Cadillac 2010 DTS Automobile User Manual

C onvenience /P ersonalization G uide
Review this guide for an overview of some important features in your Cadillac SRX. Some optional equipment (denoted by ♦) described
in this guide may not be included in your vehicle. More detailed information can be found in your Owner Manual.
Instrument Panel
Wheel Lever
Cruise Control/
Steering Wheel♦
Wiper Lever
Warning Ventilated Seat
Audio Steering
Wheel Controls/
5-Way Controller
Driver Shift
Lane Departure♦/
Parking Assist♦/
ECO Mode
Instrument Cluster
Traction Control Off
Antilock Brake System Warning
StabiliTrak Off
Electric Parking Brake Service
StabiliTrak/Traction Control
Lane Departure Warning
Lights On Reminder
Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control♦
BRAKE Brake System Warning
High Beam Headlamps
Adaptive Forward Lighting♦
Airbag Readiness
Engine Oil Pressure Warning
PARK Electric Parking Brake Set
eco Eco Active
Forward Collision Alert♦
Charging System Warning
Safety Belt Reminder
Engine Coolant Temperature
Check Engine Warning
Low Tire Pressure
Low Fuel Warning
Refer to your Owner Manual to learn about the information being relayed by the lights, gauges and indicators of the instrument cluster.
♦ Optional equipment
See In Brief in your Owner Manual.
Steering Wheel Controls
5-Way Controller
Press to navigate to the
left or right cluster display
or to toggle to the next or
­previous menu option.
Cruise Control
(On/Off Adaptive
Cruise Control♦)
SET– Set/Coast
Press down the control
bar to set the speed. If active, press down to decrease speed by
1 mph.
Press the control bar up or down to scroll through a menu.
RES+ Resume/Accelerate
Press up the control bar to resume a set speed. If active, press
up to increase speed by 1 mph.
SEL Select
Press to select a highlighted menu item.
Press to cancel cruise control without erasing the set speed.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Audio Controls
+ – Volume
Press + or – to increase or decrease the volume.
Follow Distance Gap (Adaptive Cruise Control♦)
Press to select a following gap time setting of Far, Medium,
or Near.
Press up or down to select the next or previous favorite
radio station, track, or file.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
CUE System Voice Recognition
Push to Talk
Press to answer an incoming call or to interact with the OnStar,
Bluetooth or CUE system.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Heated Steering Wheel♦
End Call/Mute
Press to end/reject a call or mute the audio system.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Driver Information Center
The Driver Information Center displays a variety of vehicle
­information on three display zones. Zones can be personalized to
display: digital speedometer, trip odometers, fuel range, ­average
fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy, average vehicle
speed, timer, compass, oil life, tire pressure, navigation, audio,
phone or other vehicle information.
Use the 5-way controller on the right side of the steering wheel to
navigate and select between the available menus.
To select the desired display information:
1. Press the
left or right side of the control bar to select
one of the three display zones.
2. Press the control bar
up or
down to scroll through
a menu.
3.Press SEL (Select) to select a menu item. Press and hold to
reset values on certain screens.
4. Press the
left or right side of the control bar to retain
the information view and to exit the display zone.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
CUE Touch Screen and Controls
Touch the screen icon
to access the desired
The touch screen uses proximity sensing. Certain screen buttons
will become visible when a hand approaches the screen.
Additional Pages:
Touch to view additional
pages of applications
Page Indicator:
Indicates which Home
Page screen is displayed
Touch arrows or swipe
finger above chrome bar
Home Page of vehicle
feature icons
CUE Power On/Off
Temperature Control
Driver’s Temperature
Climate Control Power Off
Fan Speed Controls
Passenger’s Heated/
Ventilated Seat Control♦
Driver’s Heated/
Ventilated Seat Control♦
Climate Control
Automatic Operation
Recirculation Mode
Rear Window Defog
Windshield Defrost Mode
Disc Player
Disc Eject
Touch the icon/text on the control panel to access a feature or adjust a function.
Storage Compartment:
Touch and hold the
chrome bar at the bottom
of the climate control
panel to open/close
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
CUE System Menus
CUE offers a variety of entertainment, communication and vehicle system options. Touch an application icon on the
the touch screen to access the following items. Some features are disabled when the vehicle is moving.
