Specifications | ButtKicker BKA1000-N Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Specifications and Features:
BKA1000-N Power Amplifier
120 volt version
Owner’s Manual
1000 Watts @ 4 ohms
Can power one, two, three or four 4-ohm ButtKicker LFEs
Class D switching technology
Variable high cutoff, 40 Hz to 160 Hz
Low cutoff, 25 Hz switchable
RCA phono and / phone inputs with 160mVolt and 1.25 Volt sensitivities respectively.
Convection cooling, i.e.nno fan
Either 120v or 240v units are available for use worldwide, but the unit is not switchable.
Wiring Diagram
Typical Installation
Note: Wire nuts are only recommended when powering two ButtKickers.
Wire ButtKickers in parallel when powering two with one amplifier.
Refer to the FAQ section of our website for instructions on how to wire three or four ButtKicker LFEs.
Read these instructions and keep them for future reference.
Carefully follow instructions and take heed to all warnings.
Do not use this apparatus near water.
Clean amplifier housing only with a slightly damp cloth.
Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not install near any heat source such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other electrical devices
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.
Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding type plug. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third prong.
The third prong is provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit easily into your outlet, consult an
electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet before attempting to power up the amplifier.
Prevent the power cord from being walked on or pinched, particularly at the plug or at the point where it exits from
the amplifier.
Use only attachments and accessories specified by the manufacturer. When uncertain about specifications, please first
consult the manufacturer’s website and see the FAQs; if still uncertain please call the phone numbers listed in this
manual for tech support.
When this apparatus is placed on a cart, stand or table, make sure that it is sufficiently stable and can
accommodate the weight of this unit. When placed on a cart with wheels, use extra caution so that it does not tip over
when the cart is moving.
Unplug this unit during lightning storms or when it is unused for an extended period of time. This device may be
plugged into a surge protector or power strip, but should NOT be plugged into a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
and to ensure long life, turn the amplifier power switch to the OFF position when unit is not being used.
Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any
way. This would include damage to the power supply cord or plug, whenever liquid has been spilled or objects have
fallen into the apparatus, when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, when it does not operate
normally, or whenever it has been dropped.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.
Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than
those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
The MAINS plug or an appliance coupler is used as the disconnect
device, the disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
Earth symbol. The apparatus shall be connected to a mains socket
outlet with a protective earthing connection.
For technical support please contact:
The Guitammer Company Inc.
PO Box 82
Westerville, Ohio USA 43086
888-676-2828 (toll free)
815-346-9532 (fax)
Please visit our website for technical support and the latest product information:
Rear Panel Controls
Limited Warranty
Your Buttkicker Amplifier is warranted against failure for 1 YEAR unless otherwise stated. Guitammer will
service and supply all parts at no charge to the customer providing the unit is under warranty. Shipping costs are the
Guitammer assumes no responsibilities for Buttkicker Shakers or speakers damaged by this unit. This warranty does
not cover, and no liability is assumed, for damage due to: natural disasters, accidents, abuse, loss of parts, lack of
reasonable care, incorrect use, or failure to follow instructions. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties,
expressed or implied. No representative or person is authorized to represent or assume for Guitammer any liability in
connection with the sale of servicing of Guitammer products. GUITAMMER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR
BKA1000- N
When RETURNING merchandise to Guitammer, you may call or email for a return authorization number. Describe
in writing each problem. If you unit is out of warranty, you will be charged the current FLAT RATE for parts and
labor to bring your unit up to factory specifications.
Maintenance and Care of the Equipment
Avoid spilling liquids or allowing any other foreign matter inside the unit. Provide proper ventilation for the unit to
avoid damage.
Front Panel Controls
Power Amplifier BKA1000-N
120V~50/60 Hz 1600W
Fuse: T15AL 250V
Line level Input
RCA / phono jack. This input should be used for the preamp output of a consumer home theater surround
processor or stereo preamp with nominal signal levels of 160mVolt.
High Level Input
1/4 / phone jack. This balanced, TRS input should be used for professional level outputs; i.e. mixing consoles
and other equipment with nominal signal levels of 1.25Volt (+2dBV).
Speaker Output Binding Posts
Power amplifier bridged output. Used for attaching speaker wire to the ButtKicker or other speakers.
