get your data over to your macintosh

get your data over to your macintosh
Start the RDC program and click on options to the left to open up the program a little more. Then you click on Performance and guess what you internet speed is. The next picture shows what to on the "Get" net. Choose maximum speed at UiO Then click on connect. And up comes the "ugly" Windows desktop on your cute Mac screeen. Click on Other User and follow instructions to log in. Then you need to locate "Computer" -­‐ start by clicking on Start in lower left corner. You see "computer"? Click on it. Now you see something interesting hopefully. You see a disk called M /That is your home directory in Windows language. It does contain a folder called Mac! And you see a disk called R. R contains your nmr data. Your job is now to copy data from R to the part of M that holds your Mac section. First you click on R. Then you click on the folder called uio. Then all our new data locations shows up. (next page). Click on DPX300 Now you see all the users. Continue clicking until you locate your dataset. The following picture shows both both the originating and final destination of the CV40 dataset acquired by a user today (February 1. 2012) I have dragged it to the nmr folder inside the Mac folder inside M. Close all windows inside instrument-­‐ and log off properly. Clcik on Start lower left corner and select logoff. Your dataset is now accessible in your home directory when you Macintosh is inside the UiO network and you have mounted / attached your home directory. If you are home with your mac. Click on the vpn symbol and enter your username and password. The you click on Go in the upper pull down menu and select connect to server and do as follows. . Then you find your data on your home Macintosh. Drag and drop them on MestreNova and preferably store them in a systematic manner as well. 
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