User guide | Cardo S-2TM Headphones User Manual

S-2™ Stereo Headphones
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Congratulations and thank you for choosing the Cardo S-2™ stereo
headphones. Before using it we recommend that you familiarize yourself
with the Bluetooth® functionality of your cellular phone and/or device.
NOTE: Please visit for more information.
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S-2 Stereo Headphones
Cardo S-2™ Overview
1. Volume Down Button
2. Volume Up Button
3. Track Forward/Backww
ward Button
4. Play/Pause/Stop
5. Control Button
6. LED Status Indicator
7. Hold Button
8. Charging Jack
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Getting Started
To use your Cardo S-2™ (“the headphones”), please follow these
simple steps:
• Charge your headphones.
• Pair your headphones with a Bluetooth® -enabled mobile phone,
stereo Bluetooth® music player, and/or stereo Bluetooth® adapter.
Wearing Your Cardo S-2™ Headphones
The headphones are labeled
with an “R” and “L” on either
side, indicating the right and
left speakers. When wearing
the headphones, all the
buttons should be on your
right ear.
The headphones can also be
easily folded for storage.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Charging Your Headphones
The headphones come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Prior
to using them, make sure to charge the headphones for at least 4
hours. Normally it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the
Charging the Headphones
Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet and the charger plug to the
headphones’ Charging Jack. The LED Status indicator will be red
while charging. S-2 Stereo Headphones
NOTE: When
charging begins, the
headphones turn off
automatically, and
must be turned on
again when charging
is complete.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Charging Time
Charging the battery fully takes approximately 3 hours.
When the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn blue and remain
When charging is complete, disconnect the charger from the AC wall
outlet and from the headphones. However, leaving them connected
will not damage them.
Talk Time, Music Play Time & Standby Time
The fully charged battery offers up to 8 hours talk time, music play
time and up to 250 hours standby time. When no calls are in progress,
the headphones remain turned on in Standby mode.
Low Battery
When the headphones are on and the battery becomes low, the LED
status indicator flashes red and the headphones emit a beep every
minute. Please recharge the battery as described above.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Turning Your Headphones On and Off
Turning On the Headphones
Press and hold the CTRL Button for 4 seconds until you hear a short
beep. The LED status indicator will then flash blue.
If this is your first time using the headphones, please refer to the
“Pairing Your Headphones” section below.
NOTE: Tap the CTRL Button each time you turn on the
headphones to reconnect the headphones to your mobile phone.
S-2 Stereo Headphones
Turning Off the Headphones
Press and hold the CTRL Button for approximately 3 seconds until
you hear a long beep. The LED status indicator will flash red once and
then stop flashing.
Pairing Your Headphones
The headphones only work with Bluetooth ® -enabled mobile
phones, stereo Bluetooth ® music players, and/or stereo Bluetooth ®
Prior to using and pairing your headphones for the first time, you
must pair them with a Bluetooth ® -enabled mobile phone, stereo
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Bluetooth ® music player, and/or stereo Bluetooth ® adapter. (The
NOTE: A Bluetooth ® device which supports the A2DP profile
is required to listen to stereo music wirelessly; in addition, a
Bluetooth ® device which also supports the AVRCP profile is
required for some music playback features and functionality
such as track forward/back. Please consult your device’s user
guide for more information regarding its supported profiles.
NOTE: Some stereo Bluetooth ® adapters may not be compatible
with the Cardo S-2™ headphones. For more details, please visit our
website at:
NOTE: For maximum compatibility we recommend the Cardo BTA III stereo
adapter. For more details please refer to III
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Pairing Your Headphones to a Mobile Phone or Music Player
1. Turn on your device and activate its Bluetooth® function. Please
refer to your device’s user guide for detailed instructions.
2. With the headphones turned OFF, press and hold the CTRL Button
for approximately 8 seconds until the headphones LED status inddicator alternately flashes blue and red, indicating that the headpphones are in Pairing Mode.
3. Set the device to search for Bluetooth® devices by following the
instructions in the device’s user guide.
4. The device will
the “Cardo
S-2” as a discovered device. Select it
from the list and press OK.
5. When prompted, enter the passkey “0000” (four zeros) and press
“OK” to pair your headphones and the device.
6. When the pairing is complete, the headphones’ LED status indicattor will flash blue rapidly 5 times followed by a long beep. Your
device may confirm that the pairing was successful and the headpphones’ LED status indicator will begin flashing slowly in blue.
You should now be able to make and receive calls using your
headphones and/or listen to stereo music via your headphones.
