User guide | Bretford MDMLAP30 Computer Accessories User Manual

MDM Laptop Cart
Power Management System … The “Power Manager
•  The MDM Laptop Cart features the new and improved “Power Manager”, which is designed to continuously charge
even the most power hungry laptops using only one wall outlet.
•  The system uses a “Round Robin” charging cycle that constantly evaluates the demand for power and allows each
electrical strip time to cool down. Cooler batteries last longer, and extended battery life saves you money.
Cut Here - Finished size = 16 W x 11 H - Folded three times, like a map
•  One Auxiliary Outlet is included on the side of the cart to plug in a video projector or printer. Since the “Power Manager”
dedicates power to the auxiliary outlet when in use, the risk of tripping the circuit is eliminated.
•  A Divider Panel separates the computer/battery from the transformer, minimizing the transformer’s heat impact on the
battery … cooler batteries last longer.
The “Power Manager” has two LED indicator lights that let you know what it is happening
The left light is Amber and the right one is Red
What is the “Power Manager” doing?
30 Laptop Computers in Vertical Slots
Maximize your technology investment
Unique Power Management & Control System
gives you the ability to:
Save on energy costs – the Power Manager
knows the more charged a battery, the less power
it requires.
Please Note: It is recommended that
nothing be plugged into the Auxiliary
outlet while charging
Extend the battery life of your computers with
one touch!
Designed for the IT Coordinator, the
Instructor & the Student
Easy to use for the Student
Laser-cut Identification System helps keep you
in control and your investment organized.
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When the power button is switched to the “On” position, both
indicator lights will light up for approximately 2 seconds.
Both lights will then turn off while the “Power Manager” evaluates
the power required to charge the first set of devices.
The Amber light will come on and stay lit indicating that the “Power
Manager” is now in “Smart Charge” mode. This means that laptops
will be charges in groups, three minutes at a time.
Once the power needed to charge all of the devices in the cart
reaches a level that will not trip the circuit, the “Power Manager”
enters “All Charge” mode and both lights will be off. All devices are
now charging.
Basic Troubleshooting
Easy set-up for the IT Coordinator
Easy to maintain by the Instructor
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If both the Amber and Red lights start to blink, it means one set of devices is drawing too much current and the “Power
Manager” needs to be reset by turning it off and back on. If problem persists there may be a faulty device that needs to be
If the Amber light displays single blinks, it means the current required to power the auxiliary outlet is too high. Unplugging
whatever is in the auxiliary outlet should allow the “Power Manager” to resume charging the devices.
If the Amber light displays double blinks, the internal temperature of the cart is too high. Open the doors of the cart and/or move
the cart to a cooler room. The cart should cool down without having to turn off the “Power Manager”
Dual-Locking Swing Handle
Flexible Security
The MDM Laptop Cart is secured with a
unique dual-locking handle built right
into the doors. The handle can be
opened by using EITHER the three digit
combination or a key.
1. Using the Key
•  Insert the key into the lock and
turn it 180 degrees counter
clockwise (2)
•  Lift and turn the handle to open
the door.
•  To re-lock, turn the key 180
degrees clockwise.
2. Using the Combination Lock
•  Dial in the factory set combination
– “000”
•  Turn the wing knob 180 degrees
counter clockwise until the arrow
points straight up (3). Lift and turn
the handle to open the door.
•  To re-lock, turn the wing knob 180
degrees clockwise and scramble
the combination.
3. Changing the Combination
•  Put the keylock in the locked
position and dial in the existing
•  Turn the wing knob 180
degrees + 15 degrees counter
clockwise (3) & (4). Enter the
desired new combination.
•  Turn the wing knob 15 degrees
clockwise. The new
combination is now set.
Part #: 031-9245 01/30/2012
ELECTRICAL: Avoid sparks. Avoid arcing
Always turn OFF the power to the cart before plugging IN or OUT!
How Does a Laptop Computer Manage Heat?
ELECTRICAL: For Safety Purposes, make sure all electrical components do not exceed the the maximum load rating of 12 amps.
To manage the heat stress of the battery, computer engineers include
sophisticated battery management functions in the design of the computers.
