Owner`s manual | Bryston 10B-LR Music Mixer User Manual

for Models
10B-STD, 10B-SUB & 10B-LR
The 10B crossover is available in three stock versions; 10B-SUB incorporating frequencies more
suitable to sub-woofer applications (40Hz to 500hz), 10B-STD which is more applicable to speakers
requiring frequency control in the mid-band and tweeter areas (70Hz to 4500Hz) and the 10B-LR,
which uses plug in resistor programming cards to set the crossover frequency. Both the 10B-SUB
and 10B-STD crossovers include a mode called Mono Low Pass (see below) which replaces the Two
Way Mono (Linkwitz-Riley) mode in older model 10B’s. The Two Way Mono mode (see below) is
retained in the 10B-LR allowing for very steep (non Linkwitz-Riley) 8th order filters.
MONO LOW PASS mode (10B-SUB and 10B-STD only):
The 10B-STD and 10B-SUB crossovers generate a summed low pass output signal by first summing
or adding together the left channel and right channel input signals to form a left plus right (L+R) signal. If the MODE switch (located on the rear panel) is in the Mono Low Pass position then this L+R
signal is fed into both of the low pass filter sections (Left and Right) available in the 10B. As a result,
the common low pass output can be taken from either of the two low pass (LP) outputs; either left LP
out or right LP out. These outputs are designated as Left and Right for convenience only. If the low
pass output used is the one designated as the left channel, then the crossover frequency and slope
(or filter order) switches on the left side of the unit’s front panel (as viewed from the front) will control
the low pass filter parameters. Likewise, if the right channel low pass output is used, then the right
channel switches will control its filter parameters. There is no interaction between the two sets of controls. If one of the two low pass filters is not used, then settings of its crossover frequency and slope
switches are irrelevant and will have no affect on the performance of the other filter sections of the
crossover. The two high pass filter sections (left and right) operate independently in Mono low Pass
STEREO mode:
As in the older versions of the 10B, the stereo mode provides two, two way crossovers wherein the
left input is fed into a separate low pass filter and a separate high pass filter, both of which are independently adjustable from the front panel controls. Likewise, the right input signal is fed into a separate low pass filter and a separate high pass filter, both of which are independently adjustable from
the front panel controls. All four filters have separate output connectors on the rear panel. There is no
interaction whatsoever between left and right channels or between low pass and high pass filters.
THREE WAY MONO mode (10B-LR only) :
Available only in the 10B-LR (Linkwitz-Riley filters), this mode is the same as in the older model 10B.
The four filter sections (two low pass and two high pass) of the 10B are combined to form a single
channel three way crossover providing one low pass, one mid or band pass and one high pass filter.
The mid (or band pass) filter is formed by combining the left channel high pass and the right channel low pass filters into a single filter wherein the lower end of the pass band is determined by the left
channel high pass controls and the upper end of the pass band is determined by the right channel low
pass controls
Only the LEFT channel input is used in Three Way Mono mode. The left channel low pass output
provides the low pass output. The mid or band pass output is taken from the right channel low pass
output connector and the high pass is taken from the right channel high pass connector. All filter
slopes are 24dB per octave, Linkwitz-Riley alignment.
PROGRAMMING the 10B-LR crossover:
The crossover points in the 10B-LR are set by inserting small programming boards (4 per channel)
each containing 2 resistors. See illustration “10B LINKWITZ-RILEY STEREO CROSSOVER” and on
page 7 and document “10B-FREQ-RES-TABLES.doc”
When power amplifiers of different power capabilities are used, the woofers will likely be driven by
the most powerful amplifier and the tweeters by the least powerful amplifier since the woofers can
generally be expected to be less efficient. When power amplifiers of equivalent power capabilities
are used in a bi-amped system, and when the power amps employ totally separate power supplies
for each channel (as all Bryston power amplifiers do) it is desirable to place each power amplifier as
close to its speaker as possible and use one channel to drive the woofer and the other to drive the
tweeter. Please note that if the power amps being used do not employ totally separate power supplies
for each channel, some envelope distortion between channels may occur since the power drawn from
the low frequency channel driving the woofer will usually be considerably greater than from the higher
frequency channel driving the tweeter.
Where there is a considerable distance between the audio signal source and the speakers, it is
preferable to reduce the distance between the power amplifiers and the speakers at the expense of
increasing the distance between preamp and crossover or crossover and power amplifier. The low impedance across the speaker lines is more likely to affect signal quality with distance than is the higher
impedance across the preamp to crossover, or crossover to power amplifier cables.