IMPORTANT: If pairing cannot be completed within 2 minutes while
the Pairing Mode is activated, the headphones’ LED status indicator
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
flashes purple, followed by 3 beeps and the headphones are turned
off. Please repeat the above pairing procedure.
Pairing Your Headphones to more than one Device
NOTE: Please be sure to disconnect or turn off the other paired device(s)
while pairing a new device to avoid interference while pairing.
Several devices can be paired to your headphones at once, but only
two devices can be connected to your headphones at one time: one
Phone device (using Headset/Handsfree profiles) and one Music
device (using A2DP and AVRCP).
• Multiple phones: Your headphones can pair with up to six devices.
To connect to the last phone connected to the headphones, press the
CTRL Button on the headphones after you turn them on. To connect to
a different phone, go to the Bluetooth menu of the active mobile phone
and disconnect the headphones. Now go to the Bluetooth menu of the
desired phone and connect the headphones to this phone.
• Combination of phone(s) and Bluetooth® music players/stereo
Bluetooth® adapters:
The Cardo S-2™ headphones can be paired and connected to your
mobile phone and your stereo Bluetooth® music player/adapter at the
same time, allowing you to make calls and listen to music through the
same headphones.
1. First, pair the mobile phone to the headphones.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
2. Turn off the mobile phone.
3. Repeat the pairing process above to pair the music device to your
4. For stereo Bluetooth® adapters, first put the headphones in Pairiing Mode following the pairing instructions above. Next, follow the
instructions in your adapter’s user guide on how to place it into
Pairing Mode. (NOTE: Some adapters may not be compatible with
the Cardo S-2™.)
Once you have completed the additional pairing, you should be able
to turn on your phone and connect it to the headphones by selecting
Cardo S-2 from S-2
the phone’s
of Paired Devices and manually
Stereo list
connecting to the headphones.
Now both your phone and music device are connected to your
headphones: You can listen to music from the music device, and any
calls you make and receive will interrupt the music and play through
your headphones as well.
Using Your Headphones
Adjusting the Volume
Tap the Volume Up or Down Button repeatedly until you reach the
desired volume level. You may also be able to adjust the volume by
using the volume controls on your device.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Answering a Call
When there is an incoming call, you will hear ringing through the
headphones. Tap the CTRL Button to accept the call or answer the
call via your mobile phone in the normal fashion.
Ending a Call
Tap the CTRL Button to end your call or end the call via your mobile
phone in the normal fashion.
Rejecting a Call
To reject an incoming call during ringing of the headset, press and
hold either Volume Button for two seconds until you hear two beeps.
Dialing from Your Mobile Phone
Simply make calls on your mobile phone in the normal fashion.
Voice Dialing from Your Headphones
If your mobile phone is equipped with a Voice Dialing function, simply
tap the CTRL Button on your headphones, and when you hear a beep
say the voice tag of the contact you want to call.
NOTE: This feature is not supported by all mobile phones. Some
mobile phones require that the voice tag be recorded into the phone
first before using the Voice Dialing function. Please refer to your
phone’s user guide for more details.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
NOTE: The Redial and Call Transfer functions below are only applicable
to mobile phones with the Bluetooth® Handsfree Profile. Please refer to
your mobile phone’s user guide for additional information.
Last Number Redialing from Your Headphones (Handsfree
Profile ONLY)
Tap the CTRL Button on your headphones twice.
Transferring a Call to or from the Headphones (Handsfree Profile
To transfer a call
to your
phone during a call, press and hold
the Volume Button until the audio is transferred from the headphones
to your mobile phone.
To transfer a call back to your headphones during a call, tap the CTRL
Listening to Stereo Audio from Your PC / Device
By connecting your Headphones to your PC using an A2DP compatiible Bluetooth USB Dongle, you can listen to stereo audio from your PC
(please refer to your USB Dongle’s user guide for more details).
By connecting your Headphones to your Bluetooth-enabled music player or
adapter, you can listen to stereo music from your music devices (please refer
to your music player’s or adapter’s user guide for more details).
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Remote Control Function (AVRCP)
If your stereo Bluetooth® music device (A2DP device) supports the AVRCP
profile, you may be able to control music playback options as follows:
Play / Stop / Pause
1. Tap the Play Button once to begin music playback.
2. Press and hold the Play Button for 3 seconds to stop the music
3. Tap the Play Button during music playback to pause the music
Volume Control
Tap the Volume Up Button to increase the audio volume. Tap the
Volume Down Button to decrease the audio volume.
