Bushnell 11-0718 Binoculars User Manual

Bushnell 11-0718 Binoculars User Manual
802 FS
Floor-standing loudspeaker system
Product Summary
Sheer size dictates that not many homes can accommodate a professional monitor system.
But many a music aspires to enjoy, at home, the new era of enhanced listening pleasure such
a system opens up.
The 802FS has conceived as a domestic monitor directly related to the 801FS professional
system, but with significant differences tailored to the home listener’s needs.
Technical highlights
The midrange head assembly incorporates Fibrecrete (glass reinforced concrete) a B&W
innovation. The secret is that the outer casing of this component is moulded from rigid
polystyrene while the inner lining is Fibrecrete.
The Environmental controls located on the back of the midrange head assembly are specially
developed by B&W. These controls enable the user to make the subtlest of adjustments,
compensating for such factors as peculiarities of listening room conditions and the unusual
balance that sometimes occur in digital recording.
The superb high frequency driver has a motor diaphragm assembly which operates as a
diminishing-size sound source as frequency increases. This advanced technique results in
vastly superior high-frequency dispersion, high power handling capacity and a new order of
transient behaviour in the 8Hz to 20kHz region.
Drive Units
1 x 26mm multi-filament polyester
Power Handling
weave dome; 26mm dia. high
ohms No upper limit due to automatic
temperature voice coil
1 x 100mm Midrange frequency drive
protection device.
unit; 25mm voice coil
2 x 165mm low frequency drive units;
38mm voice coil
Minimum amplifier 100 watts into 8
Height: 1040mm Width: 300
Depth: 370mm
Walnut, teak, black ash, light oak or
Frequency Response 55Hz to 20kHz ±2dB
85dB spl (2.83V 1m)
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
B&W Loudspeakers Ltd reserves the right to amend details of the specifications without notice in line with technical developments. E & OE. All trademarks acknowledged.
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