If the distance between the power amplifier and crossover or crossover and preamplifier is greater
than 30 feet, it may be desirable to use balanced cables to interconnect the two distant pieces of
equipment as this may reduce noise pickup. To facilitate this, the 10B crossover is available with balanced inputs and outputs (PRO versions) using 3 pin XLR connectors (outputs use male connectors,
inputs use female connectors). Pin 3 is the positive (non-inverted or Hot) signal, pin 2 is the negative
(inverted or neutral) signal and pin 1 is ground.
Where a long run of balanced cable is used to interconnect the preamplifier to the crossover, and the
crossover is placed within a few feet of the power amplifier there is no advantage in using a balanced
interconnection between the crossover and power amplifier. Balanced cabling does not reduce noise;
it merely reduces the ability of the cable to pickup noise. The balanced output of a 10B Pro crossover
can easily be used as an unbalanced output by using XLR pin 3 (positive) as the HOT line and XLR
pin 1 as the ground line.
Since there is no phase inversion in the 10B, the negative XLR output pins (#2) can be used
in the same way to achieve the same effect and the output will remain un-inverted with respect to the
input. In other words, any signal that enters the negative XLR input pin (#2) will exit the negative XLR
output pin (#2) un-inverted with respect to the input. Similarly any signal that enters the positive XLR
input pin (#3) will exit the positive XLR output pin (#3) un-inverted with respect to the input. It is for
this reason that the 10B has not been changed to comply with the AES adopted XLR pin configuration
for balanced signals (pin 3 negative, pin 2 positive and pin 1 ground) and retains its original XLR pinout of pin 3 positive, pin 2 negative and pin 1 as ground.
Note, however, that Bryston’s current production power amplifiers do follow the AES convention. As the above illustrations indicate, however, the 10B PRO models do not introduce any phase
inversion and thus can be used with either pin 2 hot or pin 3 hot balanced cable systems without
changing the phase relationships of the system.
Bryston supplies a variety of stock audio interface cables and will supply reasonably priced semicustom cables (including adapter cables and cables with custom printed identification sleeves) upon
request. Bryston’s balanced cables employ double insulated, 100% shielded twisted pair cable with
24g stranded, tinned copper conductors and locking XLR connectors with metal shells and gold plated contacts. Unbalanced cables use single conductor shielded co-axial cable with gold plated male
phono (RCA) plugs in metal shells.
The resistors used to program specific crossover frequencies in the Linkwitz-riley filters are often installed directly on the 10B-LR main
boards, but they can also be installed on small programming boards as shown in the illustration “10B-LR PROGRAMMABLE LINKWITZ-RILEY STEREO CROSSOVER”. Since the resistor values are dependent on the capacitor values used on the 10B-LR main
board it is essential that the exact capacitor values are determined before attempting to find the correct resistor values for any particular
crossover frequency. You may notice that the low pass capacitors (C1a, C1b, C2a & C2b ~ six axial capacitors in a row in the front left
quadrant of the board) may be either 20nF, 22nF or 24nF. Also, please note that C1 is actually formed by paralleling two capacitors of
the same value. Parallel capacitors are also used, on occasion, to produce other values of capacitance where needed. The value of
two capacitors in parallel is equal to the sum of the two capacitances.
Please note that Bryston recommends that any component substitutions be performed only by qualified service personel and that
Bryston cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by unqualified personel. Please contact your Bryston dealer or Bryston
Limited directly if you have any questions about performing any modifications to Bryston equipment.
