Instruction manual | Cateye HL-NC200 Work Light User Manual

How to Operate
Beams can be adjusted individually to 180˚
vertically and 10˚ horizontally. Refer to illustrations on left and adjust beam pattern as
Single or dual beam operation is controlled
by the see-saw switch. Dual beam operation
by pushing the switch frontward and single
beam operation by pushing the switch rearward. Turn off the system by pushing the
switch in balance position.
Thank you for purchasing the RECHARGEABLE LIGHTING SYSTEM Model HL-NC200. This Sealedlead-acid Rechargeable Battery powered lighting system can be used continuously by recharging the battery from home AC Power outlet. Before initial operation, read this manual thoroughly and familiarize
yourself with the function of this product. Reserve this manual for your future reference.
Dual Beams Operation
Single Beam Operation
Remark: Single board beam operation is set
when the lighting system left the factory. You
can select either spot or broad as single
beam operation by exchanging the beam
Note before use
This lighting system can not be lighted or will not serve usual running time due to self discharge at initial
use or after it is not used for a prolonged period. Be sure to recharge it before use. Overdischarging the
battery, e.g., continuous light on until power completely runs off, will effect the battery function. Turn off
the light and recharge the battery when beam turns dim.
How to Charge the Battery Set
Use only the included battery charger (CHR-6V4) and home AC power outlet for charging.
Name of Parts
Battery Charger (CHR6V4)
2. Insert the plug of the battery charger into the
jack of the battery set. Connect the charger to
a home AC power outlet.
This lighting system consists of the following components. Make sure all the components are included in
the package.
Notice: The battery set should be kept upright
with the plug-in side on top while charging.
Plug Cover
Bracket (H-23)
1. Take out the battery set from the battery bag.
Remove the plug cover and extract the cord.
Rubber Packing
Clamp (SP-6)
Battery Set (NC-200)
Maximum charging time is 10 hours (complete discharged battery set). Charging over
10 hours will effect the battery performance
or damage it.
How to Replace Bulb
Battery Bag
Battery Set (NC-200)
Switch off the system before replacing the bulb. The bulbs and the lamp unit are at high temperature right
after the system is switched off. Wait until temperature is lowered before replacing the bulbs.
1. Remove the beam head from lamp unit by
turning it approximately 35˚ counterclockwise
(view from front).
Turn 35˚ Counterclockwise
Double Faced Tape
Lamp Unit
2. Remove the bulb holder and replace the bulb
with a new one. Insert the bulb aligning the
cut portion of the cap with the triangular projection of the mirror. Replace the beam head
Cut Portion
to the lamp unit by turning it approximately
35˚ clockwise (view from front). Always keep
the line on the broad beam lens vertically.
Use only the Cateye bulbs.
(Spot Beam)
Battery Charger (CHR-6V4)
Lamp Unit
Wire Cover
(Broad Beam)
Mounting Examples
Beam Head
Bulb Holder
How to Replace Fuse
Notice: Avoid touching the mirror and bulb surfaces or performance will be lowered.
A 5A fuse is connecting the circuit to secure safety and it will cut a malfunctioned electricity circuit.
Plug Cover
Switch on Bottom
1. Take out the battery set from the battery bag.
Remove the plug cover and retract the cord.
Switch on Top
Battery Cover
Mounting the Bracket
1. Wrap rubber packings on the handlebar and
Bracket (H-23)
cover the clamps (SP-6) on the packings with
the nut side on buttom. SP-6 can fit to various handlebars by adjusting thickness of the
For Switch on Top
Clamp (SP-6)
Plug Cover
Top Tube
Wire Cover
Down Tube
Notes on use
2. Put the bracket on the SP-6 clamps and fasten with the screws temporary as shown.
Never use damaged or broken cord.
Short circuiting the battery's terminal with the charger's plug may cause overheat and damage the battery set.
3. Adjust tilted angle as desired.
The battery pack (NC-200) is restricted to use for this unit. Never use it with other products.
