Chevrolet 2004 Automobile User Manual

15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 1
Congratulations on your purchase of a Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Please read this information and
your Owner Manual to ensure an outstanding ownership experience. Note that your vehicle may
not include all the features described in this booklet. Place this booklet in your Owner Manual
portfolio for easy reference.
Instrument Panel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
Instrument Panel Cluster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Malfunction Indicator Lamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Driver Information Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Programmable Automatic Door Locks . . . . . . . .5
Remote Lock/Unlock Feedback . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Headlamp Controls and Washer . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Automatic Lamp Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Dome Lamp Override . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Manual Dual Climate Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Automatic Dual Climate Control . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Outside Rearview Mirrors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Electric Adjustable Pedals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Heated Seats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Memory Seats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
AM/FM Stereo with Cassette/CD and RDS . . . .10
AM/FM Stereo with Six-Disc CD . . . . . . . . . . . .12
Navigation Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
Travel Note Recorder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Universal Transmitter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Rainsense Wipers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Remote Keyless Entry System . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Content Theft-Deterrent System . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Sun Visors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Sunroof . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Four-Wheel Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
Traction Assist System (TAS) . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
Luggage Carrier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Roadside Assistance Program . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
My GMLink . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
K. Ashtray (if equipped)
L. Shift Lever
M. Lighter (if equipped)
N. Accessory Power Outlet
O. Rear Window Defogger (if
P. Glove Box
4:29 PM
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
F. Transfer Case Controls or Traction
Control Button (if equipped)
G. Rear Window Washer/Wiper
H. Audio System
I. Climate Controls
J. Hood Release
A. Exterior Lamp Controls
B. Air Outlets
C. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever
D. Instrument Panel Cluster
E. Ignition Switch
Instrument Panel
15804 Trailblazer
Page 2
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
IMPORTANT: The instrument panel
cluster is designed to inform you
about many important aspects of
your vehicle’s operation. It is important to read your Owner Manual and
become familiar with the information
being relayed to you by the lights,
gauges and indicators, and what
action can be taken to ensure safety
and to prevent damage to your
4:29 PM
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
C. Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
D. Fuel Gauge
E. Voltmeter Gauge
F. Engine Coolant Temperature
Your vehicle’s instrument panel is
equipped with this cluster or one very
similar to it. The instrument panel
cluster includes these key features:
A. Tachometer
B. Speedometer
Instrument Panel Cluster
15804 Trailblazer
Page 3
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 4
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Malfunction Indicator Lamp
(Service Engine Soon Lamp)
Located in the instrument panel, this
lamp illuminates under a variety of conditions when the On-Board Diagnostics
II (OBD II) system detects a malfunction
in the vehicle’s emission controls. If it is
lit steadily, check the gas cap to ensure
that it is present and securely fastened.
Turn it clockwise until a “ratcheting”
sound is heard, signaling that it is
secure. If this is the cause of the condition, and the cap is installed properly,
this should turn the light off.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Driver Information Center (DIC)
(if equipped)
The DIC display is located above the
steering wheel on the instrument cluster,
and can be programmed in three languages. The controls are located on the
steering wheel:
Access trip information
• Press
to access each of the
odometer, TRIP A, TRIP B and
TIMER functions.
Reset trip odometers to zero
• Press the reset stem located on the
DIC cluster or use the reset button
on the steering wheel.
Access fuel information
• Press to view range, average fuel
economy, instant fuel economy and
the GM Oil Life SystemTM status.
Reset fuel information
• Press the reset stem located on the
DIC cluster.
Personalize vehicle settings
Up to two people can program
individualized settings.
• Press
once and current-driver
preferences will be displayed. Any
changes made at this time affect only
the displayed driver.
• Press the button again to scroll
through and personalize menu
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 5
Use Reset button
• When you find the choice you want,
to select it and move on to
the next feature.
Reset all personalization features to
their default settings
• Press and hold the Trip Information
button and the Personalization button
down for four seconds.