Capacitors: Low pass: C1=40n, C2=20n, High Pass: C(ab)=4n7
Ra,Rb R1
FREQ. Ra,Rb R1
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11278 Hz 499R 2K100 4K220
11013 Hz 511R 2K150 4K320
10761 Hz 523R 2K210 4K420
10500 Hz 536R 2K260 4K530
10251 Hz 549R 2K320 4K640
10014 Hz 562R 2K370 4K750
9771 Hz 576R 2K430 4K870
9539 Hz 590R 2K490 4K990
9318 Hz 604R 2K550 5K110
9092 Hz 619R 2K610 5K230
8877 Hz 634R 2K670 5K360
8672 Hz 649R 2K740 5K490
8463 Hz 665R 2K800 5K620
8264 Hz 681R 2K870 5K760
8063 Hz 698R 2K940 5K900
7871 Hz 715R 3K010 6K040
7688 Hz 732R 3K090 6K190
7504 Hz 750R 3K160 6K340
7328 Hz 768R 3K240 6K490
7151 Hz 787R 3K320 6K650
6982 Hz 806R 3K400 6K810
6822 Hz 825R 3K480 6K980
6660 Hz 845R 3K570 7K150
6499 Hz 866R 3K650 7K320
6345 Hz 887R 3K740 7K500
6191 Hz 909R 3K830 7K680
6045 Hz 931R 3K920 7K870
5905 Hz 953R 4K020 8K060
5766 Hz 976R 4K120 8K250
5628 Hz 1K000 4K220 8K450
5517 Hz 1K020 4K320 8K660
5360 Hz 1K050 4K420 8K870
5260 Hz 1K070 4K530 9K090
5116 Hz 1K100 4K640 9K310
4980 Hz 1K130 4K750 9K530
4894 Hz 1K150 4K870 9K760
4769 Hz 1K180 4K990 10K000
4651 Hz 1K210 5K110 10K200
4539 Hz 1K240 5K230 10K500
4431 Hz 1K270 5K360 10K700
4329 Hz 1K300 5K490 11K000
4231 Hz 1K330 5K620 11K300
4108 Hz 1K370 5K760 11K500
4020 Hz 1K400 5K900 11K800
3936 Hz 1K430 6K040 12K100
3828 Hz 1K470 6K190 12K400
3752 Hz 1K500 6K340 12K700
3654 Hz 1K540 6K490 13K000
3562 Hz 1K580 6K650 13K300
3474 Hz 1K620 6K810 13K700
3411 Hz 1K650 6K980 14K000
3330 Hz 1K690 7K150 14K300
3234 Hz 1K740 7K320 14K700
3162 Hz 1K780 7K500 15K000
3092 Hz 1K820 7K680 15K400
3010 Hz 1K870 7K870 15K800
2947 Hz 1K910 8K060 16K200
2871 Hz 1K960 8K250 16K500
2814 Hz 2K000 8K450 16K900
2745 Hz 2K050 8K660 17K400
2680 Hz 2K100 8K870 17K800
2618 Hz 2K150 9K090 18K200
2547 Hz 2K210 9K310 18K700
2490 Hz 2K260 9K530 19K100
2426 Hz 2K320 10K000 20K000
2375 Hz 2K370 10K000 20K000
2316 Hz 2K430 10K200 20K500
2260 Hz 2K490 10K500 21K000
2207 Hz 2K550 10K700 21K500
2156 Hz 2K610 11K000 22K100
2108 Hz 2K670 11K300 22K600
2054 Hz 2K740 11K800 23K700
2010 Hz 2K800 11K800 23K700
1961 Hz 2K870 12K100 24K300
1914 Hz 2K940 12K400 24K900
1870 Hz 3K010 12K700 25K500
1821 Hz 3K090 13K000 26K100
1781 Hz 3K160 13K300 26K700
1737 Hz 3K240 13K700 27K400
1695 Hz 3K320 14K000 28K000
1655 Hz 3K400 14K300 28K700
1617 Hz 3K480 14K700 29K400
1576 Hz 3K570 15K000 30K100
1542 Hz 3K650 15K400 30K900
1505 Hz 3K740 15K800 31K600
1469 Hz 3K830 16K200 32K400
1436 Hz 3K920 16K500 33K200
1400 Hz 4K020 16K900 34K000
1366 Hz 4K120 17K400 34K800
1334 Hz 4K220 17K800 35K700
1303 Hz 4K320 18K200 36K500
1273 Hz 4K420 18K700 37K400
1242 Hz 4K530 19K100 38K300
1213 Hz 4K640 19K600 39K200
1185 Hz 4K750 20K000 40K200
1156 Hz 4K870 20K500 41K200
1128 Hz 4K990 21K000 42K200
1101 Hz 5K110 21K500 43K200
1076 Hz 5K230 22K100 44K200
1050 Hz 5K360 22K600 45K300
1025 Hz 5K490 23K200 46K400
1001 Hz 5K620 23K700 47K500
977 Hz 5K760 24K300 48K700
954 Hz 5K900 24K900 49K900
932 Hz 6K040 25K500 51K100
909 Hz 6K190 26K100 52K300
888 Hz 6K340 26K700 53K600
867 Hz 6K490 27K400 54K900
846 Hz 6K650 28K000 56K200