Home page of
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
Interacting with the CUE System
To make interactions simple, use the following gestures on the CUE touch screen just as you would on a smartphone.
Press an item on the screen to select an option or activate an application.
Press and Hold
Press and hold an item to start another gesture, move, or delete an application.
Touch an item on the screen and drag your finger along the screen while holding down on
the item. This can be done to move applications on the Home page.
Press the desired item and move your finger in an up/down or side-to-side motion without
releasing your finger. When your finger is removed, the item stops moving.
Fling or Swipe
Press anywhere within a list or page and move your finger rapidly in an up/down or
side-to-side motion, releasing from the screen while your finger is still moving,
to scroll through a list or change page views.
Place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom in.
Place two fingers on the screen and bring them together in a pinching motion to zoom out.
Note: A microfiber cloth is included in your glove box to help clean and maintain the CUE touch screen. Never use window cleaners or solvents to
clean the CUE touch screen.
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
CUE System Features
Refer to your Owner Manual for important safety information about using the infotainment system while driving.
CUE uses a Bluetooth or USB connection to link a smartphone, cell phone, USB flash drive or portable audio player/iPod® to the touch
screen infotainment display. It offers a variety of entertainment options, including streaming audio from the Internet through a smartphone, and features enhanced hands-free voice control, music information and the ability to display photos and play music files from a
USB flash drive. For assistance, call 1-855-4-CUE-NOW (1-855-428-3669) or visit
Setting the Time
Settings on the Home page.
2.Touch Time and Date.
3.Touch Set Time.
4.Touch + or – to adjust the hours, minutes, and AM or PM.
5.Touch < BACK to exit the menu.
Portable Audio Devices
USB ports are located in the storage compartment in the center
console, in the storage compartment below the climate controls,
and on the rear of the center console if equipped with Rear Seat
Entertainment♦. An auxiliary input jack and SD card slot are
located in the center console storage compartment.
Connect an iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, a USB flash drive or
a USB mass storage device to the USB port. CUE will read the
connected device and build a list of voice commands. Search
for music on-screen or by voice commands.
Storing Favorite Stations
Radio stations from all bands (AM, FM or XM♦), Pandora stations,
tone settings, phone contacts and navigation destinations♦ can be
stored in any order.
1. Display the desired radio station, tone settings, Pandora station, navigation destination or contact.
2. Touch and drag up the Interaction Selector at the bottom
of the screen to display the favorite screen buttons.
3. Touch and hold a favorite screen button until a beep sounds.
4. Repeat the steps to store another favorite item.
PANDORA® Internet Radio
Listen to personalized radio stations based on favorite artists
or genres. Requires an Internet-connected device with Pandora
1. Download the Pandora app to your smartphone. Restart the
smartphone and sign in to Pandora.
2. Create a station on your phone to listen to a customized song
list in the vehicle.
3. Connect your smartphone/device to the system by Bluetooth
or, for Apple devices, by a USB cable.
4. Touch the Pandora icon on the touch screen to access
Pandora. A slight delay may occur when loading a song or
changing a station.
Disc Player
From the Audio screen, touch
Media until CD is displayed
to play a disc.
A Blu-ray disc player is included with the rear seat entertainment
♦ Optional equipment
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
Bluetooth® System
Natural Voice Recognition
Before using a Bluetooth-enabled device in the vehicle, it must be
paired with the in-vehicle Bluetooth system. Not all devices will
support all functions. For more information, visit
Control the music source and navigation destination, and make
phone calls hands-free, using the natural voice recognition system.
1. Press the
Push to Talk button on the steering wheel.
2. The radio will say “Please say a command,” followed by
a beep.
3. After the beep, say what you want it to do.
Pair a Phone using Voice Recognition
1. Press the
Push to Talk button.
2. After the beep, say “Pair.” The system will search for your
phone. A code appears on the display.
3. Start the pairing process on the phone. Locate Cadillac CUE on
the phone.
4. Enter the four-digit code that appears on the touch screen or
confirm a six-digit code on the phone.
5. If your phone prompts you to accept the connection or phone
book download, click “yes” and always allow.
