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PV 2002
PV 2005
PV 2010
Steam iron
Use Instructions
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Type 4691
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Notice: Should the sole plate of your model have
a protective plastic covering, take it off before
using the iron.
Important Safeguards
• Read all instructions carefully before using the iron. Keep the use instructions during the
entire life of the iron.
• Before filling with water, always disconnect the plug from the socket first.
• Always pull the plug and not the cord.
• Electric irons reach high temperatures during operation that could lead to burns.
• Keep the iron away from children, and when it is turned on, keep the unit under supervision.
• Disconnect the plug when leaving the room where you are ironing, even if it is only briefly.
• Never iron or dampen clothes while wearing them.
• During ironing pauses, always place the iron upright in its heel rest.
• Never immerse the iron in water or other liquids.
• The cord should never come into contact with hot objects or the sole plate.
• Check the cord periodically for possible damage.
• Do not use a damaged iron.
• Take it to a Braun Service Center for repair.
• Braun electric appliances meet applicable safety standards.
• This appliance can only be opened by an authorised Braun Service Centre for repairs.
• The cord of this appliance may only be replaced by an authorised Braun Service Centre since
special tools are required.
• Faulty, unqualified repair work may cause accidents or injury to the user.
• Make sure your voltage corresponds to that printed on the iron. Connect the iron to an alternating
current (~) outlet only.
Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality
and design. We hope you thoroughly enjoy
your new Braun steam iron.
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Table of features for each model
PV 2002
PV 2005
PV 2010
Shot of steam
Extra steam
Jet of steam
See typeplate at the bottom of the unit.
Water tank capacity: 215 cc (approximately
1 filling beaker q of water filled up to the
mark = 1 tank filling).
1 Temperature selector
2 Water tank with sliding shutter opening
3 Water spray nozzle
4 Steam regulator / self-cleaning activator
and anti-calc. valve
5 Extra steam button
6 Jet of steam button
7 1- or 2-function button (water spray/
shot of steam see «Table of features»)
8 Pilot light
9 Pivoting cord
j Heel rest
k Cord storage/typeplate
l Transparent water tank
L Maximum marking («max.»)
m Sole plate with 71 steam vents
n Full-lenght button groove
o Slim pointed tip
p Jet of steam outlet
q Filling beaker
Praktical Guidelines
Type of Water to be Used
This iron is designed for tap water. However, if
you have hard water we recommend to use a
mixture of 1/2 part tap water and 1/2 part distilled
water from drug stores or grocery stores.
Important: Never use distilled water (battery
water). Do not add any additives (e. g. starch) to
the water.
To fill iron
1. Pull the plug out of the wall outlet.
2. Put the steam regulator 4 in position «•»
(= steam off).
3. Open sliding shutter 2.
4. Place the iron in the upright position and fill
with water slowly through the tank opening 2
to the «max.» marking L (a), using the beaker
5. Close sliding shutter.
Selecting the temperature
Connect the iron to a safely located wall outlet
and select the ironing temperature with the
temperature selector 1 (b). As soon as the pilot
light 8 goes out, the iron has reached the
temperature selected. To avoid water dripping,
always rest the iron upright while heating it up
keep the steam regulator 4 in position «•»
(= steam off) (c).
You will usually find the following symbols in your
The temperature selector 1 is marked with
these symbols:
The iron is connected
Synthetics (acrylic, acetate)
cotton blends/wool
●●● Cotton/linen
max. Linen
Select the temperature you need according to
these symbols.
Spray, shot of steam, jet of steam
Before you start ironing, we recommend to press
the buttons 3 or 4 times, in order to activate
these functions.
Dry ironing
Set the steam regulator 4 in position «•»
(= steam off) (c) for dry ironing. The water
spray 7 may be used at any temperature
setting to dampen the laundry. The jet of steam
6 and the shot of steam 7 buttons can be
activated during dry ironing, provided that the
temperature selector 1 is within the continuous
red area
Steam ironing
(see «Table of features»)
Temperature selection: Set the temperature
selector 1 within the red
range steam (b) and wait
until the iron has reached the selected
temperature (i. e. the pilot light 8 goes off).
Steam ironing is possible in the entire red range.
