User`s manual | Blitz Audio BZA-3000D Car Amplifier User Manual

Class-D mono block MOSFET neon car audio amplifier
user’s manual
limited warranty policy
a m p l i f i e r s
All Blitz products are carefully constructed and thoroughly tested before
shipment. Products purchased in the USA are warranted to be free of defects
in material and workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase. This
warranty is limited to the original retail purchase.
Should the product fail due to factory defects in material or workmanship,
your unit will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Blitz.
To obtain warranty service you must first call our Consumer Return Hotline
number at (718) 236-6948 to obtain a Return Authorization number. This
R.A.# must appear on the outside of your package and on all paperwork
relating to your return.
When returning a product to us for warranty service it must be carefully packed
and shipped prepaid to:
Blitz Service Center
1600 63rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11204
You must also include the following items:
• A copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase
• A brief letter indicating the problem you are experiencing
• include in your letter your return address, daytime phone number,
and R.A. number
• also include a check or money order for $18.00 for return shipping,
handling, and insurance, or provide your Visa/MC number with
expiration date.
Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or
replacement of the defective unit when it is returned to us prepaid.
This warranty will be considered void if the unit was tampered with,
improperly serviced, or subject to misuse, neglect, or accidental
Thank you for purchasing the Blitz Class-D amplifier.
Rest assured you have purchased a quality product designed
and engineered to give you many years of uncompromised
musical service.The Blitz Class-D amplifier has been designed
using the latest in electronic technology available today.
This is due to the noise introduced into the signal by the switching
speed of the power supply, which must be filtered out of the audio
The power supply incorporated into Blitz amplifier is a DC to DC
switching power supply designed to have adequate headroom for
even the most demanding peak and dynamic range found on
today's CDs and recording.
This mono subwoofer amplifier is the result of advanced high
speed switching technology that overcomes the less-efficient
Class-D design. the Blitz Class-D amplifier reflects
your true appreciation for powerful bass reproduction in the
mobile environment.
This amplifier is designed for low-frequency information only and
it is not capable of reproducing any mid/high-frequency information.
table of contents
general features
features and specifications
system wiring
amplifier and installation
protection circuitry and troubleshooting
general features
2400W Mono Block MOSFET Digital Power Amplifier
· Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier
· 1 Ohm Stable
· MOSFET Power Supply
· PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) System
· Glass Epoxy PCB
· Gold Plated RCA Inputs for Line Input & Bypass Output.
· Gold Plated Terminals for Speaker Output and Power Input.
· Thermal, Overload and Short Protection
· Variable Sub-sonic Filter (15Hz~40Hz, 24dB/Octave)
· Variable Low-pass Filter (20Hz~250Hz, 24dB/Octave)
· Phase Control 0-180 degree
· Remote Bass Control
· Input Impedance : 10K Ohms
· Soft Turn On/Off
· Advanced Protection Circuitry
· S/N Ratio:>90dB
· Heavy Duty Power Coated Heatsink
· NEON Light
· Dimensions: 10.9"(W) x 2.67"(H) x 15"(L)
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Mono channel amplifier
Class-D design
power supplies
crossover low pass filter
high pass subsonic filter
output power @14.4v DC,50Hz
RMS Power at @4 Ohms
Stiffly regulated PWM power supplies. MOSFET switches maintain
RMS Power at @2 Ohms
rated power over a wide range of battery voltages.
RMS Power at @1.3 Ohms
Adjustable from 20Hz to 250Hz with a slope of 24dB per octave.This
Maximum Power Outputs
allows for the adjustment of the upper point of the frequency bandwidth
and the respective subwoofer.
frequency response
input impedance
Adjustable from 15Hz to 40Hz with a slope of 24dB per octave.This allows
Low-frequency information for subwoofer only.High efficient power
for the attenuation of frequencies that are mostly inaudible and cause
unnecessary strain on the amplifier.
protection circuitry
remote dash-mount gain control
input sensitivity
power supply voltage
Protection against thermal, overload and short circuit conditions.
This amplifier come complete with a compact remote GAIN CONTROLLER
which can be conveniently mounted on or under the dashboard of your
1200W MONO
2400W MONO
10K Ohm
250mV~4V Adjustable
14.4V DC Neg.ground(10.5-16V)
min speaker Impedance
1 Ohm
S/N ration
dimensions (W x H x L)
40A x 2
10.9 x 2.67 x 15
system wiring
head unit
system wiring
amplifier and installation
Find a suitable location in the vehicle to mount the amplifier
Make sure there is sufficient air flow around the intended mounting location
wiring tips
Bolt the amplifier to the mounting surface.
Connect the power ground terminal to the nearest point on the chassis of the car. Keep this ground wire less than one meter (39") in length. Use 4 gauge wire.
Connect the remote terminal to the remote output of the head unit using 14 gauge.
Connect an empty fuse holder within 300mm (12") of the battery and 4 gauge or larger high quality cable from this fuse to the amplifier location.
Make sure there is no fuse in this fuse holder. Then make the connection to the "BATT" connection on the amplifier.
If multiple amplifiers are being used, use cables (each with its own fuse at the battery) or a *0 or a *2 cable from the fuse holder at the battery to a distribution block at or near
the amplifier's location.
Connect all line inputs and outputs using high-quality RCA-RCA cables.
Insert fuse(s) at the battery fuse holder(s)
Recheck all connections before powering up.
Set all level controls to their least sensitive positions and set all crossover controls, switches, etc., To the desired frequency or position.
Once the system is powered up, set the volume control on the head unit to about the 2 o'clock position, and then set all the amplifiers' level controls for maximum output level.
Further fine tuning of the various controls may be necessary to obtain the desired results.
Before removing your amplifier, refer to the list below and
follow the suggested procedures.
Always test the speaker and their wires first.
Amplifier will not power up
Check for good ground connection.
Check that remote DC terminal has at least 13.8V DC.
Check that there is battery power on the terminal.
Check all fuses.
Check that Protection LED is not lit. If it is lit, shut off
amplifier briefly and then repower it.
High hiss or engine noise(alternator whine) in speakers.
Disconnect all RCA inputs to the amplifier(s)- if hiss / noise
disappears, then plug in the component driving the amplifier and
unplug its inputs. If hiss / noise disappears, go on until the faulty /
noisy component is found.
It is best to set the amplifier's input level as insensitive as possible.
The best subjective S/N ratio is obtainable this way. Try to drive as
high a signal level from the head unit as possible.
Protection LED comes on when the amplifier is powered up.
Check for shorts on speaker leads.
Check that the volume control on the head units is turned down low.
Remove speaker leads, and reset the amplifier. if the protection LED still comes on,
then the amplifier is faulty.
Amplifier(s) gets very hot.
Check that the minimum speaker impedance for that model is correct.
Check for speaker shorts.
Check that there is good airflow around the amplifier. in some applications, an external
cooling fan may be required.
Distorted sound
Check that the level control(s) is set to match the signal level of the head unit.
Check that all crossover frequencies have been properly set.
Check for shorts on the speaker leads.
High squeal noise from speakers.
This is always caused by a poorly-grounded RCA patch cord.
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