• Hands-free calling:
Example command: “Call Amanda” or “Dial 555-1212”
• Connected music device search:
Example command: “Play artist [name]”
Example command: “Play song ‘Dance the Night Away’”
• Radio control:
Example command: “Tune FM 104.3” or “Tune XM
Classic Vinyl”
• Navigation control♦:
Example command: “Destination Address”
Example command: “Destination Contact”
Device List
Up to 10 devices may be paired with the in-vehicle Bluetooth
­system. To switch devices using voice recognition:
1. Press the
Push to Talk button.
2. Say “Device list” or “Select device.”
3. Select from the list of paired phones/devices.
• Help:
– Say “Help” for voice recognition assistance.
– Help is available within each feature. Access audio,
­navigation or other features and then say “Help” for
­assistance with that feature.
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
Vehicle Personalization
The Vehicle Settings menu may include Climate and Air Quality;
Collision/Detection Systems; Comfort and Convenience; Lighting;
Power Door Locks; and Remote Lock, Unlock and Start. Some
vehicle features can be customized using the controls on the
audio system.
Settings on the home page.
2.Touch Vehicle.
3. Touch the desired menu item.
4. Touch the desired feature and setting.
5.Touch < BACK to exit each menu.
Enter a destination using the Single Line Destination feature.
1.Touch Navigation on the home page.
2.Touch Destination.
3. Type the address, intersection or road
(for example, 123 MAIN ST BROWN CITY MI).
4.Touch Go.
5. Select the desired name from the generated list.
6. Touch Go.
See your CUE Infotainment System Manual.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
Driver Awareness♦ and Driver Assist♦ Features
The driver awareness and assist systems are based on a “control and alert” strategy that helps identify potential collision situations and
intervenes when a collision threat appears more imminent, employing visual, audible and tactile (vibration) alerts, depending on the feature.
Side Blind Zone Alert – When a vehicle is detected in a side
blind spot area, a
warning symbol displays on the side mirror.
To turn off the system, see the Collision/Detection Systems
menu under Vehicle Settings. The system turns on automatically every time the vehicle is started.
Rear Cross Traffic Alert – Warns of approaching traffic by displaying a ! visual alert on the touch screen from the Rear Vision
Camera, and the left or right side of the driver’s seat pulses.*
Forward Collision Alert – When approaching a vehicle directly
ahead too quickly, a
visual alert on the windshield flashes and
the driver’s seat pulses.*
Press the
Collision Alert button on the left side of the
steering wheel to set the alert timing (see the Collision/
Detection Systems menu if equipped with Adaptive Cruise
Driver Awareness Package
Safety Alert Seat – Subtle seat cushion vibration pulses, left or
right, or simultaneously, alert the driver of potential hazards.
Automatic Collision Preparation – Prepares the brakes or
applies the brakes if an emergency collision appears imminent or
the driver does not react to previous alerts.
Front and Rear Automatic Braking – Applies the brakes in
potential collision situations to help reduce damage or help avoid
collisions at lower speeds.
Press the
Parking Assist button on the center console to
turn Automatic Braking on or off.
Adaptive Cruise Control – If a vehicle is detected ahead, the
vehicle accelerates or brakes moderately to maintain the selected
following gap. If driver action is required, the system pulses the
driver’s seat.*
Press the
Follow Distance Gap button on the left side of
the steering wheel to set a following gap.
Driver Assist Package (includes Driver Awareness Package)
Lane Departure Warning – When crossing a detected lane
­marking without using a turn signal, a visual alert on the
­instrument panel flashes and the left or right side of the driver’s
seat pulses.*
Press the Lane Departure Warning button on the center
console to turn the system on or off.
*Audible notification may be selected instead of Safety Alert Seat ­vibration
notification. See Vehicle Personalization on page 11.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter
Keyless Access System♦
Press to lock all doors.
The Keyless Access System enables operation of the doors,
­ignition and trunk without removing the transmitter from your
pocket or purse. The system will recognize the transmitter
when it is within three feet of the doors or liftgate.
Press to unlock the driver’s door only or
all doors.
Keyless Unlocking
With the transmitter within range:
Press the lock sensor on the driver’s door handle to unlock the
driver’s door; press it again within five seconds to unlock all
Press the lock sensor
on a passenger door
handle to unlock all
Press the touch pad
above the license plate
to open the trunk.