Steam ironing at lower temperatures may cause
water drops instead of steam. Should this
happen, turn the steam regulator 4 to the
position «•» (= steam off) (c).
Steam regulator 4:
Select the quantity of
steam required (c) for
each garment with
the steam regulator 4.
You can increase the
quantity by turning the
steam regulator clockwise (wide markings) to the end of the red
Caution: While ironing do not turn the steam
regulator further, otherwise hot water may
come out from the sole plate (see section
By turning the steam regulator ant-clockwise
you can reduce the quantity of steam or turn the
steam off «•» (= steam off) (see «Ironing
Constant steam:
Your Braun steam iron is equipped with a special
tank configuration to privide constant steam
even when the water level in the tank is low.
«Extra steam»*
(coming from the
steam vents in the sole
plate): For stubborn
creases and wrinkles,
collars and cuffs.
When ironing within
the red range
area the extra steam function can
be used. You can press the button 5 (d) for 3
seconds at intervals of no less than 15 seconds.
Jet of steam*
(coming from the
outlets p at the slim
pointed tip o):
Caution: Keep children
away from the jet of
steam and do not hold
your fingers in front of the
outlets p when activating this function.
When ironing within the red range
area the jet of steam function 6 can
be used (e). To do so, press the button 6 at
intervals of no less than 5 seconds. The jet of
steam has been designed not only for steaming
hard to reach areas like pleats, inside of pockets
etc., but also for steaming hanging clothing
(e. g. velvet skirts, curtains, etc.) (g). The jet of
steam functions between horizontal and upright
positions. Be careful not to touch sensitive
textiles with the hot sole plate.
Shot of steam*
(coming from the vents
in the sole plate):
When ironing within
the red area
the shot of
steam function can be
used. It gives an extra,
particularly powerful shot of steam penetrating
deep into the textiles in order to straighten
creases, collars and pleats. The function «shot
of steam» can be used in normal ironing and
also horizontally for steaming hanging clothing
(e. g. velvet skirts, curtains etc.) (g). Press the
shot of steam button 7 at intervals of no less
than 5 seconds. When steaming be careful not to
touch sensitive textiles with the hot sole plate.
* If pressed too frequently, it can drip. Should
this happen, wait a few seconds before using it
Spray (coming from the
nozzle 3):
The spray function can be
used at any temperature,
to dampen laundry. To do
so, press the button 7
(water spray = blue).
Spray / shot of steam
2-function button:
With the model 2010
the functions «water
spray» and «shot of
steam» can be activated
with a 2-function button.
The desired function can
be selected by turning the
button 7 as far as it will
go. The marking (blue =
water spray or red = shot
of steam) must point to
the respective function (f).
Turn the button from blue
(spray) to red (shot of
steam) anti-clockwise
and from red to blue clockwise (f).
After ironing, always pull the plug out of the wall
outlet. Set the temperature selector 1 to «min.»
(b) and the steam regulator 4 to «•» (= steam
off) (c).
To empty the iron hold it with the open water tank
opening 2 downwards (h) and shake it 1 or 2
times. The pivoting cord 9 conveniently winds
up around the cord storage k.
IMPORTANT: Store the cool steam iron in a dry
place and always standing on its heel rest j.
The sole plate may be damaged by remaining
water if it is stored horizontally. The warranty
does not cover faults or damage resulting from
improper storage of the iron.
Maintenance and Cleaning
All models have an aluminium sole plate. To
prevent damaging it, do not iron over buttons or
zippers, etc. Clean the sole plate regularly,
particularly if you use starch or other ironing
aids. To remove mineral/starch residues use a
vinegar and water mixture in the ratio of 1:2.
Never use abrasive scouring pads, powders or
The steam vents m and jet of steam outlets p
may be cleaned with a toothpick or cotton swabs
and vinegar solution, if necessary.
Decalcifying / Self-cleaning
Braun Combi-jet irons have a built-in system
(anti-calc. valve) to prevent calcification. It allows
you to clean residues from the steam chamber.
Do not use commercial decalcifiers; they may
damage the sole plate. We recommend to use
the self-cleaning function every 3 months.
1. Turn the steam regulator 4 to the position «•»
(= steam off).
