Operating instructions | Cuisinart CEG-980T Electric Grill User Manual

Outdoor Grilling Products
m You must read this Owner’s Guide m This grill is intended for outdoor household use
before operating your electric grill
This appliance is rated for
• 120volts – 50/60Hz,
• Output: 1500W
se only AUONE, type TP-W51-01 temperaturecontrolling plug.
only. Do not use indoors or for commenercial
cooking. Fuel, such as charcoal briquettes, is not
to be used with appliance.
The supply cord should be regularly examined for
signs of damage and the appliance is not to be used
if the cord is damaged.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:
Read all instructions
AUTION: To ensure continued protection against risk of
electric shock, connect to properly grounded three prong
GFI outlets only. Do not use a two prong adapter
ead all instructions.
ARNING: Use only outdoors, do not expose to rain.
This is to prevent electric shock which can cause serious
bodily injury or death.
ARNING: Disconnect appliance from supply circuit
before performing maintenance and cleaning.
ARNING: For protection against risk of electric shock,
connect to properly grounded outlets only.
ARNING: For protection against risk of electric shock,
keep extension cord connection dry and off the ground.
AUTION: Store Temperature Controller Indoors when
not in use.
o not clean with metal scouring pads. Pieces can break
off the pad and touch electrical parts, creating a risk of
electric shook.
o not use charcoal in this appliance.
o not touch surfaces that may be hot. Use handles or
knobs provided.
o protect against electrical shock do not immerse cord,
plugs, protable applicnces (or other specific part or
parts) in water or other liquid.
and before cleaning. Allow to cool before handling.
o not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or
plug or after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped
or damaged in any manner. Return appliance to the nearest authorized service facility for examination
repair, or adjustment.
• Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or
touch hot surfaces.
• Where applicable, always attach plug to appliance and
check that the control is OFF before plugging cord into
wall outlet. To disconnect, turn the control to OFF, then
remove plug from wall outlet.
• Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
• Avoid contacting moving parts.
uel, such as charcoal briquettes, is not to be used with
o protect against electrical shock do not immerse cord,
plugs, portable appliances in water or liquid.
he use of accessory attachments not recommended by
the appliance manufacturer may cause injuries.
o not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in
a heated oven.
xtreme caution must be used when moving an
appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids.
lose supervision is necessary when any appliance is
used by or near children.
ake sure appliance is OFF and remove plug from outlet
when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts,
• Household use only.
Table of Contents
1. Important Safeguards
2. Illustrated Parts List 5
3. Exploded View
4. Assembly Instructions
5. Warnings
6. Operating Instructions
7. Cleaning
8. Storage
9. Warranty
2. Illustrated Parts List
Failure to follow the Dangers, Warnings and Cautions contained in this Owner’s Manual may result
in serious bodily injury or death, or in fire or an explosion causing damage to property.
A. Lid & Firebox
1 pc
Cooking Grate
1 pc
Drip Tray
1 pc
Temperature Controller 1 pc
m WARNING: Do not use charcoal or other combustible fuels in this grill. This grill is not designed
for charcoal use and a fire could result. The fire could create an unsafe condition and damage to
the grill.
lways plug Temperature Controller into grill before
plugging power cord into outlet.
o not operate unit if plug receptacle is damaged.
perate grill only on a level, stable surface.
o not in any way alter this product or its use.
• If using an extension cord it must be rated no less
than that of the appliance. Extension cords must be
marked with the letter “W” and with a tag stating,
“Suitable for use with outdoor appliance”.
se shortest length extension cord possible. Do not
connect 2 or more extension cords together.
o not immerse grill or Temperature Controller in
water when cleaning.
o not leave Temperature Controller in the ON position during periods of non-use.
o not leave grill unattended when in use.
o prevent grill from being splashed or falling into
water, do not set grill within 10 feet of any body of
water such as a pool or pond.
o not operate grill with a Temperature Controller
that has a damaged cord or plug. Call The Fulham
Group for a replacement Temperature Controller.
The Temperature Controller is made specifically for
this grill.
ulling Temperature Controller by the knob could
cause the knob to come off.
o not allow cord to touch the grill when it is hot.
his grill is intended for outdoor household use
only. Do not use indoors or for commercial cooking.
• If a flare up occurs, do not use water to put out fire.
Turn grill to OFF. Unplug power cord and wait for
grill to cool.
eep children and pets away from grill when in use.
ake sure no other high wattage appliances are
plugged into the same circuit when using grill.
oung children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
o not clean this product with a water spray or the
his appliance is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons unless they have been
adequately supervised by a responsible person to
ensure that they can use the appliance safely.
nplug grill when not in use and cover when cool.
Properly store the appliance indoors when not in
use – out of the reach of children.
lean drip tray regularly.
ocate power cord away from traffic areas. Arrange
the cord so that it will not be pulled or tripped over.
o not use grill near combustible materials such as
dry grass, shrubs, etc.
o not allow grill to come into close contact with
flammable materials such as paper, walls, draperies,
towels, chemicals, etc.
o not use as a heater.
o not move the grill while it is in use. Allow the
appliance to cool before moving, cleaning or
storing it.
o not use grill when raining or snowing.
se this grill only as described in this manual. Any
other use not recommended in this manual may
cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
lways ensure that electrical socket being used has
the correct rating. Socket must be rated no less
than 120V AC, 13Amps.
his appliance conforms to technical standards and
the safety requirements for electrical devices.
he drip tray must be in place at all times during
grill operation.
o not build this model of grill in any built-in or
slide-in construction. Ignoring this warning could
cause a fire or an explosion that may damage
property or cause serious bodily injury or death.
