Specifications | Boston Acoustics Center Channel Speaker Speaker User Manual

High Performance Center Channel Speaker
Frequency Response (±3dB)
Recommended Amplifier Power
15–125 watts
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Sensitivity [1 watt (2.83v) at 1m]
Bass Unit
41⁄2" (115mm) copolymer
1" (25mm) black anodized
aluminum dome with AMD
Crossover Frequency
Dimensions (HxWxD)
141⁄4 x 61⁄2 x 41⁄4" (362 x 166 x 108mm)
5.5 lbs. (2.48kg)
Black textured ABS
with matching cloth grille
The Boston Bravo Center is a compact, high performance center channel loudspeaker which is magnetically shielded
with MagnaGuard® for interference-free placement on top of any type of television set. It uses Boston’s patented
1-inch aluminum dome VR tweeter with AMD and a 41⁄2-inch woofer. Its built-in, height adjustable rear stand allows it
to be safely placed on top of any type of television set regardless how wide the top surface is or how much it angles.
Setting up the Boston Bravo Center on any television set is as simple as loosening the thumbwheel on the adjustable
rear stand and then sliding the rear leg up or down to acommodate the top surface of your televsion. This adjustable
rear stand can also be used to safely angle the Boston Bravo Center to compensate for the height of the television set
in relation to the listening position. You can also use the Boston CRB swivel bracket to wall mount the Boston Bravo
Center. The CRB easily attaches to the two compatible screw holes located above the sliding stand on the rear.
By virtue of its patented VR tweeter, the Boston Bravo Center is an economical and appropriate choice as a center
channel speaker for any Boston system using similarly equipped main and rear channel speakers: VR-M50, 60, 80, 90,
and VR-MX; VR940, 950, 965, 975; MR90x, and 100x. However, since it shares the Boston Sound™ with all other Boston
speakers, the Boston Bravo Center can be used successfully as a center channel speaker with any Boston main and
surround speakers. The Boston Bravo Center can also be used in conjunction with any of today’s widely available
quality loudspeaker brands.
An ideal home theater application would be to use the Boston Bravo Center in conjunction with four standard Boston
Bravos. When four are placed vertically in the corners of a room, the standard Boston Bravo creates an unusually wide
listening window, providing true stereo or surround sound reproduction over the broadest possible area. Add the
Boston Bravo Center and a Boston powered subwoofer and you have a compact and powerful, yet unobtrusive home
theater/surround sound system.
How to Connect Your Speaker
Correctly wiring your Boston Bravo Center is important for achieving the best sound quality. Wiring should take just
a few minutes, but it’s important to do it carefully, since incorrect wiring (such as reversed connections) can result in
a poor soundstage and poor bass.
We recommend 18-gauge wire or thicker for runs up to 15 feet (4.5m), and 16-gauge wire or thicker for longer runs.
Separate the first few inches of the wire conductors. Strip off 1⁄ 2" (12mm) of insulation from the ends of each
speaker wire to expose the two conductors and tightly twist the wire strands.
WARNING: To prevent electrical shock hazard, always switch off the amplifier or receiver when making connections
to the speaker.
When making all connections, be sure to connect the + (red) on the speaker to the + (red) on the amplifier, and the
– (black) on the speaker to the – (black) on the amplifier.
1/ "
IMPORTANT: Typically, one side of the wire is smooth.
Connect this side to the – (black) connection. The
other side has a rib or stripe. Connect this to the
+ (red) connection.
Using the spring terminal posts: The spring terminal
posts permit easy connection to banana plugs, spade
lugs, and bare wire.
Push the the top of the terminal down by approximately
1⁄4-inch, exposing the hole. Insert the wire in the hole
and release the terminal.
Checking the Speaker Connections
It is important that your speaker is hooked up with similar polarity or “in phase”. A simple listening test will tell you
if your speaker is connected properly. Reverse the connections while listening to music with your amplifier set to
MONO. You’ll hear a dramatic change in sound. The connection that yields the fuller bass and louder sound is
Connecting the Boston Bravo Center to Your Amplifier or Receiver
1. Connect the speaker terminals to the amplifier
speaker outputs.
2. When making all connections, be sure to connect
+ to + and – to – .
3. If you are using your Boston Bravo Center with a
Dolby Digital® reciever, set the center channel’s bass
managment to SMALL in the reciever’s setup menu.
This will divert very low frequencies away from the
center channel to the main speakers and/or
surround sound receiver/amplifier
Configuring the Boston Bravo Center to Your Setup
The Boston Bravo Center can be configured to accommodate any style of television and home theater
arrangement. Take a minute to study the type of television that you have in order to determine which of the
following configurations you should use.
