Clifford 100 Automobile Alarm User Manual

World-Class Auto Security
Standard Features of the ACE 100
✔ Lifetime Warranty — For as long as you own the vehicle, Clifford will repair or
replace the control unit and remote controls free of charge (see warranty card for
full details).
✔ FACT™—False Alarm Control and Test — One of many patented Clifford
innovations, FACT absolutely, positively ends recurring false alarms.
✔ A Pair of 2-Button/3-Channel Remote Controls — Fingertip command from a
typical range of 100 feet.
✔ AntiScan™—Blocks the digital code scanners still used by some thieves.
✔ Remote Door Lock/Unlock Outputs — No more fumbling with keys in the dark
or bad weather! A press of a button on the remote simultaneously arms ACE 100
and locks your car’s power locks. Another press disarms and unlocks. (Some
vehicles require optional relays.)
✔ Built-In Parking Light Flasher — Visually confirms door lock and system status.
✔ Remote Controlled Chirp Muting— Silently arm or disarm the system
whenever you wish by pressing both buttons on the remote control.
✔ User-Selectable AutoArming™— Automatically arms itself “passively” if you
forget. May qualify you for an insurance discount that could pay for the system
(consult your insurance company).
— You may disable or re-enable AutoArming
with just a few flicks of a switch.
AutoArm & Lock™ — You may set the system to automatically lock the doors
every time the system AutoArms.
AutoArming Enable/Disable
✔ All Electronic Piezo Sensor— An all-electronic vibration/impact sensor that
delivers the utmost reliability and provides more accurate discrimination between
genuine intrusion attempts and non-threatening conditions (like a large truck
passing by) that cause other sensors to false alarm.
✔ Patented AutoTesting™—Automatically tests all system triggers and sensors
every time you remotely arm and warns you if you accidentally arm your ACE
100 system with the hood or trunk open.
Standard Features of the ACE 100 (cont.)
✔ High-Output Siren — Loud siren wail for 30 seconds when the alarm detects an
intrusion attempt. The system then automatically resets and rearms.
✔ Patented Malfunction AutoBypass™ —In the unlikely event of a trigger or
sensor malfunction, your ACE 100 will automatically bypass the malfunction and
arm all other points to continue relentless protection of your vehicle.
✔ Patented Prior Intrusion Attempt Alert — When you return to your vehicle and
remotely disarm your ACE 100, a special chirp and parking light flash sequence
will audibly and visually alert you from a distance if an intrusion attempt was
foiled while you were away.
✔ Patented Remote Control Code Learning — Just a few flicks of a switch lets
you match to the system up to 4 different 2-button/3-channel Clifford remote
controls. Just as easily, a lost or stolen remote control can be deleted.
✔ Advanced CMOS Microcomputer —Very large scale integration (VLSI)
microprocessor commands and monitors all system functions more than
1,000,000 times per second, yet it draws less power than the vehicle’s clock, so it
won’t deplete your car battery like other alarms.
✔ Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt — The system will electronically prevent an
intruder from starting the engine while the system is armed.
✔ Hood/Trunk Trigger Input— For full perimeter protection of the engine
compartment and trunk contents (may require optional pin switches).
✔ High-Luminescence LED Status Indicator — Adds visual deterrence and
identifies system status.
✔ Full-Time Remote Panic — If you feel threatened, you can remotely activate the
siren and flash the parking lights with just a press on your remote control.
✔ Valet Mode — Permits vehicle servicing and valet parking without relinquishing
the remote control.
✔ Patented SmartPowerUp™ II — When power to the system is disconnected, the
system’s non-volatile memory always remembers the last state (armed, disarmed
or valet mode) and returns to that state when power is restored. So if a thief
disconnects the power and then restores it in an attempt to start the car, the
system will re-arm and instantly sound the siren while immobilizing the vehicle.
Your 2-button/3-channel remote controls
The 2-button/3-channel remote controls are miniature radio transmitters powered by a
12-volt batteries. Range is up to 100 feet (a weak remote control battery will reduce
range). The remote control is the key to your system. You will use it to arm and
disarm the system, lock* and unlock* the doors, activate the panic feature, command
options such as a remote trunk release, power window operation, or other accessory.
