Canon DR-7580 Scanner User Manual

Canon DR-7580 Scanner User Manual
Image Filing
Optimized Throughput and Reliability
You shouldn’t have to pay a high
price for the latest technology in
high-speed document scanning.
Introducing the Canon DR-7580, a
high-performance desktop production
scanner that offers outstanding
image quality, easy handling, and
versatility—all at a price to suit
virtually any company’s budget.
A unique feeding system and advanced sensor technology
ensure that a wide range of mixed-paper-size batches or
other challenging scan operations are handled with minimal
operator intervention at maximum scanning speed–up to
75 pages per minute in simplex or 150 images per minute*
in duplex. Equipped with on-board JPEG compression, the
DR-7580 scanner offers fast image processing, even with
large data files.
Designed with advanced CIS sensor technology, you’ll enjoy
the benefits of a space-saving design, low power consumption, and enhanced image quality. Plus, no warm-up time is
necessary, so the DR-7580 model is ready to start scanning
from the moment power is turned on.
The ability to produce consistent image quality has earned
Canon a solid reputation for reliable operation among its
DR-Series Scanners. The DR-7580 lives up to high standards;
it produces both black-and-white and grayscale images at
an optical resolution of 600 dpi for capturing fine print
and other small details with exceptional clarity. Its ability to
recognize and rotate text orientation, correct skewed
images, enhance faint text, and adjust gamma settings
allow the DR-7580 device to efficiently and accurately
capture valuable information included on contracts and
forms. And automatic shading functions ensure highquality image output.
* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized
documents, portrait feeding direction, at 200 dpi. Actual processing speeds may vary
based on PC performance and application software.
Free Yourself from Labor-Intensive
Document Imaging Duties
Pre-sorting, job-preparation, and the need to rescan
become a thing of the past when using the DR-7580 scanner.
You can simply load the 500-sheet Automatic Document
Feeder with a batch of mixed document types and hit start.
Whether scanning vouchers or paper sizes up to 11" x 17",
the DR-7580 device will self-adjust automatically to each
document size or thickness in a mixed batch. For additional
document handling flexibility, switching to Bypass mode
ensures smooth feeding of carbonless paper and
multipart forms.
The DR-7580 scanner further expresses its sensitive nature
with the Ultrasonic Double Feed Detector. This highly accurate
technology monitors documents for double-feeding with an
ultrasonic signal. Upon detection of a potential overlap or
double-feed, scanning is suspended while an error alert
message is sent to the operator for immediate correction.
An Investment for the Long Haul
With up to 100 customizable user-preference settings,
there’s no need to manually enter settings such as scan
resolution, document size, scanning mode, and simplex
or duplex prior to every scan job.
A Scanner with a Sensitive Side
In the best case scenario, a forgotten staple means lost
working time. In the worst case, it could cause a system
breakdown or damage the original document. But with
Canon’s exclusive, patented on-board Staple Detection
feature, the DR-7580 device detects stapled documents and
automatically stops the scanning process. When it comes
to high-volume, paper-intensive environments, Canon’s
DR-7580 scanner was designed with your needs in mind.
Because production-level scanning requires durability, the
DR-7580 is a rugged yet compact scanner that's ready to
handle almost any large processing job thrown its way.
Industry-standard ISIS® and TWAIN drivers, as well as SCSI-III
and USB 2.0 dual interfaces, ensure streamlined integration
and easy installation. Bundled with CapturePerfect 3.0, a
powerful image capture application, the DR-7580 is ready to
use out of the box. This software package offers a number of
output formats for compatibility with popular imaging systems,
including PDF file security settings. Adding to the value of the
DR-7580 scanner are several available options, such as the
Imprinter, Endorser, and Barcode Module, to help satisfy the
document imaging requirements of your business.
DR-7580 Specifications
Item Number:
Document Size
Stacker Capacity:
Scanning Element:
Light Source:
Operating Modes:
Production Document Scanner
Automatic or Manual
Dropout Color:
RGB, User-selectable (front/back/both)
Optical Resolution:
600 dpi
Output Resolution:
100/150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi
Scanning Speeds:*
2.2" – 12"
2.8" – 17"
(Up to 39.4" Long Document Mode)
14-32 lb. Bond
11-40 lb. Bond
500 Sheets (Letter)
Contact Image Sensor (CMOS)
Simplex, Duplex, Grayscale, Black and
White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text
Enhancement, MultiStream
(LTR Portrait @ 200 dpi) Simplex
Black and White:
75 ppm
150 ipm
75 ppm
150 ipm
Bundled Software:
Imprinter (Item No.: 8927A001AA)
Endorser (Item No.: 3650A005AA)
Mechanical Counter (Item No.: 8927A002AA)
Barcode Software Module
(Item No.: 0434B003AA)
Exchange Roller Kit
(Item No.: 8927A004AB)
CapturePerfect 3.0
1 USB 2.0 and 2 SCSI-III
Scanner Drivers:
For Windows® 98SE/2000/Me/XP
Windows NT® 4.0: ISIS, TWAIN
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.2" x 18.1" x 20.7"
Approx. 55 lb.
Power Consumption:
120W or less
(Energy Saving Mode: 7W or less)
Daily Duty Cycle:
Approx. 10,000 Scans
* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per
minute with letter-sized documents, portrait feeding direction,
at 200 dpi. Actual processing speeds may vary based on PC
performance and application software.
NOTE: The DR-7580 has been tested for compatibility with
many of the industry's leading document management solution
providers. Please visit the scanner’s product page on Canon
U.S.A.’s Web site at for a comprehensive
compatibility listing.
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