Recall driver preferences
• Press any button on the Remote
Keyless Entry System transmitter or
press Memory button #1 or #2 on the
driver’s door.
Available Personalization Features
Depending on the equipment ordered
on your vehicle, you could personalize a
wide variety of preferences on the DIC.
Only the features included on your vehicle will be displayed by the DIC.
Personalization features can include:
• Alarm Warning Type
• Automatic Locking and Unlocking
• Seat Position Recall
• Perimeter Lighting
• Remote Lock and Unlock Feedback
• Headlamps On at Exit
• Mirror Curb View Assist
• Easy Exit Driver Seat
• Display Units (English/Metric)
• Display Language
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Programmable Automatic
Door Locks
Your vehicle features an automatic door
lock/unlock feature with a choice of four
features, as well as automatic door lockout prevention to prevent locking the
keys in the vehicle. In the event the
power door lock switch is activated
when a door is open and the key is in
the ignition, the driver door will unlock.
Locking Options: The default setting
for the programmable automatic door
locks is to lock automatically when the
transmission is shifted into gear. Other
locking options include:
Mode 1: All doors lock when the transmission is shifted into gear
Mode 2: All doors lock when vehicle
speed is over 8 mph (13 kph)
Mode 3: No automatic door locking
Unlocking options: Choose one of the
following options before personalizing
your unlocking preference:
Mode 1: Driver’s door unlocks when the
transmission is placed into PARK
Mode 2: All doors unlock when the
transmission is shifted into PARK
Mode 3: All doors unlock when the key
is removed from the ignition
Mode 4: No automatic door unlock
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 6
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Select and program functions
(if vehicle is equipped with a Driver
Information Center)
• Press the personalization button on
the Driver Information Center until
the display. Press the Select button
until the desired setting appears on
the display and press the
Personalization button to select it.
Select and program functions if not
equipped with DIC
• With ignition OFF, pull the turn
signal/multifunction stalk toward you
and hold it there while performing the
next step.
• Turn the ignition key to RUN and
LOCK twice, ending in the LOCK
position, and release the turn signal
stalk; the lock switch locks/unlocks,
the horn chirps twice and a 30-second timer begins.
• To cycle through the locking/unlocking choices, press the power door
lock switch to the LOCK position to
set locking preference and the
UNLOCK position to set unlocking
• When the lock switch locks/unlocks
and the horn chirps twice, you have
left programming mode; if more time
is needed, repeat the process above.
• To exit the program mode manually,
turn the ignition key to RUN.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Remote Lock/Unlock Feedback
(if equipped)
Program Remote Keyless Entry
System lock/unlock feedback (horn,
parking lamps, both or neither)
• Press the Personalization button on
your steering wheel until REMOTE
LOCK FEEDBACK (or unlock, as
desired) appears on the display.
• Press the Select button to scroll
through the menu of choices. To
program the lock/unlock feedback
feature, press the Personalization
button when the desired menu option
is displayed.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Headlamp Controls and Washer
The exterior lamps knob is located on
the instrument panel to the left of the
steering wheel.
Activate the automatic headlamp
system that illuminates all exterior
lamps and the instrument panel/radio
lights when needed
• Turn the knob clockwise to the first
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 7
Manually illuminate all exterior
tail/marker lamps and the instrument
panel/radio lights
• Turn the knob to the next position.
Activate the headlamps, all exterior
tail/marker lamps and the instrument
panel/radio lights
• Turn the knob to the final clockwise
Activate the headlamp washers (if
• Press the headlamp washer button
located adjacent to the headlamp
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Automatic Lamp Control
During daytime driving, Automatic Lamp
Control (ALC) may temporarily switch
the headlamp and interior light systems,
including the radio display, to the nighttime mode. This occurs when passing
through darker conditions, such as
under a bridge or overpass, or inside a
parking garage. When you start the
vehicle at night, the automatic headlamps will come on immediately. The
ALC light sensor is located on top of the
instrument panel. To ensure proper system operation, avoid placing objects or
stickers on or near the sensor.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Dome Lamp Override
Disable the dome lamps when a door
is opened
• Press the dome lamp override button
(see “A” above) located below the
exterior lamps knob.