826 Hz 6K810 28K700 57K600
806 Hz 6K980 29K400 59K000
787 Hz 7K150 30K100 60K400
769 Hz 7K320 30K900 61K900
750 Hz 7K500 31K600 63K400
733 Hz
698 Hz
666 Hz
634 Hz
604 Hz
577 Hz
552 Hz
526 Hz
498 Hz
477 Hz
454 Hz
433 Hz
411 Hz
394 Hz
375 Hz
356 Hz
341 Hz
323 Hz
309 Hz
295 Hz
281 Hz
268 Hz
255 Hz
243 Hz
232 Hz
221 Hz
211 Hz
201 Hz
191 Hz
182 Hz
174 Hz
166 Hz
158 Hz
150 Hz
144 Hz
137 Hz
130 Hz
124 Hz
118 Hz
113 Hz
108 Hz
103 Hz
98 Hz
93 Hz
89 Hz
85 Hz
81 Hz
77 Hz
73 Hz
70 Hz
67 Hz
63 Hz
60 Hz
58 Hz
55 Hz
53 Hz
50 Hz
48 Hz
45 Hz
43 Hz
41 Hz
7K680 32K400 64K900
8K060 34K000 68K100
8K450 35K700 71K500
8K870 37K400 75K000
9K310 39K200 78K700
9K760 41K200 82K500
10K200 43K200 86K600
10K700 45K300 90K900
11K300 47K500 95K300
11K800 49K900 100K00
12K400 52K300 105K00
13K000 54K900 110K00
13K700 57K600 115K00
14K300 60K400 121K00
15K000 63K400 127K00
15K800 66K500 133K00
16K500 69K800 140K00
17K400 73K200 147K00
18K200 76K800 154K00
19K100 80K600 162K00
20K000 84K500 169K00
21K000 88K700 178K00
22K100 93K100 187K00
23K200 100K00 200K00
24K300 102K00 205K00
25K500 107K00 215K00
26K700 113K00 226K00
28K000 118K00 237K00
29K400 124K00 249K00
30K900 130K00 261K00
32K400 137K00 274K00
34K000 143K00 287K00
35K700 150K00 301K00
37K400 158K00 316K00
39K200 165K00 332K00
41K200 174K00 348K00
43K200 182K00 365K00
45K300 191K00 383K00
47K500 200K00 402K00
49K900 210K00 422K00
52K300 221K00 442K00
54K900 232K00 464K00
57K600 243K00 487K00
60K400 255K00 511K00
63K400 267K00 536K00
66K500 280K00 562K00
69K800 294K00 590K00
73K200 309K00 619K00
76K800 324K00 649K00
80K600 340K00 681K00
84K500 357K00 715K00
88K700 374K00 750K00
93K100 392K00 787K00
97K600 412K00 825K00
102K00 432K00 866K00
107K00 453K00 909K00
113K00 475K00 953K00
118K00 499K00 1M0000
124K00 523K00 1M0500
130K00 549K00 1M1000
137K00 576K00 1M1500
715 Hz
682 Hz
650 Hz
619 Hz
591 Hz
563 Hz
536 Hz
512 Hz
489 Hz
465 Hz
443 Hz
423 Hz
402 Hz
383 Hz
365 Hz
347 Hz
333 Hz
316 Hz
301 Hz
287 Hz
275 Hz
262 Hz
249 Hz
237 Hz
226 Hz
216 Hz
205 Hz
196 Hz
187 Hz
178 Hz
170 Hz
162 Hz
154 Hz
147 Hz
140 Hz
133 Hz
127 Hz
121 Hz
116 Hz
110 Hz
105 Hz
100 Hz
95 Hz
91 Hz
87 Hz
83 Hz
79 Hz
75 Hz
72 Hz
68 Hz
65 Hz
62 Hz
59 Hz
56 Hz
54 Hz
51 Hz
49 Hz
47 Hz
44 Hz
42 Hz
40 Hz
7K870 33K200 66K500
8K250 34K800 69K800
8K660 36K500 73K200
9K090 38K300 76K800
9K530 40K200 80K600
10K000 42K200 84K500
10K500 44K200 88K700
11K000 46K400 93K100
11K500 48K700 97K600
12K100 51K100 102K00
12K700 53K600 107K00
13K300 56K200 113K00
14K000 59K000 118K00
14K700 61K900 124K00
15K400 64K900 130K00
16K200 68K100 137K00
16K900 71K500 143K00
17K800 75K000 150K00
18K700 78K700 158K00
19K600 82K500 165K00
20K500 86K600 174K00
21K500 90K900 182K00
22K600 95K300 191K00
23K700 100K00 200K00
24K900 105K00 210K00
26K100 110K00 221K00
27K400 118K00 237K00
28K700 121K00 243K00
30K100 127K00 255K00
31K600 133K00 267K00
33K200 140K00 280K00
34K800 147K00 294K00
36K500 154K00 309K00
38K300 162K00 324K00
40K200 169K00 340K00
42K200 178K00 357K00
44K200 187K00 374K00
46K400 196K00 392K00
48K700 205K00 412K00