THE SYSTEM . . . . . . .
Press button I once. You will hear two chirps and the parking
lights will flash twice. The dashboard LED will flash
repeatedly and the car doors will automatically lock.*
THE SYSTEM . . . . . . .
Press button I again. One chirp and one parking light flash
confirm disarming, and the doors will automatically unlock.*
Press both buttons I+II. The system will arm or disarm with
all the indications noted above except the chirp confirmations.
FEATURE . . . . . . . . . .
Press button I (channel 1) for 3 seconds. The parking lights
will flash repeatedly and the siren will blare for 30 seconds or
until you press button I again to turn it off.
Button II (channel 2) can optionally pop the trunk or activate
another optional accessory.
If this feature is enabled and you forget to remotely arm, ACE 100 automatically arms
itself 30 seconds after the doors are closed. For your convenience, if you re-open any
door(s) within the 30-second countdown, AutoArming will restart from the beginning
once all doors are closed. ACE 100 has these additional AutoArming features:
AutoArming enable/disable: If you prefer, you may deactivate or reactivate
the AutoArming feature. See User-selectable features on page 6.
AutoArm & Lock: To ensure you can’t accidentally lock your keys inside the
car, the system is factory-set not to lock* the doors upon AutoArming. To
change this setting, see User-selectable features on page 6.
* Some vehicles require optional relays to control the vehicle’s power locks.
Valet mode
Whenever the system is put in valet mode, all of the system’s security features are
switched off. At various times, you will need to turn the system off. For instance,
when having your car serviced, washed or parked by a valet.
NOTE: If you temporarily lose the use of your remote controls, you can disarm
the system by enabling valet mode.
To enable valet mode
1. Turn the ignition switch to its “ON” position or start the engine.
2. Flip the valet switch. The system’s LED will glow continually for on-going
visual confirmation of valet mode.
To exit valet mode
1. Turn the ignition switch to its “ON” position or start the engine.
2. Flip the valet switch. The system’s LED will turn off to confirm that the system
is in its normal operating mode.
How to interpret the chirps and parking light flashes
When you use the remote control, the system responds with chirps and parking light
flashes. These chirp/flash acknowledgments mean:
Your system is disarmed
Your system is armed
2 and then 4
Armed but a door is open or the sensor is malfunctioning (see AutoTesting below)
Disarmed but there was an intrusion attempt (see Prior intrusion attempt alert on page 5)
Armed but the hood or trunk is ajar (see AutoTesting below)
Piezo Sensor
The Piezo Sensor that detects intrusion-related vibrations and impacts.
Each time you remotely arm your ACE 100, it automatically performs an extensive
test of all system triggers and sensors. If the hood or trunk is open when you
remotely arm, the system will immediately alert you of the problem by sounding 4
chirps and 4 parking light flashes instead of the usual 2 and 2 (simply disarm, shut
the hood or trunk and re-arm to reactivate monitoring of that trigger point). If a door
is ajar or if a sensor is malfunctioning, you will receive the usual 2 chirps and 2
flashes, then, 5 seconds later, there will be 4 chirps and 4 flashes. (The door ajar
warning will not work on vehicles that have factory-delayed courtesy lights).
Automatic malfunction bypass
The system automatically bypasses any faulty point and arms all other triggers and
sensors to provide the utmost protection until you can have the system serviced.
Prior intrusion attempt alert
If you hear three chirps when you remotely disarm, the alarm sounded in your absence.
FACT™— False Alarm Control and Test
With FACT, you’ll never experience repeated false alarms. If the siren goes off, DO
NOT remotely disarm the system; allow it to run for the full 30 seconds. Before
sounding a second time, the system checks for another activated trigger to verify an
intrusion is in progress. If the siren sounds again, you will know for sure that
someone is tampering with your vehicle.
Dual-level tamper warning
You may set the system to issue a rapid five-chirp warning, instead of the full alarm,
whenever the system detects tampering. If there is any further tampering, or if a door,
the hood or the trunk is opened at any time, your system will sound the full alarm.
Fault-Proof starter interrupt
Your ACE 100 will automatically prevent the engine from being started while the
system is armed. Clifford’s Fault-Proof design ensures that you can start the engine
even in the unlikely event of a system malfunction.
