Digital Cabinets Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door Main Features

Digital Cabinets Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door Main Features
Digital Cabinets
Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2
Main Features
• Choice of doors to suit varying kitchen requirements.
• Refrigerator models have operating temperatures that
can be adjusted from -24 to -15 °C to suit both meat
and dairy storage requirements.
• Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of
43 °C.
• Forced air circulation for rapid cooling and an even
temperature distribution.
• Accommodates GN 2/1 containers or shelves on antitilt runners.
• External digital temperature display.
• Interior light and lockable door.
• Refrigerator with automatic defrost.
• 20% energy consumption reduction compared to
previous models.
• Mounted on adjustable Stainless steel feet, with
Digital Cabinets
Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door
728425 (RH14FD2F)
Heavy Duty Digital
Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door- 230
Short Form Specification
Item No.
The Electrolux Heavy -Duty Line offers one of the most comprehensive choices of
Included Accessories
Optional Accessories
• Kit for integrated Haccp advanced
connection (Carel) for digital Benefit
cabinets and counters
• Printer for HACCP basic version
Electrolux Professional
[email protected]
PNC 880205 ❑
PNC 881457 ❑
PNC 922166 ❑
Digital Cabinets
Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door
refrigerated storage cabinets available. Constructed internally and externally in
stainless steel, operating over refrigeration or freezer temperature ranges, with
solid or glass doors, with built-in or remote refrigeration unit and in a choice of
either 650 or 1400 liter capacity. High-density expanded polyurethane insulating
foam, 75 mm in thickness. For ambient temperatures up to 43 °C for full door
models, 32 °C for glass door models. CFC and HCFC free. R134a gas in refrigeration
circuit. Gas in foam: Cyclopentane. Supplied with n. 8x2/1GN Rilsan coated grids
and n. 8 sets of 2 Stainless steel grid runners.
The models detailed in this sheet are 1400 liter, 2 door freezer.
castors as an option.
• Constructed from the highest quality AISI 304
Stainless steel.
• Interior base with corners, pressed from a single sheet.
• Sides and back of the 1-door models are formed from
a single sheet of Stainless steel to avoid dirt traps.
• Evaporator unit is placed outside the cell to provide the
maximum storage capacity.
• Refrigerators are fitted with outlet pipe.
• Heavy-duty construction that avoids use of any plastic
• The cooling unit (compressor, condenser and
evaporator) can be removed with a single operation
from either the top or back.
• Evaporator cover is easily removable for service.
• Cabinet fitted with up to 75 mm thickness of
Cyclopentane insulation for best insulating performance.
CFC and HCFC-free insulation.
• Refrigerant type: R134a.
Digital Cabinets
Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2
Supply voltage:
230 V/1N ph/50 Hz
Key Information
Built-in Compressor and Refrigeration Unit
External dimensions, Height
2050 mm
External dimensions, Width
1500 mm
External dimensions, Weight
248 kg
Net weight:
248 kg
Number and type of doors:
Door hinges:
1 Left+1 Right
Number and type of grids
8 GN 2/1
Refrigeration Data
Compressor power:
Refrigerant type:
Refrigeration power:
Refrigerant weight:
Operating temperature min.:
Operating temperature max.:
Type of external material:
Type of internal material:
1 hp, self-contained
1150 W
400 kg
-24 °C
-15 °C
Stainless Steel AISI 304 - Din
Stainless Steel AISI 304 - Din
EI = Electrical connection
Digital Cabinets
Heavy Duty Freezer-1400 lt 2 Door
The company reserves the right to make modifications to the products
without prior notice. All information correct at time of printing.
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