51K100 215K00 432K00
53K600 226K00 453K00
56K200 237K00 475K00
59K000 249K00 499K00
61K900 261K00 523K00
64K900 274K00 549K00
68K100 287K00 576K00
71K500 301K00 604K00
75K000 316K00 634K00
78K700 332K00 665K00
82K500 348K00 698K00
86K600 365K00 732K00
90K900 383K00 768K00
95K300 402K00 806K00
100K00 422K00 845K00
105K00 442K00 887K00
110K00 464K00 931K00
115K00 487K00 976K00
121K00 511K00 1M0200
127K00 536K00 1M0700
133K00 562K00 1M1300
140K00 590K00 1M1800
39 Hz 143K00 604K00 1M2100
38 Hz 147K00 619K00 1M2400
38 Hz 150K00 634K00 1M2700
37 Hz 154K00 649K00 1M3000
36 Hz 158K00 665K00 1M3300
35 Hz 162K00 681K00 1M3700
34 Hz 165K00 698K00 1M4000
33 Hz 169K00 715K00 1M4300
32 Hz 174K00 732K00 1M4700
32 Hz 178K00 750K00 1M5000
31 Hz 182K00 768K00 1M5400
30 Hz 187K00 787K00 1M5800
29 Hz 191K00 806K00 1M6200
29 Hz 196K00 825K00 1M6500
28 Hz 200K00 845K00 1M6900
27 Hz 205K00 866K00 1M7400
27 Hz 210K00 887K00 1M7800
26 Hz 215K00 909K00 1M8200
25 Hz 221K00 931K00 1M8700
25 Hz 226K00 953K00 1M9100
24 Hz 232K00 1M0000 2M0000
24 Hz 237K00 1M0000 2M0000
23 Hz 243K00 1M0200 2M0500
23 Hz 249K00 1M0500 2M1000
22 Hz 255K00 1M0700 2M1500
22 Hz 261K00 1M1000 2M2100
21 Hz 267K00 1M1300 2M2600
21 Hz 274K00 1M1800 2M3700
20 Hz 280K00 1M1800 2M3700
20 Hz 287K00 1M2100 2M4300
19 Hz 294K00 1M2400 2M4900
19 Hz 301K00 1M2700 2M5500
Low pass: C1=44n, C2=22n | High Pass: C(ab)=4n7
FREQ. Ra,Rb R1 R2
FREQ. Ra,Rb R1 R2
10253 Hz 499R 2K320 4K640
10012 Hz 511R 2K370 4K750
9782 Hz 523R 2K430 4K870
9545 Hz 536R 2K490 4K990
9319 Hz 549R 2K550 5K110
9104 Hz 562R 2K610 5K230
8882 Hz 576R 2K670 5K360
8672 Hz 590R 2K740 5K490
8471 Hz 604R 2K800 5K620
8265 Hz 619R 2K870 5K760
8070 Hz 634R 2K940 5K900
7883 Hz 649R 3K010 6K040
7694 Hz 665R 3K090 6K190
7513 Hz 681R 3K160 6K340
7330 Hz 698R 3K240 6K490
7156 Hz 715R 3K320 6K650
6989 Hz 732R 3K400 6K810
6822 Hz 750R 3K480 6K980
6662 Hz 768R 3K570 7K150
6501 Hz 787R 3K650 7K320
6348 Hz 806R 3K740 7K500
6201 Hz 825R 3K830 7K680
6055 Hz 845R 3K920 7K870
5908 Hz 866R 4K020 8K060
5768 Hz 887R 4K120 8K250
5628 Hz 909R 4K220 8K450
5495 Hz 931R 4K320 8K660
5369 Hz 953R 4K420 8K870
5242 Hz 976R 4K530 9K090
5116 Hz 1K000 4K640 9K310
5016 Hz 1K020 4K750 9K530
4873 Hz 1K050 4K870 9K760
4782 Hz 1K070 4K990 10K000
4651 Hz 1K100 5K110 10K200
4528 Hz 1K130 5K230 10K500
4449 Hz 1K150 5K360 10K700
4336 Hz 1K180 5K490 11K000
4228 Hz 1K210 5K620 11K300
4126 Hz 1K240 5K760 11K500
4029 Hz 1K270 5K900 11K800
3936 Hz 1K300 6K040 12K100
3847 Hz 1K330 6K190 12K400
3734 Hz 1K370 6K340 12K700
3654 Hz 1K400 6K490 13K000
3578 Hz 1K430 6K650 13K300
3480 Hz 1K470 6K810 13K700
3411 Hz 1K500 6K980 14K000
3322 Hz 1K540 7K150 14K300
3238 Hz 1K580 7K320 14K700
3158 Hz 1K620 7K500 15K000
3101 Hz 1K650 7K680 15K400
3027 Hz 1K690 7K870 15K800
2940 Hz 1K740 8K060 16K200
2874 Hz 1K780 8K250 16K500
2811 Hz 1K820 8K450 16K900
2736 Hz 1K870 8K660 17K400
2679 Hz 1K910 8K870 17K800
2610 Hz 1K960 9K090 18K200
2558 Hz 2K000 9K310 18K700
2496 Hz 2K050 9K530 19K100
2436 Hz 2K100 10K000 20K000
2380 Hz 2K150 10K000 20K000
2315 Hz 2K210 10K200 20K500
