Power Connections
The unit is supplied with a power plug appropriate to its voltage and destination. Should any
other connections be required they must be carried out with the following configuration.
Earth = Green/Yellow cable
Neutral = Blue cable
Live = Brown cable
In the USA & Europe, it is required that all plugs are 3-pin type i.e. with Earth/Ground
In the UK, it is required that all mains plugs are fitted with 5A fuses.
Technical Specifications
Power Protection
115V~60Hz AC
230V~50Hz AC
20mm Glass 1A Fast Blow
20mm Glass 0.5A Fast Blow
1 x 12V 50W
Part No BRL 12V 50W
1 x 12V 50W
Part No BRL 12V 50W
Mini Moon™
241 x 127 x 127mm / 10in x 4.5in x 5.5in
3.4kg / 7.5lbs
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Model: CH-202B MINI MOON
Users Guide
Please read these instructions carefully before use
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At the Rear:
Mode Selector Switch
Screw Cap Fuseholder
Mounting Bracket
Lamp Replacement Cover
Voltage Selector
(Not on European Model)
In order to replace the lamp, disconnect from main power supply first, and unscrew the lamp
replacement cover, which is highlighted on the diagram (fig.1). Only use the appropriately rated
lamps as use of any other lamp type may cause the unit to be non-operational.
Due to the nature of halogen lamps it is vitally important that you do not touch the new
replacement lamp with your fingers, as this will reduce lamp life considerably. Once again a
tissue or cloth can be used for fitting the replacement lamp.
Finally before using, check that the lamp is housed correctly in the lamp holder and that the
lamp replacement cover has been screwed back into place.
Fig. 1
If after replacement of the lamp, the unit is still not working then please contact CHAUVET for
Replacing Fuses
Congratulations on the purchase of your new CHAUVET lighting effect. We are confident you
will enjoy many trouble free hours with this unit. To assist with the care and use of the product
we have prepared this short guide.
Before connecting this unit to the mains power supply for the first time you must first install the
lamps. (See ‘Replacing Lamps’ for details).
This lighting effect has been designed to function on a mains power supply of either
120V~60Hz or 230V~50Hz and has been fitted with a suitable power plug for use with your
local voltage. Check the label and voltage selector switch (if fitted) on the unit and the power
plug for the correct voltage.
When connected to the mains power supply the unit should illuminate. This effect has three
modes of operation – static, continuous rotation or sound activated. There is a selector switch
at the rear which determines the mode (see fig.1).
Your unit also comes supplied with four colored gels to suit your mood. Simply place the color
gel over the lens and slip edges of gel into holder surrounding lens. There is an optional color
wheel (CH-04) and selection of effects dishes available for this unit.
Due to the high operating temperature of halogen lamps it is advisable that the effect be used
in well ventilated areas taking care not to obstruct the air vents. After use allow time to ‘cool’ for
safety and to ensure lamp life before moving or touching.
If the unit does not function at all when connected to the main power supply i.e. the fan does
not rotate or the mechanism does not spin. Then it is highly likely that the fuse has blown.
Disconnect from main power supply before attempting to replace either lamps or fuse.
In order to replace the fuse, disconnect from the main power supply first, and then unscrew the
fuseholder cover to reveal the fuse. The unit has a label attached which indicates the correct
fuse rating and you will also find this listed as part of the specifications for the unit later in this
guide. It is most important that replacement fuses are of the correct rating. Failure to use the
correct fuse could damage the lighting effect beyond economic repair.
The fuse should simply be placed inside the holder and the screw cap replaced, when this is
done connect to the main power supply to check. If the unit is still not working then please
contact CHAUVET for servicing.
The most important part of your lighting effect to keep clean is the lens as it allows the light
output to transmit. This should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. The body of the unit may also
be cleaned in the same way. We recommend internal cleaning be carried out by a fully qualified
Maintenance & Servicing
The duty cycle for this effect should be no more than 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off.
Work on internal parts should be carried out by a qualified technician. Removal of any covers
other than the lamp replacement access or the fuse holder is considered a breach of warranty
and will not be covered under any such agreement unless authorized first CHAUVET.
Installation / Mounting
Although this unit can be used in an upright position, it is recommended that, for safety
purposes, your lighting effect be properly mounted using a suitable hanging clamp and safety
cable. CHAUVET offers a range of items, which are ideal for safe mounting.
• If the unit is not functional – check main power supply is ‘on’ and check fuses.
• If the unit is functional but lamp does not light - lamp may require replacing.
• If the unit lights but will not move – check mode selector switch.
Use in a well-ventilated area without obstruction to air vents.
If after trying this solution you still have a problem contact CHAUVET.
Replacing Lamps
1. Disconnect from main power supply before attempting to replace either lamps or fuse.
2. Ensure that the unit is sufficiently cool, before removing blown lamps.
3. Never touch new lamps with your fingers; use a tissue or a cloth.
Do not obstruct the air vents.
Do not touch unit or lamps while hot.
No user serviceable parts inside, please refer to CHAUVET for service.
1/14/2005 11:27:00 AM
1/14/2005 11:27:00 AM
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