Next Track / Fast-Forward
Slide the Track Forward/Backward Button forwards and release to
skip to the next track, or slide forward and hold to fast-forward through
the current track.
Previous Track / Backward
Slide the Track Forward/Backward Button backwards and release
to skip to the previous track, or slide backwards and hold to rewind
through the current track.
NOTE: Use of some or all of these Remote Control functions is
dependent on the music device’s capabilities.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
NOTE: For most problems, it is recommended as a first step that
you turn the headphones off for one minute and then on again. If
that fails, try pairing the headphones and phone or device again.
If you are unable to connect your headphones with your mobile
phone or Bluetooth® enabled device, please try the following:
• Ensure your headphones are turned on and are properly charged.
• Ensure the headphones are paired with your mobile phone.
• Ensure your mobile
Bluetooth® feature is activated. Please
S-2 Stereo
refer to your mobile phone’s user guide for specific instructions.
• Ensure the headphones are within a maximum of 33 feet (10 meters)
of your mobile phone(s) and there are no obstructions, such as walls
or other electronic devices in between.
If the above suggestions do not solve your problem, please recharge
the headphones and remove your mobile phone’s battery for a few
seconds. Then start the pairing procedure again.
NOTE: You can only connect one Phone device and one Music
device to the headphones at one time. Before you attempt to
connect a 2nd phone or music device if one is already connected,
disconnect the first device from the headphones.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
If you are unable to connect your headphones with your stereo
Bluetooth® adapter or music player, you may need to turn off your
stereo music device and then turn it back on to reestablish a
If the person with whom you are speaking is not able to hear
you, please try the following:
• Ensure that your mobile phone’s Bluetooth® function is turned on.
Please refer to your mobile phone’s user guide for more details.
• Ensure the headphones are connected with your mobile phone by
verifying that the audio of your call is playing through the headpphones, and not your phone’s speaker.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
Care and Maintenance
• Consider turning your headphones off before placing it in your
pocket or bag. If the CTRL Button is accidentally depressed, your
mobile phone may place an unintended call.
• Do not expose the headphones to liquid, moisture or humidity as it is
not waterproof.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the headphones.
• Do not expose the headphones to extremely high or low temperatures.
• Do not disposeS-2
of the
in a fire as it will result in explosion.
• Do not expose your headphones to contact with sharp objects as
this will cause scratches and damage.
• Do not stick anything inside the headphones as this may damage
internal components.
• Do not attempt to disassemble the headphones as it does not conttain serviceable components.
• If you do not use the headphones for long periods, be sure to store it
in a dry place, free from extreme temperatures and dust.
Built-in Battery
• Do not attempt to replace the headphones’ battery yourself as it is
built into the headphones and is not user replaceable.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
• Charge the battery in accordance with the instructions specified
within this user guide.
• Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the
• Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the
• Do not disassemble the charger as it may expose you to dangeroous voltages or other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric
shock when the headphones are subsequently used.
• Do not use the charger outdoors or in damp areas.
• Only charge the headphones’ built-in battery in accordance with the
instructions specified within this user guide.
• Avoid charging the headphones in extremely high or low temperatures.
Safety Information
• Check local laws regarding use of a mobile phone and headphones
while driving. If you use the headphones while driving, ensure your
attention and focus remain on the road and you drive in a responssible and safe manner.
• Never allow children to play with the headphones – small parts may
be a choking hazard.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
• Observe all signs that require an electrical device or RF radio produuct to be switched off in designated areas.
These could include hospitals, blasting areas, and potentially explossive environments.
• Turn off your headphones prior to boarding an aircraft. Do not use
your headphones in an aircraft.
• Never mount or store your headphones over any air bag deployment
area as serious injury may result when an air bag deploys.
• Do not open or tamper with the built-in battery.
• Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Do not dispose
Stereo Headphones
as household S-2
• Dispose of the packaging and this product in accordance with the
latest provisions.
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
For additional information visit our website at
or contact us at:
Phone: Toll-free USA 1-800 488-0363
Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
The Cardo S-2™ headset is compliant with and adopts the Bluetooth Specification 1.2
and has successfully passed all interoperability tests that are specified in the Bluetooth
specification. However, interoperability between the device and other Bluetooth -enabled
products is not guaranteed.
The Cardo S-2™ headset (the “Product”) is in conformity with the following essential
requirements of Council Directive 1999/5/EC (referred to as R&TTE Directive): Article 3.1a, 3.1.b
and 3.2. and the Product is manufactured in accordance with Annex II of the above directive.
A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at:
S-2™ Stereo Headphones
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