Turn the amplifier off before connecting to the Speaker Output. Wire sizes of 14 gauge and larger are
recommended. Binding posts will accept banana type connectors.
Power Switch
The Power Switch connects the AC line to the amplifier circuits. Check the amplifier connections and verify
the AC line power source before engaging the Power Switch.
Power Light
Red indicates presence of AC power, but no signal. Green indicates presence of both AC power and signal;
power is applied to all the amplifier circuits and the amplifier is ready to operate. After 20 minutes of no
input signal the amplifier will revert to a low power Standby condition.
Low Cutoff Switch
Switches the Low Cutoff Filter in and out of the circuit. The filter’s slope is set at 12dB per octave.
With the Low Cutoff in the ON position, frequencies lower than 25 Hz are filtered out. This is ideal for
musicians who do not need nor want the ButtKicker to respond to any frequencies below 25 Hz.
When the Low Cutoff is in the OFF position frequencies below 25 Hz are passed on to the ButtKicker. This
is ideal for home theater use and the low frequency response the ButtKicker has become known for.
High Cutoff Switch
Switches the High Cutoff Filter in and out of the circuit. The filter’s slope is set at 12dB per octave.
With the High Cutoff in the ON position, frequencies above 40 Hz to 160 Hz are filtered out - only
frequencies below 40 Hz to 160 Hz are passed to the ButtKicker based on the position of the High Cutoff
Frequency control.
This is ideal for home theater use when only low frequencies are wanted. Conversely, when used by
musicians, leaving the high cutoff switch in the OFF position enables the ButtKicker to respond to all
frequencies in its natural working range of 5 - 200 Hz.
High Cutoff Frequency Control
Controls the frequency at which the High Cutoff circuit begins its filter action. The Variable High Cutoff
Frequency control allows you to set the high cutoff frequency from 40 Hz to 160 Hz.
Volume Control
Controls the output level. Set this to balance the ButtKickers with the sound system when using
the amplifier to power ButtKickers.
Power Connector
Used to connect the supplied power cable to the amplifier. CAUTION - you must use the supplied cable to
avoid potential safety hazards. Also, for added protection, the amplifier may be plugged into a surge protector,
rather than directly into the 120v outlet. Use of a non-grounded power cable or defeating the supplied grounded
(3 prong) cable will void the warranty and may cause electrocution.
Fuse Holder (integrated into Power Connector)
Fuse: T15AL 250V for 120V 50/60Hz AC input. A spare fuse is also contained in fuse holder for your
convenience and is located immediately below the power cord outlet on the rear panel (see Photo).
Helpful Hints / Troubleshooting :
The amplifier has no output
The amplifier has both thermal and output protection circuits. The amplifier is designed to disconnect power from its
output terminals when an unsafe condition exists to protect the amplifier and whatever is connected to the amplifier’s
output. To reset the amplifier; turn the amplifier to the off position (power switch down; no red or green light will be
visible), unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet, verify proper output wiring and adequate ventilation for the
amplifier, re-plug the power cable to the electrical outlet, then turn the amplifier to the on position.
There is a hum in the sound system when the amplifier is connected
This can be caused in certain circumstances when a sound system has two separate contacts with earth ground. This
is usually caused when a cable TV feed is connected to the TV which is then connected to the sound system. This
condition can be verified by disconnecting the cable from the TV (eliminating one of the grounds) and playing a DVD
or CD to verify the proper operation of the ButtKicker. If disconnecting the cable TV solves the problem, then using an
inline ground isolator is recommended. Visit www.thebuttkicker.com for more information or contact
an electronics retailer. PLEASE NOTE that if you are using the ButtKicker Wireless Link, a hum will never be the effect
of a ground loop. If you experience a hum while you are using the Link, disconnect the Receive unit from the wall and
the amplifier for 10 seconds; then reconnect. This will reset the Link and may eliminate the hum.
PLEASE allow two inches (5 cm.) of clearance around the amplifier on all sides for proper ventilation.
The BKA1000-N will power two 4-ohm ButtKicker LFEs when wired in parallel. However, there is more heat generated
by the amplifier in this situation, so please allow extra ventilation space for the amplifier. Three or four ButtKicker LFEs
may also be powered by using the BK-QCP or by following the wiring instructions in the FAQ section of our website.
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