Specifications | Chauvet F-1700 Automobile Accessories User Manual

If you experience low output, pump noise or no output at all, unplug immediately. Check fluid level, the
external fuse, remote connection and main power supply. If all appear to be OK, plug the unit in again. If
fog does not come out after holding the remote control button for 30 seconds, check the hose attached to
the tank to make sure there is fluid going through the hose. If you are unable to determine the cause of the
problem, do not simply continue to push the remote control button as this may damage the unit. Contact
CHAUVET for servicing.
Contact Chauvet
Tecnical Assistance: 1-800-762-1084 (954) 929-1115
E-Mail tech@chauvetlighting.com
• Never remove the Fluid tank from the unit as this will damage the fluid level sensors.
• Never use any other type of liquid other than UNSCENTED water based fog fluid.
• Use of any other fluids or additives will void the warrantee
• Do not obstruct the nozzle. Fog output is very hot, avoid coming within 60cm (24”) of the nozzle during
operation. Never aim the nozzle directly at people or naked flames.
• Danger of Burns. Keep out of reach of children. Do not leave machine unattended.
• Output nozzle becomes very hot during operation (300oC). Keep flammable materials at least 50cm (20”)
away from the nozzle.
• Always allow the fogger to cool down before cleaning or servicing.
• Never drink fog liquid. If its ingested, call a doctor immediately. If fog fluid comes into contact with skin or
eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
• Beware of condensation around the nozzle. Consider carefully when mounting.
• All fog machines may splutter small amounts of fog occasionally during operation and for a minute or so
after being turned off.
• Never place the fog machine on any flammable material (i.e. carpet, fabric etc.) during operation. All fog
machines generate a considerable amount of heat. When placed on the floor, fog machines should always
be placed on a non-flammable surface such as concrete or tile.
• Depending on the amount of fog generated, all fog machines may set off smoke detectors.
Power Connections
The unit is supplied with a power plug appropriate to its voltage and destination. Should any other
connections be required they must be carried out with the following configuration.
Earth = Green/Yellow cable
Neutral = Blue cable
Live = Brown cable
In the USA & Europe, it is required that all plugs are 3-pin type i.e. with Earth/Ground connection.
In the UK, it is required that all mains plugs are fitted with 5A fuses.
Technical Specifications
Power Input:
Fog Output:
Tank Capacity:
User Informtion
AC 120V 60 Hz or 230V 50 Hz
20,000 Cubic Feet per Minute
3.5 Liter
22 lbs / 10 Kg
Dealer Stamp
User Guide
Please read these instructions carefully before use
World-wide Headquarters:
15A 125V or 10A 250V
20.5 x 9.5 x 8 in
520 x 241 x 203mm
3000 North 29th Ct.
Hollywood, Florida, USA 33020
Tel: +1-954-929-1115 Fax: +1-954-929-5560
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Date Purchased:
Fog Machine
Serial No: ________________
Model: F-1750 Fog Machine
Controlling the F-1700
On the Rear
• Remote Control and
• Fog Fluid Tank
• Eyebolt for Safety
• Socket for Remote
• Manual Fog Button
• Ready to Fog Lamp
• Fluid Level Indicator
• On/Off Switch
• Fog Output Nozzle
• Power Cord Socket and
Fuse holder
Congratulations on the purchase of your new CHAUVET fog machine. We are confident you will enjoy
many trouble free hours with this unit. To assist with the care and use of the product we have prepared this
short guide.
Before connecting this unit to the mains power supply for the first time you must first fill the fluid tank with
fog fluid and check that the nozzle is clean and unobstructed. Never remove the fluid tank from the unit as
this will damage the fluid level sensors.
This fog machine has been designed to function on a mains power supply of either 120V~60Hz or
230V~50Hz and has been fitted with a suitable power plug for use with your local voltage. Check the label
on the unit and the power plug for the correct voltage.
Place the machine on a level surface and loosen the cap of the fluid tank to fill with quality unscented water
based fog fluid. We recommend use of CHAUVET fog fluid as it has been specially formulated for use with
CHAUVET foggers. Plug the remote control unit into the socket at the rear and switch on to allow time to
preheat. The remote control will be found at the rear of the unit. Simply remove the two thumb screws and
remove from the unit. The cable is stored in the well.Once the machine has reached temperature and is
ready to operate the red light on the unit and the remote control will illuminate. Push the button on the unit
or the remote control when lit and hold for prolonged bursts of fog.
