Fujitsu 6MHz buck-boost DCDC convertor IC allows for smaller external... and wider battery voltage range

Fujitsu 6MHz buck-boost DCDC convertor IC allows for smaller external... and wider battery voltage range
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
Fujitsu 6MHz buck-boost DCDC convertor IC allows for smaller external components
and wider battery voltage range
Yokohama, Japan, February 3, 2011 - Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited today announced the development of 6MHz
buck-boost DCDC convertor IC "MB39C326" for radio frequency power amplifiers in mobile phones, smart phones,
e-books and other handheld mobile devices. Sample shipments for the new IC product, MB39C306, will start from
June 2011.
“MB39C326” operates at an industry-leading 6MHz as the buck-boost DCDC converter IC for radio frequency power
amplifiers. The higher frequency operation of 6MHz can largely reduce the mounting area of the power supply part (half
the ratio of existing products.)
Buck-boost operation makes it possible for Li-ion battery to operate at wider battery voltage range. “MB39C326” makes
it possible to deliver stable voltages for the equipment and extend the life of Li-ion batteries, when the voltage of Li-ion
batteries drops.
Mobile phones, smart phones, e-book and other handheld
mobile devices are demanding higher performance with
miniaturizing components and board space. There is a
strong push to reduce the overall size of RF amplifier
without sacrificing stability and efficiency of its power supply.
The passive inductor is one of the larger components
requiring large space. With DCDC convertors switching at
higher frequencies, inductor size can be reduced. Fujitsu
Semiconductor’s DCDC convertor switches at 6MHz
compared to conventional 2 to 3MHz, allowing a smaller
inductor to be used and can be expected to reduce the
overall board space of the power management circuits by
MB39C326 (2.15×1.94mm)
half. Its buck boost operation switches automatically to
extend the operating voltage of the lithium battery, while providing stable power supply to the power amplifier.
Fujitsu Semiconductor will introduce the new buck-boost DCDC convertor, MB39C326, at the Mobile World Congress
in Barcelona from 14th to 17th February 2011. Samples will be available in June 2011.
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Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
Sample Price and Release Schedule
300 Yen
Sample release schedule
From June 2011
Sales Target
0.8 million units/month from 2011 (Mass-product)
Features of MB39C326
1.Smaller inductor can be used with switching frequency of 6MHz, hence reducing surface area occupied by
the power circuit
Compared to conventional DCDC convertors which switch at around 2 t o 3MHz, smaller size inductors can be used
with Fujitsu Semiconductor’s 6MHz DCDC convertor. The reduction of space consumed by the inductor can cut the
overall surface area occupied by the power supply by half. This is critical for mobile devices where space is critical.
2.Buck Boost operation makes it possible for Li-ion battery to operate at lower voltage
The operating voltage of Li-ion battery drops as it discharges during use to a certain level at which it cannot supply
enough power to drive the devices it is connected to. It is necessary to boost the output voltage level to the required
level of the devices to continue to deliver power to the devices it is driving. Fujitsu’s buck-boost convertor is able to
extend the usage of battery by pumping up the output voltage level, hence allowing sufficient power to continue
operation. As such, a large amount of data can still be transferred through the power amplifier even when battery
voltage is low, resulting in more efficient use of remaining charges in the battery.
3.High-efficiency power supply
The new effective controller is designed using low gate charge process technology which reduces switching loss and
consumption power. Higher efficiency is realized in this improved buck boost DCDC convertor.
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ASICs, ASSPs, and power management ICs, with wide-ranging expertise focusing on mobile, ecological,
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named Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited) was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited on March 21, 2008.
Through its global sales and development network, with sites in Japan and throughout Asia, Europe, and the
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• 6MHz PWM operation allows 0.5uH small inductor
• Automatic transition between buck mode and boost mode
• Built in internal FETs
• Power-Save Mode for improved efficiency at light load current
• Input Voltage range: 3.1V to 4.6V
• Adjustable output voltage range: 0.6V to 4.2 V
• Output current of 800mA
• Over temperature protection
• Input under voltage lock out
• 20pin 0.4mm-ball-pitch 2.15mm×1.94mm WL-CSP (wafer level chip size
• Operating temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃
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