Note: Open Vehicle Settings to customize
the Remote Lock and Unlock settings.
Remote Vehicle Start♦
Use to start the engine from outside the
vehicle. See Adaptive Remote Start on
page 14.
Vehicle Locator/Panic Alarm
Press and release to locate your vehicle. The exterior lamps flash
and the horn sounds.
Press and hold for three seconds to activate the alarm. The turn
signal lamps flash and the horn sounds for 30 seconds, or until
button is pressed again or the vehicle is started.
Keyless Locking
With the ignition off, the transmitter removed from the vehicle, and
all doors closed:
Press the lock sensor on any door handle to lock all doors
All doors will lock automatically after a short delay, if passive
locking is turned on.
Trunk Release
Press and hold to unlock the liftgate or open/close the power
Door Key
Press the button (A) to pull the door key out of the transmitter.
If needed, use the key to lock/unlock the driver’s door.
Note: Open Vehicle Settings to customize the Keyless Locking and
Unlocking settings.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Keyless Start
Adaptive Remote Start♦
With the vehicle in Park or
Neutral, press the brake pedal
and then press the ENGINE
START/STOP button to start the
engine. The green indicator on
the button will illuminate.
Starting the Vehicle
1. Press and release the Lock button on the Remote Keyless
Entry transmitter.
2. Immediately press and hold the
Remote Start button until
the turn signal lamps flash.
When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps will light and
remain on while the engine is running. The engine will continue
­running for 10 minutes. Repeat these steps for a 10-minute
time extension. Remote start can be extended only once.
3. Before driving, press the brake pedal and then press the
ENGINE START/STOP button to turn on the ignition.
Note: The transmitter must be in the
vehicle to turn on the ignition. If the
transmitter battery is weak, place the
transmitter in the depression below
the Accessory Power Outlet in the center console lower storage area to
enable the engine to start.
Cell phone chargers may interfere with the operation of the Keyless
Start System and should not be plugged in when starting or turning off
the engine.
Canceling a Remote Start
Press and hold the
Remote Start button until the parking
lamps turn off.
Climate Control Operation
During a remote start, the automatic climate control system
will operate at the same setting as when the vehicle was last
turned off.
Shift to Park and press the ENGINE START/STOP button to
turn off the engine.
Power will be available for 10 minutes to operate the audio
­system until the driver’s door is opened and to operate the
­windows and sunroof♦ until any door is opened.
Heated Seat Operation
If the remote start heated seat option is selected in the Vehicle
Settings, the heated seat button indicators do not illuminate and
the temperature performance of the unoccupied heated seat may
be reduced during the remote start. The heated seat turns off
when the ignition is turned on.
With the engine off and the brake pedal NOT depressed, press
the ENGINE START/STOP button to place the ignition system
in the Accessory mode. The yellow indicator on the button will
illuminate. Press the button again to return to the Off position.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Power Door Locks/Safety Locks
Power Liftgate with Adjustable Mode♦
Power Liftgate Switch Locations
• Power liftgate mode button on the driver’s door (liftgate must
be unlocked to activate)
• Release button on the liftgate above the license plate
• Button on the bottom trim plate of the liftgate (to close
the ­liftgate)
• Liftgate release button on the transmitter
Press the power door Unlock/ Lock button on the
­driver’s door to unlock or lock all doors.
Pull the inside door handle to unlock a door; pull the handle
again to open the door.
Press the Safety Locks button on the driver’s door to
­prevent the rear doors from opening from the inside and to
­disable the rear power windows. The button indicator will
­illuminate when activated.
Power Liftgate Modes
Fully open the liftgate.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Power Outside Mirrors
3/4 (Adjustable Mode)
Open the liftgate to a desired
height of 3/4 open or more.
Power Mirror Adjustment
Move the power mirror selector
switch to the Left (L) or Right (R)
position to select the driver’s or
passenger’s mirror; use the fourway control to adjust the mirror.
Operate the liftgate manually.
Setting the 3/4 Mode (Adjustable Mode)
1. Turn the power liftgate knob to the
3/4 position.
