8-C , M /l M
5-Year Warranty
Hand-built in
Webster, NY
8-Channel, Mic/Line Mixer
The 508 is an 8-input stereo rackmountable mixer.
Designed for many applications, it has an extensive mix
of features for a small unit combined with excellent sound
and quiet performance.
The 508 features 84dB of gain to ensure full output with
low-level or distant microphones. Several years of research
went into the microphone preamp and the result is a discrete
circuit with better than -129 dBu Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
and very low distortion. Low and High Shelving EQ combined
with mid-band peaking EQ tunable from 140Hz and 8 kHz
make for a very flexible tone control. Phantom power of +48
VDC is provided for condenser microphones via a switch on
the front panel. Each input has its own 20dB pad switch. Variable gain trim and Mic/Line selection switches are also found
on each input channel. Rounding out the list of standard input
features are a Peak Clip indicator, two Aux Sends (factory-set
with one pre-EQ and level and the other post-EQ and level,
these sends may be modified by a qualified technician), in/out
channel patching, level and pan controls, and both balanced
XLR microphone and TRS Line inputs.
Transformer-balanced Left and Right XLR outputs are
standard, as are balanced Left and Right TRS 1/4" outs.
There is also an independent Mono output with its own
front panel level control, as well as a selectable Headphone
output with Level Control.
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There are Pre-Master Sub In/Out patch points for linking
other mixers. Peak Clip indicators are also provided
for the Outputs, and the 10-Segment LED Meters may be
selected to monitor either Program Left and Right or Aux 1
and 2. Maximum output level is +24dB into 600 Ohms.
The 508 also has two Master Aux Sends and two
panable Master Aux Returns (one stereo and the other
mono). A 3.5mm stereo line in jack on the front panel
offers a convenient input alternative for MP3 players
and smartphones with level control to the Mains or to
Aux 1. Stereo RCA Outputs are also provided.
The MX-508 combines traditional Ashly quality with
internally modular construction in a package offering
outstanding value and reliability.
508 Features:
• 3 -Band, channel EQ w/ sweepable mid freq center
• C onvenient, 3.5mm stereo line in jack on front panel
for MP3 players and smartphones
• 2 AUX sends per channel
• Insert jacks on each channel
• Independent mono output with level control
• T ransformer isolated +24dBm 600 Ohm balanced
XLR-stereo program outputs
• Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC, RoHS
Note: 0dBu = 0.775 VRMS
THD @ +4dBu Output, 20Hz–20kHz
THD @ +20dBu Output, 30Hz–10kHz
IMD (SMPTE) @ +20dBu Output
Hum and Noise (20Hz–20kHz @ Max Preamp Gain)
Equivalent Input Hum and Noise
Residual Output Noise, TRS (All Levels @ Min)
Residual Output Noise, XLR (All Levels @ Min)
Master Level @ nominal (All Levels @ Min)
Master Level @ nominal (1 Channel Level @ Min)
Aux 1/2 Out, Aux Master @ nominal (All chan Aux @ Min)
Aux 1/2 Out, Aux Master and 1 Chan Aux @ nominal
Frequency Response
Low (@ 70Hz, shelving)
Mid (peaking, 140Hz–8kHz)
High (@ 8kHz, shelving)
Adjacent Inputs, (20Hz–20kHz)
Mic Input to Master Output (1kHz)
Mic Input to Master Output (20kHz)
(Selectable to L/R or Aux Outputs) -21VU to +6VU,
VU Meters
0VU = +4dBu
Clip indicator on each input channel and
Peak Indicators Peak
L/R outputs, illuminates 3dB below clipping
Weights, Dimensions & Power
19"W x 5.25"H x 9.4"D (483mm x 133mm x 239mm)
Unit Weight
14.7lbs (6.68kg)
Shipping Weight 19lbs (9kg)
Power Req.
100–240VAC, 50–60Hz, 30W
Maximum Gain Voltage (±2dB)
Mic Input to Master Output (600 Ohm load)
Line Input to Mono Output (600 Ohm load)
AUX Sends
Mic Input to Aux Master 1 Output (Pre-chan level)
Mic Input to Aux Master 2 Output (Post-chan level)
SUB Input to Master Output
AUX Returns
1 or 2 to Master Output
Stereo Line In to Master Output
Architect & Engineering Specs
The unit shall be an eight input stereo mixer having separate transformer-isolated balanced outputs for both left and right channels. There shall be an electronically balanced mono summed
output with separate front panel level control. Each input channel shall have level and stereo-balance controls on one concentric pot. Two aux sends on each channel must be provided with one
internally selected pre-fader /EQ and the other post fader/EQ. The Pre/Post determination of the Aux sends shall be configurable via circuit board jumper connections. Each input channel shall
have three-band equalization control with adjustable mid-band frequency sweep. The equalization shall consist of high and low shelving points being fixed at 130Hz and 7kHz, and the mid-band
peaking EQ control must be adjustable between 140Hz and 8kHz. Each input channel shall have 40dB of available gain trim and a switch for mic/line selection on the front panel, as well as a 20dB
mic input pad on the rear panel. Each input channel shall have in/out insert points on separate 1/4” phone connections, 1/4” phone connectors for balanced line input sources, and XLR electronically-balanced connectors for microphones. Phantom power of +48VDC on each input must be available via a front panel switch. There shall be two Master Aux Sends provided and two panable
Master Aux Returns (one stereo and one mono). There shall be a front panel 3.5mm stereo line input jack, and an additional back panel stereo line input on RCA jacks, both sharing a single level
control to the Mains or Aux 1. Separate stereo RCA line outputs must also be provided. There shall be Pre-Master Sub In/Out patch points for left and right and Aux Sub outputs on 1/4” phone
jacks for linking other mixers. A selectable Headphone output with level control to monitor either Left and Right or Aux 1 and 2 must be provided on the front panel. Overall gain available from
Mic Input to Master Output shall be 84dB, and the Output level shall be +24dBm into 600 Ohms. The mixer unit shall be no higher than three rack spaces and must be fully covered under a five
year warranty. The mixer must be manufactured in America, with a shipping weight of 19 pounds. The mixer shall be the model MX-508, manufactured by Ashly Audio, Inc. No other unit shall be
acceptable unless data submitted from an independent test laboratory verifies that the above size/performance specifications are met.
The mixer shall be an Ashly model MX-508
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