Braun 5525 Electric Shaver User Manual

Braun Flex Integral
5525 universal
Type 5503
Use Instructions
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Our products are engineered to meet the highest
standards of quality, functionality and design. We
hope you thoroughly enjoy your new Braun
• Do not use the shaver near or over basins filled
with water (e. g. bath tubs, showers etc.).
• Periodically check the cord for damages
particularly at each end where the cord enters the
• Replace the cord for safety reasons, if it is loose in
the shaver socket 1.
• Do not wind the cord around the shaver.
Braun Flex Integral 5525
Pivoting head and triple
shaving system
This shaver is equipped with a pivoting head which
has a triple shaving system with an integrated
longhair cutter. The pivoting head swings to both
sides and thus automatically adjusts itself to the
contours of your face within its swinging angle. The
triple shaving frame 8 with its twin foil H and the
integrated longhair cutter h provide a permanent
combination shave.
This means that the integrated longhair cutter cuts
the longer hairs, while the twin foil H together with
the cutterblock 7 under the foil, provide a close
shave – all in one stroke.
• Wattage: 6 W.
• Voltage range «mains operation»:
100 - 240 V Q 50 / 60 Hz
(automatic adaption of voltage and frequency).
• Voltage range charging (for cordless operation):
12 - 240 V Q 50 / 60 Hz (automatic adaption of
voltage and frequency).
• Lowest charging voltage: 12 V (–) d. c.
• Best environmental temperature range: + 15 °C to
+ 35 °C. Never expose the shaver to temperatures
of less than 0 °C or more than + 40 °C for longer
than a few hours.
• This product conforms to the EMC-Requirements
as laid down by the Council Directive 89/336/EEC.
For environmental reasons, this appliance is
provided with a nickel-hydrid cell unit. This cell unit
does not contain any poisonous heavy metals.
Nevertheless, in the interest of recycling raw
materials please do not dispose of this appliance in
the household waste at the end of its useful life.
Disposal can take place at a Braun Service Centre or
at appropriate collection sites.
Environmentally friendly
cell unit
Important note: This appliance is equipped with a
special mechanism which has been developed for
easy disassembly of the rechargeable cell unit and
other components for recycling purposes.
Prematurely activating this mechanism by twisting
it opens the housing and thereby destroys the
appliance. Therefore, the mechanism must not be
activated before the end of the useful life of the
product. As for any other repair measures, we
recommend to have this done by a Braun Service
Rechargeable cell removal
1 Shaver socket
2 LCD-display «control»
3 LCD-display «charge»
4 Switch
5 Longhair trimmer
6 Cutterblock base
7 Duo cutterblock
8 Triple shaving frame
H Twin foil
h Integrated longhair cutter
9 Foil protection cap
j Button for releasing the triple shaving frame 8
k Switch lock
Switch 4
Switch lock
Switch positions:
0 = Off (when not in use and always when charging)
1 = Shaving with the twin foil H and the integrated
longhair cutter h
2 = Shaving with the pivoting head locked at an
angle to permit shaving under the nose or at the
3 = The longhair trimmer 5 is activated
The shaver was delivered with the switch lock
activated (position «• lock»). Push the switch lock k
to position «•» before you shave for the first time. To
avoid accidentally switching on the shaver, push the
switch lock to position «• lock».
The LCD displays 2 and 3 show the state of the
shaver and the rechargeable cell unit.
State of the shaver and
cell unit
The rechergeable cell unit is discharged. The shaver
is not in operation.
The cell unit is charged between 0 and 99 %; the
shaver is connected to the mains and the plug
symbol is visible on the display with a green frame
2. Should charging be interrupted during the
charging phase, the plug symbol flashes on the
display, thus reminding you to continue charging.
The shaver is connected to the mains – the plug
symbol is visible on the green framed display. After a
recharging time of approximately 1 hour, the battery
symbol is also visible on the green framed display.
The cell unit is recharged to 100 %.
The cell unit is charged between 100 and 20 %; the
shaver is not connected to the mains. Whether
switched on or off, the battery symbol is visible on the
green framed display.
Cordless shaving/charging
When charging the shaver for the first time, connect
it to the mains (100 - 240 V) and charge it for 4 hours
to full capacity. Then discharge the shaver through
normal shaving until the display 3 flashes.
Recharge the shaver for at least 1 hour until the
black battery symbol appears in the display 2.
This charging method preserves the maximum
capacity of the cell unit. All subsequent charges will
also take only 1 hour (quick charging). The full
capacity is reached after several charge/discharge
cycles. The shaver automatically adapts to all direct
and alternating current voltages (12 - 240 V) and to
frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. Recharging on 12 V (–)
in cars or boats, takes approximately 20 hours. The
surrounding temperature should not exceed + 25 °C.
A full charge will give up to about 70 minutes of
cordless shaving (approximately 20 days based on
3.5 minutes per shave), depending on the thickness
of your beard.