2264 Hz 2K260 10K500 21K000
2205 Hz 2K320 11K000 22K100
2159 Hz 2K370 11K000 22K100
2105 Hz 2K430 11K300 22K600
2055 Hz 2K490 11K800 23K700
2006 Hz 2K550 11K800 23K700
1960 Hz 2K610 12K100 24K300
1916 Hz 2K670 12K400 24K900
1867 Hz 2K740 12K700 25K500
1827 Hz 2K800 13K000 26K100
1783 Hz 2K870 13K300 26K700
1740 Hz 2K940 13K700 27K400
1700 Hz 3K010 14K000 28K000
1656 Hz 3K090 14K300 28K700
1619 Hz 3K160 14K700 29K400
1579 Hz 3K240 15K000 30K100
1541 Hz 3K320 15K400 30K900
1505 Hz 3K400 15K800 31K600
1470 Hz 3K480 16K200 32K400
1433 Hz 3K570 16K900 34K000
1402 Hz 3K650 16K900 34K000
1368 Hz 3K740 17K400 34K800
1336 Hz 3K830 17K800 35K700
1305 Hz 3K920 18K200 36K500
1273 Hz 4K020 18K700 37K400
1242 Hz 4K120 19K100 38K300
1212 Hz 4K220 19K600 39K200
1184 Hz 4K320 20K000 40K200
1158 Hz 4K420 20K500 41K200
1129 Hz 4K530 21K000 42K200
1103 Hz 4K640 21K500 43K200
1077 Hz 4K750 22K100 44K200
1051 Hz 4K870 22K600 45K300
1025 Hz 4K990 23K200 46K400
1001 Hz 5K110 23K700 47K500
978 Hz 5K230 24K300 48K700
955 Hz 5K360 24K900 49K900
932 Hz 5K490 25K500 51K100
910 Hz 5K620 26K100 52K300
888 Hz 5K760 26K700 53K600
867 Hz 5K900 27K400 54K900
847 Hz 6K040 28K000 56K200
827 Hz 6K190 28K700 57K600
807 Hz 6K340 29K400 59K000
788 Hz 6K490 30K100 60K400
769 Hz 6K650 30K900 61K900
751 Hz 6K810 31K600 63K400
733 Hz
699 Hz
666 Hz
635 Hz
605 Hz
577 Hz
550 Hz
524 Hz
502 Hz
478 Hz
453 Hz
434 Hz
413 Hz
394 Hz
373 Hz
358 Hz
341 Hz
324 Hz
310 Hz
294 Hz
281 Hz
268 Hz
256 Hz
244 Hz
232 Hz
221 Hz
211 Hz
201 Hz
192 Hz
183 Hz
174 Hz
166 Hz
158 Hz
150 Hz
143 Hz
137 Hz
131 Hz
124 Hz
118 Hz
113 Hz
108 Hz
103 Hz
98 Hz
93 Hz
89 Hz
85 Hz
81 Hz
77 Hz
73 Hz
70 Hz
67 Hz
63 Hz
61 Hz
58 Hz
55 Hz
52 Hz
50 Hz
48 Hz
45 Hz
43 Hz
41 Hz
39 Hz
37 Hz
36 Hz
34 Hz
32 Hz
30 Hz
28 Hz
26 Hz
24 Hz
22 Hz
20 Hz
18 Hz
6K980 32K400 64K900
7K320 34K000 68K100
7K680 35K700 71K500
8K060 37K400 75K000
8K450 39K200 78K700
8K870 41K200 82K500
9K310 43K200 86K600
9K760 45K300 90K900
10K200 47K500 95K300
10K700 49K900 100K00
11K300 52K300 105K00
11K800 54K900 110K00
12K400 57K600 115K00
13K000 60K400 121K00
13K700 63K400 127K00
14K300 66K500 133K00
15K000 69K800 140K00
15K800 73K200 147K00
16K500 76K800 154K00
17K400 80K600 162K00
18K200 84K500 169K00
19K100 88K700 178K00
20K000 93K100 187K00
21K000 100K00 200K00
22K100 102K00 205K00
23K200 110K00 221K00
24K300 113K00 226K00
25K500 118K00 237K00
26K700 124K00 249K00
28K000 130K00 261K00
29K400 137K00 274K00
30K900 143K00 287K00
32K400 150K00 301K00
34K000 158K00 316K00
35K700 169K00 340K00
37K400 174K00 348K00
39K200 182K00 365K00
41K200 191K00 383K00
43K200 200K00 402K00
45K300 210K00 422K00
47K500 221K00 442K00
49K900 232K00 464K00
52K300 243K00 487K00
54K900 255K00 511K00
57K600 267K00 536K00
60K400 280K00 562K00
63K400 294K00 590K00
66K500 309K00 619K00
69K800 324K00 649K00
73K200 340K00 681K00
76K800 357K00 715K00
80K600 374K00 750K00
84K500 392K00 787K00
88K700 412K00 825K00
93K100 432K00 866K00
97K600 453K00 909K00
102K00 475K00 953K00
107K00 499K00 1M0000
113K00 523K00 1M0500
118K00 549K00 1M1000