The button also disables entry lighting
until it is pushed again or the remote
keyless entry transmitter is used to
unlock the vehicle.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 8
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Manual Dual Climate Control
To cool the vehicle interior more quickly
on very hot days, open the windows just
long enough to let the hot air escape.
Choose maximum cooling
• Press the RECIRCULATE(
) and
A/C buttons on the instrument panel
and place the mode knob in the
VENT ( ) mode.
The driver and front passenger can
adjust the dual zone temperature controls to individual comfort levels. The
front passenger-side control also controls rear passenger temperature output
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Automatic Dual Climate Control
(if equipped)
View current driver’s set temperature,
automatic air delivery mode and fan
• Press the AUTO button again.
Memory Feature (if equipped)
Up to two drivers can store preferred
climate control settings for temperature,
air delivery mode and fan speed. On
vehicles equipped with the Remote
Keyless Entry (RKE) System, the keyless transmitter identifies the driver to
the system when the key fob transmitter
is used, and the automatic climate control system adjusts to the last comfort
control setting saved by that driver when
the ignition key is placed in the RUN
Rear Seat Controls (if equipped)
Rear seat comfort controls are located
on the rear seat audio system display.
When the front seat MODE button is set
to Defrost, the rear controls do not
Seven-passenger models have independent rear temperature and fan
On TrailBlazer EXT models, when second seat passengers select a fan speed
mode, the mode will mimic the front seat
fan speed and the passenger side temperature setting.
Note: In order for the second seat
climate controls to function, the front
climate control switch must be in the
“R” mode.
Set automatic mode
• Press the AUTO button to set automatic air delivery mode, fan speed,
A/C and recirculation functions.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 9
Outside Rearview Mirrors
Adjust manual mirrors
• Adjust by hand until you can see a little of the side of your vehicle. Pull
the mirrors toward the vehicle before
entering a car wash to fold them to
the vehicle side and unfold them after
Electric Adjustable Pedals
(if equipped)
Adjust brake and accelerator pedals
to a comfortable setting
• Operate the pedal adjustment switch
located on the steering column.
Adjust power mirrors (if equipped)
• Twist the control knob toward the mirror you want to adjust, move the knob
in the direction you want the mirror to
go, and, when both mirrors have
been adjusted, twist the control knob
to the center position.
Heated Mirrors (if equipped)
When you turn on the rear window
defogger, a defogger also warms the
outside mirrors to clear them of mist, ice
and snow.
Curb View Assist (if equipped)
With this feature, one or both mirrors
automatically adjust downward to a preset tilt position when the vehicle is in
REVERSE gear. The mirrors move to
their normal position when the vehicle is
moved out of REVERSE. See your
Owner Manual to activate the system for
the first time.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Note: The pedals cannot be positioned
farther away from the driver than they
are in their standard position. This feature can be programmed to work with
the memory function (if equipped) on
your vehicle. Adjustment of the powered
pedals requires that the vehicle be in
park and the key be out of the ignition.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 10
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Heated Seats (if equipped)
Activate heat for the seatback only
• Press the vertical switch located on
the front door armrest until the switch
light indicates the desired setting.
Activate heat for seatback and seat
• Press the horizontal switch located on
the front door armrest until the switch
light indicates the desired setting.
The memory seat controls are located
on the driver door. They program and
recall driver seat position and outside
mirror settings for up to two drivers.
Store the driver seat and mirror
• Adjust the seat and outside mirrors to
the desired position.
• Press and hold memory button #1 for
three seconds until a chime sounds
to indicate that the seat position is
now stored.
Repeat the sequence using memory
button #2 for a second driver.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
AM/FM Stereo with Cassette/
CD and RDS (if equipped)
Note: The engine must be running for
the heated seat feature to work.
See Section 1 of your Owner Manual.
