Manual 20280499

Manual 20280499
FPCA4404/C FAct Sheet (Back)eSpring '01
Hard Disk Drive
Wireless Features
Storage Devices
External 1/O Interface
Infrared Mouse
IR Interface
Quick Touch Panel
(Mode Switch supported)
Pointing Device
PCMCIA Interface
AC Adapter
OS Bundled
OS Supported
Designed for Designed for
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Microsoft® Microsoft®
. Windows®2000 Windows® Me
pentiume/// Professiona
Fujitsu Systems Fujitsu Philippines Inc.
Business (Thailand) Ltd Tel: 632-812 4001
PC Division Fax: 632-817 7576
Tel: 662-658 0350
Fax: 662-658 0356
LIFEBOOK C-6599 / C-6572
e Wireless connectivity ( Integrated Bluetooth” )
e Top speed 850MHz Pentium® III Processor ( w/ SpeedStep” )
e Hi-resolution ( 1400 x 1050 ) Super XGA + TFT screen
— * 400Mbps hi-speed AV connections ( IEEE 1394)
e CoolView ( Intelligent panel )
C-6599 C-6572
Intel® Pentium® Ill processor 850MHz Intel® Pentium® III processor 750MHz
(w/ SpeedStep”) (w/ SpeedStep”)
256MB 128MB SDRAM, Max. 256MB
30GB (S.M.A.R.T. support) 20GB (S.M.A.R.T. support)
512KB flash memory
Intel® 440MX
14.1" Super XGA+ TFT colour 14.1" XGA TFT colour
ATI Rage Mobility-P, 8BMB SDRAM (integrated) with 3D graphics accelerator
and MPEG-2 support (for DVD)
AC Link Audio (AC97 compliance: Yamaha YMF743 codec)
Internal Speakers (Stereo)
V.90 modem (built-in)
Bluetooth™ Integrated ** -
Combo (DVD & CD-R/RW) Drive CD-ROM, DVD or CD-R/RW Drive
Floppy Disk Drive Floppy Disk Drive
1 x VGA, 1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port,
1 x Serial, 1 x Parallel, 2 x USB, 1 x RJ11
IEEE1394, Video out (S Type)
IR mouse receiver, SPDIF (Optical out)
Audio (Line-in Headphone-out, Microphone-in),
AC adapter power input
- IrDA1.1 (Max. 4Mbps)
Application Mode : Programmable application launch buttons
for Internet, email and two other software and,
Disc Player Mode : Player for Audio CD and DVD
Key pitch 19mm, Key stroke 3mm
Touch Pad with scroll button
Туре l or ll x 2 slots or Type Ill x 1 slot
Input: AC100-240V, Output: DC16V 3.36A
Approx. 3.5 hours* Approx. 3.7 hours*
Li-lon 10.8V 4500mAH Li-lon 10.8V 4500mAH
Microsoft Windows® Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows® 98 (2nd Edition)
Microsoft Windows® Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional
310mm(W) x 289.5mm(D) x 46.3mm(H)
Approx. 3.3kg (with DVD drive) / 3.2kg (with CD-ROM or CD-R/RW drive)
* Results obtained from Ziff Davis Battery MarkV4.0. Actual battery life will vary based on screen brightness,
applications, features, power management setting, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences.
DVD or hard drive usage may also have a significant impact on battery life.
** Not available for Windows? 98 (2nd Edition) and Windows® 2000 Professional.
All rights to the mentioned trademarks
reside with their respective owners. Dealer:
Fujitsu endeavours to ensure that the
information in this documentation is
correct and fairly stated, but does not
accept liability for any errors or
omissions. The development of Fujitsu
products and services is continuous and
published information may not be up to
date. It is important to check the current
position with Fujitsu. The document is
not part of the contract or licence save in
so far as may be expressly agreed.
Q B | ueto oth The BLUETOOTH” trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Fujitsu under license.
Fujitsu PCs use genuine Windows* Operating Systems
PT Fujitsu Systems Fujitsu Computer Fujitsu PC Fujitsu Australia Ltd
(Indonesia) Systems of Vietnam Ltd Asia Ltd Tel: 612-9776 4555
Tel: 62-21 344 2601 Tel: 84-4-8313895~7 Tel: 852-2868 0303 Fax: 612-9776 4501
Fax: 62-21 344 2593 Fax: 84-4-8313898 Fax: 852-2868 0307 Email:
Website: RP Webmail:
Note: For countries not listed above, please contact our Singapore office.
FPCA4404/C FAct Sheet (Back) Spring '01
DOC NO: FLB.C-6599/C-6572.F3E. PRINTED IN APRIL 2001 (SPRING '01)
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