Shutdown method for LCMS

Shutdown method for LCMS
By Elin Johnsen
Shutdown method for LC-MS
1. Double-click on MassLynx v4.1 icon.
2. In MassLynx click on “edit shutdown or startup”.
3. Choose “auto control tasks” window.
4. Select the task you want by pushing the blue arrow sign under “task”.
5. For shutting down after a LC-MS run choose “LC pump off” first.
6. Add to list by pushing grey button nr.1 (from the left)
7. If you want a delay on the task write how many minutes in “post delay”.
8. Repeat points 5-7 for the tasks:
i. “source gas off” (turns off the N 2 gas)
ii. “standby” (sets the MS-system in standby and turns off the voltage)
9. If you want to remove something from the list push grey button nr.3, after marking
the task you want to remove.
10. When you’re done, save your file. (>file >save as)
11. Click on “shutdown” window.
12. Choose “shutdown after batch” (huk av)
13. Click “browse” and choose your file (>open)
14. Choose desired shutdown time.
15. Down in the right corner it will now say “shutdown enabled”, and if you have
asked for a delay, the countdown will also be shown there after your last run is
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