North American Distributor: The Fulham Group, Newton, MA 02466
3. Exploded Diagram
4. Assembly Instructions
Remove all the contents from packaging, and make sure
all parts are present before attempting to assemble!
See part list on page 4
Step 1: Extend the grill legs as the shown.
They will click when properly extended
Step 2: Unlock the grill lid by moving the
Lid Lock Handle to the left. Open the lid
and remove the packing materials.
Lid Hinge Pin
Drip Tray Left Bracket
Lid Handle Base Assy
Leg Bracket
Lid Handle
Control Panel Assembly
Leg Hinge Pin
Controller Bezel
Spring Lock Assembly
Lid Inner Panel
Lock Knob
Leg Tube Upper Connector
Cooking Grate
Temperature Controller
Leg Tube
Upper Lid Hinge
Firebox Assembly
Lock Spring
Rubber Foot
Heating Element
Probe Guard
Lid Cushion
Drip Play Assembly
Lower Lid Hinge
Drip Tray Right Bracket
Step 3: Put the Drip Tray to the correct position as shown.
• Any modification of the appliance may be dangerous.
• Visually inspect cord, plug and Temperature Controller
for damage and wear before operation.
• When heating the grill for the first time, it may give off a
slight burning odor. The grill is burning off excess lubricants found on the heating element. This does not affect
the safety of your grill.
• To prevent fire or electric shock, always use a certified
electrician should new circuits or outlets be required.
• Improperly grouded outlets could cause electrical shock.
• The use of an extension cord is not recommended. If
you must use an extension cord, use the shortest length
extension cord possible. Do not connect 2 or more extension cords together. Keep connections off the ground
and dry. Do not let cord hang over edge of table top
where it can be tripped over or pulled by children. Only
use extension cord labeled for outdoor use.
Step 4: Put the temperature controller into the correct position in the frame
as shown. Ensure it is put in all the way.
– Place the grill on a stable, non-combustible surface
– Do not use indoors, or in a recreational vehicle or on a
– Ensure temperature controller is plugged fully into grill
before proceeding
1) Open lid
2) Ensure cooking grate is properly positioned in grill,
and that firebox is free from debris.
3) Preheat grill
– Turn knob clockwise to MAX. Red light indicates that
power is on.
4) Close lid and allow grill to heat for 5-10 minutes
(longer in clod weather)
5) When beginning to cook, a lower temperature may be
selected by turning knob counterclockwise.
6) When cooking is complete, turn knob counter
clockwise to OFF. Unplug temperature controller.
See storage section for additional requirements.
• Cover grill or store in weather protected area when not in
• Clean the grate and cookbox between uses.
– Warning: Do not use the barbecue within 60 cm (24in)
of combustible materials from the back or sides of the
grill. Do not use under any combustible construction.
– Warning: The entire cooking box gets hot when in use.
Do not leave unattended.
– Warning: Keep any electrical power cord away from
any heated surface.
– Warning: Keep the cooking area clear of inflammable
vapors and liquids such as petrol, kerosene, alcohol,
etc., and other combustible materials.
– Warning: When cooking, the appliance must be on a
level, stable surface in an area clear of combustible
– Warning: Keep cord clear of cookbox.
Cleaning the outside surface:
1. Wipe surface grime off with a clean cloth and mild
dishwashing detergent or baking soda.
2. For stubborn surface dirt, use warm soapy water
solution and a nylon scrubbing brush.
3. Clean the rinse with water.
4. Allow surfaces to dry fully before use.
Cleaning the Heating Element:
1. Ensure the grill is unplugged from the power source and
the temperature control unit is removed.
2. Remove the cooking grate.
3. Remove the heating element by unscrewing the wing
nuts and lifting the element out.
4. Gently clean the heating element with a damp cloth. Do
not scratch the element’s surface or immerse in water.
5. Reinstall the heating element.
6. Inspect the temperature controller and the power cord
for by any possible damage, and then reinstall.
Any other servicing should be performed by an authorized
service representative.
• During periods of non-use, the Temperature Controller
with power cord should be in the “OFF” position. Store
grill indoors.
m WARNING: The grill is not intended for installation in
or on recreational vehicles, SUVs and/or boats.
m WARNING: To protect against electrical shock, do not
immerse any part of this appliance in water or any other
m WARNING: The grill must not be used upon any
combustible surface such as dry grass, shrubs, etc.
Outside surface – Use a warm soapy water solution to
clean , then rinse with water.
9. Warranty and Replacement Parts
This warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the original
purchase date. Any damage claim regarding the enameling must be submitted within 30 days of
purchase to be covered by the warranty.
The following conditions are NOT covered by this warranty:
Limitations and exclusions:
Your obligations:
Unevenness and color variations in the enamel coating.
Damage caused by improper assembly or disregard of the manual.
Use of spare parts not supplied by manufacturer.
Damage resulting from modifications or inappropriate use.
Abuse of the grill
Damage caused by improper maintenance or repairs by an unauthorized person.
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.
If you can not verify the purchase date of the grill the warranty period will begin on the date the
grill was manufactured.
Replacement or repair parts are warranted for the remaining period of the original part warranty.
This grill must be assembled, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable
codes and the instruction manual furnished with this grill. You must keep an invoice, cancelled
check or payment record to verify the purchase date of the grill.
For troubleshooting, FAQs or customer service, visit us at www.cuisinartgrilling.
com/customerservice or contact us at 1-866-994-6390
To order replacement parts or additional Cuisinart Grilling products,
visit us at www.cuisinart.com or call 1-800-211-9604
Model# CEG 980T
North American Distributor:
The Fulham Group
Newton, MA 02466
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