Brother BAS-311G Sewing Machine User Manual

Direct Drive
Programmable electronic pattern sewer
with cylinder bed
• Sewing data is sewn faithfully and attractively
• High maximum sewing speed
• Economical operation with low power consumption
• Work clamp lift amount can be adjusted
easily from the operation panel
• Easy-to-use programmer PD-3000 (optional product)
The world's highest sewing speed has been achieved and beautiful seams can be produced even at high speeds.
It provides high sewing quality and increases productivity for a wide range of applications while saving energy.
High quality sewn products made with beautiful stitching
High quality stitching exactly the way it is programmed even at high-speed sewing
With adoption of the high-rigid feed mechanism with servo-control, high-precision
pattern sewing is available and feed drifting, which is electronic sewing machinespecific, does not occur even with high speed or weighty material sewing.
Low thread tension sewing is possible with stable thread tension
The high-rigid feed mechanism with servo-control and the needle bar / thread
take-up mechanism having optimal timing and stroke have realized stable thread
tightening at low tension sewing. It has enlarged the range of balanced thread
Presser foot control mechanism always provides uniform thread tightness
When thickness of material has been changed, the height of the
stepping presser foot is changed so that a fixed amount of
presser foot moving is constantly provided. This prevents the
stepping presser foot from lifting too much or being excessively
pressed and thus uniform thread tightness can be obtained.
The height of the stepping presser foot can be set with no tools
required, simply by entering a numeric value from the operation
panel or in a program.
Furthermore, you can use user programs to set the stepping
presser foot height to the desired height separately for each
sewing program.
Smooth and beautiful stitches can be produced with a minimum resolution of 0.05 mm
Since the data is resolved at 0.05 mm per pulse for the feed, slanted lines and curves are accurately
sewn with beautiful finishes. Also, a simple single point embroidery motif can be sewn, and embroidering
on heavy materials, which is not easy with a general embroidery machine, is also possible.
Productivity is increased with maximum sewing speed of 2,700 rpm
With the adoption of a Brother's unique direct drive motor,
starting and stopping is quick. Machine time has been reduced
by approximately 10% compared to the previous model and thus
productivity is increased.
Machine time
Sewing rectangle pattern, 60x99mm
(No.of stitches:106, stitch length:3mm)
Economical operation with low power consumption
The direct drive mechanism greatly reduces power transmission
losses, and a compact and energy-efficient motor has also been
adopted. These innovations result in energy savings of
approximately 50% from previous models. This is a
programmable electronic pattern sewer with the lowest power
consumption in the market.
Power consumption
Sewing rectangle pattern, 60x99mm
(No. of stitches: 106, stitch length: 3mm,
sewing speed: 2,500 rpm, sewing 504 pieces/hour)
Powerful needle penetration force
A more powerful motor (550W) has been adopted.
The needle penetration force is powerful even at low
speeds, and there is plenty of power available for
sewing thick materials.
Needle penetration force
Sewing speed
Work clamp lift amount can be set on operation panel (Solenoid specification)
As the work clamp operation is controlled by a pulse
motor, the work clamp lift amount can be set simply by
entering a numeric value at the operation panel without
need of using tools. Furthermore, you can use the user
programs to set desired work clamp lift amount for each
program respectively. No need to adjust the amount at
every change of programs.
3 types of work clamp lowering operation (Solenoid specification)
You can select desired work clamp lowering operation
from three patterns by changing the memory switch
Two-step drop: The work clamp drops from the highest
position to pause at an intermediate position, then drops
to the lowest position. Quick and accurate positioning of
materials can be made with optimal work clamp height.
The total cycle time can be reduced.
One-step drop: The work clamp drops from the highest
position to the lowest position at once. The quick
pressing operation is suitable for occasions when the positioning materials with the work clamp is
not necessary while it is positioned with the feed plate beforehand.
Analog dropping: The work clamp comes down in direct proportion to the pedal depression amount
without steps. You can lower it with making subtle positioning of materials.
* The factory setting is the two-step drop.
Large-capacity memory capable of storing bulky data
Large-capacity memory (*512 programs, 500,000 stitches) is
embedded in the sewing machine so that a large quantity of data
can be stored. There is no need to read a program each time it has
been changed.
A compact flash (CF) card has been adopted for handling a large
amount of data. Read and write speed is fast, which allows multiple
data to be copied or moved to other sewing machines or computers
for data management.
*The number of patterns and stitches which can be stored depends on the number of stitches
for each program.
Easy programmer* with large color LCD
Easy programming
• Programs can be easily created in the same
procedure as the programmer of the previous model.
• A shape of pattern data can be checked while it is
• Comments can be added to the program. Also,
horizontal and vertical sizes are displayed so that
programs of similar figures can be identified.
Sewing data can be managed with programmer
Sewing data management is easy because sewing
data image can be displayed and sewing data can be
copied and moved easily.
*optional product
Sewing area 130x100mm (BAS-311G)
The sewing area of the BAS-311G is 130x100mm, which is larger than that of the previous model.