Memory Seats (if equipped)
Set the automatic volume (AUTO
VOL) feature
• Set the volume at the desired level.
• Press the AUTO VOL button and
select LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH.
(Each higher setting will allow for
more volume compensation at faster
vehicle speeds.)
• Select OFF if you prefer not to use
15804 Trailblazer
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Page 11
Set the Clock
• Press and hold the HR button until
the correct hour appears. AM or PM
will appear on the radio display.
• Press and hold MN until the correct
minute appears.
Set the time to the time of an FM
station broadcasting RDS information
• Press/hold HR and MN simultaneously for two seconds until UPDATED
and the clock symbol appear on the
display. If the time is not available
from the station, NO UPDAT will
Program radio station presets
• Turn the radio on.
• Press AM-FM to select the band
(AM, FM1 or FM2).
• Tune to the desired station using the
seek function or tune knob.
(as applies to your radio) to select the
sound equalization best suiting the
type of station selected.
• Press/hold a numbered button until a
beep confirms storage of the station.
• Repeat the previous steps for each
Radio Data System
Your radio’s RDS mode allows you to:
• Seek only stations with your preferred
programming type
• Seek to stations with traffic
• Receive announcements of local
and/or national emergencies
• Receive and display messages from
radio stations
Toggle between the station frequency, station name, PTY and the name
of the program if available
• Press DISP.
Activate the Radio Data System traffic announcement feature
• Press TRAF. <TRAF> will appear on
the display if the tuned station broadcasts traffic announcements.
• If the tuned station does not broadcast traffic announcements, the radio
will seek a station that does.
• If no station is found, NO TRAF
appears on the display.
Display a station’s INFO message
when INFO appears on the display
• Press INFO to see the message.
Once the complete message has
been displayed, INFO disappears
from the display.
Tune to an RDS broadcast of a
selected program type
• Turn the P-TYPE knob to select the
Program Type you want to listen to.
• Press the SEEK or SEEK TYPE button (as applies to your radio).
Switch to a station with a stronger
signal and of the same PTY
• Press and hold the AM-FM button for
two seconds to turn it on; repeat to
turn it off.
Hear an ALERT announcement
“ALERT!” will appear in the display
when a local or national emergency
announcement occurs. If a CD or cassette tape is playing, the announcement
overrides it.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 12
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
AM/FM Stereo with Six-Disc CD
(if equipped)
Load one CD into the six-disc CD
• Turn the ignition on, then press and
release the LOAD side of the LOAD
CD button.
• Wait for the green indicator light at
the right side of the slot to turn green.
• Insert the disc partway into the slot,
label side up; the player will pull the
disc in.
Load multiple CDs into the six-disc
CD player
• Turn the ignition on, then press and
hold the LOAD button for two seconds. The unit beeps and the light to
the right of the slot begins to flash.
• When the light stops flashing and
turns green, insert a disc partway,
label side up.
• The indicator light will begin blinking
and turn green. Load another disc at
this time.
• When more than one disc is loaded,
a number for each disc is displayed.
• To load more than one but fewer than
six discs, press the LOAD button
again after loading the final CD.
• For every CD loaded, a number
appears on the radio display.
• To play a specific CD, press the CD
AUX button, and then the number of
the CD you want to hear.
• A small bar appears under the CD
number that is playing, and the track
number appears.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Navigation Radio (if equipped)
Set a station preset
• Turn the radio on by pressing the
VOL (power) button.
• Push the BAND button to select a
desired band.
• Use either the control pad or SEEK
rocker to tune a station.
• Press and hold one of the six buttons
on the right side of the radio until you
hear a beep or see the station displayed next to the button pushed.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 13
Set your geographical area and
• Turn the radio on by pressing the
VOL (power) button.
• Insert a map disc into the radio CD
• If a notice appears, use the control
pad to enter the highlighted NEXT
box by pushing the control pad.
• Push the DEST key.
Continue using the control pad for the
following steps:
• Highlight and enter the CHANGE box
on the right.