2. Fill the water tank to the marking «max.» L
and turn the temperature selector 1 to the
●●● marking («self-cleaning» = SC) (A).
3. Plug the iron into the socket and wait till the
pilot light 8 goes off.
4. Unplug the iron and hold it over a sink.
5. Turn the steam regulator 4 clockwise to
the end of the red
marking (B) and then
6. keep turning in to the
double-arrow marking
. The steam regulator will lift (C).
7. Pull out the steam
regulator together with
the valve vertically (D).
Do not touch the lower
end of the anti-calc.
valve with your fingers,
to avoid a possible
greasy film.
8. Allow all water to drain through the steam
vents in the sole plate, while shaking the iron
slightly. (Caution: Hot water and steam come
out from the sole plate.)
9.Wait for the sole plate to cool down and then
clean it (see «Maintenance and Cleaning»).
10. Make sure that the sole plate is completely dry
before storing it.
Cleaning the anti-calc. valve on the steam
During the time the sole plate is cooling down we
recommend to decalcify the anti-calc. valve in
the following way:
1. Put a small quantity of white vinegar (not
vinegar essence) or lemon juice into a glass or
Ironing Guide
To begin ironing, it is best to start with fabrics
requiring a lower temperature (e. g. synthetics),
and continue with those requiring a higher
temperature (e. g. cotton, linen).
Silk and silk-like synthetics tend to waterspot,
therefore before using the water spray feature,
test it on an inconspicuous spot first.
(acrylic, acetate)
• (= steam off)
2. Immerse just the bottom part of the valve in
the liquid, wait till it is
decalcified and carefully brush of remaining residue (E).
Do not use a metal
Silk, rayon,
nylon, polyester,
cotton blends
steam off)
•to (=max.
(= steam off)
to max.
(= steam off)
to max.
3. Then, rinse it under
running water without touching the lower end
of the valve.
to max.
(= steam off)
to max.
Re-inserting the steam regulator with anti-calc.
1. Re-insert the steam regulator so that the
aligns with the marking on
the iron (F).
2. Then push it down carefully and at the same
time turn the button anti-clockwise.
3. Keep turning the button
to the marking «•»
(= steam off).
4. If your iron has the shot
of steam, refill the tank
with water, heat the
iron up and press the
button 7 3 to 4 times in
the shot of steam
function before ironing, to rinse the iron.
ATTENTION: The iron must not be used without
the steam regulator and the anti-calc. valve.
Mixed fabrics: Always select the temperature
suited for the most sensitive fibre the garment
contains. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on
the label.
Subject to chance without notice.
This product conforms to the
EMC-Requirements as laid down by
the Council Directive 89/336/EEC.
We grant a 1 year guarantee on the product
commencing on the date of purchase.
Within the guarantee period we will eliminate,
free of charge, any defects in the appliance
resulting from faults in material or workmanship
either by repairing, or exchanging parts or
exchanging the whole appliance as we may
Not covered by this guarantee: damage arising
from improper use or storage (operation with
incorrect current/voltage, plugging it into an
unsuitabie power point, breakage use of
commercial decalcifyers, wet storage on the
ironing surface), normal wear and defects which
have a negligible effect on the value or operation
of the appliance.
The guarantee becomes void if repairs are
undertaken by unauthorised persons and if
original Braun parts are not used.
The guarantee only comes into force if the date
of purchase is confirmed by the dealer's stamp
and signature on the guarantee card and
registration card.
This guarantee extends to every country where
this appliance is supplied by Braun or its
appointed distributor and where no import
restrictions or other legal regulations hinder or
prevent service being given under guarantee.
Service under the guarantee does not affect the
expiry date of the guarantee. The guarantee on
parts or entire appliances which are exchanged
ends when the guarantee on this appliance
In the event of a claim under this guarantee,
hand in the complete appliance with the valid
guarantee card to your dealer, or send both to
the nearest Braun Customer Service Centre.
All other claims including for damages resulting
from this guarantee are excluded unless our
liability is legally mandatory.
Those claims arising out of the sales contract
with the vendor are not affected by this
For UK only:
This guarantee in no way affects your rights
under statutory law.
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