They can be found in two places: the external charger & internal to the
notebook computer itself. The transformer converts the alternating current
from the wall socket to a lower voltage direct current. Besides charging the
notebook’s battery these “bricks” as they’re sometimes called, can supply
enough electricity to operate the laptop and charge the battery
ELECTRICAL: Risk of electrical shock. Do not plug the power cord into another extension cord or relocatable power tap.
ELECTRICAL: The power strips inside the laptop cart are only for charging laptop computers. Any other use may cause an
overload for the Power Management System, causing the Power Manager to shutdown. To reset the “Power Manager”, turn off the
main power switch, unplug the non-laptop device, then turn the main switch back on.
Be sure each laptop computer is turned OFF before plugging into the cart..
CAUTION: Do Not block the ventilation holes on the cart. Proper air flow is required for safe operation of equipment.
Deep inside the computer a dedicated microcircuit continuously monitors
and manages the charging current, voltage and temperature of the battery. If
the temperature of the battery exceeds limits, the microcircuit will stop
charging the battery until the temperature drops to acceptable levels.
CAUTION: Cart with computers should be kept in a room with a maximum temperature not to exceed 77° F or 25° C.
CAUTION: Maximum weight of accessories on top of cabinet is 25 pounds.
CAUTION: Avoid loading equipment in the cart in a uneven fashion. Uneven weight distribution could cause a hazardous condition.
Keeping the battery cooler while charging allows the battery to charge faster.
Cable Management System … Done at your Desk!
Step-by-Step Instructions to Organize Your Cords
Unpack the Laptop Computers, being careful to keep each computer with its matching cord set.
Remove the six steel panels that are hooked into the back of the cart.
Thread the Velcro straps through the slots on the panel, tacky side out.
Bundle the cords and lay them on one side of the adapter leaving approximately 16” of the cord that plugs into the computer and
3” of the cord that plugs into the power strip.
Place the bundled cord set between one of the Velcro straps and secure to the panel by running one end of the strap through the
buckle and cinching it tight against itself.
When all five cord and adapter sets have been secured to a panel, lock it into the Divider Panel using the four slots above each
power strip.
Pass the cords through the holes in the divider and place them in the cable management channel above each storage slot.
Thread the end of the cord through the cut-out at end of the channel to hold it in place.
Plug the other end of the cord set into the outlet in the power strip directly below the panel.
A place for everything, and everything in its place.
MDM Laptop Cart
30 Laptop Computers in Vertical Slots
Dual Handle Design
Allows both teachers and
students to push and pull the
cart easily and safely.
Directional Locking
Casters can be locked as a
rigid caster for easy rolling down
the hallway, or unlocked to swivel
for easily getting into tight spaces.
Front View
Laser-Cut ID Numbers
in both front & back help keep
computers and their cable sets in
the right place and make it easy to
identify if something is missing.
Power Manager
keeps the constant flow
of power from a single
wall outlet charging
batteries where needed.
Cord Winder
on the side panel
provides easy access
up high, so that the
cord does not get
crimped under the
You know from personal experience the value of keeping your closet neat and organized. You know exactly where everything is when you open the door. So Bretford developed a closet for all the
cords and cables associated with the laptop computers.
•  Your MDM Laptop Cart has its own Cable Clutter Closet – a lockable compartment at the back of the cart especially designed to keep all the cables away from the computers and from students
retrieving the computers from the front of the cart.
•  The “Desktop” Cord Management system allows the IT Coordinator to organize the computer cord sets while seated at a table. No more bending or kneeling behind the cart!!
•  The interior Divider Panel separates the cart so that 75% of the cart is dedicated to the computers in the front and 25% is dedicated to cables and power adapters in the back. Holes in the Divider
Panel allow the computer connector cables to pass thru and be easily connected to the computers for charging.
•  By separating the computer from its power adapter, you minimize the amount of heat beside the computer battery, allowing it to charge at a lower temperature. Cooler temperatures allow the battery
to charge faster.
Removable Cord
Management panels let IT
Coordinator wrap cable sets at a desk. Back
No more kneeling or bending behind the
cart organizing the power cords.
Security provided by dual-locking handles
built right into the steel constructed doors
•  The Divider Panel also protects your technology investment; even if access is gained through the back panel the computers in the front compartment are secure.
•  Comes with Laser Cut ID Numbers for quickly matching computers with their cord sets.
Typically, every laptop computer comes with 12 feet of cable, plus the adapter 12 x 30 = 360 feet of cable that has to go somewhere
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