• Determine whether your geographical
area is selected. If it is not,
select/enter your area.
• Select/enter the ADDRESS box.
• Select/enter the name of your street.
(Note: Use the “Back” arrow to correct any misspellings.)
• If provided a list of streets, select
your street.
• Enter the street address.
• If provided a list of cities, select/enter
the proper one.
• Press the ADD button.
The system now calculates the fastest
route. Either press the map button in the
upper-right or use the control pad to
view/select alternate routes.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
Travel Note Recorder
(if equipped)
The Travel Note Recorder enables you
to record a message and play it back
later. The controls are located in the
overhead console.
Record a message
• Press the button marked with a circle
and begin speaking.
• Press the button again to stop
Listen to a message
• Press the button with a right arrow
• Press the button again until reaching
the desired message. To hear all
messages, press and hold the button
for more than one second.
Delete a message
• Press the button designated with a
square while the message is playing.
Delete all messages
• Press and hold the right arrow button
and the circle button simultaneously
for half a second.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 14
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Universal Transmitter
(if equipped)
This programmable transmitter can store
three frequencies for items such as a
garage door opener, entry door lock or
security system.
With the ignition off, program the
transmitter as follows
• Hold down the desired button on the
unit until the red indicator light flashes
slowly (about 20 seconds); continue
holding down the button.
• Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter up to three inches away from
the surface of the universal transmitter and hold down the button.
• Up to 90 seconds may pass as the
universal transmitter is being programmed; programming is complete
when the red light on the HomeLink®
transmitter flashes rapidly.
• Release both buttons.
For garage door openers with a “rolling
code,” continue with the following steps:
• Press the training button on the
garage door opener motor head unit,
making sure that the indicator light
flashes to confirm training mode.
• Within 30 seconds, press and hold
the HomeLink® transmitter button programmed in the previous steps.
• Press and release this button up to
three times to ensure that the
HomeLink® transmitter has been
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Rainsense Wipers (if equipped)
These wipers detect moisture on the
windshield and automatically turn the
wipers on.
Activate Rainsense Wipers
• Set the wipers to one of the five delay
settings on the turn signal/multifunction lever. The rain sensor automatically controls the frequency of the
wipes from OFF to HIGH speed
according to the amount of moisture
on the windshield.
Note: Turn this feature off before entering an automatic car wash.
See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 15
Remote Keyless Entry System
(if equipped)
On equipped vehicles, the RKE system
locks and unlocks the doors and liftglass
from a range of three to 30 feet. At times
the range may be shorter than usual,
which is normal. If the transmitter does
not seem to be working properly:
• Ensure that you are within transmitter
range of the vehicle. Rainy and
snowy weather can reduce transmitter range.
• Check to see whether other
vehicles or obstacles are blocking the
transmitter signal by stepping a few
feet to the left or right, and hold the
transmitter higher when pressing the
• Consider the length of time that
the transmitter battery has been in
service and replace it if necessary
(the DIC will display “RFA BAT #
LOW” if the battery needs replacing).
Use CR 2032 battery or equivalent.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Content Theft-Deterrent System
(if equipped)
This feature has a red indicator lamp to
the left of the steering wheel that is
labeled SECURITY.
After closing all vehicle doors, the system can be activated in two ways:
• Press the LOCK button on the
Remote Keyless Entry key fob, or
• Press the power door LOCK switch
with the door open.
The alarm is not armed until the
SECURITY light turns off (after a delay
of approximately 30 seconds).
If the alarm is tripped, the horn sounds
for 30 seconds, and the headlamps and
parking lamps also flash for two minutes
to get visual attention. The alarm sounds
whenever a locked door is opened without the key or Remote Keyless Entry
System transmitter.
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 16
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Sun Visors
To block the sun’s glare, pull the sun
visor down. You can cover the driver or
passenger front-side window by sliding
the sun visor front-to-rear of vehicle and
vice versa.
The visor can also slide along the
attachment bar for additional window
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Sunroof (if equipped)
To open or close your sunroof, the ignition must be on or Retained Accessory
Power (RAP) must be active.
