User`s guide | Creative 8022 Network Router User Manual

Creative Broadband Blaster ADSL Router 8022
Before You Begin
Write down your ADSL Router model and serial numbers, and the MAC address found at the
bottom of your router.
2 Configuring your Network Interface Card
Make sure that the computer you are using has a functioning Network Interface
Card. The default settings of your ADSL Router are:
● IP address:
● Subnet Mask:
You will need to provide the model and serial numbers when contacting Customer Support
Services. You may also need to provide the MAC addresses to a network administrator if you
plan to use your device for a large network, such as in a school or office.
System Requirements
In Windows XP or Windows 2000
Be sure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements.
Network Interface Card (NIC) installed
CD-ROM Drive
Internet Explorer 6.0
ADSL service running on your telephone line
1. After setting up your ADSL Router, turn on your computer.
2. Click Start → Settings → Control Panel or Start → Control Panel.
3. For Microsoft Windows XP users, double-click the Network Connections icon.
For Windows 2000 users, click the Network and Dial-Up Connections icon.
4. Right-click the Local Area Connection icon and then click Properties.
5. In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box that appears, select Internet
Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click the Properties button.
6. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box that appears, click the Obtain
an IP address automatically option.
7. Click the OK button.
8. In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box that appears, click the OK button.
Installing your Hardware
Before setting up your ADSL Router, be sure that the Network Interface Card in your
computer is installed and functioning properly.
1. Connect the RJ-45 cable to the Ethernet ports on your computer and router.
Quick Start
To check the IP address assigned to your Network Adapter
i. Click Start → Programs (or All Programs, if you are in Windows XP Start menu
mode) → Accessories → Command Prompt.
ii. When the Command Prompt dialog box appears, type ipconfig and press the
ENTER key.
Verify that your IP address is and your Subnet Mask is
If not, go to steps iii and iv below.
iii. Type ipconfig/release and press the ENTER key.
iv. Type ipconfig/renew and press the ENTER key. Your IP address and Subnet Mask
change to the above values.
2. Locate a telephone wall outlet with a running ADSL service and unplug any telephone
cable that is connected to it.
3. Connect one end of the RJ-11 phone cable to the telephone wall outlet.
4. Connect the other end to the ADSL port of your router.
5. Connect the small round plug of the power adapter to the router’s DC-IN Power
connector and plug the other end into a power outlet.
Product Registration
Configuring your ADSL Router
Before proceeding, make sure that you have configured your Network Interface
Card successfully.
Type the VPI and VCI values provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) in
the respective boxes.
Your ADSL Router can have a number of different configurations. This section only
covers the most common configuration, PPPoA/PPPoE Routed Configuration. Your
ADSL service provider can tell you which configuration works best for you.
For more information on other configuraions, refer to your User's Guide.
PPPoA/PPPoE Configuration
DO NOT turn off the computer or router when the router configuration is being
Start Internet Explorer.
In the Address box, type “” and press the ENTER key.
A dialog box similar to Figure 1 appears, prompting you for a username and
Type admin in the User Name and Password boxes.
6. Turn on the power supply and router.
Registering your product ensures you receive the most appropriate service and product
support available. You can register your product during installation or at
Figure 2
In Windows 98 SE/Windows ME
Power connector
Please note that your warranty rights are not dependent on registration.
ADSL port
Creative Knowledge Base
Ethernet ports
Reset button
Resolve and troubleshoot technical queries at Creative's 24-hour self-help Knowledge Base.
Go to, select your region and then select Support.
Customer Support Services & Warranty
You can find Customer Support Services, Warranty and other information in the User
Documentation CD.
After setting up your ADSL Router, turn on your computer.
Click Start → Settings → Control Panel.
Double-click the Network icon.
In the Network dialog box that appears, click the Configuration tab.
Click the name of your Ethernet card, for example, TCP/IP → PRO/100+ Management
Adapter (10/100) and then click the Properties button.
In the TCP/IP Properties dialog box that appears, click the IP Address tab.
Click the Obtain an IP address automatically option to select it and click the OK button.
Click the OK button.
When Windows prompts you to restart your computer, click the Yes button. The computer
Type the PPP Username and PPP Password provided by your ISP, and
click the Submit button.
Refer to your User’s Guide to learn how to enable different functions
for PPPoA and PPPoE configurations, as well as how to configure
other types of connections.
To check the IP address assigned to your Network Adapter
Please keep your Proof of Purchase for the duration of the
Warranty period.
wall outlet
RJ-45 cable
Customer Support Services
User's Guide
Power outlet
(replace d:\ with the drive letter of your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, <region> with the region you are
in, and <language> with the language that the document is in).
Power adapter
RJ-11 cable
Keep this document for future reference.
Before using your ADSL Router, you will need to configure your Network Interface
Card. For detailed instructions, see “Configuring your Network Interface Card”.
PN 235-10270
i. Click Start → Run.
ii. When the Run dialog box appears, type winipcfg in the Open box, then click the OK
button. The next dialog box may take a minute or two to appear, so do not restart your
computer or abort this operation prematurely.
iii. In the IP Configuration dialog box that appears, click the arrow next to the first box
and then click the name of your network device to select it.
Verify that your IP address is and your Subnet Mask is
If not, go to steps iv and v below.
iv. Click the Release button and then click the Renew button. Your IP address and Subnet
Mask change to the above values.
v. Click the OK button to close the IP Configuration dialog box.
After configuring your Network Interface Card, you need to configure your ADSL Router.
See “Configuring your ADSL Router”.
Figure 1
Figure 1
Click the OK button. The Creative ADSL Router 8022 home page appears.
Click the Quick Configuration link on the left pane.
Select Enabled from the Operation Mode list box.
Select PPPoA VC-Mux or PPPoE LLC from the Encapsulation list box.
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