2. Power open the liftgate. Manually adjust the liftgate to the
desired height. More effort is required when adjusting the
­liftgate manually.
3. Press and hold the button on the bottom trim plate of the
liftgate, adjacent to the latch, until the turn signals flash and a
beep sounds, indicating that the setting is stored.
4. Confirm the setting.
Reverse Tilt Mirror
The Reverse Tilt Mirror will tilt down
the driver and passenger mirrors to
improve visibility near the rear wheels when the vehicle is shifted
into Reverse.
Note: Open Vehicle Settings to customize the Reverse Tilt Mirror
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Exterior Lighting
Windshield Wipers
Windshield Wipers and Washer Lever
HI Fast wipes
LO Slow wipes
Rainsense Sensitivity
Rotate the band to adjust the delay between wipes. The wipers
activate more often as the band is moved up.
AUTO Automatic Light Control
Automatically activates the Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) or
the headlamps and other exterior lamps depending on outside
light conditions, including the IntelliBeam® automatic high-beam
Parking Lamps
Fog Lamps♦
Note: When entering an automatic car wash, turn off the automatic
Rainsense windshield wipers and rear wiper.
Washer Fluid
Pull the lever toward you to spray washer fluid on the windshield.
Rear Wiper and Washer Switch
ON Slow wipes
Press the top of the switch (A) on the end of the lever.
INT Intermittent
Press the bottom of the switch (B) on the end of the lever.
Washer Fluid
Push the lever away from you to clean the rear window.
Adaptive Forward Lighting♦
The AFL system pivots the headlamps left or right in the direction
of travel. While continuously traveling straight, headlamp range
changes based on vehicle speed.
Note: The AFL system operates only when the exterior lamps control
knob is in the AUTO position, at speeds greater than 2 mph, and after
driving a short distance to calibrate the system.
See Lighting in your Owner Manual.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Automatic Transmission Features
Driver Shift Control
Driver Shift Control allows you to shift gears similar
to a manual transmission.
Move the shift lever to the Manual (M) position
(A), left of the Drive position; tap the lever forward
to upshift and rearward to downshift. The current
gear selection is shown in the DIC.
If current vehicle speed is too high or too low for
the requested gear, the shift will not occur. When
coming to a stop, the transmission will automatically
StabiliTrak®/Traction Control Systems
Fuel Economy (ECO) Control
The ECO mode can improve the vehicle’s fuel
economy by changing the transmission shift points
and making other fuel-saving adjustments. Driving
performance is more conservative when the ECO mode is active.
Press the ECO button (B) to turn the ECO mode on or off. The
ECO light illuminates on the instrument cluster when active.
Press the
button again to turn on traction control.
Ultrasonic Parking Assist♦
Ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers help you avoid
colliding with objects when parking. Detected objects are indicated
by audible beeps or Safety Alert Seat♦ pulses, which become
more frequent as the vehicle gets closer to an object.
Press the
Parking Assist button (E) to turn the system
on/off. The button illuminates when the system is on.
Electric Parking Brake
To apply the parking brake, pull up the
Parking Brake
switch (C).
To release the parking brake, turn on the ignition, press the
brake pedal, and then press the
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Turning Off Traction Control
Turn off traction control if the vehicle is
stuck and rocking the vehicle is required.
Press the Traction Control/
StabiliTrak button (D) on the center
console. The Traction Control
Off light on the instrument cluster will
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
The traction control system limits wheelspin and the StabiliTrak stability control
system assists with directional control of
the vehicle in difficult driving conditions.
Both systems turn on automatically
every time the vehicle is started.
Note: The system operates only at speeds less than 5 mph. Keep the
sensors clean of dirt and snow for proper operation.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Memory Seats♦
Cargo Management System♦
Set Memory Positions
1. Adjust the driver’s seat, power outside mirrors and adjustable
pedals♦ to the desired positions.
2. Press and hold the MEM button and button 1 on the driver’s
seat until a beep sounds.
3. Repeat the steps using button 2 for a second driver.
The Cargo Management System
features front and rear storage
­compartments under the partitioned
cargo floor cover.
Press the rear part of the handle,
and then lift up the handle to
unlatch the cover.
Recall Positions
Press and hold button 1 or 2 until the stored position is
reached. Releasing the button before the stored position is
reached cancels the recall.