1. The F-1750 has a fog button located on the top of the unit.
2. FC-4M Timer remote - Remove the thumb screws holding the controller in place and lift out of the well.
Plug the controller into the back of the F-1750 and press the red button to turn on the controller. When the
unit is ready to fog the red light will come on. Press the yellow button to activate the timer functions. The
yellow indicator light will come on. Adjust the duration and interval knobs to achieve the desired effect. The
unit will cycle regularly to the settings. Depress the yellow button again to exit time mode. To use the FC-4
manually, simply depress and hold the green button to generate the desired amount of fog.
3. FC-5 Wireless remote (optional)
4. DMX-3F DMX Adapter (Optional)
Installation / Mounting
The fogger must be used in a horizontal position sitting on a level surface or it may be mounted using
the bracket provided. Ensuring that the fog is not shooting directly at anyone’s face. Whatever method of
installation you choose, the fogger must not have more than a 15 degree angle of inclination. We always
suggest that for safety purposes use of a suitable hanging clamp and safety cable is essential. CHAUVET
offers a range of items, which are ideal for safe mounting.
Replacing Fuses
If the unit does not function at all when connected to the main power supply then it is highly likely that the
fuse has blown.
Disconnect from main power supply before attempting to replace the fuse.
In order to replace the fuse, disconnect from the main power supply first, and then remove the fuseholder
cover to reveal the fuse. The unit has a label attached which indicates the correct fuse rating and you
will also find this listed as part of the specifications for the unit later in this guide. It is most important that
replacement fuses are of the correct rating. Failure to use the correct fuse could damage the lighting effect
beyond economic repair.
The fuse should simply be placed inside the holder and the cover replaced. When this is done connect to
the main power supply to check. If the unit is still not working then please contact CHAUVET.
Please do not touch or place anything in close proximity to the nozzle during operation or preheat as there
is a danger of burns.
Cleaning your fog machine regularly will help reduce costly parts replacement and repair charges.
After every 40 hours of continuous operation or when the machine will be idle for a long time it is recommended to run a cleaning solution composed of 80% distilled water and 20% white vinegar through the
system to prevent the accumulation of particles in the heating element.
While unit is unplugged and cool, unscrew nozzle at very front of unit (fig.1) and clean out debris
with white vinegar and a pipe cleaner, making sure that the hole is free and unobstructed.
Empty all fog fluid from the machine and replace with cleaning solution in the tank. Plug unit in
and allow to warm as usual.
Run unit in a well ventilated area until tank is empty.
Replace nozzle.
Cleaning is now complete. Unplug and refill with a quality water based fog fluid once cool.
It is normal for your fogger to have a recycling period after long bursts when the unit will shut itself down for
a short period in order to heat up to temperature. During this time no fog can be produced. The red light on
the unit and the remote will illuminate when the unit is ready for action again.
All fog machines are prone to clogging due to the consistency of fog fluid and the high temperatures at
which it vaporizes. However a well maintained machine should provide years of reliable use.
The body of the unit may be cleaned with a dry cloth. Store dry.
Due to the high operating temperature of fog machines it is advised that the effect be used in well ventilated areas taking care not to obstruct the air vents. After use, allow time to ‘cool’ for safety before moving
or touching.
Never use any other type of liquid other than UNSCENTED water based fog fluid.
Use of any other fluids or additives will void the warranty.
Maintenance & Servicing
Always monitor fog fluid level as running the machine with no fluid could cause permanent damage. The
F-1750 has L.E.D.’s on the front of the unit to monitor the level of fluid. The green L.E.D.’s will light when
there is sufficient fluid. The red L.E.D.’s will flash when the fluid needs replenishing. In order to increase
the life of the F-1750, the unit will not fog when the red L.E.D.’s are flashing. This feature of Chauvet’s will
protect the heater and pump from functioning without fluid.
Work on internal parts should be carried out by a qualified technician. Removal of any covers is considered
a breach of warranty and will not be covered under any such agreement unless authorized first by the
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