124K00 576K00 1M1500
130K00 604K00 1M2100
137K00 634K00 1M2700
143K00 665K00 1M3300
150K00 698K00 1M4000
158K00 732K00 1M4700
169K00 787K00 1M5800
182K00 845K00 1M6900
196K00 909K00 1M8200
210K00 1M0000 2M0000
232K00 1M1000 2M2100
255K00 1M1800 2M3700
280K00 1M3000 2M6100
716 Hz
682 Hz
650 Hz
620 Hz
591 Hz
563 Hz
537 Hz
512 Hz
487 Hz
465 Hz
445 Hz
423 Hz
403 Hz
385 Hz
365 Hz
348 Hz
332 Hz
316 Hz
303 Hz
287 Hz
274 Hz
261 Hz
250 Hz
238 Hz
226 Hz
216 Hz
205 Hz
196 Hz
187 Hz
178 Hz
170 Hz
162 Hz
154 Hz
147 Hz
140 Hz
134 Hz
127 Hz
121 Hz
116 Hz
110 Hz
105 Hz
100 Hz
95 Hz
91 Hz
87 Hz
83 Hz
79 Hz
75 Hz
72 Hz
68 Hz
65 Hz
62 Hz
59 Hz
56 Hz
54 Hz
51 Hz
49 Hz
47 Hz
44 Hz
42 Hz
40 Hz
38 Hz
37 Hz
35 Hz
33 Hz
31 Hz
29 Hz
27 Hz
25 Hz
23 Hz
21 Hz
19 Hz
17 Hz
7K150 33K200 66K500
7K500 34K800 69K800
7K870 36K500 73K200
8K250 38K300 76K800
8K660 40K200 80K600
9K090 42K200 84K500
9K530 44K200 88K700
10K000 46K400 93K100
10K500 48K700 97K600
11K000 51K100 102K00
11K500 53K600 107K00
12K100 56K200 113K00
12K700 59K000 118K00
13K300 61K900 124K00
14K000 64K900 130K00
14K700 68K100 137K00
15K400 71K500 143K00
16K200 75K000 150K00
16K900 78K700 158K00
17K800 82K500 165K00
18K700 86K600 174K00
19K600 90K900 182K00
20K500 95K300 191K00
21K500 100K00 200K00
22K600 105K00 210K00
23K700 110K00 221K00
24K900 118K00 237K00
26K100 121K00 243K00
27K400 127K00 255K00
28K700 133K00 267K00
30K100 140K00 280K00
31K600 147K00 294K00
33K200 154K00 309K00
34K800 162K00 324K00
36K500 169K00 340K00
38K300 178K00 357K00
40K200 187K00 374K00
42K200 196K00 392K00
44K200 205K00 412K00
46K400 215K00 432K00
48K700 226K00 453K00
51K100 237K00 475K00
53K600 249K00 499K00
56K200 261K00 523K00
59K000 274K00 549K00
61K900 287K00 576K00
64K900 301K00 604K00
68K100 316K00 634K00
71K500 332K00 665K00
75K000 348K00 698K00
78K700 365K00 732K00
82K500 383K00 768K00
86K600 402K00 806K00
90K900 422K00 845K00
95K300 442K00 887K00
100K00 464K00 931K00
105K00 487K00 976K00
110K00 511K00 1M0200
115K00 536K00 1M0700
121K00 562K00 1M1300
127K00 590K00 1M1800
133K00 619K00 1M2400
140K00 649K00 1M3000
147K00 681K00 1M3700
154K00 715K00 1M4300
165K00 768K00 1M5400
174K00 806K00 1M6200
187K00 866K00 1M7400
205K00 953K00 1M9100
221K00 1M0200 2M0500
249K00 1M1800 2M3700
274K00 1M2700 2M5500
294K00 1M3700 2M7400
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of un-insulated
“dangerous voltage “ within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to
The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance
(servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product.
1. Read these instructions.
2. Keep these instructions.
3. Heed all warnings.
4. Follow all instructions.
5. Do not use this apparatus near water.
6. Clean only with dry cloth.
7.Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
8.Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
9.Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A
grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
10.Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the
11. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