High-output siren
Loud siren wail when the system detects an intrusion. Your ACE 100 also has
remote controlled chirp muting that is valuable when parking late at night in a quiet
residential area or any time when you want to arm or disarm silently. To do so,
simply press both buttons I+II on your remote control instead of the usual button I.
SmartPowerUp™ II
If power to the system is ever removed, SmartPowerUp II ensures the system will
automatically restore itself to its previous state when power is restored. So if a thief
disconnects the power and then restores it in an attempt to start the car, the system
will re-arm and instantly sound the siren while immobilizing the vehicle. If your
vehicle is to be serviced by a mechanic, just put the system in valet mode. If the
mechanic needs to interrupt power, your system will automatically return to its valet
mode state when power is restored; there will be no alarm activation and no need to
provide your mechanic with your remote control and instructions on how to use it.
User-selectable features
Your ACE 100 vehicle security system allows you to set many of its features to
your own personal preferences. We have made the programming procedures very
simple: to make a change, you just flick the valet switch a few times. The system
comes from the factory with all of its features pre-programmed as noted in the table
below. To change any of the settings, use the following procedure. To restore the
feature to its factory setting, just repeat the procedure:
1. Select the feature you wish to program from the table below. Note the number of
flicks and chirps.
2. Turn your vehicle’s ignition switch to its “ON” position.
3. Immediately flick the valet switch back and forth, counting the number of chirps you
hear. Stop when you reach the number of chirps associated with the feature you wish
to program.
4. If noted, perform the “Secondary action.”
5. Wait 3 seconds. You will hear 1-5 chirps (as noted in the “Program completion
confirmation” column) and the LED will turn off. Turn the ignition off.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any other features you wish to program.
# of
flicks &
1 chirp = OFF
2 chirps = ON
Change state from
ON to OFF or vice-versa
& Lock
1 chirp = OFF
2 chirps = ON
Change state from
OFF to ON or vice-versa
1 chirp = OFF
2 chirps = ON
Change state from
ON to OFF or vice-versa
1 chirp = OFF
2 chirps = ON
Change state from
ON to OFF or vice-versa
Add a new
remote to
channel 1
Press remote control button I
1 chirp
Button I/channel 1 code
of the new remote control
has been memorized
Add a new
remote to
channel 2
Press remote control button II
2 chirps
Button II/channel 2 code
of the new remote control
has been memorized
Add a new
remote to
channel 3
Simultaneously press remote
control buttons I+II
3 chirps
Buttons I+II/channel 3 code
of the new remote control
has been memorized
Example: To change the AutoArming feature from “on” to
“off,” you would do the following:
• Turn the ignition key to the ON position.
• Flick the valet switch back and forth 4 times (you’ll hear a chirp each
time to help you count to the total of 4 chirps).
• Wait 3 seconds. The system will sound one more chirp to confirm
that the AutoArming setting is now off (1 chirp = off, 2 chirps = on).
• Turn the ignition off. That’s all there is to it! To change the
Adding new remote controls
For other drivers in your family, or if you wish to control Clifford systems on your
other cars with the same remote control, you can buy additional Clifford remote
controls from any Clifford Dealer (or call our Customer Service Department at
800-824-3208) and program them into the system yourself. Each ACE 100 will
respond to as many as four remote controls. To add a new remote control to the
system, use the procedures noted in the User-selectable features section on page 6.
How to erase the codes of lost or stolen remote controls
If one of your remote controls is ever lost or stolen, you can erase its digital codes
from the system memory to make sure that the missing remote control can never be
used to disarm your system. Just use the Adding new remote controls procedure
noted above for a total of four times (e.g., if you have one remote control remaining,
program it four times; if you have two remote controls, program each twice).
ACE 100 is covered by
one or more of the following Clifford Electronics patents:
4,158,874; 4,233,642; 4,327,444; 4,383,242; 4,430,685; 4,845,464;
4,887,064; 4,890,108; 4,922,224; 4,997,053; 5,081,667; 5,146,215;
5,157,375; 5,467,070; 5,650,774 and other patents pending
© Copyright Clifford Electronics, Inc., 1997
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