4. Fasten the screws securely.
Avoid overdischarging the lighting system, e.g., switch it on until power completely run off. It will shorten the battery life.
Never charge the lighting system over 10 hours.
If the lighting system does not serve the proper running time on fully charged battery, the battery will have to be replaced. Replace with a new battery set (NC-200).
The beam heads' temperature is very high when the system is switched on and right after it is switched off. Be careful
not to get burnt by the heat.
Battery Bag
3. Reverse the above steps.
Battery Set (NC-200)
A prolonged period of storage or non-use will lower the voltage of the battery set (NC-200) due to self discharge. Always
keep the battery set (NC-200) fully charged especially before storage and prolonged periods of non-use.
Mounting the Battery Bag
1. Take out the battery from the battery bag.
Remove the plug cover and insert the plug of
the cord into the jack on the battery set.
2. Put the plug cover back with the cord sent
through the opening on it.
Operation Time:
3. Put the battery set back into the bag. Tape
the battery bag on the top tube with velcro.
Wrap the strap around the down tube and adjust strap length by running it through the
slots on the male buckle. Insert male buckle
to female buckle until they click.
Note:Shield the wire(s) with the provided wire
cover(s) to prevent direct contact between
the battery bag and wire(s) on the frame. Cut
the wire cover to desired length and tape the
wire cover on the frame by the provided
Double Faced Tape double faced tape.
Bracket (H-23)
Charging Time:
Useable Temperature Range:
Rechargeable Number of Times:
Broad Beam: 6V-2.4W P13.5S halogen
Spot Beam: 6V-10W P13.5S halogen
NC-200 Sealed-Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger CHR-6V4
approx. 10-hour continuous use
approx. 2-hour continuous use
2.4W & 10W:
approx. 100 min. continuous use
8 to 10 hours
When Charging: 0˚C to 40˚C
When Operating:-15˚C to 45˚C
At least 150 times (until rated capacity drops to 50%)
Limited warranty
This CAT EYE product is warranted under normal usage against defects in workmanship and materials to the original purchaser
for a period of one year from the date of purchase free of charge providing the following conditions are met. Insurance, handling
and transportation charges to our service department shall be borne by the person desiring service. This warranty shall be limited
to the repair for the lamp unit and battery charger excluding the bulb, battery set, the bracket and other attachments.
1. This warranty certificate must be duly completed and stamped or signed by dealer to validate the warranty.
Mounting and Removing the Lamp Unit
1. Slide the lamp unit onto the mounted bracket
until it clicks.
2. This warranty becomes void if the product shows evidence of (a) use contrary to the applicable instruction manual, (b)
damages resulting from repairs, charges or disassembly performed by other than CAT EYE service department, (c) improper
safe keeping/string, (d) drop and impact by a traffic accident and/or the like, (e) damages by fire, acts of God and earthquake.
(To: U.S. Customer)
2. Plug the cord outlet from battery set into the
jack on the lamp unit. Adjust cord length by
putting extra cord into the battery bag or wind
the cord around the frame.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
3. To remove the lamp unit, slide it outward while
pushing the lever on the bracket in the direction shown by the arrow.
(Service procedure)
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or
exclusion may not apply to you.
2) Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
The service must be preformed by CAT EYE Co., Ltd. and the product which needs service must be returned to CAT EYE Co.,
Ltd. directly by purchaser. When returning the product for CAT EYE warranty service, please pack it very carefully, and enclose
the warranty certificate so that the product can be shipped back to you as soon as the necessary repair is completed.
(Address for service)
Lamp Unit
Note: Be careful not to short circuit the battery
Rubber Packing
Battery Set (NC-200)
Fuse Case
The lighting system can be mounted on the handlebar in two manners, with the switch on top or on bottom,
by selecting the surface of the bracket. Refer to the above mounting examples and mount it as desired.
2. Remove the battery cover and then the fuse
case. Replace a new 5A fuse.
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Attn.: CAT EYE Customer Service Section
Phone: 81-6-719-7781 Fax: 81-6-719-2362
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