12.Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is
used use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.
13.Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
14.Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as powersupply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or
moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
Bryston analog audio circuits are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for twenty (20) years from the original date of manufacture. The
warranty includes parts and labour.
Bryston Digital circuits and cables are warranted for five years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labour.
Bryston products having motorized moving parts, excluding motorized volume controls, are warranted for three years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labour.
Bryston will remedy the problem by repair or replacement, as we deem necessary, to restore the product to full performance. Bryston will pay shipping costs one way (usually the return portion) during the first three years of warranty coverage.
In the event of a defect or malfunction, contact Bryston’s repair centers for return authorization. Products must be returned using original packaging
material only. Packing material may be purchased from Bryston if necessary. This warranty is considered void if the defect, malfunction or failure of the
product or any component part was caused by damage (not resulting from a defect or malfunction) or abuse while in the possession of the customer.
Tampering by persons other than factory authorized service personnel or failure to fully comply with Bryston operating instructions voids the warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from province to province and country to country.
As of 2006-02-22 Bryston will only warranty Bryston products purchased through authorized Bryston dealers. Bryston products with a date code
of 0608 or higher (date code format is “yyww”, where “yy” is the two least significant digits of the year and “ww” is the week of the year) must be
accompanied by a copy of the bill-of-sale from a Bryston authorized dealer to qualify for warranty service. The warranty is transferable from the original
owner to a subsequent owner as long as a copy of the bill-of-sale from the original authorized Bryston dealer accompanies the re-sale. The copy of the
bill of sale to any subsequent owner need ONLY include the Name of the Bryston Authorized Dealer and the Model and Serial number of the Bryston
product The warranty will only be honored in the country of the original purchase unless otherwise pre-authorized by Bryston.
BRYSTON SERVICE outside Canada and the USA:
Postal address: P.O. BOX 2170, Stn. Main
Courier address: 677 NEAL DRIVE
79 COVENTRY ST., Suite 5
U.S.A. 05855-2100
contact your local distributor or
FAX: E-mail:
CHECK OUR WEB SITE: www.bryston.ca
E-MAIL BRYSTON DIRECTLY: cdnser@bryston.ca
FAX BRYSTON DIRECTLY: 01-705-742-0882
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