Open the sunroof
• Press and release the back of the
button in the overhead console.
Close the sunroof
• Press (and hold) the front of the
button. Once the sunroof is closed,
press the forward side of the button
to open the sunroof to the vent
Note: In the closed position, the sunroof
may not appear parallel with the vehicle
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 17
Four-Wheel Drive (if equipped)
The Four-Wheel Drive system rotary
controls are located on the instrument
panel and include these modes:
2HI: For most street and highway
A4WD: For use when road
conditions vary
4HI: When extra traction is required for
driving on snow-covered roads and for
most off-road conditions
4LO: For extreme driving conditions
only, including steep hills, deep sand,
snow or mud
See your Owner Manual for instructions
on how to place the transfer case in
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
Traction Assist System (TAS)
(if equipped; 2WD models only)
TAS operates only when it senses that
one or both rear wheels are beginning to
lose traction. When this happens,
engine power is reduced to limit wheelspin. You may also hear or feel the
system working.
TAS is automatically enabled whenever
you start the vehicle.
Disable TAS
• Press the TAS ON/OFF button
located near the shift lever or on the
instrument panel. When disabled, the
TRACTION OFF light comes on.
Enable TAS after having turned it off
• Press the TAS ON/OFF button again
and the TRACTION OFF light will go
See Section 4 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 18
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Luggage Carrier (if equipped)
Note: Never carry anything on the
vehicle roof that is longer or wider than
the luggage carrier itself. (Examples:
plywood, paneling, a mattress.) The
load could be violently torn off, causing
you or other drivers to have a collision.
Note: Loading cargo that weighs more
than 220 pounds (100 kg) on the luggage carrier may damage your vehicle.
Your vehicle’s luggage carrier has side
rails attached to the roof and allows you
to carry a load on top of your vehicle.
Some TrailBlazers are equipped with
optional sliding crossrails and tie-down
spots to secure cargo.
Adjust crossrails
• Lift the lever on each side of the
crossrail and slide it into position.
• Secure the crossrail by pressing the
levers on each side of the crossrail
down into place.
Reduce wind noise when the luggage
carrier is not in use
Position the rear crossrail at the rearmost position and the front crossrail
above the rearmost portion of the rear
door opening (above the “C”-pillar).
See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 19
15804 Trailblazer
4:29 PM
Page 20
Getting to Know Your TrailBlazer
Roadside Assistance Program
TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438
As the owner of a 2004 Chevrolet, membership in the Roadside Assistance Program
is free.
Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours
a day, 365 days a year by calling one of the
above numbers. An advisor will provide you
with over-the-phone roadside assistance
with minor mechanical problems. If the
problem can’t be resolved over the phone,
our advisors have access to a nationwide
network of dealer-recommended service
providers. Roadside membership is free;
however, some services may incur costs.
Roadside offers two levels of service:
Basic Care and Courtesy Care.
Roadside Basic Care provides:
• Toll-free number (shown above)
• Free towing for warranty repairs
• Basic over-the-phone technical advice
• Available dealer services at reasonable
costs (i.e., wrecker services,
locksmith/key service, glass repair)
Roadside Courtesy Care provides:
• Roadside Basic Care services
(as outlined previously)
• FREE Non-Warranty Towing (to the
closest dealer from a legal roadway)
• FREE Locksmith/Key Service (when
keys are lost on the road or locked inside)
• FREE Flat Tire Service
(spare installed on the road)
• FREE Jump Start
(at home or on the road)
• FREE Fuel Delivery
($5 of fuel delivered on the road)
Courtesy Care is available to retail and
retail lease customers operating 2004 and
newer Chevrolet vehicles for a period of
3 years/36,000 miles (60,000 km), whichever occurs first.
For prompt and efficient assistance when
calling, please provide the following information to the advisor:
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Vehicle license plate number
• Vehicle color and mileage
• Location of the vehicle
• Telephone number where you can be
• Description of problem
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