It offers a wider range of applications, especially in sewing bags and jeans.
Evenly applied presser pressure
The angle of the work clamp can be adjusted. Pressure is given
evenly to the front, rear and sides of the work clamp so that a sewn
product can be clamped firmly and accurate sewing finish is
Changing sewing pattern is simple
Work clamp can be replaced quickly and
Simply by loosening the two screws, the work
clamp can be replaced quickly. It can also be
installed accurately by using the positioning pins.
positioning pins
Feed plate can be replaced accurately
When replacing the feed plate, stitch data can be
easily and accurately aligned with the feed plate
by aligning the reference holes of the needle
plate and the feed plate.
Simple adjustment
Driver phase can be adjusted easily
Pulley positioned in convenient location
The driver phase can be adjusted from the side
without tilting the sewing machine. This reduces
time taken for the adjustment and improves
productivity when materials are changed.
The pulley is positioned in the convenient
location on the side of the sewing
machine arm. Needle drop and hook timing
can be checked easily.
Improved durability
The adoption of a linear guide (both X and Y feed directions) has improved feed durability.
Environmentally friendly
Brother has established the “Brother Green Label” in conformity with
ISO 14021 international standard and JIS Q14021 Japanese Industrial
Standard. BAS-311G and 326G have been approved for this standard.
The models are environment-conscious machines achieving industry’s
top energy saving with the direct drive system, use of lead-free solder in
all PCB, and significant extension of the hook’s lifetime.
Industry’s top energy saving with the
direct drive system
Use of lead-free solder in all PCB
Significant extension of the hook’s lifetime
Inner clamping device*
Air wiper (vertical wiper)**
Sewing data programming software
This is operated with the outer presser by
air and so material slippage will not occur.
It is suitable for sewing around labels,
emblems and Velcro straps.
This is driven by a pneumatic cylinder and
useful when a thread cannot be
completely pulled out from fabric in sewing
extra heavy materials.
Upper thread nipper**
Horizontal wiper**
This holds upper thread after thread
trimming. It prevents the thread from
tangling on the back of material, thus
giving a better sewing finish. It also
prevents the thread from pulling out of a
needle at sewing start.
It wipes upper thread in the horizontal
direction and is used in conjunction with
the inner clamping device.
Needle cooler**
Thread breakage detector**
Triple pedal for standing operation**
This is a pneumatic type needle cooler
which prevents thread breakage due to
heat. It is particularly useful for sewing
heavy materials or sewing at high speeds.
When it detects thread breakage, the sewing
machine stops automatically and warns its
operator. It is helpful when one operator uses
many machines at the same time.
In addition to the start pedal, the right and
left pedals operate independently. This
allows fabric to be positioned even more
This is a software package that lets you
create, edit and modify sewing patterns for
electronic sewing machines using a
personal computer with no skill required.
* The part codes are different for 311G and 326G.
**The part code is the same for 311G and 326G.
For heavy materials
For medium materials
Work clamp
S Solenoid
A Pneumatic
Work clamp
A Pneumatic
For heavy materials
For medium materials
Lock stitch
Double hook
Sewing area
Stitch length
Thread trimmer
Thread wiper
Max sewing speed
Air consumption
130100mm 0.05 - 12.7mm
1.7 l/min
220100mm 0.05 - 12.7mm
1.7 l/min
Sewing machine
Stitch form
Max. sewing speed
Sewing size (XY)
Feed mechanism
Stitch length
No. of stitches
Work clamp drive
Height of work clamp
2-step work clamp
Stepping presser foot lift amount
Stepping presser foot stroke
Thread wiper
Thread trimmer
Data storage media
Power supply
Air pressure
Lock stitch pattern tacking sewing machine (with double-capacity hook)
Single needle lock stitch
2,700 rpm
2,700 rpm
Max. 130100 mm
Max. 220100 mm
Stepping feed (pulse motor drive)
0.05 - 12.7mm
20,000 stitches per pattern
Pulse motor drive
Solenoid: Max. 25 mm
Max. 30 mm
Pneumatic: Max. 30 mm
Solenoid: Unit work clamp
Separate work clamp
Pneumatic: Separate work clamp
22 mm
0 or 2 - 10 mm (Factory setting: 3 mm)
Double-capacity shuttle hook (Standard capacity hook: Option)
Standard equipment
Standard equipment
Flash memory (Sewing patterns can be added using CF card)
3.5 floppy disk 2HD/1.44MB, 2DD (option)
AC servo motor 550W
Machine head: Approx. 88 kg
Operation panel: Approx. 0.6 kg
Control box: 14.2 - 16.2 kg (depending on destination)
Single phase 100V / 220V, 3-phase 200V/220V/380V/400V 400VA
0.5 Mpa 1.7 l/min
CF(TM) is a trademark of a SanDisk Corporation. CompactFlash(R) is a trademark or US registered trademark of SanDisk Corporation.
Product specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. Please read instruction manual before using the machine for safety operation.
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