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e) Wipe up any spilled petrol.
First of all, we would like to congratulate you on having purchased
an IBEA vacuum cleaner. From years of experience with machines and accessories designed for the care and maintenance of
parks and gardens, our company has developed a vacuum cleaner to help you keep your lawn perfect. IBEA machines are designed for durability and complete safety so long as you carefully
follow the instructions contained in this manual and use the
machine correctly. We recommend that you read this manual
carefully before using your vacuum cleaner, as an incorrect or
insufficient knowledge of how the machine operates could result
in personal injury or damage to the machine.
An IBEA vacuum cleaner is a modern machine designed to clean
your lawn efficiently and effortlessly. As long as the machine is
correctly assembled, used and looked after, we can guarantee
that it will offer you complete satisfaction for many years to come.
Read this manual carefully before operating the machine.
Points of particular importance, usually relating to safety, are
highlighted in heavy type. Should you require any additional
information relating to the safety and performance of your machine, please contact local authorised IBEA dealer or distributor, who
can offer you a complete service and technical information as well
as original IBEA spare parts and accessories.
Improper use or maintenance by the operator or owner of the
vacuum cleaner may result in damages and personal injury. To
reduce the likelihood of accidents, follow these safety instructions.
Before operating
9. Make sure that all safety components are mounted
10. The motor must be turned off before the collecting bag is
removed and emptied.
11. If the chute is clogged, turn the engine off, wait for the blade to
stop, disconnect high tension wire from the spark plug and remove the obstruction with a stick.
12. Keep face, hands and feet away from the deck when the engine is running.
13. Maintain a safe distance, as defined by the handles, until the
engine and rotor have stopped.
14. Before lifting the machine in order to move it from one place
to another, turn the engine off and wait until the rotor stops rotating.
15. NEVER leave the cleaner with the engine running.
16. NEVER touch the engine when it is running or shortly after it
has stopped because the muffler or engine will be hot enough to
cause a burn .
17. NEVER run the engine in a closed area as the fumes are poisonous.
18. Do not tilt the machine when turning the engine on.
19. Improper use of the vacuum cleaner can lead to injuries caused by debris being thrown out by the rotor.
1. Operate the vacuum cleaner only after reading this manual .
2. Never allow children to operate the machine or adults who are
not familiar with the correct instructions.
3. The operator is liable for any damages caused to others whilst
using the vacuum cleaner. Keep everyone, especially children
and pets, away from the working area.
4. Familiarise yourself with the controls; particularly how to stop
the engine.
5. Remove sticks, stones, wires and any other debris that might
be picked up and thrown.
6. Wear long trousers and heavy shoes. Do not operate vacuum
cleaner whilst wearing sandals or tennis shoes.
7. Petrol is highly inflammable:
a) Use a suitable container.
b) NEVER fill the tank when the engine is running or hot.
c) NEVER smoke whilst handling fuel.
d) Always fill the tank outdoors, using a funnel.
Whilst operating
8. Operating the vacuum cleaner requires care and attention.
Therefore concentrate on what you are doing and always maintain a secure footing.
20. Before the vacuum cleaner is serviced or adjusted turn the
engine off, wait for all moving parts to stop and disconnect high
tension wire from the spark plug.
21. To assure the machine is in safe operating condition, frequently check and keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight. Assure the
engine mounting bolts are tightened to 2.5 Kgm.
22. Always empty the fuel tank if you have to tilt the machine
during maintenance.
23. To reduce potential fire hazards, make sure ,the mower is free
of excessive, grass, leaves and accumulations of dirt.
24. If vacuum cleaner vibrates abnormally, stop the engine and
remove wire from the spark plug. When all moving parts have
stopped, check the machine for damage and make all repairs
before using it again.
25. The grass bag must always be in good condition; therefore
check it before use to assure the bag is not torn or worn. Replace
a defective grass bag..
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26. DO NOT try and regulate the rpm of the engine yourself. If
necessary, have the engine adjusted by your authorised IBEA
28. At the time of manufacture the machine conformed to safety
standards. To assure optimum performance and continued safety,
use only original IBEA replacement parts.
27. Allow engine to cool before storing the machine in any enclosed space, such as a garage or storage shed. Do not store it
where there is the possibility of flames or sparks setting alight any
residual fuel in the tank.
29. Perform only those maintenance instructions described in this
manual. If major repairs are ever needed or if assistance is desired, contact an authorised IBEA service dealer.
Assembling the handle.
1. Additional plug
2. Height adjustment lever
3. Cable clamp
4. Zipper
5. Throttle lever
6. Bag coupling
7. Starter handle
1. Pull the grassbag over the chute door.
2. Pull the grassbag over the upper handle.
3. Secure the grassbag to its couplings on the handle.
Working height adjustment.
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A. Filling with oil SAE 30 of high quality (SE, SF, SG) 0,6 l.
B. Filling with petrol. Use clean and fresh petrol.
On electric start models, just turn the ignition key to start the engine.
ATTENTION: When the engine is already warm it is not
necessary to press the pump in oder to start it. To
stop the engine, move the throttle to the “STOP” position.
ATTENTION: Do not mix oil and gasoline. See engine
manual for further information on oil and fuel.
1. Move the throttle lever to the
2. Press the pump three times to enrichen the carburetion.
3. Slowly pull the starter handle until the cord is stretched tight
and then pull hard to start the engine.
Keep people and animals away from the working area.
Always wear headset to protect your ears from excessive noise
during operation.
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Keep hands and feet away from the chute door and the rotor
under the deck.
Unzip the bag to dump the contents.
ATTENTION: Before unzipping the bag, make sure the
engine is off and the rotor has stopped.
Clean the air filter every 25 hours. Replace it every season (see
engine manual for further information).
Throttle cable adjustment
With the throttle lever on start position, loosen the plate screw on
the engine. Move the cable until the throttle is closed and then
tighten the screw.
Operate only with grassbag in position.
ATTENTION: Make sure the engine is off and the plug
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Assembling the kit
1. Remove the additional plug.
2. Insert the adapter into the mowerdeck.
3. Insert the hose into the adapter.
4. Insert the vacuum spout into the hose.
5. Apply the tie strap to the lower part of mowerdeck.
1. Store battery in dry and ventilated area disconnecting the battery from the wiring harness.
Storage temperature should not exceed 23¡ C.
2. Avoid storing discharged batteries. It is extremely important
that batteries are fully charged before storing.
3. If battery has discharged, it should be put immediately on
recharge. Required recharging time: 24 h.
4. Use only the charger supplied with the battery or one with following features: maximum current output 100-200 MA at 12 Volts
Nominal Voltage DC.
5. Before prolonged lawnmower storage, disconnect battery from
engine wiring harness and make sure battery is fully charged.
6. Avoid shorting battery terminals. The high current delivered by
batteries can overheat and damage the insulation and internal
Leave the unit on a level surface and shift the throttle lever to the
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