The remainging charge in the cell unit is between 20
and 0 %. The shaver is switched on or off, however,
not connected to the mains. The battery symbol
flashes on the red framed display 3 – thus showing
the remainging charge – until the cell unit is fully
In order to maintain the maximum capacity of the
rechargeable cell unit, it should be discharged about
every 6 months by shaving. Then fully recharged for
approximately 4 hours from the mains. Do not keep
the shaver connected to the mains for a long period
of time (i. e. several weeks).
Preserving the cell unit
Connect the shaver to the mains and turn the shaver
on (see switch 4). If the shaver should not run
immediately – because of the discharged cell unit –
leave it plugged in with the switch 4 set to «0», for
approximately 1 minute. Thereafter, you can shave
with cord plugged into the outled.
Shaving with the cord
Notice: Shaving directly via the cord on voltages
below 100 V (in cars, boats etc.) is not possible.
Take off the foil protection cap 9.
For shaving, push the switch 4 to setting «1».
Hold the shaver at right angles (90°) to the skin.
Stretch the skin with your free hand.
Guide the shaver smoothly against the direction of
beard growth, applying only gentle pressure.
The pivoting cutting system (twin foil H and
integrated longhair cutter h follows the contours of
your face automatically.
While shaving difficult parts of your face (e. g. under
the nose or at the hairline), push switch 4 to setting
«2», to lock the pivoting head at an angle.
Switch the shaver off.
After each shave take off the triple shaving frame 8.
Press the button j to release the triple shaving
frame and pull it off.
Cleaning and maintenance
Tap out slightly the triple shaving frame. Do not clean
the twin foil H with the brush.
Clean the duo cutterblock 7 thoroughly with the
Move the duo cutterblock crosswise and take it off.
Brush out the entire pivoting head area, including the
cutterblock base 6. After cleaning place the duo
cutterblock back into the cutterblock base 6 and
replace the triple shaving frame 8 until it clicks into
Approximately every four weeks clean the duo
cutterblock 7 with Braun cleaning agents.
After every cleaning replace the foil protection
cap 9.
Longhair trimmer 5
Switching the shaver off
To activate the longhair trimmer, move the switch 4
to setting «3». The longhair trimmer moves upwards
and allows easy and exact trimming of the side
Move the switch 4 back to setting «0».
Important: After every shave, put the foil protection
cap 9 on the pivoting head.
The triple shaving frame and duo cutterblock are
precision parts that will wear out over time. To
maintain optimal shaving performance you should
replace these parts when worn. This will ensure that
you continue to get the close, comfortable shave you
expect from your Braun shaver.
Purchasing spare parts
Important: Buy only original Braun spare parts,
especially when replacing the cord or the triple
shaving frame 8. When replacing the triple shaving
frame look for the
brand. Only this way you will
obtain a perfect shave.
Triple shaving frame 8: Remove as described under
«Cleaning and maintenance». Set the new triple
shaving frame on the pivoting head until it clicks into
place. Handle with care.
Duo-cutterblock 7: Take as described under
«Cleaning and maintenance». Place the new duo
cutterblock into the cutterblock base 6 until it clicks
into place.
Parts for an automobile
or boat
Wall holder
for controlled charging
For safety reasons use only the Braun charging cord
No. 5-001-687 (stated on the packaging). It is
available from your dealer or from a Braun Service
Available from your dealer or from a Braun Service
We grant a 1 year guarantee on the product
commencing of the date of purchase.
Within the guarantee period we will eliminate, free of
charge, any defects in the appliance resulting from
faults in material or workmanship either by repairing,
or exchanging parts or exchanging the whole
appliance as we may choose.
Not covered by this guarantee: damage arising from
improper use (operation with incorrect current/
voltage, plugging it into an unsuitable power point,
kinks in the shaving foil, breakage), normal wear on
the shaving foil and defects which have a negligible
effect on the value or operation of the appliance.
The guarantee becomes void if repairs are
undertaken by unauthorized persons and if original
Braun parts are not used.
The guarantee only comes into force if the date of
purchase is confirmed by the dealer‘s stamp and
signature on the guarantee card and registration
card, and if the registration card is sent to the Braun
guarantee office within 4 weeks of pruchase.
Subject to change without notice.
Tips for the perfect shave
• It is recommended to shave before
washing your face; your skin is slightly
swollen after washing.
• Hold the shaver at right angles (90°)
to the skin.
• Stretch your skin and shave against the
direction of beard growth.
• Clean the shaver after every shave
(see «Cleaning and maintenance»).
A poorly cleaned shaver has a reduced
shaving performance.
• Use only properly functioning shaving parts.
This guarantee extends to every country where this
appliance is supplied by Braun or its appointed
distributor and where no import restrictions or other
legal regulations hinder or prevent service being
given under guarantee.
Service under the guarantee does not affect the
expiry date of the guarantee. The guarantee on parts
or entire appliances which are exchanged ends
when the guarantee on this appliance expires.
In the event of a claim under this guarantee, hand in
the complete appliance with the valid guarantee card
to your dealer, or send both to the nearest Braun
Customer Service Centre.
All other claims including for damages resulting from
this guarantee are excluded unless our liability is
legally mandatory.
Those claims arising out of the sales contract with
the vendor are not affected by this guarantee.
For UK only:
This guarantee in no way affects your rights under
statutory law.
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