Storage Compartment
A prop rod locks into place when
the front cover is opened. To close
the cover, press the red button on
the middle of the prop rod (A).
Use the hooks on the cover to
secure small bags.
See Seats and Restraints in your Owner Manual.
Open/Close the Sunshade
Fully press the
rear or
front of the sunshade switch to
express-open or express-close the sunshade.
Open/Close the Sunroof
Press the
rear of the sunroof switch to the first detent to
open the sunroof to the vent position.
Fully press the
rear of the switch to express-open the
sunroof to the comfort position.
Fully press the
front of the switch to express-close the
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
U-Rail System
Align the Unlock symbol (B)
with the button arrow (C) and
press the button to install/remove
the fence.
Align the Lock symbol (D) with
the ­button arrow (C) and press the
button to lock the fence in place.
To move the fence on the track,
remove one side from an adapter;
then press the buttons to move the adapters to the desired
To store the fence, place it in the clips under the storage
­compartment cover.
See Storage in your Owner Manual.
Cooled Glove Box
The air conditioned glove box
can be used to store items at
a cooler temperature.
Move the slide control on
the left front side of the
glove box across the small
opening to turn the cool-air
flow on or off.
Close the opening during
cooler weather to keep cold air from entering the vehicle.
Tire Pressure Monitor
Low Tire Pressure warning light on the instrument
cluster illuminates when one or more of the vehicle’s tires
is ­significantly underinflated. Fill the tires to the proper tire
­pressures. The proper tire pressures for the vehicle are listed on
the Tire and Loading Information label, located below the driver’s
door latch. Current tire pressures can be viewed in the Driver
Information Center.
Tire pressure is affected by cold weather and distance driven.
If the low tire pressure warning light illuminates when the vehicle
is first started in cooler temperatures and then turns off as the
vehicle is driven, check for the proper tire pressures.
See Storage in your Owner Manual.
Engine Oil Life System
Refer to your Owner Manual for additional information about ­normal
monthly tire maintenance.
The Engine Oil Life System calculates oil life based on vehicle
use and displays Change Engine Oil Soon on the Driver
Information Center when it’s necessary to change the oil and filter.
Reset the system to 100% only following an oil change.
Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit♦
The tire sealant and compressor kit can be used to temporarily
seal small punctures in the tread area of the tire. The kit is located under the trunk floor. Refer to the kit instructions for complete
operating information.
See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.
♦ Optional equipment
See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.
Owner Privileges™
TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438
Roadside Assistance provides every Cadillac owner with the
advantage of contacting a Cadillac advisor and, when appropriate,
a Cadillac-trained dealer technician who can provide on-site
services, including towing service, battery jump-starting, lockout service, fuel delivery and flat tire assistance. Services are
provided for up to 6 years/70,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
Roadside Assistance and OnStar®: If you have a current
OnStar subscription, press the OnStar button and the vehicle will
send your current GPS location to an OnStar Advisor who will
speak to you, assess your problem, contact Roadside Assistance
and relay your exact location so you will get the help you need.
The myCadillac and OnStar RemoteLink mobile apps
connect owners to a variety of vehicle information and
services, such as a searchable Owner Manual, realtime fuel information and Roadside Assistance, as well
as enabling users to perform Remote Keyless Entry
transmitter commands, including locking and unlocking
the doors and starting the vehicle.
An active OnStar account is required to use the OnStar mobile
app. Download the mobile apps from your iPhone® or Android™
device’s app store. To learn more about OnStar services,
press the OnStar button, refer to your Owner Manual, call
1-888-466-7827 or visit
Should you need to ask a question, make a comment, or request
additional information, Cadillac Customer Assistance is available
For information or assistance operating the CUE infotainment
system, call 1-855-4-CUE-NOW (1-855-428-3669).
Visit for access to the Cadillac Owner Center,
which features online owner manuals, maintenance information,
service records, and more.
We recommend always using ACDelco or genuine GM service parts.
Certain restrictions, precautions and safety procedures apply to your vehicle. Please read your Owner Manual for complete instructions. All information contained herein
is based on the latest information available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice. Copyright 2013 by General Motors. All rights reserved.
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