdown, including
repair delays caused by factors outside our reasonable control.
Annual Service
To ensure you receive the maximum efficiency from your boiler we
recommend your boiler has an annual service so you and your family can
continue to enjoy heating and hot water comfort. To arrange an annual service
from one of our Baxi Heating UK Ltd heating experts, please call to arrange a
visit convenient to you.
© Baxi Heating UK Limited 2008
Publication No. 5117330 - Iss. 2 (02/2008)
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