Flat Top Placement
This is the simplest way to configure the speaker and should
be used wherever possible. If you are placing the Boston
Bravo Center on top of a rear projection TV or one with a large
flat top surface (six inches or more in depth), then you can use
it just the way it comes out of the box. Use the four
self-adhesive rubber feet (provided) to protect the TV’s finish
and reduce vibration. Peel off and apply a foot to each
semi-circular pad located underneath the two front corners of
the housing as shown. Apply the other two feet to the outer-
self-adhesive feet
most corners of the rear support section on either side of the rotating mounting pad as shown. Alternatively, you
may wish to secure the speaker to its surface by eliminating the rear feet and using the self-adhesive, pre-installed
hook-and-loop strip instead (see illustration below).
Angled Top Placement
If your TV has a shallow top (less than six inches in depth) and angles downward in the back, then you should use
the sliding rear stand to secure the back half of the speaker. First apply the two front
rubber feet as shown above (do not apply the rear feet). Loosen the knurled
knob, move the slide
down and flip up the
rotating mounting pad.
With the speaker
centered and in the
position that you want
it to stay in, move the
slide down until the
mounting pad contacts the
angled surface of the TV. Pull off the
1 1/2'' (38mm) max
rotating mounting pad
pre-installed self-adhesive strip
paper backing
paper backing from the pre-attached, self-adhesive hook-and-loop strip and stick the mounting pad on the TV.
Press down on the mounting pad to ensure that the two hook-and-loop halves are locked. Adjust the speaker to its
upright position and tighten the knob firmly. If you need to move
the slide down more than one inch, then remove the knob from
upper hole
the upper hole and screw it into the lower hole as shown to the
left. This will centralize the contact point of the slide and prevent
any rattling that may occur at very loud volumes. It will also
lower hole
double the adjustment depth to three inches.
3'' (76mm) max
Configuring the Boston Bravo Center to Your Setup (con’t)
Wall Mounting
You can also mount the Boston Bravo Center
to the wall above the TV. To do so, you will
optional CRB bracket
need to purchase the optional Boston CRB
swivel bracket. The CRB will mount to the
rear of the speaker using the two attachment
holes shown to the right. Refer to the
instruction manual that comes with the CRB
bracket for further installation information. You can purchase the Boston CRB bracket from your Boston
Acoustics dealer or use the enclosed order form to purchase it directly from us. We recommend that you
purchase the CRB bracket in black to match your black Boston Bravo Center speaker.
Room Placement
When setting up the Boston Bravo Center to suit your television, try to position it as close as possible to the center
of the screen. The Boston Bravo Center channel is magnetically shielded with MagnaGuard® and can be placed
directly on top of any type of television and not affect or interfere with the picture in any way. It is not necessary
to angle the speaker to face the listeners, although the adjustable rear stand will allow for this (with the
hook-and-loop strip attached to the TV). Shown is a typical Boston Bravo home theater setup consisting of
the Boston Bravo Center, two corner mounted standard Bravos in the front and two side wall mounted standard
Bravos in the rear as surrounds. A Boston powered subwoofer completes the home theater experience.
crossover Hz
Listening Levels and Power Handling
The listed power recommendations in the Specifications section assume you will operate your system in a way that
will not produce distortion. Even these rugged speakers can be damaged by a modest amplifier if it produces
distortion. If you hear a harsh, gritty noise, turn down the volume. Prolonged or repeated operation of your
speaker with a distorted signal from the amplifier can cause damage that is not covered by the warranty.
Limited Warranty
For five years from the date of purchase, Boston Acoustics will repair for the original owner any defect in materials
or workmanship that occurs in normal use of this speaker, without charge for parts and labor.
Your responsibilities are to use the system according to the instructions supplied, to provide safe and secure
transportation to an authorized Boston Acoustics service representative, and to present proof of purchase in the
form of your sales slip when requesting service.
Excluded from this warranty is damage that results from abuse, misuse, accidents, shipping, or repairs or modifications
by anyone other than an authorized Boston Acoustics service representative.
This warranty is void if the serial number has been removed or defaced.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
If Service Seems Necessary
First, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the speakers. If that is not possible, write to:
Boston Acoustics, Inc. 300 Jubilee Drive Peabody, MA 01960 U.S.A.
We will promptly advise you of what action to take. If it is necessary to return your speaker to the factory, please ship
it prepaid. After it has been repaired, we will return it freight prepaid in the U.S.A. and Canada.
Dolby and Dolby Pro Logic are registered trademarks of Dolby
Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
300 Jubilee Drive
Peabody, MA 01960 U.S.A.
VR and AMD are trademarks and MagnaGuard, PowerVent, Boston, and
Boston Acoustics are registered trademarks of Boston Acoustics, Inc.
© 2001 Boston Acoustics, Inc. All rights reserved.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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